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Instruction: Select the correct answer for each of the following 15. For the common base circuit shown in Figure, determine VCB
questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box assuming the transistor is made of silicon.
corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. A. 10 V
C. 12 V*
1. If a transformer has 50 turns in the primary winding and 10 turns in D. 13 V
the secondary winding, what is the reflective resistance if the
secondary load resistance is 250?
A. 250 C. 6,250 *
B. 25 D. 62,500

2. The capacitor that produces an ac ground is called a(n)

A. coupling capacitor C. bypass capacitor* 16. In order for feedback oscillators to have any practical value, the gain
B. dc open D. ac open has to be
A. < 1 C. stabilized
3. The mutual inductance when k = 0.65, L1 = 2 H, and L2 = 5 H is B. self-adjusting* D. nonlinear
A. 2 mH C. 4 H
B. 2 H* D. 8 H 17. To get a negative gate-source voltage in a self-biased JFET circuit,
you must use a
4. If the output of a voltage regulator varies from 40 V to 35.5 V when A. voltage divider C. source resistor*
the line voltage varies over its specified range, the source regulation B. negative gate supply voltage D. ground
A. 10.43% C. 12.67%* 18. When transistors are used in digital circuits they usually operate in
B. 11.25% D. 15% the:
A. active region C. breakdown region
5. In a class B push-pull amplifier, the transistors are biased slightly B. saturation and cut-off regions* D. linear region
above cutoff to avoid
A. crossover distortion* C. negative feedback 19. Three different Q points are shown on a dc load line. The upper Q
B. unusually high efficiency D. low input impedance point represents the:
A. minimum current gain
6. How many primary volts must be applied to a transformer with a B. intermediate current gain
turns ratio of 0.1 to obtain a secondary voltage of 9 V? C. maximum current gain*
A. 9 V C. 900 V D. cut-off point
B. 90 V* D. 0.9 V
20. A transistor has a DC of 250 and a base current, IB, of 20 A. The
7. Which of the following conditions are needed to properly bias an collector current, IC, equals:
npn transistor amplifier? A. 500 A C. 50 mA
A. Forward bias the base/emitter junction and reverse bias the B. 5 mA* D. 5 A
base/collector junction.*
B. Forward bias the collector/base junction and reverse bias the 21. An instrumentation amplifier is composed of how many op-amps?
emitter/base junction. A. 2 C. 4
C. Apply a positive voltage on the n-type material and a negative B. 3* D. 5
voltage on the p-type material.
D. Apply a large voltage on the base. 22. In a series linear regulator, the control element is a _____ in ______
with the load.
8. The center frequency of a band-pass filter is always equal to the A. Transistor, series* C. Transistor, parallel
A. bandwidth B. Op-amp, series D. Op-amp, parallel
B. 3 dB frequency
C. bandwidth divided by Q 23. A current ratio of IC/IE is usually less than one and is called:
D. geometric average of the critical frequencies* A. beta C. alpha*
B. theta D. omega
9. A certain transformer has a turns ratio of 1 and a 0.85 coefficient of
coupling. When 2 V ac is applied to the primary, the secondary 24. In a LM741 IC, which of the following pin is the output terminal?
voltage is A. 2 C. 6*
A. 1.7 V* C. 1 V B. 4 D. 8
B. 0.85 V D. 0 V
25. Which of the following type of ring is used by dc generators?
10. The primary function of the bias circuit is to A. Slip C. Snip
A. hold the circuit stable at VCC B. Split* D. Brush
B. hold the circuit stable at vin
C. ensure proper gain is achieved 26. With the positive probe on an NPN base, an ohmmeter reading
D. hold the circuit stable at the designed Q-point* between the other transistor terminals should be:
A. open C. low resistance*
11. A type of generator where receive current for field coils are from an B. infinite D. high resistance
outside source such as battery or another DC generator.
A. Series wound generator 27. A collector characteristic curve is a graph showing:
B. Separately excited generator* A. emitter current (IE) versus collector-emitter voltage (VCE) with
C. Shunt-wound generator (VBB) base bias voltage held constant
D. Self-excited generator B. collector current (IC) versus collector-emitter voltage (VCE) with
(VBB) base bias voltage held constant*
12. A system is said to be stable for a bounded input only when the C. collector current (IC) versus collector-emitter voltage (VC) with
output oscillates with ______. (VBB) base bias voltage held constant
A. Constant Frequency C. Both A and B* D. collector current (IC) versus collector-emitter voltage (VCC) with
B. Constant Amplitude D. Either A or B (VBB) base bias voltage held constant
13. Often a common-collector will be the last stage before the load; the 28. With low-power transistor packages, the base terminal is usually
main function of this stage is to the:
A. provide voltage gain A. tab end C. right end
B. buffer the voltage amplifiers from the low-resistance load* B. middle* D. stud mount
C. provide phase inversion
D. provide a high-frequency path to improve the frequency response 29. In a common base connection, current amplification factor is 0.9. If
the emitter current is 1 mA, determine the value of base current.
14. What are the two types of DC compound generators? A. 0.09 mA C. 0.9 mA
A. Series and shunt C. Active and passive B. 0.1 mA* D. none of the above
B. Cumulative and differential* D. Analog and digital

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30. The collector leakage current in a transistor is 300 A in CE 44. A transistor is connected in common emitter (CE) configuration in
arrangement. If now the transistor is connected in CB arrangement, which collector supply is 8V and the voltage drop across resistance
what will be the leakage current? Given that = 120. RC connected in the collector circuit is 0.5V. The value of RC = 800
A. 240 A C. 2.4 A* . If = 0.96, determine the smallest current flowing through the
B. 24 A D. 0.24 A network.
A. 0.0026 mA
31. A digital-to-analog converter is an application of the B. 0.026 mA*
A. scaling adder* C. 0.26 mA
B. voltage-to-current converter D. 2.6 mA
C. noninverting amplifier
D. adjustable bandwidth circuit

32. The component symbol shown in the figure is a/an:


INPUT OUTPUT 45. Which among the following compound configurational amplifiers
gives tremendous increase in input impedance and equal decrease
+ in output impedance?
A. Cascade Amplifiers C. Voltage Amplifier
A. Output regulated operational amplifier B. Darlington Amplifier* D. Push - pull Amplifier
B. Gated operational amplifier
C. Operational transconductance amplifier* 46. An input signal is applied to a differentiator op-amp changes from -
D. Current-controlled operational amplifier 0.5 to 0.5 V within a 5s interval. What is the output voltage if R =
10k and C = 0.001 F?
A. 1 V C. 3 V
33. If the value of resistor RF in an averaging amplifier circuit is equal to
B. 2 V* D. 4 V
the value of one input resistor divided by the number of inputs, the
output will be equal to
47. Which of the following condition exists under the reverse saturation
A. the average of the individual inputs
B. the inverted sum of the individual inputs
A. Saturation current is greater than zero voltage current
C. the sum of the individual inputs
B. Saturation current is exactly equal to terminal current
D. the inverted average of the individual inputs*
C. Saturation current is less than negative terminal current
D. Saturation current is nearly equal to negative terminal current*
34. Which of the following is heavily doped?
A. emitter* C. base
48. What is the current gain for a common-base configuration where IE
B. collector D. both A and B
= 4.2 mA and IC = 4.0 mA?
A. 16.80 C. 0.20
35. Which of the following region of a BJT is the largest?
B. 1.05 D. 0.95*
A. emitter C. base
B. collector* D. both A and B
49. With a PNP circuit, the most positive voltage is probably:
A. ground* C. VBE
36. In DC generators, which of the following part converts ac voltage,
from the armature to dc voltage?
A. Yoke C. Brush
50. Common Base Amplification Factor refer to which of the below
B. Core D. Commutator*
mentioned ratios?
A. Collector current to emitter current when Vcb is constant*
37. A 140 kW 220 V compound generator is connected long shunt. If
B. Emitter to base current when Vce is constant
the shunt-field resistance is 25, what is the series field current
C. Collector to base current when Vee is constant
at full load?
D. None of the above
A. 465.61 A C. 636.36 A
B. 561.46 A D. 645.16 A*
51. The feedback element of an op-amp in order to be a logarithmic
amplifier is:
38. When a silicon diode is forward biased, what is VBE for a C-E
A. Diode C. SCR
B. Transistor D. either A or B*
A. voltage-divider bias C. 0.7 V*
B. 0.4 V D. emitter voltage
52. An IC uses 3,000 logic gates, which of the following integration
system does it use?
39. A triangular-wave oscillator can consist of an op-amp comparator,
followed by a(n)
A. differentiator C. integrator*
B. amplifier D. multivibrator
53. Variation of silicon wafer thickness arises between which range of
following mentioned values in the aspect of thin film technology?
40. Which of the following phenomena helps to determine the
A. 50 A to 50000 A*
concentration and mobility of charge carriers?
B. 500 A to 50000A
A. Mass Action Law C. Fermi-Level Effect
C. 0.5 A to 500A
B. Diffusion Current D. Hall Effect*
D. Both A & B depending on the requirement of epitaxial chip
41. Determine the maximum frequency that can be used by an inverting
op-amp with: Rf = 220 k, Ri = 10 k, slew rate = 0.5 V/s and Vin
54. For a certain transistor, IB = 20 A; IC = 2 mA and = 80. Calculate
= 10 mV.
A. 16 kHz C. 274.19 kHz
A. 0.048 A C. 4.8 A*
B. 112.81 kHz D. 361.72 kHz*
B. 0.48 A D. 48 A
42. The ramp voltage at the output of an op-amp integrator
55. Undesired contamination of silicon surface in IC Fabrication process
A. increases or decreases at a linear rate*
is prevented by?
B. increases or decreases exponentially
A. Diffusion C. Oxidation
C. is always increasing and never decreasing
B. Epitaxy D. Passivation*
D. is constant
56. A square wave is supplied in the input terminal of an integrator op-
43. A two-pole high-pass active filter would have a roll-off rate of
amp, what is the nature of the output?
A. 40 dB/decade C. 20 dB/decade
A. square wave C. sine wave
B. 40 dB/decade* D. 20 dB/decade
B. triangular wave* D. saw tooth wave

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57. An AC generator has 6 poles and operates at 1400 rpm. What is the A. Amount of Doping Level*
frequency does it generate? B. Use of Voltage Regulator
A. 60 Hz C. 80 Hz C. Controlling the flow of maximum reverse current (Iz max)
B. 70 Hz* D. 90 Hz D. No practical measure is possible due to probability of Zener diode
58. Anisotropic etching is referred to which category of etching zone?
A. Wet Etching C. Isotropic Etching 70. Approximate diameter of an atom.
B. Dry Etching* D. Isothermal Etching A. 10^-10 m* C. 10^-8 m
B. 10^-9 m D. 10^-7 m
59. The figure below shows the characteristic curve of what
semiconductor device? 71. The definite discrete amount of energy required to move an electron
from a lower shell to the higher shell.
A. negative energy C. quantum*
B. positive energy D. quanta

72. The precised purity level of DC output in any rectification process

can be estimated in terms of ______.
A. Ripple Factor* C. V -I Characteristics
B. Efficiency D. All of the above

A. Tunnel diode* C. Photodiode 73. Which of the following parameters signifies the relation of collector
B. Schottky diode D. Zener diode current to collector voltage keeping source voltage as constant?
A. Input Impedance
60. Determine the output of an op-amp for input voltages of Vi+ = 120V B. Output admittance*
and Vi = 110 V. The amplifier has a differential gain of 300 and C. Voltage & Current Gain
CMRR of 70 dB. D. Output Impedance
A. 1 mV C. 3 mV*
B. 2 mV D. 4 mV Refer to the circuit below for Questions 74 - 77.

61. Which among the following rectifiers exhibit the crucial

characteristic of two pulse midpoint conversion with minimum
number of diodes?
A. Half Wave Rectifier C. Bridge Rectifier
B. Full Wave Rectifier* D. Both (b) & (c)

62. Program that converts high-level language program into machine

A. Translator* C. Programmer
B. Assembler D. Interpreter
74. For the given network below, find the value of the resistance
63. Program that converts assembly language and high-level language opposite to R2 = 18 when the R1R2R3 delta network is
into machine language. converted into its Wye equivalent.
A. Translator C. Compiler A. 2* C. 6
B. Assembler D. Interpreter* B. 4 D. 8

64. Determine the thermal voltage of components in an enclosed 75. Find the total resistance of the network.
system operating at 25C. A. 13.862 C. 15.214
A. 24.6 mV C. 26.8 mV B. 14.571* D. 15.972
B. 25.7 mV* D. 27.9 mV
76. Find the voltage across R4.
65. The emission of electrons from hot bodies. A. 4.118 V C. 1.176 V
A. Hall effect C. Edison effect* B. 588.24 mV D. 5.294 V*
B. Hass effect D. Curie effect
77. Find the total current across the network.
66. Accurate level doping can be confined by which of the following A. 294.12 mA C. 686.27 mA*
mechanisms? B. 392.16 mA D. 749.08 mA
A. Wafer Cleaning C. Ion Implantation*
B. Epitaxial Deposition D. Metalization 78. The relation between and is:
1 1
67. Figure shows characteristics curves for bipolar transistor. These A. = C. =
curves are:
B. =
* D. =

79. The circuit shown below is a:

A. low-pass filter
B. high-pass filter
C. bandpass filter*
D. band-stop filter
A. output characteristics of n-p-n transistor (common base)
B. output characteristics of p-n-p transistor (common base)*
C. output characteristics of n-p-n transistor (common emitter) 80. What is the result of positive feedback among the following ones?
D. output characteristics of p-n-p transistor (common emitter) A. Increase in amplification & stability
B. Increase in amplification with reduced stability*
68. Reverse saturation current doubles in value for every what increase C. Reduction in amplification and stability
in temperature? D. Decrease in amplification with increased stability
A. 1 C C. 10 C*
B. 5 C D. 20 C 81. The mutual inductance between two coils is 240 mH. If the current
in one coil changes from 15 A to 6 A in 12 ms, calculate the average
69. Which practical measure can be adopted to control the reverse e.m.f. induced in the other coil.
voltage at the occurrence of Zener breakdown? A. 180 V* C. 3.6 kV
B. 300 kV D. 250 V

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82. Radiation that results from recombination of charge carriers injected 96. An 80-kW four pole generator has an armature containing 66 slots,
in a PN or PIN junction which is based in forward direction. in each of which are 12 conductors. The armature winding is
A. Hall effect C. Lossev effect* connected so that there are 6 parallel paths. If each pole produce
B. Jos effect D. Lorentz effect 2.3x106 maxwells and the armature speed is 800 rpm, determine
the generated voltage.
83. Three scattering mechanism exist in a semiconductor. If only the A. 135 V C. 173 V
first mechanism were present, the mobility would be 500 cm 2/V-s. B. 162 V* D. 197 V
If only the second mechanism were present, the mobility would be
750 cm2/V-s. If only third mechanism were present, the mobility 97. Find the required battery capacity needed to operate an equipment
would be 1500 cm2/V-s. The net mobility is: of 30 A at 5 hrs.
A. 2750 cm2/V-s C. 1750 cm2/V-s A. 6 A-hr C. 3 A-hr
B. 917 cm2/V-s D. 250 cm2/V-s* B. 30 A-hr D. 150 A-hr*

84. A common base transistor amplifier has an input resistance of 20 98. The integral equation below is mathematical representation of:
and output resistance of 100 k. The collector load is 1 k. If a
signal of 500 mV is applied between emitter and base, find the
voltage amplification. Assume alpha () to be nearly one.
A. 50* C. 150
A. Amperes circuital Law* C. Stokes Theorem
B. 100 D. 200
B. Biot-Savart Law D. Gauss Law
85. The attenuation () of the three-section RC feedback phase-shift
99. Twelve identical resistors R are placed on the edges of a cube, what
oscillator is
is the equivalent total resistance between points a and b?
A. 1/9 C. 1/3
B. 1/30 D. 1/29*

86. In an NPN transistor, majority carriers flow from __________.

A. emitter to collector* C. emitter to base
B. collector to emitter D. base to emitter

87. To what LC oscillator circuit does a Pierce oscillator similar?

A. Armstrong C. Colpitts*
B. Hartley D. Clapp

88. In a PNP transistor, majority carriers flow from __________. A. 7/12 R* C. 3/4 R
A. emitter to collector* C. emitter to base B. 5/6 R D. 4/7 R
B. collector to emitter D. base to emitter
100. The mathematical expression shown below is known as the:
89. A type of voltage source that converts chemical energy to electrical Q
E A =
A. Generator C. Battery*
B. Transformer D. Motor A. Lenzs Law C. Faradays Law
B. Amperes Circuital Law D. Gausss Law*
90. The equation below is the mathematical representation of:

A. Amperes circuital Law C. Stokes Theorem

B. Biot-Savart Law* D. Gauss Law
91. What is the current through the LED?
1. What is the range of the function 5 4 2 ?
A. {y | 3 y 5} * C. {y | 3 y 5}
B. {y | 2 y 2} D. {y | y 0}
A. 0 mA
B. 23 mA 2. It is a technique for determining the coefficients of an unknown
C. 18 mA polynomial by evaluating it at a single value. If p(x) is a polynomial
D. 13 mA* with integer coefficients, and x is chosen to be both a power of two
and larger in magnitude than any of the coefficients of p, then the
coefficients of each term of can be read directly out of the binary
representation of p(x).
92. The equation below is the mathematical representation of: A. Kronecker substitution*
B. Schonhage-Strassen substitution
C. Frer's substitution
D. Karatsuba substitution

A. Amperes circuital Law C. Stokes Theorem* 3. A teacher has a class of 9 students: 3 girls and 6 boys. How many
B. Biot-Savart Law D. Gauss Law ways can she seat her students in a line of 9 chairs if between any
2 girls there are exactly 2 boys?
93. Refer to this figure. Which symbol is correct for a photodiode? A. 504 C. 84
B. 12,960* D. 362,880

4. In Boolean Algebra, it is a statement obtained by interchanging the

operation plus and asterisk, and interchanging their identity
elements 0 and 1 in the original statement.
A. Axiom C. Subalgebra
B. isomorphic D. Dual*
94. What diode operates only with majority carriers? 5. If f(x)=x2+1, then the value of f(f(x)) is equal to:
A. Laser diode C. Schottky diode* A. x4 + 2x2 + 2* C. x4 + 2x2 + 2
B. Tunnel diode D. Step-recovery diode B. x4 + 2x2 + 1 D. None of these

95. It is a type of oscillator which generates square waves. 6. State whether each diagram defines a function from {1,2,3} into
A. Wein Bridge C. Peirce {4,5,6}.
B. Relaxation D. Multivibrator*

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20. A man standing between two vertical posts finds that the angle
subtended at his eyes by the tops of the posts is a right angle. If the
heights of the two posts are two times and four times the height of
the man, and the distance between them is equal to the length of
the longer post, then the ratio of the distances of the man from the
A. No, Yes, No* C. Yes, Yes, Yes shorter and longer post is
B. Yes, No, Yes D. No, No, No A. 3:4 C. 3:2
B. 1:3 * D. 2:1
7. It was the first multiplication algorithm asymptotically faster than the
quadratic "grade school" algorithm which reduces the multiplication 21. What is the sum of all solutions to the following equation?
of two n-digit numbers to at most n1.585 single-digit multiplications in
general. 1
A. Kronecker algorithm C. Frer's algorithm 1
B. Schonhage-Strassen algorithm D. Karatsuba algorithm* 1+ 1
1+ 1
8. What is the power set of the set {}? 1+ 1
A. 0 C. 2 * 1+
B. 3 D. 1
A. 1.618 C. 0
9. Let f be the function from {a, b, c, d} to {1, 2, 3, 4} with f(a) = 4, B. -0.618 D. 1*
f(b) = 2, f(c) = 1, and f(d) = 3. Identify the type of function
described. 22. If f(x) satisfies 2() + (1 ) = 2 for all x, then what is f(x)?
A. Injective & Non-surjective 2 3+1 2 83
B. Non-injective & Surjective A. C.
2 9
C. Injective & Surjective * 2 +31 4 2 +32
D. Non-injective & Non-surjective B. * D.
2 6
10. This algorithm was the asymptotically fastest multiplication method
for large integers known from 1971 until 2007. This algorithm uses 23. When () = 100 299 + 4 is divided by 2 3 + 2, the
recursive Fast Fourier transforms for two n-digit numbers in rings remainder is:
with 2n + 1 elements, a specific type of number theoretic transform. A. 2x 9 C. 3x 4
A. Kronecker algorithm C. Frer's algorithm B. 6x + 4 D. x + 2*
B. Schonhage-Strassen algorithm* D. Karatsuba algorithm
24. What is the sum of the digits of the decimal expansion of the product
11. In the triangle ABC having vertices at A(-2, 5), B(6, 1) and C(-2, -3), (22009)(52013)?
find the length of the median from vertex B to side AC. A. 12 C. 14
A. 5 C. 6 B. 13* D. 15
B. 7 D. 8 *
25. A transit set up 40 m from the base of a vertical chimney reads
12. Solve for x: 3230 with crosshairs set on the top of the chimney. With telescope
level, the vertical rod at the base of the chimney is 2.1m.
(5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 )90 = 12550 Approximately how tall is the chimney?
A. 15 m C. 28 m*
A. 1 C. 2/3* B. 26 m D. 38 m
B. 3/2 D. 5
26. It is an integer multiplication algorithm for quite large integers. It has
13. Let a = 444444 and b = 999999 (both have 2010 digits). a very low asymptotic complexity which can be further optimized by
What is the 2010th digit of the product ab? using the inverse Ackermann function instead of the iterated
A. 3* C. 5 logarithm.
B. 4 D. 6 A. Kronecker algorithm C. Frer's algorithm*
B. Schonhage-Strassen algorithm D. Karatsuba algorithm
14. Find the minimum value of f(x) for 0 < x <
9 2 sin2 + 4 27. What is the last digit of 22009?
() = A. 8 C. 2 *
sin B. 6 D. 4
A. 10 C. 14
B. 12* D. 16 28. What conic section is 2 2 8 + 4 = 12?
A. parabola C. hyperbola *
15. A hut has a parabolic cross-section whose height is 30m and whose B. ellipse D. circle
base is 60m wide. If the ceiling 40 m. is to be placed inside the hut,
how high will it be above the base? 29. What conic section is described by the polar equation:
A. 16.67 m * C. 14.47 m 6
B. 15.48 m D. 19.25 m 2 =
4 3 cos2
16. How far is the center of the circle 2 + 2 10 24 + 25 = A. parabola C. hyperbola
0 from the line = 2? B. ellipse * D. circle
A. 10* C. 12
B. 14 D. 6 2
30. If sin1 + sin1 = , then cos 1 + cos1
17. Let 3 = 4, 4 = 5, 5 = 6, 6 = 7, 7 = 8 8 = 9. A. 2/3 C. /6
What is the value of the product abcdef? B. /3* D.
A. 2* C. 4
B. 3 D. 25 6
31. Compute ( )
3, 2, 1
18. The roots of the quadratic equation + = differ by A. 60* C. 36
75, where k is a real number. Determine the sum of the squares of B. 1 D. 6
the roots.
A. 5625 C. 3825 32. A man running round a race course notes that the sum of the
B. 4113* D. 756 distance of two flag-posts, located at the focus of an elliptical track,
from him is always 10 m and the distance between the flag-posts is
19. Given that: () + ( ) = for all real x, compute f(2). 8 meters. What is the length of the elliptical track?
A. 68/3 * C. 65/2 A. 15 C. 18
B. 3/68 D. 2/65 B. 12 D. 217*

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33. Which of the following is incorrect about the latus rectum of an A. 6 C. 9

ellipse? B. 8 D. 7*
A. It passes through a focus
B. It is perpendicular to the major axis. 45. How many subsets of {a,b,c,d,e,f,g} contain both a and b ?
C. It is parallel to the minor axis A. 32* C. 25
D. It passes through the center* B. 9 D. 12

34. A distribution X has (mean) = 140 and (deviation) = 28.28 and 46. The locus of a point which moves such that the square of its
the other Y has = 150 and = 24. Which of the two has a greater distance from the base of an isosceles triangle is equal to the
dispersion? rectangle under its distances from the other two sides is
A. circle C. parabola
A. X* C. equal
B. ellipse D. hyperbola*
B. Y D.cannot be determined
47. What is the slope of the rotated x-axis of a conic with a general
35. If the lines 2 + 3 + 1 = 0 and lines 3 4 = 0 lie along equation of 4x2 24xy + 11y2 24x + 32y + 40 = 0?
diameters of a circle of circumference 10, then the equation of the A. 1/2 C. 2/3
B. 3/4* D. 6/7
circle is
A. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 23 = 0 48. How many four digit numbers abcd exist such that a is odd, b is
B. 2 + 2 2 2 23 = 0 divisible by 3, c is even, and d is prime?
C. 2 + 2 2 + 2 23 = 0 * A. 300 C. 400 *
D. 2 + 2 + 2 2 23 = 0 B. 200 D. 100

36. Person A has a height of 1.75 meters and lives in a city where the 49. It was found that the mean length of 100 parts produced by a lathe
average height is 1.60 meters and the standard deviation is 20 was 20.05 mm with a standard deviation of 0.02 mm. Find the
centimetres. Person B is 1.80 meters and lives in a city where the probability that a part selected at random would have a length
average height is 1.70 meters and the standard deviation is 15 greater than 20.09 mm.
centimetres. Which of the two is considered to be taller compared A. 0.0112 C. 0.0334
to their fellow citizens? B. 0.0228* D. 0.0557
A. Person A* C. Equal
B. Person B D. Incomplete Data 50. When Alice entered the Forest of Forgetfulness, she forgot the day
of the week. She met the Lion and the Unicorn resting under a tree.
37. Let U = {a,b,c,d,e,f,g}, A = {a,b,c,d,e}, B= {a,c,e,g} and C={b,e,f,g}. The Lion lies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and tells the
Find truth on the other days of the week. The Unicorn, on the other hand,
(\ ) lies on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, but tells the truth on the
other days of the week. They made the following statements:
A. {a,c,e} C. {b,e,f,g}
Lion: Yesterday was one of my lying days."
B. {a,c,d} D. {b,d,f,g} *
Unicorn: Yesterday was one of my lying days."
38. An ellipse is a locus of a point which moves such that the sum of From these two statements, Alice was able to deduce the day of the
its distances between the two fixed points (foci) is constant and week. What day was it?
equal to the length of the ___________. A. Monday C. Wednesday
A. semi-major axis C. major axis* B. Thursday * D. Friday
B. semi-minor axis D. minor axis

39. Given 5 line segments of lengths 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 units. How many

triangles can be formed by joining these lines?
A. 10 C. 7*
B. 8 D. 9

40. A bag contains 7 red and 2 white balls and another bag contains 5
red and 4 white balls. Two balls are drawn, one from each bag. The
probability that both the balls are white, is
A. 2/9 C. 8/81*
B. 2/3 D. 35/81

41. Convert = 6 tan sec into rectangular-coordinate equation.

A. 2 = 6 C. 2 = 6 *
B. = 6 D. 2 = 6

42. The angles of elevation of the top of a tower A from the top of B and
bottom D at a building of height a are 30 and 45 respectively. If
the tower and the building stand at the same level, then the height
of the tower is
A. 3 C.
B. D. (3 1)

43. Set A = {{1,2,3}, {4,5}, {6,7,8}}. Which of the following statement/s

is/are true?
A. {1, 2, 3} C. 1
B. D. *

44. A total of 1232 students have taken a course in Spanish, 879 have
taken a course in French, and 114 have taken a course in Russian.
Further, 103 have taken courses in both Spanish and French, 23
have taken courses in both Spanish and Russian, and 14 have
taken courses in both French and Russian. If 2092 students have
taken at least one of Spanish, French, and Russian, how many
students have taken a course in all three languages?

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