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Class: Standard 4 Theme: The World of Change Topic: Promoting Patriotism Unit: 1 Estimated frame: 3 weeks

Context: Patriotism is love for ones country. Our students, at a very early age are exposed to the unique cultural
heritage that defines us as a people. Therefore, it is imperative that students understand their role in
their countrys development and be empowered to make decisions to bring about change. In the thrust
towards promoting patriotism, students also need to become civic minded and demonstrate civic efficacy.
Civic efficacy is the readiness and willingness to assume citizenship responsibilities. This unit focuses on
providing students with learning experiences that will help them recognize and understand aspects of
culture and their role in becoming an ideal citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

Outcomes: At the end of this learning experience students will:

display a sense of patriotism for country
use and understand the use of agro-processing methods to extend the shelf life of agro products in
Trinidad and Tobago
develop and apply procedures to solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of decimals
develop estimation skills
solve multi-step problems involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals using algorithms, mental
strategies and other problem solving strategies
design survey(s) to solve problem(s) that involves the use of statistical data
gather, classify, organize and display data using tables, tally charts and graphs ( bar graphs) and
interpret results
describe methods and analyse results and make decisions
communicate findings and decisions made using vocabulary associated with statistics
justify their choice of healthy foods
state in Spanish what they have for breakfast
compare local breakfast to a typical breakfast in a named Hispanic country
exhibit sensitivity to individuals who suffer from food related illnesses or challenges
develop an understanding of the political history of Trinidad and Tobago and how it contributed to the
political system today
develop a sense of national pride by recognizing the significance of the national awards
recognize the constitution as the law of the land that protects the freedom and independence of
outline ways in which Hispanic culture is being infused in contemporary Trinidad and Tobago
express, in Spanish, likes and dislikes of selected aspects of Hispanic culture
be open- minded to the culture of others
express in Spanish, likes and dislikes of selected aspects of the Hispanic culture
demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which effective communication helps to maintain trust
within relationships
demonstrate deepening understanding of respect for self and others
demonstrate an understanding of impartiality
practise proper performance behaviour
play two-part pieces by rote on melodic instruments
know how to use pre-listening, during-listening and post-listening listening strategies
know how to use strategies that assist in simultaneous listening and analyzing activities
know how to apply critical literacy skills such as point-of-view,5w+h questioning for meaning of text,
compare and contrast, close reading
know how to use figurative language in context
apply appropriate phonic skills and strategies to reading
create a variety of media texts for different purposes and audiences
use words which express deeper meaning in speaking, reading and writing

know how to use the different types of vocabulary across content areas

know that a message should be analysed before its acceptance

know appropriate listening and speaking behaviours for a variety of contexts

know that literary texts are written by different people from varying countries with diverse cultures

know that a subject must agree with a verb in writing

demonstrate competence in gaining messages as an independent consumer of media texts.
Learning 1. Patronizing Our Local Produce
Plans: 2. Respecting Food Choices
3. Celebrating our Achievement
4. A Nation is Born
5. Developing Civic Efficacy
Resources: Learning Plan 1: Stationery, Pictures (see attached PowerPoint - From the farm to the table), ICT
computer, projector, software
Learning Plan 2: Computer, Printer, Photocopying Machine, Multimedia Projector, Compact Disk, CD
player, Pictures, Stationery, Stationery: flashcard-size pieces of Bristol board, markers, pencils,
computers with internet, printer, cameras, pictures, graphic organiser
Learning Plan 3: Pictures of National Awardees and National Awards, Sample medal or trophy,
Computer to conduct research, The four categories of our National Awards, List of recipients of National
Awards (2012 is given as an example), Template for tally chart and frequency table, Computer/ laptop,
Multimedia projector, video recorder, videos, CD player, Power Point Presentation, Mystery Box with
various items, blindfold
Learning Plan 4: Computer, Pictures, Internet, CD Player, CD National Songs with accompaniment,
Dates in Our History, Paper, Pencil, Copies of National Songs, Checklists, Box, Dice
Learning Plan 5: Paper, Pencil, Markers, Drawing book, Scrapbook, Computer, Photocopier, Video
recording, Pictures, Graphic organizer, Bench, Chair or desk, Podium, Story of the Political Evolution in
Trinidad and Tobago (teacher sourced), Word cards, Prefect Badge(teacher made),Red food colouring /
Stamp pad, Small container, Ballot box

Assessments: Oral Questioning

Performance Task
Oral Presentations