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Tab G aiPage REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS pep #oon-t7.a7T Puspose the Town of Colne Beach ces orton the ence of» canaitant ta provide marketing srices sat de goal of nreatng destination tour, branding and artting ofthe town’s asses and tusneses, and promoting town events for er of 12 months witha 22-month option pert which may be exerclad at the soe dsretion ofthe Town, “The constant firm sought wl hae the komad, eesti, and rescues to develop implement, emmunicate snd quant a program to exponesalynerease ecnomle development though Increased tours. Funding for this project hall not exceed $50,000 pe year ‘Background laformation ‘The Tow of Colonial Beach, snc ncrpaation in 1892 as a vacation and beach eso hs enjoyed rich and lfamous history centered around the Potomac ver shoetine andthe boardvalk are, Inthe Tartcoveral years the tow has embarked on aretalation ols downtown aes, a designated tours zone Forme informatio, vit yn sansa ne ‘valuation Ctesia/ Proposal Preparation propose should include anntrodveton an summary of experince of any anal pina who will bbe engaged anda Performance Workstaterant (PWS) that areses how each of the flewing ve ‘ojetves willbe tt (1 Enancethe vty of CleilBeach a clean and safe tourist destnation; {@) develop short itermediate and lon er tourism pln; (3) Develop or expan atleast tres fourm projects (ent toursm structure and inastructure in need of upgrade r development; and (5) Develop eset of measure to ases the success of our tours efor proposals should lo Incl a suraryof por experience helghtingsmitar sucasfl camps ln thre referenc statements ro por ox caren clint, Provosal Submision Interested Consultants should submit three (3) printed copies and one electron PDF) copy oftheir propre, clea labeled “Consultant, Marketing te than Tuesday, October 17,2047 st 1:00 pm. te: Kates Flag Town Clic ‘Tomof sls oh S13 Doug Avenue Colonia Bear, VA 249, appae Selection Procedure “tne Town of Colonial Bach il follow the guidlines ofthe Cormpettive Negotion procedure forthe Procurement of Profesional Services as otlned inthe Vig Procurement Act ‘ouestions shouldbe addressed to Kathloen Pagan Town Cen ot 804247283, 2IPage