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Module Title Module JACS Subject Code(s) ASC

Number and % of each subject Categ


GRK5025 N300 7
Level Credits Module Value Module Type
5 20 2.0 Standard Taught Module
Teaching Period Pre-requisites ECTS Value
Semesters 3 & 4 All Level One Modules 10
Module Leader School(s)
Gerasimos Moshonas Cardiff School of DPC

Assessment Methods

Assessment Type Duration/Length Weighting of Approximate Date

of Assessment Assessment of
Type Submission
In-class Finance Semester 3
Exercises 50%
(LO # 1,2,3,)
Final Examination Week 24
(LO # 4, 5 & 6) 50%


The aim of this module is to study of financial institutions serving the agricultural and food
industry. Review the financial institutions, sources of credit, criteria used to evaluate loan
requests and financial accountability. Through various methods, including conducting
research on an agrobusiness or food company, this module will explore the application of a
range of financial analysis and planning tools, asset evaluation and risk management, capital
budgeting and capital structure.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, the students will be able to demonstrate the
ability to do the following:

1. Apply appropriate valuation skills to analyze the financial condition of a business;

2. Utilize the net present value approach in decision-making;
3. Explain the major sources of agricultural credit and discuss the primary factors
influencing loan policies.
4. Evaluate the overall cost of capital of the firm.
5. Criticize the dividend retention versus distribution dilemma faced by the firm.
6. Criticize the characteristics of capital markets and how useful they are.
Learning and Teaching Delivery Methods

Lectures 72 hours
Individual learning effort/ tutoring 128 hours
Total learning hours 200
Indicative Content

Introduction to finance
Financial statements & planning
Valuation of future cash flows
Capital budgeting
Oral presentation business skills
Cost of capital
Dividends and & dividend policy
Credit & liquidity management
Financial statement analysis
Investment analysis for land
Investment analysis for depreciation of assets
Risk and return
Portfolio management
Capital asset pricing model
Capital markets
Dividend policy

Recommended Reading and Required Reading

Required Reading:

James C. Van Horne and John M. Wachowich, JR. (2008), Fundamentals of Financial
Management (13th Edition), FT Prentice Hall.

Recommended Reading:

Ross, S.A. et al, (1995) Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (3rd Edition, IRWIN

L.J.Gitman, (2003), Principles of Managerial Finance, (7th edition), Prentice Hall.

A.J.Keown, (2000), Basic Financial Management, (8th edition), Prentice Hall.

Access to Specialist Requirements