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10/23/2017 What Is Ss7 Protocol | Telecommunication Information


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What Is Ss7 Protocol

December 3, 2016 / como / 0 Comments

This article focuses on the SS7 protocol, which is sometimes used between SMS Centers in the core GSM network. It helps you understand
the main concepts and its eld of applications. Finally, you will nd a collection of SS7 speci cations with some explanation.

SS7 is a global standard protocol for signaling between SMSC that was developed in 1980 by the International Telecommunication Unions
Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). Its full name is Common Channel Signaling System no. 7 (abbreviated as CCSS7, C7 or

SS7 is the signaling protocol used between SMSCs in the core GSM network. It can carry SMS messages using the SS7/MAP protocol. SS7
works through ISDN lines or through IP (Internet Protocol). The IP version is not as widely used as the ISDN version. The IP version of SS7 is
called SIGTRAN.

SS7 protocol allows national variants to be developed, many of which are based on ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute)
and ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) standards. This protocol basically allows telecommunication devices to connect
through establishing, maintaining and terminating connection between devices. It also manages calls and works with other protocols to let
communication succeed.

SS7 protocol uses a completely separate channel for signaling, this way, it ensures seamless communication transfer. In telephony, signaling
refers to the relay of control data that are transferred with a telephone call. For example, it handles the number that was dialed, the number
of the dialer or other call-speci c information.

Since SS7 is a high-speed and high-performance protocol, it provides signi cantly enhanced performance and increased sound quality.

With this performance, one SS7 link can carry 12-18 SMS messages per second, which can be doubled or tripled in case several SS7 links are
used simultaneously. On an E1 connection, you can take up to 30 SS7 links, but practically you may not get more than 16 links. This means that
the real speed limit of an SS7 over E1 connection is around 240-300 SMS per second.

There is an internet version of SS7 called SIGTRAN, which gives a somewhat lower performance due to the heavy processing load, which is
taken over by the users CPU.

SS7 Speci cations

The o icial speci cations for SS7 are available from the ITU-T in the Q.7xx series recommendations.

In order to send SMS over SS7 you need to sign a contract with a mobile service provider. The provider will give you access to its services.
Then you also need an SMS gateway software that is able to handle SS7 protocol. For example, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway supports SS7
protocol e ectively.

Q.700 Introduction to CCITT Signaling System No. 7

Q.701 Functional description of the message transfer part (MTP) of Signaling System No. 7
Q.702 Signaling data link
Q.703 Signaling link
Q.704 Signaling network functions and messages
Q.705 Signaling network structure
Q.706 Message transfer part signaling performance
Q.707 Testing and maintenance
Q.708 Assignment procedures for international signaling point codes
Q.709 Hypothetical signaling reference connection
Q.710 Simpli ed MTP for small systems

http://telecommunication.businessideas.hol.es/what-is-ss7-protocol/ 1/2
10/23/2017 What Is Ss7 Protocol | Telecommunication Information

Q.711 Functional description of the Signaling Connection Control Part

Q.712 De nition and function of signaling connection control part messages
Q.713 Signaling connection control part formats and codes
Q.714 Signaling connection control part procedures
Q.715 Signaling connection control part user guide
Q.716 Signaling connection control part performance

If you connect your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway system to an SMS service provider that connects to the SS7 network through a single E1 line, your
maximum speed will not exceed 300 SMS per second even if you use the providers full throughput.

Source: www.ozekisms.com (The o icial website of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway)




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