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4/13/2017 NozzleReinforcementInEllipticalHeadIntergraphCADWorx&Analysis

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Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head #26852 04/22/09 08:23 AM 0 registered (), 19
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IstvanSzeifert Hi All,
Key: Admin, Global Mod,
Member When calculating a nozzle reinforcement in a 2:1 ellipsoidal head the Mod
min required thickness for the head is needed in order to specify the
02/09/07 reinforcement areas. The formula for that is April
Posts: 11
Loc: Newbury, UK t = (P*(D+2*CA)*K) / (2*S*E0.2*P) Su M Tu W Th F Sa
We received a calculation done by one of our subcontractor (using 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Compress) and the K factor they were using is 0.9.
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
We ran our own calculation in PVElite and the K factor has come out
as 1. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
To check which is right we've calculated the same with Finglow which 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
used 0.9 as well.
We had a look in ASME and in UG37 it states 0.9 for 2:1 heads but in 1
4 it states 1. We cannot decide which is right and which is wrong. As I
Forum Stats
see it now, it should be 0.9, but I'm not sure. And if it's 0.9 then I don't
undestand why we're using 1 to specify the required head thickness, 11196 Members
and 0.9 to specify the same thing in the nozzle reinforcement 14 Forums
calculation. 14787 Topics
66626 Posts
Please someone explain this to me.
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01/17/17 08:56 AM
Thank you.


Re: Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head [Re: #26865 04/22/09 10:45 AM

Luis Sanjuan Please read the forum on the link below:

Member K factor
08/19/08 Please notice that this is a new feature on PV Elite 2009
Posts: 82
Loc: Houston,TX, _________________________
USA Best Regards,
Luis Sanjuan
CADWorx & Analysis Solutions 1/4
4/13/2017 NozzleReinforcementInEllipticalHeadIntergraphCADWorx&Analysis

Intergraph Process, Power, & Marine


Re: Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head [Re: Luis #26866 04/22/09 11:38 AM
Scott_Mayeux Istvan,

The use of 0.9 or 1.0 in the formula depends on the location of the
Member nozzle in the head. If the nozzle and its reinforcement limit lie within
the spherical part of the head, the required thickness of the ellipse
12/23/99 (spherical portion) can be computed as a sphere (K = 0.9), otherwise
Posts: 338 the nozzle or its reinforcement lies within the knuckle region and the
Loc: value of tr is computed as if the head were a regular ellipse. So, you
need to check the input and make sure all of your calculations are "on
the same page".

By reinforcement, I mean the "diameter limit" that was used. In the

2009 version of PV Elite the "K" value is taken in the corroded
condition, so it might be a slightly smaller value than 0.9 or 1.0. But
this makes very little difference. That is what Luis was acutally
referring to above.
Scott Mayeux
CADWorx & Analysis Solutions
Intergraph Process, Power, & Marine


Re: Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head [Re: #26882 04/23/09 02:56 AM

IstvanSzeifert Thanks for the answers.
I'm getting there to undestand it. :)
Member So as our shell diameter D (as stated in ASME the inside diameter) is
914.4, 80% of that is 731.52.
02/09/07 PVElite, Compress and the Finglow calculations all agree that the
Posts: 11 reinforcement radius limit of our nozzle is 387 which is 774 in
Loc: Newbury, UK diameter which is greater than 731.52 therefore they all should be
using 1 as factor K. (PVElite is using 1)
As per UG37, Table UG37 can only be used when the opening and its
reinforcement are located entirely within the 80% of the head

Is this correct?

This is a bit scary because with K=1 this reinforcement is insufficient,

with K=0.9 it's sufficient to code.

BTW even if the diameter was the o/d, the wall thickness is 12 so o/d 2/4
4/13/2017 NozzleReinforcementInEllipticalHeadIntergraphCADWorx&Analysis

is 938.4, 80% of that is 750.72 which is still smaller that the diameter
limit 774.


Re: Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head [Re: #26902 04/23/09 05:11 PM

Scott_Mayeux Hi Istvan,

You have the right idea. Review the definition of tr in UG37. An

Member undocumented feature of PV Elite is the use of the semicolon ";" in the
nozzle description. If you have a semicolon present in the Nozzle
12/23/99 description field, the following 2 lines will print out in the nozzle
Posts: 338 report.
Distance from Head Center to Knuckle Curvature 38.4000 in.
Distance from Head Center to Edge of Diameter Limit 30.0110 in.

You can also reduce the diameter limit (if possible) where it does not
cross into the knuckle. In this manner, you get the extra area in the
shell using the 0.9 factor.

I hope this helps.

Scott Mayeux
CADWorx & Analysis Solutions
Intergraph Process, Power, & Marine


Re: Nozzle Reinforcement In Elliptical Head [Re: #26917 04/24/09 09:05 AM

IstvanSzeifert Scott,

Member Thank you for your help. I've learned something again. :)
02/09/07 Thanks again
Posts: 11
Loc: Newbury, UK Istvan


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4/13/2017 NozzleReinforcementInEllipticalHeadIntergraphCADWorx&Analysis

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