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CANDIDATE: Marissa Davis REFERENCE: Sarah Got

(Date) 7/11/2017 Colleagues:

(Position Desired) Special Ed para

(School) Westside

The above mentioned individual has applied for a position in the West Fargo School District and has given your name as a
reference. May I take a few minutes of your time to speak with you regarding this persons qualifications, character, and abilities?
What position did the applicant occupy? Para in a self-contained room
Between what dates did you work with the applicant? All year long 2016-17
In what capacity did you work with the applicant? We communicated often because of the severity of room she was

On a scale of 1-5 (low to high) please rate the following areas:

1. Professional Judgement
2. Professional Attitude x
3. Cooperation x
4. Emotional Composure x
5. Time Management x
6. Knowledge of the Field of x
7. Planning and preparation x
8. Problem-Solving Skills x
9. Initiative/personal x
10. Interpersonal Relations x
11. Writen Communication x
12. Oral communication x
13. Knowledge of Office x
14. Computer skills x

On a scale of 1-10 (low to high), how would you compare the applicant to
other employees you have supervised or worked with in similar positions? 10 We are going to be very sad to see her go.

Is there any reason why this applicant should not be seriously considered for this position? No

Given the opportunity, would you re-employ this person without any hesitation? Absolutely

Applicants strengths: Reliable, she never missed a day of work. She was the one who kept everyone together in the classroom she
was in. The classroom teacher was terminated and she took the lead for 16 weeks without a classroom teacher.
1 on 1 for safety reasons, non-verbal and physical- Marissa handled it with class and was extraordinary.
Will not brag about herself, cant say enough great things about her.

Applicants weaknesses:

May we call you for more details? Yes

Thank you for your time and assistance.