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Checklist For Column Concreting

FORM/FORMAT Checklist no.

Title: Checklist For Column Concreting. Rev. , dated

Building Location Date.

Grade of concrete= M Grade of steel =

Sr. No. Activity Acceptance Criteria Observation

1. Column starter. Shall be free of honey combing, edge being
not broken & laitance removed with coarse
aggregate top exposed compulsorily.
2. Provision of Rebar (dia. & As per Column schedule As per RCC Drg.
qty.), + dowels if No.:_______,
any Rev. No.:________
3. Position of Rebar. As per General drawing. As per RCC Drg.
(Lapping, spacing of No.:_______,
stirrups with 45 degree Rev. No.:________
legs & master ring).
4. Clear Cover of Rebar. Shall be provided of 55mm & 40mm, for
below ground & above ground respectively,
with a + 5 mm tolerance.
5. Position of topmost stirrup Shall be placed at 40mm below concreting
of column. top.
6. Position of guide/master Shall be provided at Min. 600mm & Max.
stirrup above 1000mm.from concrete top.
concreting level.
7. Space of needle vibrator, Shall be Min. 70mm gap to suit 60mm
insertion, for needle vibrator & Min 50mm gap to suit
concreting works. 40mm needle vibrator
8. Binding wire knots & tail Shall not be in Clear cover zone.
9. Shuttering works Soldiers shall be provided after every panel
for column length more than 750mm. 1st
tie rod shall be at 125mm from bottom.
Window shall be provided for column
height more than 1400mm. Wedge clips
shall be at 150mmc/c. back to back angle
Yokes shall be provided at each tie rod
level. Raker props shall be supported on
firm base.
10. Provision of Empty cement No gap shall be seen, in space between
bag below shuttering
shuttering panel. panel bottom & slab top.
11. Starter/ Column dimension As per Drawing. Dwg No.__________
(width, length, Rev. No.:________
right angle, line & plumb).
12. Column top concreting As per Drawing. Dwg No.__________
level. Rev. No.:________
13. Working platform. Shall be supported on H frame with atleast
27 wide
14. Chute (Supda) at window Shall be provided in 45 degrees slope with
level & top level. width of
minimum 300mm & to be provided in
window panel.
15. Tools & materials for 2 G.I. buckets, 1 ltr. Cylinder,500 ml bottle
making cement slurry, for
& trey for plasticizer & rod for stirring
16. Two nos. electrical Available near columns
vibrator, one no. petrol
vibrator & spare needle.

Note : All dwg numbers , to be referred should be filled in , before the Checklist is referred to , at

location , for Acceptance Criteria , by the Senior Engineer/Sector Engineer .

FOREMAN: _________________________

JR.ENGR/SITE ENGINEER: _______________


NB: Checklist, to be completed in all respects and signed with date by all concerned, as designated