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Summery Points

We are mentioning herewith the points which were declared as mistake as per drawings forwarded
to us for construction.

In the admin office building, there is aluminum window of 8M in the front elevation of the building, on
the other hand, partitioning walls are attaching to this window. We are unable to understand how these
partitioning walls will be having attachment to the window.
In the admin office building, PCL has given brickwork of 900MM above the stair landing and above the
900MM there is window of 1500MM height, now keeping in mind the total height of the floor, we have
to break the already constructed 1st floor slab and peripheral beam. Same is the case with second floor
too. Now PCL should clarify what kind of design they are providing us.
Backside stair structure in main plant building was not declared neither by PCL nor by IZHAR, later on
we sent an email to IZHAR for the clearance of the same and then IZHAR reacted to contact PCL for the
same and then PCL too the matter seriously. Now we are still waiting for the drawings of the same.
While carrying out the work on recycling pool, it was pointed out by us that it is overlapping with the
adjacent pile cap. The matter has to be cleared by PCL but we pointed out the mismatch.
In the main plant building, brick work detail was not available in the drawing provided by PCL, later
on, on telephonic discussion with Mr. Farhan, PCL provided brick details but upon studying the same
detail was not satisfactory and again matter was discussed with PCL and gravel filling added under
brickwork upon our advice.
Layout plan was furnished to us but it was without coordinates. We were not in a position to locate
the structure on ground. It was again pointed out to PCL for the clearance of the same. They furnished
the coordinates upon our insistence.
The four columns of washing area which were coming in the main plant building, the detail of these
columns was missing in the drawings provided by PCL, we contacted PCL for detail of said columns but
they were unable to understand that we are requiring which detail. We clarified the matter to PCL on
telephone and then they sent the same.
In structural drawings, 3 septic tanks were of the same size but when we consulted layout drawings,
they were of different size there. We pointed this mismatch to PCL for rectification. After rectification
in layout drawings, when we started physical layout of the same manholes, it were overlapping with
the adjacent pile caps.
In the admin office building, PCL didnt provide Lintel Beam drawings related to doors and windows.
Upon our emails they provided us drawings of the lintel beams upto 16feet span whereas the width of
the span is 25feet, we again asked them to provide us relevant drawings. Now as per current drawings
provided by them, they are asking us to stay the lintel beams on the columns but they didnt instructed
us the leave the dowel while constructing the columns. Now how can we stay lintel beams on the
One thing further to be pointed out is that whenever PCL sent us revised drawings, the revision was
not properly marked on the drawing and we were unable to understand to follow which of the
drawing. This was the question mark for us to work on which particular drawing.
We did pile works for pressure filter foundation as per issued drawings by PCL, later on they intimated
that the location of pressure filter foundation is somewhere different as compared to earlier drawing.
Result of shifting came in the shape of loss of 15 piles. We have to incur the cost of these lost piles

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