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Praise God We pray to the presence of Allah SWT, who always delivers their gifts

to us so that the author can finish this report well. Solawat and greetings may be greeted to

the Prophet Muhammad, and may grace and salvation delegated to Prophet Muhammad

SAW, his companions and his people.

This report contains the field trip trip that the author has done. Besides containing

about trip field trip also contains about profile and history from place where writer doing

field trip activity.

Acknowledgments We send to all parties who have been hand in hand to assist us in

preparing this report. Thanks also to our lecturer, Mrs. Maryani, S.S, M. Hum who has given

his direction. Do not forget to say thank you also to all friends in STIKes Surya Global

Yogyakarta especially B / KP / VI class which always give color in every time that we live.

We are aware that this report still has many shortcomings. Therefore, criticism and

suggestions from various parties to improve the contents of this report We welcome it.

Yogyakarta, May 2017

The Writers