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Rapid, accurate ad easy to use latex agglutination kits for the

identification of Staphylococcus aureus, Group ABCDFG
Streptococci, L.pneumophila 01, 2-15 and Legionella spp.,
Campylobacter spp., Salmonella spp., E.coli O157.
Staph aureus Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271060 - 100 tests)
is a test for the identification of S. aureus colonies by detecting both
coagulase and protein C.
The kit contains all reagents needed to complete the test and is suitable
for clinical, food and environmental laboratories.
Strep Grouping Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271070 - 6x50 tests)
utilises latex particles that have been sensitised with high quality group
specific antisera. Cell wall antigens are extracted by rapid enzymic
digestion and then tested by a panel of latex reagents. A positive
reaction is denoted by a strong agglutination reaction. The negatives
remain smooth thus ensuring confidence in the final result. Fatures:
rapid grouping of Groups ABCDFG, enzymatic extraction of all groups,
easy-to-read agglutination, minimal cross-reactions between groups,
high sensitivity to group D.
Salmonella Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271030 - 50 tests)
offers a rapid alternative to the traditional identification methods and
detects Salmonella spp. including S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis.
Salmonella Rapid Latex Test Kit has a very high specificity and a
high positive predictive value making it ideal for testing food, clinical,
environmental and veterinary samples.
The kit detects motile and non-motile strains.
Legionella Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271050 - 3x50 tests)
is an easy-to-use latex agglutination test for L. pneumophila serogroup
1, L. pneumophila serogroups 2-15 and Legionella spp.
(L. micdadei, L. bozemanii 1 & 2, L. dumoffii, L. longbeachae 1 & 2,
L. jordanis, L. gormanii, L. anisa, L. feelei).
The kit provides specific results in under two minutes directly from a
selective medium.
The test latexes used in Legionella Rapid Latex Test Kit are coated
with immunoglobulins which have been specially processed to minimize
cross reactions with potentially cross reacting organisms, simplifying
the procedure and increasing efficiency.
The kit includes: 1 vial latex for L. pneumophila 1, 1 vial latex for
L. pneumophila 2-15 and 1 vial latex for Legionella spp., positive control.

Campylobacter Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271020 - 50 tests)

is a rapid, easy-to-use test which can be reliably performed on selective
agar colonies.
Campylobacter Rapid Latex Test Kit can therefore reduce the time
taken to produce a Laboratory diagnosis and improve patient prognosis.
Campylobacter Rapid Latex Test Kit detects: C.jejuni, C.jeuni subsp.
doyley, C.coli, C.upsaliensis, C.lari, C.fetus.

E. coli O157 Rapid Latex Test Kit (REF 271080 - 50 tests)

contains a test latex which has been sensitised with E. coli O157
specific antibodies, that are prepared by absorption with potentially
cross reacting strains.
E. coli O157 Rapid Latex Test Kit has demonstrated no cross reactions
RESULTS IN 2 MINUTES when tested against a panel of 161 E. coli O serotypes and 56 H
HIGH SPECIFITY serotypes, and shows strong specific agglutination.
Biolife Rapid Test Kits contain: the Specific Latex Reagents, the Positive Control and the Latex
Control (when required), the sample Diluent, the Agglutination Slides and the Mixing Sticks,
in a convenient pack with a long shelf life.


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