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MEGHAN ABRAHAMSON (320) 304-4003

1231 Brainerd Ave, Duluth MN 55811

Personal Summary:
Highly motivated and reliable person who enjoys watching student succeed. Watching
those breakthrough moments is what I live for. Im trying to create life-long learners
through engaging and thoughtful lessons.

Seeking a student-teaching position in a 5-12 classroom to teach either Language Arts or

University of Minnesota Duluth College of Education and Human Service Professions
Bachelor of Applied Arts
Major: Teaching Communication Arts and Literature
Major: Teaching Spanish
University of Minnesota Duluth College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Major: English Literary Studies
Minor: Hispanic Studies
Graduation Date: May 2018
Major GPA: 3.85

Deans List for Academic Excellence: all semesters
U Promise Scholarship: all semesters
Jurkovich Scholarship: 2015-16 academic year
Brink Education Scholarship: 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years
Summer Study Abroad Scholarship: 2016 summer

Practicum Teaching, Superior Middle School
September 2017-November 2017
8th Grade Language Arts classroom
Teaching three lessons
60+ hours in the class
Learning, observing, and working on classroom management procedures
Collaborating with cooperating teacher to design learner sensitive lessons aligned with
state and curricular targets will be suitable and engaging/exciting for students to learn.

Practicum Teaching, Proctor High School

January 2017-April 2017
Spent 60+ hours observing, assisting, collaborating, and teaching in a Spanish II
Taught a review lesson on Preterite vs Imperfect verbs and how to recognize phrases
that would signal one tense or another. It also reviewed how to conjugate each verb
Taught a second lesson that involved 5 stations, each station works on a different tense.
There was a station for present, preterite and imperfect, present progressive, and
future. Each station had a different activity to do that utilized the verbs in that tense.
Collaborated and focused on creating new and engaging lessons in the target language
that applied educational theory in practice while also meeting the unique and diverse
needs of the learners.

Adopt-a-class Pre-Practicum Experience, Academic Excellence Online

Adopt-a-class simply means that for a short period of timetwo weekswe were able
to experience what it was like to be a teacher before actually jumping in with a
Collaborated with a cooperating writing teacher who taught high school English classes
Designed a three-part module that focused on writing dialogue
Read student work and gave feedback

Practicum Teaching, Hermantown Elementary

October 2014-December 2014
Kindergarten classroom
Taught a lesson on patterns and pattern recognition
Worked with students on reading comprehension
Observed and helped the teacher as needed

Key Zone Staff, Lakewood Elementary School & Lowell Elementary School, Duluth, MN
Camp Counselor, Luther Crest Bible Camp, Alexandria, MN, 04/2014-8/2014