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1. According to the Wellness Campus Manual, Pinggang Pinoy helps us

A) To determine which foods are edible or not.
B) To get the nutritional information of foods based on the RENI.
C) To get the nutrients and energy we need so that we will not become
D) To get the desired budget that we need from eating breakfast, lunch
and dinner.
Answer: C

2. Sandrino is a malnourished child. Which of the following characteristics

does he NOT experience?
A) He often feels dizzy
B) He always has a regular bowel movement
C) He does not have a strong, healthy body.
D) He is more prone to infections.
Answer: B (People who are malnourished usually experience indigestion)

3. What do you call the slow recovery of vision after flashes of bright light at
night due to Vitamin A deficiency?
A) Nightsightedness
B) Blurry vision
C) Night blindness
D) Nearsightedness
Answer: C

4. Which of the following foods is rich in Vitamin E?

A) Ampalaya
B) Eggplant
C) Melon
D) Squash
Answer: A
5. Which of the following micronutrients aid in the circulation of blood in our
A) Zinc
B) Vitamin A
C) Vitamin E
D) Iron
Answer: D

6. Fill in the blanks to complete the wellness song lyrics: Health goal mo ay
A) Witness
B) Wellness
C) Wetness
D) Werpaness
Answer: B

7. Weena always gets bleeding gums and loses teeth easily. Which
micronutrient is she deficient of?
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Answer: C

8. Which of the following food contains complete proteins?

A) Egg, meat and dairy
B) Fish, vegetables and fruits
C) Seeds, grass and herbs
D) Pizza, pasta and burger
Answer: A
9. What do you call a situation where a person takes too much energy
containing food?
A) Overeating
B) Overnutrition
C) Overposition
D) Overboarding
Answer: B

10. Who should exercise and must have physical activity?

A) Underweight children to strengthen their bones and muscles.
B) Overweight children to burn calories
C) Children with normal weight to strengthen their bones and muscles.
D) A, B and C
Answer: D

1. Complete the analogy:

Vitamin A is to keep skin smooth as _________ is to support wound

Answer: Vitamin C

2. True or False
Drinking water helps to remove waste from our body.

Answer: True

3. An eleven-year old child should drink at least how many glasses of

water a day?
Answer: 8 glasses

4. Though brown rice and white rice are go foods, people prefer brown rice
because it contains more ______ which helps us to feel full.

Answer: fiber

5. Which Vitamin aids in blood clotting?

Answer: Vitamin K

1. Vitamin C is also known as the mcronutrient ____________

Answer: Ascorbic Acid

2. These group of food that not only give energy but additional vitamins,
nutrients and minerals as well.

Answer: Go Foods

3. What do you call a situation where a person experiences excessive

bleeding due to lack of Vitamin K?

Answer: Hemorrhage

4. Liver and egg yolks contain a rich source of which micronutrient?

Answer: Vitamin E

5. Which of the Vitamin B Complexes is called Cobalmin, and also helps in

the production of healthy red blood cells?
Answer: Vitamin B12