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The staff and culture

The staff are at the heart of company. The talented employees play a critical role in providing
consistently high standards of guest service and delivering each brand promise, and winning culture
encourages them to bring each of preferred brands to life.
The company have 7,311 of employees.
These values provide a strong sense of shared purpose and are critical to driving business forward and
creating a great, enjoyable place to work.
The differentiation factors:
- Do the right thing
- Show we care
- Aim higher
- Celebrate difference
- Work better together
The IHG are dedicated to building a strong employer brand, and we are widely recognised around the
world as an outstanding company to work for the people. The company focuses on attracting and retaining
the best talent in the industry.
IHG Responsible Business approach across the motel life cycle ??????
1. Design and Development
IHG branded hotels are designed and developed in innovative and responsible ways to be at the heart of
their communities.
2. Procurement
Hotels source goods and services in a responsible and sustainable way.
3. Operations
Hotels are operated in innovative ways to manage the environmental impacts and enhance the positive
impact on the local economy and local people, whilst ensuring the safety and security of colleagues and
4. Marketing
We enhance the reputation of IHG and its brands by delivering responsible hotels the guests want.
5. Sales and Distribution
The company manage key relationships in the business-to-business, transient, leisure, and speciality
markets to attract guests who value responsible business practices to the hotels.
6. Renewal
Hotels renew, recycle and reuse materials

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The IHG global presence
Its in Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Greater China
The International Hotels Groupe has over 754 265 rooms and 5 099 hotels across nearly 100 countries.
Of the 4,602- 5099 hotels, 3,934 operate under franchise agreements, 658 are managed by the company
but separately owned, and 10 are directly owned.
1 461 pipeline hotels
229 895 pipeline rooms

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Famous locations hotel chain IHG
The hotels IHG its present in more than 60 countries of the world, some of these are:
New York, UK
Paris, France
Manchester, UK
Birmingham, UK
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Moscow, Russia
London, UK
Glasgow, UK
Madrid, Spain
Sydney, Australia

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