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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00



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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00


The purpose of this Project Execution & Quality Plan (PEQP) is to describe & define the
procedures used to produce the deliverables listed in the supply and work provided by the client,
and to meet the quality and technical requirements as contractually defined for the project.
Specific quality activities, as detailed in the plan below, are utilised to achieve the quality
objectives required by client. This document is a living document and therefore will be updated
throughout the life of the project. Updates may be provided periodically with a final revision upon
project completion.


Immediately on receipt of the customer order, following process is followed

Appoint a Project Co-ordinator, who shall be single point contact for the customer
Do an internal review of the technical drawings/PO and transfer the job from sales to
Call for a Kick-off meeting with customer
Submit a Project organization chart with all details and escalation matrix (Typical Org
chart is attached as Annexure-A)
Submit a Project progress review format (Typical format attached as Annexure-B)
Submit a schedule bar chart (Typical format attached as Annexure-C)

2.1 Contract Review

The contract shall be reviewed and documented by Jasubhai in close cooperation and
agreement of the customer/contractor. A kick-off meeting is held with the customer to discuss
and to define the project implementation procedures.

2.2 Purchasing, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors Control

The procurement process involves the review of quotation from an approved vendor. Quotations
received from approved vendors are evaluated upon approval, purchase requisition will be
raised. & Purchase Order will be generated accordingly.All suppliers are selected by the standard
procedures for vendor selection. The manager prepares a written contract that explicitly states all
commitments and responsibilities that are mutually agreed upon and will inform the Customer, if
required contractually.

Project Co-ordinator of the project shall ensure that above mentioned procedures are followed

2.3 Control of Customer Property

Customer supplied inventory if any, shall be identified, verified, protected and safeguarded. A
customer supplied inventory list shall be maintained. If any customer property is lost, damaged

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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00

or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use or incorporation into our product, it shall be reported
to the customer and records maintained. The detailed material handling procedure is attached as

2.4 Identification and Tractability

All inventory purchased from either factory or third party vendors are traceable through the
company purchasing system.

2.5 Manufacturing and Cabinet Integration

The procedure if followed as per the Manufacturing and Cabinet Integration Plan, attached as


Managing project quality requires an approved quality plan encompassing three major quality
processes defined in subsequent Section. The plan is developed and approved during the project
phase to confirm major deliverables/milestone acceptance criteria and manage approved project

3.1 Plan Processes

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance activities focus on the processes being used to manage and deliver the
solution to evaluate overall project performance on a regular basis. Quality assurance is a
method to ensure the project will satisfy the quality standards and will define and record
quality reviews, test performance, and customer acceptance.

Quality Control
Quality control activities are performed continually to verify that project management and
project deliverables are of high quality and meet quality standards. Quality control also
helps uncover causes of unsatisfactory results and establish lessons learned to avoid
similar issues in this and other projects.
The Inspection and Test Plan essentially outlines the main test, review and inspection
activities of the project that form the quality control function. Check lists are used for
ensuring the quality as per customer drawings.

Project Deliverables and Processes Acceptance Criteria

Project team members and key stakeholders agree at the project planning stage on
formal project processes and major deliverable acceptance criteria that will be used to
evaluate final deliverable results before the results are formally approved

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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00

3.2 Project Overview

The client has placed a contract with Jasubhai for the Integration and supply of panels which will
be installed at site. The panels shall contain the items as per the bill of material including the
customer free issued items. The scope shall be to procure & build the panels with all the
components mounted as the approved drawings and cold testing

3.3 Quality Standards

3.3.1 ISO 9000

Quality Management Systems Fundamentals and Vocabulary (ISO 9000: 2000)

Quality Management Systems Requirements (ISO 9001: 2000)

3.3.2 Project Specific

Relevant Documents as per list the provided in the Project Document register

3.3.3 Other International Standards as agreed with Customer

3.4 Quality Engineers Responsibilities

The Responsibilities of the Project Quality Engineer is

Establish the project quality plan

Liaise with the project team on Project Quality awareness and requirements

Assesses the project teams conformance with the Project Quality Plan

Conducts Customer Satisfaction interview on the project team work

The Project Quality Engineer will interact with the Project Manager and other team members in
accomplishing these responsibilities. Other quality management roles and responsibilities for the
project are outlined later in this document.


4.1 Quality Assurance Scope

Quality assurance helps to establish if a deliverable is acceptable based on the processes used
to create it. Quality assurance processes are used to evaluate overall project performance
frequently and to determine that quality reviews were held, deliverables tested, and customer
acceptance acquired.

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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00

4.2 Project Monitoring Processes

For the success of any project monitoring is very critical. Depending upon the size and duration
of project the frequency of review meetings, progress reports are decided in kick off meeting with
The review meetings shall monitor the progress of the project where the status of the project shall
be discussed as well as other items concerning timely production of deliverables to the
necessary quality standards.


5.1 Project Deliverables

Milestone Deliverable
UNIT Dispatch 1. Complete Installation wiring Testing & Despatch as per Project

5.2 Project Quality Control Procedures

5.2.1 Control of Documents /Records

Control of Document procedures, sets the guideline to ensure that the correct, approved version
of all relevant documents is available and are being used at the right place at the right time.
Control of Document involves preparation, review, endorsement, control, distribution and retrieval
of all documents and information pertaining to the Project.

The Document Register Maintains the Record of Documents (Document No-JASUBHAI XXXX-
DR-001) applicable in the Project and Project Drawings received is logged in Document No-

5.2.2 Control of Non-Conforming Product

Control of Non-conforming Product procedures set the guidelines to ensure that non-conforming
product is prevented from its original usage prior to relevant conscientious intervention. Product
can take the form of hardware defect, or customer complaint.

5.2.3 Corrective Action and Preventive Action

Corrective Action and Preventive Action Corrective Action procedures set the guidelines to
ensure that the cause of non-conformities is investigated and the corrective action needed to

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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00

prevent recurrence. Preventive Action procedures set the guidelines to eliminate the causes of
nonconformities in order to prevent their reoccurrence.

5.2.4 Change Management

If the project application specifications are changed after the approval cycle, a proposal
identifying the proposed change and the justification or the change is prepared and submitted to
the Customer. Each proposal is analysed and evaluated for:

 Impact on project plan in terms of Cost and Schedule

 Cross implications of the change
 Technical design impact
 Impact on activities affected by the change, e.g. manufacturing, documentation, testing,
Field Service, Cost etc.,
 Resource requirements, e.g. cost, personnel, time

The Business Development Manager shall be in-charge of Change Management, which result in
variation order(s) from customer. The Change Control guidelines as stipulated in the Scope
Change Management Procedure in MOS will be referenced when addressing this process

5.3 Project Deliverables Test & Acceptance Process

The list of Project deliverables is detailed in the Project Progress report and bar chart schedule.
The test process includes material received Inspection Test Report /In process inspection at
various stages of the project in order to ensure the project requirements are met and safety &
quality integrity level is achieved.



A series of planned quality checks is scheduled for this project to ensure that all activities are
carried out in accordance with planned arrangements and that these arrangements are effective.
Material incoming inspection and Installation inspection (In process Inspection) shall be carried
out in stages (Refer Apendix-3) as per the following check list and reports:
Panel Inspection Reports - IPR-01, 02 and 03
Panel Inspection Report - Final Inspection Checklist

TEST CERTIFICATES Received along with materials shall be part of Material Incoming


Quality Reviews are established to review whether project activities are carried out effectively,
whether processes are performing satisfactorily, whether clients are satisfied and whether
opportunities for improvement are being identified and implemented.

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Date: 01.10.2008
Contractor : Jasubhai Rev: 00

Project coordinators are encouraged to discuss operating problems and noteworthy behaviours
(both positive and negative), which they observed personally while managing this project.

The primary purpose of the review meeting is to identify Off Schedule conditions so that
appropriate counter measures may be taken. The Review Meeting provides the Management
with a weekly forum, in which it can routinely probe into issues that have direct impact on the
performance of the organisation.

The results of Quality Audits and Reviews will be factored into project planning and
implementation. The benefits of lessons learned will be shared with project team as the project


In the event of an unresolved discrepancy or event by the project team then client may escalate
the situation within Jasubhai senior management. Contact details are already given in the org
Normally the Manager of Jasubhai will be able to resolve all issues pertaining to business within
the region.


Generally the Manager is responsible for all aspects of the project and so is ultimately
responsible for ensuring the quality assurance and quality control of the deliverables of the
project. Specific quality related tasks will be delegated to the relevant personnel within the
project for the specific deliverables under their responsibility.

Project Team Role Execution Responsibilities QA/QC Responsibilities

Operations Manager Total Project Total Project
Quality Engineer Total Project Total Project
Project co-ordinator All deliverables under his All deliverables under his
respective discipline respective discipline

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