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Time : 1 hour 15 minutes

(20 marks)

Questions 1 5
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.
Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat yang berikut.

1. Jothi enjoys ______in the evening.

A. cycling

B. riding

C. jogging

D. walking

2. You need to wear a _____ when its rain.

A. jacket

B. blouse

C. raincoat

D. sneakers

3. Marina ate a slice of ______ for her breakfast.

A. cake

B. burger

C. noodle

D. sandwich

4. I _____ my teeth twice a day.

A. brush

B. comb

C. wash

D. clean

5. I want to draw a line. Please lend me your _________.

A. eraser

B. ruler

C. pencil

D. pen

Questions 6
Choose the word that have same meaning as the underlined word.
Pilih perkataan yang sama maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris.

6. She moved to a quiet village when she retired.

A. small
B. silent
C. lonely
D. peaceful

Questions 7
Choose the opposite meaning of the word underlined.
Pilih perkataan yang berlawanan maksud dengan perkataan yang

7. Danish is sick and he is in the hospital.

A. happy
B. healthy
C. short
D. beautiful

Questions 8 10
Choose the best answer for each blank.
Pilih jawapan terbaik untuk setiap tempat kosong.
Haikal and his mother are making (8) . They

(9) and fruits. They also needs (10) and


(8) A. a bowl of salad

B. a plate of rice
C. a bottle of water
D. a slice of cake

(9) A. some fruits

B. many fruits
C. some vegetables
D. many vegetables

(10) A. some lemon juice

B. a pinch of pepper
C. a carton of sugar
D. a little salt

Question 11 - 15
Choose the best answer to fit the situation in the picture.

11. A. Let me help you.
B. I am baking a cake.
C. I love to eat cookies.
D. The chef is baking a cake.

12. A. How do I go there ?

B. Yes, Im sure you have.
C. Yes, it is a beautiful island.
D. Pulau Langkawi is an island.

13. A. It is from China.

B. This vase is made of glass.
C. This vase is big and
D. This vase ranges from big
to small

14. A. Is that a longhouse ?

B. Are you from Sarawak ?
C. He lives in a longhouse.
D. He stays there, doesnt he ?

15. A. Im glad you can come.

B. My birthday is on 21 May.
C. Im sorry, I cant.
D. The birthday party is
It is important to eat healthy
food. People
Question 16 who
- 18 do eat healthy
food can become very ill. A
healthy diet should include
grains, vegetables, fruits, milk,
meat and fats. Eating a balance 4
diet will make us strong and
Grains Fruits
16. The poster is about
A. Healthy Food
B. Food Pyramid
C. Balance Diet
D. Keep Clean

17. The cereal is in ___________ group.

A. fruits
B. cereals
C. vegetables
D. fat and oil

18. Which class food, you should take most daily ?

A. fat, oils and sweets
B. vegetables
C. grains
D. milk

Question 19 - 20

(30 marks)

Question 21

Write a suitable response for each picture in the space provided.


[2 marks]


[2 marks]

[2 marks]

Question 22

Read the story and answer the questions that follow.

One day, the Kingdom of Renosio was attacked by a group of ogres.
They tried to escape but not all of them succeeded. The ogres captured
many fairies and elves and put them in dungeons.

One fairy named Rosemary escaped through a secret passage. She

knew about the four gnomes who lived in the woods. They were famous
for making potions.

Rosemary told the gnomes about the attack by the ogres. The gnomes
knew about the terrible ogres and the harm they caused. The gnomes
decided to help Rosemary. They mixed some colourful liquids in a large

Then, Rosemary and the gnomes went to the kingdom of Renosia. They
sneaked into the castle through the secret passage. They poured the
magic potion on all the ogres. Once they turned to stone, Rosemary and
the gnomes went to the dungeons so they could release the captured
fairies and elves.

Rosemary was very happy and thanked the gnomes for their help.
Later, the fairies and elves gave the gnomes a gift of gold.

a. Write True or False in the space provided.

Rosemary escaped through a secret passage

Rosemary went to see the gnomes because she
wanted to learn how to make potions.

(2 marks)

b. Why did Rosemary go to see the gnomes ?

(2 marks)

c. Why did the gnomes decide to help Rosemary ?

(2 marks)

d. Why did the elves and the fairies give the four gnomes a gift of gold

(2 marks)

Question 23

Tick ( / ) the correct answer.


The playground is beside the bookstore.

Minahs house is near the playground.

The grocery is next to the supermarket


(1 mark )


There are many books in the library.

People buy computers at the grocery.

Post office sells toys.

(1 mark

(c) Match the phrases in List A to the suitable phrases in List B.

List A List B

Children play at the playground at the post office.

Amir buys some stamps in the evening.

Last weekend my mother at the bookstore.

Suraya bought some story brought me to the

books supermarket.

(2 marks)

(d) What can you do in a public library ?

(2 marks)

(e) Jalan Pedada is very busy in the morning. There are so many

van and motocycle. Give your opinions.

(2 marks)

Question 24 and 25
Study the programme and read the dialogue below. Answer the
questions that follow.

Puan Wani : How was school today, dear ?
Wardina : We had a celebration for our teachers,Mum.
Puan Wani : Really ? How was it ?
Wardina : It was fun !There were some performances by pupils.
And I
didnt expect our teachers to be so sporty. Some of
took part in the telematch events and played games
the pupils.
Puan Wani : I think its a good idea to celebrate Teachers Day. We
should show our appreciation and gratitude to them.
Wardina : Yes, I agree with you, Mum. Besides, its only once a
and its during this time that we get to see the other
of them. They usually have to be strict at other time.
24. Tick ( / ) the correct answer.

(a) Where would the teachers be at 10.00 a.m. ?

The school hall.

The school field.

The school canteen.

(1 mark )
(b) It was fun ! The word it in the dialogue refers to ........

the telematch events.

the performance by pupils.

the Teachers Day


(1 mark)

25. Write your answers in the space provided.

And I didnt expect our teacher to be so sporty.

Why do you think Wardina said that ?

(2 marks)

(d) Azrul likes to play sports. Suggest an activity he should take


during the Teachers Day celebration and give reasons to

your suggestion.

(2 marks)

(e) Why do you think the pupils have a celebration on Teachers Day

(2 marks)