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LO Extraction

-We use this extraction to extract logistics data

-Raw materials + goods + customers = Sell

All this well come into logistics

-Frequently used extraction.

-Business content extractors

Usually all business content extractors start with 0.
LO extraction is an exception, it starts with 2LIS.

Exception that They start with 2LIS*

11 stands for application - Sales orders
VA - Event for sales
HDR - Header data
ITM - Item
SCL - Schedule line

2LIS_11_VAHDR it means we use this datasource to extract sales order Header Data

Same way ITM & SCL related datasources

Example customer comes and purchases 2 items

Item 1 100 rs
Item 2 200 rs

Total order worth is 300 rs

300 value is common for both the orders

Header data will have 300 rs

Where as item data will have detailed item wise information

Schedule line means how the orders will be delivered to Customer.

customer has orderd 100 kgs of something and wants it to be delivered on 2 separate
days, one on 10th and other on 20th. That is where schedule line come into picture

VA03 is the sale order Tcode

Where you can see existing sale orders

Extract structure naming


Communication Structure - It is used for coding


How to generate LO Datasources

1. Install the data source from Business Content - RSA5

Installation happens at r/3 side.

Search for the datasource and activate it to modify

2. Inactivate the datasource - LBWE

We first activated the datasource and hence in the maintain structure it is green.
We need to inactivate it before it is maintained - LBWE

click on the active button it become inactivated. It's like on and off switch.

Once the datasource is inactivated you can see the extract strcture in yellow

3. Maintain the extracture structure - LBWE

Rest all are done in LBWE - it is also called as LO Cockpit

Click on the maintenance

Here as it is header level data we can only maintain fields related to VBAK and
VBUK which are the header level tables.

You will get a pop up which shows the fields , left block, right block.

left block the blue fields are the fields available. IF not happy with them you can
use the fields from the communication structure [MCVBAK + MCVBUK]

Note you cannot remove the fields from left side. They are fixed.

Even if you are not happy with the fields available at the right hand side, then
you go for data source enhancement.

After that if you click ok the extracture structure gets generated again.

Because we have modified the SAP given extract structure with few more fields and
it has to be regenerated.

4. Generate the Data source - LBWE

It is different from activation which we do from RSA5. By mistake if you go and

again activate the same datasource it will get overwritten. This step is not for

You will find a link next to the Maintennace button. Click on it to regenerate the

After this it will take to Datasource edit screen.

Here you also have an option to hide fields which you don't want.

By default all the fields which we moved in the previous step will be hide mode, we
should uncheck it.

Same way do for the field only fields

Inversion field option

Refer to the image.

With inversion option selected, before image comes with -value

If the flow is such that if there is DSO, as in DSO overwrite will happen no need
to worry about checking the inversion field.
If I am loading directly to CUBE then checking this option is needed.

5. SPecify the detla update Mode - LBWE

Normal flow is init, where all records comes as it is to BW. later we do delata

How these delta records are processed depends on the update mode selected.

Update mode can be

Direct data
Queued Delta
Unserailzied V3 update

6. Activate the data source - LBWE

Just click on the inactive button

7. Replicate the datsource in BW

Go to bw

Enter the datasource name
Select source system

From the datasource drop down select "replicate datasource" option

If you see the SAP system itself maps the fields to corresponding infoobjects. As
it is SAP provided extract structure, all the fields will have corresponding

For the fields which were moved during the maintainence for those, we need to add
the infoobjects to map them.

Migrating data using direct delta

1. Schedule the down time

2. Lock the users -- Basis team will take care

3. Run the statistical setup - OLI*BW

Star is replaced by the application number
OLI7BW- Sales

Done in r/3 side

4. Schedule the Ip with Intialize Delta update - SAP BW side

5. Unlock the users - basis team

6. Schedule the Ip with Delta update - SAP BW

daily updation is done