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shani mangal yuti prati yuti books naveen bhai zaveri

1) Learn, Think and Predict through astrology by CP Arora

One of the books for beginners which covers all basic topics required to begin a journey in
hindu astrology

2) Elements of Vedic Astrology by Dr. KS Charak

This set of 2 volumes by Dr. KS charak is a nice book to get acquainted with different
aspects of vedic/hindu astrology and learn how to cast a chart, how to judge vimshottari
dashas and so on

3) Light on Life by Robert E Svoboda

This book covers all the aspects and as the author says, he is writing the book to make the
general public aware of hindu asrrology in the absence of Guru Shishya tradition. One of the
most suggested beginner's book on astrology.

4) Astrology for beginners and Hindu predictive astrology by Dr. BV raman

These two books by the great legendary astrologer Dr. Bv raman teaches astrology in a
simple yet effective manner. He has included his vast experience in the books.

5) Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley

A nice book for beginners. I have not personally read it but have heard good views regarding

After you have strengthened your basics, you can read books of KN Rao and Dr. BV Raman
for further knowledge.

yotish ka Saral Addhyan by K N Rao

Good book for Beginner. You can also find it in english.
2. Jyotish Ratnakar by Devki Nandan Singh

vadic astrology by Mr. chandrashekhar sharma

recommended K.N Raos astrology lessons, thousands of people in India practicing Vedic
astrology by using his book and thousands of his disciples became famous