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ORG/UNGASS2016 APRIL 20, 2016

Leaders from Around the World Call on A growing number of city, state and nation-
al governments no longer treat drug use and
UN to End the Drug War possession as crimes. Some are beginning to
legally regulate cannabis for medical and even
MR. BAN KI-MOON, SECRETARY GENERAL laws, agencies and attitudes impeded harm re- non-medical purposes. Many more recognize
UNITED NATIONS duction and other effective health policies. the need to make essential medicines readily
Humankind cannot afford a 21st century available, especially for pain and palliative care
Dear Secretary General, drug policy as ineffective and counter-produc- in lower income countries. But far greater and
With the United Nations General Assem- tive as the last centurys. A new global response more systemic reforms are essential.
bly Special Session on the World Drug Problem to drugs is needed, grounded in science, com- We were encouraged last year, Mr. Secre-
(UNGASS) fast approaching in New York, we passion, health and human rights. tary General, when you urged governments
seek your enlightened leadership in calling for The role of crimi-
reform of global drug control policies. nalization and criminal
The drug control regime that emerged justice must be limited to Humankind cannot afford
during the last century has proven disastrous the extent truly required
for global health, security and human rights. Fo- to protect health and a 21st century drug policy as
cused overwhelmingly on criminalization and safety. Leadership must
punishment, it created a vast illicit market that come from those who ineffective and counter-
has enriched criminal organizations, corrupted recognize that psycho-
governments, triggered explosive violence, dis- active drug use is first productive as the last centurys.
torted economic markets and undermined basic and foremost a matter
moral values. of health. Drug control
Governments devoted disproportionate re- efforts must never do more harm than good, or to use the UNGASS opportunity to conduct a
sources to repression at the expense of efforts cause more harm than drug misuse itself. wide-ranging and open debate that considers
to better the human condition. Tens of millions We are heartened by positive develop- all options. This, by and large, has not hap-
of people, mostly poor and racial and ethnic mi- ments around the world since the United pened at least within the confines of the United
norities, were incarcerated, mostly for low-level Nations last convened a special session in 1998. Nations. Your leadership is now required to en-
and non-violent drug law violations, with little if Evidence-based harm reduction programs to sure that the seeds of reform are nourished, not
any benefit to public security. Problematic drug contain the spread of HIV/AIDS and other in- discarded, and that the stage is set for real re-
use and HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other infec- fectious diseases, treat addiction and reduce form of global drug control policy.
tious diseases spread rapidly as prohibitionist drug-related criminality are now underway in
almost one hundred countries.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Gordon Bajnai, Former Prime Aleksander Kwaniewski, Nick Clegg, Former Deputy Bill Richardson, Former John Legend, Singer
Former President of Brazil Minister of Hungary Former President of Poland Prime Minister of the UK Governor, New Mexico
Michael Douglas, Actor
Ernesto Zedillo, Former Ricardo Lagos, Former George Shultz, Former US Sir Richard Branson, Founder Peter Shumlin, Governor,
Gael Garcia Bernal, Actor;
President of Mexico President of Chile Secretary of State; Treasury; of the Virgin Group Vermont
and Labor
Vicente Fox, Former Pedro Pires, Former Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator Shashi Tharoor, Former
Jane Fonda, Actor
President of Mexico President of Cape Verde Paul Volcker, Former Under-Secretary General,
Elizabeth Warren,
Chairman of the US Federal United Nations Carly Simon, Singer
Olusegun Obasanjo, Former George Papandreou, Former U.S. Senator
President of Nigeria Prime Minister of Greece Mo Ibrahim, Businessman Tom Brady, Quarterback,
Cory Booker, U.S. Senator
George Soros, Philanthropist New England Patriots, NFL
Csar Gaviria Trujillo, Former Ruth Dreifuss, Former Sting, Musician
Bob Kerrey, Former
President of Colombia President of Switzerland Warren Buffett,
U.S. Senator Peter Gabriel, Musician
Businessman; Philanthropist

Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.
2 SIGNATORIES Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

AFRICA Sam Manteaw, Lawyer; Ramon M. de Vera, Dean Agnes Mejia, Dean, Stephen Lewis, Former UN Norman Baker, Former Emma Bonino, Former Bernt Johan Collet, Former
Abdalla Ahmed, Vice Lecturer, University of Member, Board of Trustees, University of the Philippines Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS Drugs Minister, United Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence,
Chairman, Kenya Harm Ghana, Legon, Ghana Philippine Science High College of Medicine, in Africa, Canada Kingdom, UK Italy; Former European Denmark; Founder, Center
Reduction Network, Kenya Bronwyn Myers, Chief School System, Philippines Philippines Donald Macpherson, Baroness Joan Bakewell, Commissioner for Health for Political Studies,
Specialist Scientist, Alcohol Maria Teresa V. de Vera, Supatra Nacapew, Executive Director, Peer, House of Lords, UK and Consumer Protection, Denmark
Richard Amenyah, UNAIDS Italy
Regional Office, West Tobacco and Other Drug Graduate of Masters in Executive Director, Canadian Drug Policy Marek Balicki, Former Marc Comina,
and Central Africa, Dakar, Research Unit, South Business Management, Foundation of AIDS Rights; Coalition, Minister of Health, Poland; Ben Bowling, Professor, Director, Marc Comina
Senegal African Medical Research Philippines Member, National AIDS Gabor Mat, Doctor; Former Member, Polish Kings College London, UK Communication,
Council, South Africa Patrick M. Deakin, Committee - Subcommittee Author, Canada Parliament and Senate, Sam Bowman, Executive Switzerland
Calleb Angira, Chairman, on Rights Promotion and
Kenya Harm Reduction Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President, Lifeline Rescue, Julio Montaner, Director, Poland Director, Adam Smith Paul Conlon, CEO, Aisir
President, Nigeria, Nigeria Philippines Protection, Thailand Institute, UK addiction treatment service,
Network, Kenya British Columbia Centre Silvio Ballinari, Pharmacist,
Isidore Obot, Professor James Deakin, TV Kasthuriraani Patto, for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Bern, Switzerland Tom Brake, Member Ireland
Kwesi Aning, Head of Member of Parliament,
Research Department, and Head, Department of Host, CNN Philippines, Canada Flemming Balvig, Professor of Parliament, Liberal Caroline Coon, Artist;
Psychology, University of Philippines Malaysia Democrats, UK Writer, UK
Kofi Annan International Philip Owen, Former Mayor, Emeritus, Faculty of Law,
Peacekeeping Centre, Uyo, Nigeria Edgar Michael T. Eufemio, Praphan Phanuphak, Co- Vancouver, Canada University of Copenhagen, Edgardo Brambilla, Former Anton Corbijn,
Ghana Adeolu Ogunrombi, Former President, ASEAN Founder, Thai Red Cross
AIDS Research Centre, John Polanyi, Nobel Prize in Denmark Associate Director, Nestec, Photographer; Filmmaker,
Paschal B. Atengdem, Director, Youth RISE- Society of Sports Medicine Chemistry, 1986, Canada Alexander Bard, Nestl, Switzerland Netherlands
Nigeria, Nigeria & Arthroscopy; Former Thailand
Faculty Member, University Gregor Robertson, Mayor, Philosopher; Writer, Richard Branson, Jean-Pierre Couteron,
of Ghana, Legon, Ghana Joseph Osafo, Senior President, Orthopedic Rene A. V. Saguisag, Sweden Entrepreneur; Founder, Chairman, Federation
Society for Sports Lawyer; Former Senator; Vancouver, Canada
Emmanuel Morgan Attuah, Lecturer, University of Massimo Barra, Founder, Virgin Group; Co-founder, Addiction, France
Ghana, Legon, Ghana Medicine, Philippines Professor, San Beda Joel Solomon, President, The Elders, UK
Senior Lecturer, University College, Philippines Renewal Partners; Villa Maraini, Rome; Former Sir Clive Cowdery,
of Ghana, Legon, Ghana Eric Osei-Assibey, Senior Ma. Inez Feria, Founder and President, Italian Red Cross, Rudolf Brenneisen, Philanthropist; Founder,
Executive Director, NoBox Charles Santiago, Chairman, Renewal Funds,
Peter Atupare, Lecturer, Lecturer, University of Canada Italy Professor of Pharmacology, Resolution Foundation, UK
Ghana, Legon, Ghana Transitions Foundation, Chairman, ASEAN Department of Clinical
University of Ghana, Legon, Philippines Parliamentarians for Sam Sullivan, Former Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, Frances Crook, Chief
Ghana Charles Parry, Director, Director, Higher School for Research, University of Executive, The Howard
Rap Fernandez, Actor; Human Rights, Malaysia Mayor, Vancouver; Bern, Switzerland
Abdul Baasit, Lecturer, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other President, Global Civic Social Work, Switzerland League for Penal Reform,
Drug Research Unit, South Documentary Film Paul Anantharajah Barbara Broers, Professor UK
University of Ghana, Legon, Producer, Philippines Tambyah, Professor Policy Society, Canada Istvn Bayer, Former
Ghana African Medical Research director, National Institute of Medicine, Univesity of Peter Curman, Former
Council, South Africa Le Minh Giang, Executive of Medicine, National Geneva; Vice-President,
Taib Abdulrahman University of Singapore, of Pharmacy; Chairman, Chairperson, Swedish
Pedro Pires, Former Director, Vietnam-HIV EUROPE Commission on Narcotic Swiss Commission on Writers Union, Sweden
Basheeib, Secretary, Kenya Addiction Technology Singapore Drugs, Switzerland
Harm Reduction Network, President, Cape Verde, Andreas berg, Senior Drugs (1984), Hungary Hedy dAncona, Former
Cape Verde Transfer Cente, Vietnam Masayoshi Tarui, Vice Christoph Brki,
Anand Grover, Former UN Chair, Japan AIDS & Society Consultant Psychiatrist, Thilo Beck, Head Physician,
Minister of Health, the
Kofi Quashigah, Professor, Association, Japan Sweden Association for Risk Netherlands, Netherlands
Geoff Budlender, Co- Special Rapporteur on the Psychotherapist; Former
founder, Legal Resources University of Ghana, Legon, Patrick Aeberhard, Former Reduction in Use of Drugs, Jean-Bernad Daeppen,
Ghana Right to Health, India Theodore O. Te, Assistant Zrich; Board member, The Medical Director, Berne,
Centre; Human Rights Court Administrator, President, Doctors of Switzerland Professor of Medicine,
Lawyer; Board member, Omar Mattar Tajir, Ricky Gunawan, Director, the World (Mdecins du Swiss Society of Addiction University of Lausanne,
Community Legal Aid Supreme Court of the Medicine, Switzerland Julia Buxton, Professor and
Social Justice Initiative, CEO, Zanzibar Youth Philippines, Philippines monde), France Switzerland
South Africa Education, Environment Institute (LBH Masyarakat), Klaus Behrendt, Honorary Associate Dean, School
Indonesia Shashi Tharoor, Former Claudine Aeschbach, of Public Policy, Central Jean Pierre Daulouede,
Mary Chinery-Hesse, and Development Support Psychiatrist; Chairman, Hamburg, Director, Bizia, France
Association, Tanzania Somchai Homlaor, Under-Secretary General, German Society of European University,
Former Member, African Psychotherapist; Board
Union Panel of the Wise, Bankole Thompson, Former Secretary General, Human United Nations; Member of member, The Swiss Society Addiction Medicine Budapest, Hungary Lord Geoffrey Dear, Peer,
Rights and Development Parliament, India (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sir Vince Cable, Former House of Lords, UK
Ghana Judge, Special Court for of Addiction Medicine,
Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Foundation; Former Law Kyaw Thu, Chairman, Switzerland Suchtmedizin), Germany Secretary of State, Thangam Debbonaire,
Michaela Clayton, Director, Reform Commissioner, National Drug User Business, Innovation and Member of Parliament,
AIDS & Rights Alliance for rhildur Sunna Pavel Bem, Former Mayor,
Thailand Network, Myanmar Prague; Member, National Skills; Former leader, Labour Party, UK
Southern Africa, Namibia varsdttir, Writer; Liberal Democrats; Former
ASIA Asma Jahangir, Former Jon Ungphakorn, Former Journalist; Vice Chair, Drug Commission, Czech Balzs Dnes, Executive
Daniel Amoako Darko, UN Special Rapporteur Senator, Thailand Republic Member of Parliament, UK
Edo Agustian, National Executive Board of the Director, Hungarian Civil
Research Fellow, University Coordinator, Indonesian on Arbitrary, Extrajudicial Icelandic Pirate Party, Alec Carlberg, Founder, Liberties Union, Hungary
of Ghana, Legon, Ghana Daniel Berg, Doctoral
Drug Users Network, and Summary Executions, Iceland student of Economic Basta social enterprise,
Pakistan CANADA Sweden Lord Navnit Dholakia, Peer,
Alpha Abdoulaye Diallo, Indonesia Martin gerup, President, History, Stockholm House of Lords, UK
Vice-President, National Apinun Aramrattana, Head, Pittaya Jinawat, Adviser, Louise Arbour, Former Center for Political Studies, University, Sweden Alistair Carmichael,
Organization of Guinean Rights and Liberties Justice, Supreme Court of Former Secretary of State, Andrew Dixon, Angel
Department of Family Denmark Rita Bernardini, Former Investor, UK
Civil Society; National Medicine, Chiang Rai Protection Department, Canada; Former UN High Scotland, UK
Coordinator, Africa Youth Commissioner for Human Ingvar Ambjrnsen, Writer, Member of Parliament;
University, Thailand Ministry of Justice; Advisor, Honorary President, Hands Marina Carrobbio, Member Bojan Dobovsek, Professor,
Network, Guinea Kamlangjai (Inspire), Rights, Canada Norway Faculty of Criminal Justice
Jambie Austria Del Rosario, Off Cain, Italy of Parliament, Switzerland
Godwin Djokoto, Assistant Thailand Scott E. Bernstein, Human Kai Ambos, Chair of and Security, University of
Columnist, Philippines Criminal Law, Comparative Jacques Besson, Professor Ursula Cassani, Professor Maribor, Slovenia
Lecturer, University of Adeeba Kamarulzaman, rights lawyer, British
Ghana, Legon, Ghana Hkam Awng, Former Head Columbia, Canada Law, and International of Psychiatry, University of of Penal Law, University of
Dean, Faculty of Medicine; Lausanne, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Katja Drner, Member of
of Department, Central Professor of Medicine Criminal Law, George- Parliament (Bundestag);
Godwin Dzah, Lecturer, Committee for Drug Abuse Larry Campbell, Senator; August University,
Ghana School of and Infectious Diseases, Former Mayor, Vancouver; David R. Bewley-Taylor, Sandro Cattacin, Professor, ViceChairman,
Control, Myanmar University of Malaya, Germany Professor of International Univesity of Geneva, Alliance90/The Greens,
Management and Public Former Chief Coroner,
Administration, Ghana Nonoy Basa, Triathlete; Co- Malaysia British Columbia, Canada Nils August Andresen, Relations and Public Policy, Switzerland Germany
founder, Streamline Sports Editor, Minerva, Norway Swansea University, UK Maria Livanos Cattaui,
Ama Hammond, Lecturer, Jikyeong Kang, President Libby Davies, Former Ruth Dreifuss, Former
Instruction, Philippines and Dean, Asian Institute Thanasis Apostolou, Dinesh Bhugra, Former Former Secretary General, President, Switzerland,
University of Ghana, Legon, Member of Parliament
Ghana Romesh Bhattacharji, of Management, and Deputy Leader, New Director, Diogenis President, Royal College of International Chamber of Switzerland
Former Commissioner of Philippines Democratic Party of Association, Drug Policy Psychiatrists, UK Commerce, Switzerland
Mo Ibrahim, Businessman, Franoise Dubois-Arber,
Narcotics, India Nang Pann Ei Kham, Canada, Canada Dialogue, Greece Valgerur Bjarnadttir, Lars Christensen, Professor of Public Health,
Alvin Caballes, Professor Coordinator, Drug Policy Michael Evans, Professor Vilhjlmur rnason, Member of Parliament, International Economist; University of Lausanne,
Hussein Ibrahim, President, of Medicine, University of Advocacy Group, Myanmar Member of Parliament, Social Democratic Alliance, Owner and CEO, Markets Switzerland
Sudan AIDS Network, Emeritus, Physics
the Philippines College of Department, University of Independence Party, Iceland & Money Advisory; Senior
Sudan Ginan Koesmayadi, Fellow, Adam Smith Tony Duffin, CEO, Ana
Medicine, Philippines Vocalist, Jeruji, Indonesia Alberta, Canada Iceland sabella Bjrnsdttir, Harm Liffey Drug Project, Ireland
Christine Kafando, Reduction Social Worker, Institute, Denmark
June Caridad Pagaduan Tsuneo Kondo, President, Ryan Holmes, CEO, Halldr rnason, James Duffy, Former
President, Hope For Lopez, Professor, Economist; Chemist; Iceland Lars Seier Christensen,
Tomorrow Association; Japan Drug Addiction Hootsuite, Canada Police Inspector; Former
Department of Psychiatry, Translator, Chasing the orsteinn lfar Bjrnsson, CEO and Founder, Seier
Recipient, Lgion Rehabilitation Center, Perry Kendall, Provincial Capital, Denmark Chair, Strathclyde Police
University of the Philippines Japan Scream, Iceland Writer; Artist; Activist, Federation, UK
dHonneur, Burkina Faso College of Medicine; Expert, Health Officer, Province of
British Columbia, Canada Lord Paddy Ashdown, Iceland Ivan Christensen,
William Kissi-Agyebeng, United Nations Treaty on Maksut Kulzhanov, Manager, M_ndenes Raimond Dufour, President,
Professor; President, Former leader, Liberal Andrzej Blikle, Professor of Netherlands Drug Policy
Lecturer, University of Prevention of Torture and Thomas Kerr, Co-Director, Democrats; Former High Hjem, Copenhagens
Ghana, Legon, Ghana Other Cruel, Inhuman or Medical Chamber of Urban Health Research Mathematics; Entrepreneur, Foundation, Netherlands
Representative for Bosnia Poland Harm Reduction Services,
Degrading Treatment or Kazakhstan; Member, Initiative, BC Centre for Denmark
Kofi Krafona, Lecturer, Executive Board, World and Herzegovina; Former Niamh Eastwood, Executive
University of Cape Coast, Punishment, Philippines Excellence in HIV/AIDS; Member of Parliament, UK Anja P. Bloch, Brugernes Director, Release, UK
Health Organization, Associate Professor, Akademi, Users Academy, Don Luigi Ciotti, Founder,
Ghana Carlos P. Celdran, Actor; Kazakhstan Marc Attalah, Director, Gruppo Abele and Libera, Carl-Michael Edenborg,
Documentary Film Department of Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kofi Kumado, Professor, University of British Museum of Science Fiction Italy Author, Sweden
Producer, Philippines Gloria Lai, Senior Policy Lorenz Boellinger, Professor
University of Ghana, Legon, Officer, International Columbia, Canada (Maison dAilleurs), Adam Clayton, Bass Peter Ege, Former Medical
Ghana Jannie Chan, Switzerland Emeritus of Criminal Law
Drug Policy Consortium, David Laidler, Fellow, and Criminology, University Guitarist, U2, Ireland Director, Drug Treatment
Mahmood Mamdani, Businesswoman; Chair, Thailand Markus Backmund, System of Copenhagen;
ASEAN Business Forum, Royal Society of Canada; of Bremen, Germany Nick Clegg, Former
Professor and Director, Sai Lone, Coordinator, Professor Emeritus, President, German Society Deputy Prime Minister, the Public Health Officer,
Makerere Institute of Singapore of Addiction Medicine, Michal Boni, Member, Denmark
Myanmar Opium Farmers University of Western European Parliament; United Kingdom; Member
Social Research, Makerere Son Chhay, Member of Forum, Myanmar Ontario, Canada Germany of Parliament, Liberal Peter Eggli, Professor of
University, Kampala, Parliament, Cambodia Former member, Polish
C. Ross Lander, Former Gosia Baczyska, Fashion Parliament; Former Minister Democrats, UK Anatomy, Univerity of Bern,
Uganda; Herbert Lehman Marina Mahathir, UN
Person of the Year (2010) Justice, Supreme Court of Designer, Poland of Administration and Switzerland
Professor of Government,
Columbia University, for achievements in gender, British Columbia, Canada Gordon Bajnai, Former Digitization, Poland; Former Sigge Eklund, Author,
Uganda / US womens empowerment, Prime Minister, Hungary advisor to the Polish Prime Sweden
and HIV/AIDs; Human Minister, Poland
Rights Activist, Malaysia
Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as SIGNATORIES 3
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

Uffe Elbaek, Former Ted Goldberg, Professor Magnus Hrnqvist, Zdenek Kolar, Head, Roger Liggenstorfer, Smri McCarthy, Chief David Nutt, Willy Pedersen, Professor
Minister of Culture; Co- Emeritus of Sociology, Associate Professor of Institute of Clinical and Publisher, Nachtschatten Technologist and Director, Neuro- of Sociology, University of
Founder and Leader, The University of Gvle, Sweden Criminology, Stockholm Molecular Pathology; Verlag, Solothurn, Information Security psychopharmacology Unit, Oslo, Norway
Alternative, Denmark Diane Goldstein, University, Sweden Dean Emeritus, Medical Switzerland Expert, Organized Crime Imperial College London; Rupert Pennant-Rea,
Bruno Erni, President, Former U.S. Lieutenant Lord Alan Howarth, Peer, Faculty, Palacky University, Peter Lilley, Member of and Corruption Reporting Former Chair, Advisory Chairman, The Economist;
Addiction Association Commander; Executive House of Lords, UK Olomouc, Czech Republic Parliament, Conservative Project, Iceland Council on the Misuse of Former Deputy Governor,
(Fachverband Sucht), Board member, Law Kora, Singer, Poland Party, UK Lou McGrath, Nobel Peace Drugs, UK Bank of England, UK
Kristinn Hrafnsson,
Switzerland Enforcement Against Director, Icelandic Bernard Kouchner, Former Sven-ke Lindgren, Prize, 1997; Founder, Mines Vivienne OBrien, Marco Perduca, Former
Pierre Esseiva, Professor of Prohibition, UK Center for Investigative Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Emeritus of Action Group, UK Coordinator, Bray Senator, Italy; UN
Criminology, University of Jrg Glz, Honorary Journalism, Iceland France, France Sociology, University of Baroness Molly Meacher, Community Addiction Representative, Nonviolent
Lausanne, Switzerland Chairman, Berlin, German Gothenburg, Sweden Peer, House of Lords, UK Team, Ireland Radical Party, Italy
Paul Hunt, FormerUN Daniela Kreher, Reverend;
Felipe Estrada, Professor Society of Addiction Special Rapporteur on the Church historian; Harm- Rick Lines, Executive Fiona Measham, Professor, John OConnor, Addiction Tove Pettersson, Professor
of Criminology, Stockholm Medicine (Deutsche Right to Health, UK reduction Specialist, Director, Harm Reduction University of Durham, UK Counsellor, Anchor of Criminology, Stockholm
University, Sweden Gesellschaft fuer Germany International, UK Treatment Centre, Ireland University, Sweden
Suchtmedizin), Germany Julian Huppert, Former Daniel Meili, Medical Chief,
Rick Falkvinge, Founder, Member of Parliament, Arne Kristensen, Executive Baroness Ruth Lister, Peer, ARUD (Association for Risk Pat OHare, Founding Peter Piot, Director,
Pirate Party, Sweden Nanna W. Gotfredsen, Liberal Democrats, UK Director, Viva Together House of Lords, UK Reduction in Use of Drugs), Director, Harm Reduction London School of Hygiene
Executive Director, The for Children, Denmark Switzerland International, UK & Tropical Medicine;
Tim Farron, Leader, Street Lawyers, Denmark Samia Hurst, Professor Fabienne Lopez, President,
the Liberal Democrats; of Ethics, University of KShoo, Spokesperson and Principes Actifs, France Anne-Catherine Menetey- Katrn Oddsdttir, Human Former Executive Director,
Member of Parliament, Joo Goulo, Director- Geneva, Switzerland co-founder, Federation Savary, Former Member of Rights Lawyer, Iceland UNAIDS; Discoverer of the
General, General- Kari Lossius, Clinic Ebola virus, UK
Liberal Democrats, UK Christian Imboden, Head of CIRCs (Collective for Manager; Psychologist, Parliament, Switzerland Fabrice Olivet, Director,
Directorate for Intervention Information and Research ASUD (Self Support of Giuiano Pisapia, Mayor,
Cdric Fazan, President, on Addictive Behaviours of Insomnia Consultation, Norway Baroness Susan Miller, Peer,
GREA (Addiction Studies), Psychiatric Services, into Cannabis), France House of Lords, UK Drug Users), France Milan, Italy
and Dependencies, Portugal Caroline Lucas, Member
Switzerland Solothurn, Switzerland Weronika Ksikiewicz, of Parliament, Green Franz Moggi, Head of the Joachim B. Olsen, Member, Monika Platek, Founder
Oliver Grehl, Psychiatrist; Actress, Poland Danish Parliament; 2004 and President, Polish
Baroness Lynne Psychotherapist; Executive Eva Indriadttir, President, Party, UK Psychotherapy Section and
Featherstone, Former Social Democratic Youth, Andr Kuhn, Professor the Clinical Psychological Olympic silver medalist, Association for Legal
Board member, Berner Lulu, Singer; Actress; TV Denmark Education; Associate
Drugs Minister; Former Gesundheit; Board member, Iceland of Law, University of Personality, UK Service, University Hospital
Member of Parliament, UK Neuchatel, Switzerland of Psychiatry, Switzerland Pia Olsen Dyhr, Leader, Professor, University of
The Swiss Society of Sigrur Ingibjrg Warsaw, Poland
Addiction Medicine, Ketil Lund, Former Supreme SF Party; Member of
Laurence Fehlmann, Ingadttir, Member Danuta Kuro, Social rights Court Justice, Norway, Paul Monaghan, Member
Member of Parliament, Switzerland of Parliament; Chair, advocate; Head, Social of Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Denmark John Podmore, Former
Norway Governor, Brixton and
Switzerland Alberto Grignolo, Chief Committee of Health and Assistance Foundation, National Party, UK Brje Olsson, Professor
Social Services, Iceland Poland Nigel Lythgoe, Film Emeritus of Sociology, Belmarsh Prisons; Professor,
Amanda Feilding, Founder, Operating Officer, YOOX Paul Monaghan, Member Durham University, UK
Net-a-Porter Group, Italy Director and Producer; TV Stockholm University ,
Beckley Foundation; Katrn Jakobsdttir, Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard, Personality, UK of Parliament, Scottish
Scientist, UK Member of Parliament Professor of Political National Party, UK Sweden Freek Polak, Psychiatrist,
Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, Netherlands Drug Policy
Member of Parliament, and Chair, Left-Green Theory and Comparative Fiona Macaulay, Senior OnklP, Rapper, Norway
Gabriele Fischer, Professor, Lecturer, Bradford Sir Keith Morris, Former UK Foundation, Netherlands
Department for Psychiatry Icelandic Pirate Party, Party; Former Minister of Politics, Department of Ambassador to Colombia, Rita Ora, Singer, UK
Iceland Education and Culture, Political Science, University University, UK Jacek Poniedziaek, Actor,
and Psychotherapy, UK Rnar rn Olsen,
Medical University of Iceland, Iceland of Copenhagen, Denmark Annie Machon, Former Poland
Gumundur Gunnarsson, Bubbi Morthens, Musician; President, Libertarian
Vienna, Austria Former President, Electric Jean-Philippe Jeannerat, Sandro Kvitashvili, Minister Intelligence Officer, MI5; Lidia Popiel, Photographer,
European Director, Law Poet, Iceland Society of Iceland, Iceland
Aron Flam, Comedian, Workers Trade Union, Former Secretary General, of Health, Ukraine, Ukraine Poland
Iceland Swiss Social Party, Enforcement Against orlkur Morthens, Artist, Wiktor Osiatynski,
Sweden Aleksander Kwaniewski, Prohibition, UK Iceland Professor of Law, Central ttarr Propp, Member of
Switzerland Former President, Poland, Parliament and Chairman,
Janne Flyghed, Professor Helgi Gunnlaugsson, European University;
Criminologist; Professor of Christian Jessen, Doctor; Poland Lord Bob MacLennan, Peer, Denis Muller, Professor Bright Future party, Iceland
of Criminology, Stockholm House of Lords, UK of Theology, Univerity of Professor of Human Rights,
University, Sweden Sociology, Iceland TV Presenter, UK Georges Lachaze, Project University of Connecticut; Boris Quednow, Professor,
Jacques-Andr Maire, Lausanne, Switzerland
Knud Foldschack, Attorney, Jn Steinar Gunnlaugsson, Svala Jhannesdttir, Manager, ASUD (Self Board member, Open Univerity of Zurich,
Former Supreme Court Harm-reduction Worker, Support of Drug Users), Member of Parliament, Andreas Mller, Judge; Society Foundations, Switzerland
Denmark Switzerland Author, Germany
Judge, Iceland, Iceland Iceland France Poland Anna Quigley, Co-ordinator,
Inger Forsgren, Raffaele Malinverni, Baroness Elaine Murphy,
Chairperson, The Swedish Barbara Gysi, Member of Kristoffer Joner, Actor, Norman Lamb, Former Lrus mir skarsson, Film CityWide Drugs Crisis
Parliament, Vice-President, Norway Health Minister, United Professor; Head of Peer, House of Lords, UK Director, Iceland Campaign, Dublin, Ireland
Association for Help to Department of Medicine,
Drug Users, Sweden Socialist Party, Switzerland Birgitta Jnsdttir, Kingdom, UK Peter Muyshondt, Director Cem zdemir, National Alexandre Quintanilha,
Hospital of Neuchatel, of Operations, Voorkempen
Helga Sif Frijnsdttir, Steinn Thoroddsen Poetican; Member of Ingrid Lander, Associate Switzerland Chairman, the German Scientist; Former Director,
Halldrsson, Harm- Parliament, Icelandic Pirate Professor of Criminology, Local Police, Belgium, Green Party (Bndnis 90/ Institute of Molecular and
Nurse; Harm reduction Melpomeni-Minerva Belgium
worker/activist, Iceland reduction Worker; Medical Party, Iceland Stockholm University, Die Grnen), Member of Cell Biology, University of
Student, Iceland Sweden Malliori, Professor of Maajid Nawaz, Author; Parliament (Bundestag), Porto, Portugal
Bjrn Fries, Former National Gunnlaugur Jnsson, Psychiatry, National
Entrepreneur, Iceland Reverend James Langstaff, Columnist; Founding Germany Amol Rajan, Editor-at-large,
Drug Policy Coordinator, Robert Hmmig, President, University of Athens,
Swiss Society of Addiction Bishop of Rochester; Bishop Chairman, Quilliam, UK Piotr Pacewicz, Journalist; The Independent, UK
Sweden, Sweden Arnar Jnsson, Actor, Greece
Medecine, Switzerland Iceland to Prisons, UK Svatopluk Nemecek, Co-founder, Gazeta Laszlo Rajk, Architect;
Peter Gabriel, Musician, UK Luigi Manconi, Senator; Minister of Health, Czech Wyborcza daily, Poland
Baroness Sally Hamwee, Lord Frank Judd, Peer, Paul Larsson, Professor President, Italian Senate Political Activist, Hungary
Matthieu Gafsou, Peer, House of Lords, UK of Criminology, Police Republic, Czech Republic Lord Brian Paddick,
Photographer, Switzerland House of Lords, UK Commission on Human Joanna Rajkowska, Artist,
University College, Oslo, Rights, Italy Cornelius Nestler, Former Deputy Poland
Lord David Hannay, Peer, Sigrur Rut Jlusdttir, Norway Assistant Commissioner,
Richard Garside, Director, House of Lords, UK Professor, University of
Centre for Crime and Attorney, Iceland Lord Benjamin Mancroft, Cologne, Germany Metropolitan Police Lord David Ramsbotham,
Hillevi Larsson, Member of Peer, House of Lords, UK Peer, House of Lords, UK
Justice Studies, UK Cezary Harasimowicz, Bjarki Karlsson, Poet, Parliament, Sweden (London), UK
Writer; Screenwriter, Elivira Nicolaisen, Singer;
Peter Gasser, Psychiatrist; Iceland Christiphe Mani, Director, Songwriter, Norway rni Pll rnason, Former RaskePenge, Recording
Poland Richard Layard, Programme FASe (Federation of Artist; Journalist; Author,
Psychotherapist; Marcus Keane, Head of Director, Centre for Minister of Social Affairs;
Animation, Geneva), Brynjar Nelsson, Denmark
Practioner; LSD-researcher; Miklos Haraszti, UN Special Policy, Ana Liffey Drug Economic Performance, Member of Parliament,
Former Minister of
President, Swiss Medical Rapporteur on the situation Project, Ireland Switzerland Business Affairs, Iceland; Luc Recordon, Former
London School of Independence Party,
Association for Psycholytic of human rights in Belarus; Yasser Khazaal, Vice- Economics, UK Michael Mansfield, Iceland
Member of Parliament, Member of Parliament,
Therapy. Solothurn, Adjunct Professor, School Barrister, Head of Social Democratic Alliance, Switzerland
of International & Public President, Society of Social Klaus Legau, CEO, AIDS- Zbigniew Niemczycki, Iceland
Switzerland Psychiatry, Switzerland Mansfield Chambers, UK Jason Reed, Executive
Affairs of Columbia Law Fondet, Denmark Entrepreneur; Founder,
Tony Geoghegan, CEO, Ada Mara, Member of Kristn I. Plsdttir, Director, Law Enforcement
School, Hungary Margaret Kiener Nellen, Herbert Leherr, Head Polish Business Roundtable, Spokeswoman, The Root -
Merchants Quay Ireland, Member of Parliament, Parliament, Switzerland Poland Against Prohibition UK, UK
Ireland Atli Hararson, Philosopher, of Addiction & Forensic Association on Womens
Iceland Switzerland Department, Psychiatric Lord Jonathan Marks, Arie C. Nieuwenhuijzen Issues Relating to Alcohol Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli,
Roberto Giachetti, Jrgen Kjr, Services Thurgau; Board Barrister; Peer, House of Kruseman, Former and Addiction, Iceland Head of Advocacy,
Vice-Chair, Chamber of A.P. Hardon, Professor of member, The Swiss Society Lords, UK Artaud Foundation for an
Anthropology, University BrugerForeningen, Danish President, Royal Dutch Francesco Panese,
Deputies, Democratic Drug Users Union, of Addiction Medicine, Jean Martin, Former Head Medical Association, Alternative Approach to
Party, Italy of Amsterdam; Former Switzerland Professor of Sociology, Addiction and Substance
Scientific Director, Copenhagen, Denmark of Health Sector, Cantonal Netherlands Univerity of Lausanne,
Hedda Giertsen, Professor, Amsterdam Institute for Doctor, Vaud, Switzerland Dependence, Spain
Andriy Klepikov, Executive Annie Lennox, Musician, Anders Nilsson, Professor Switzerland
Department of Criminology Social Science Research, Director, Alliance for Public UK Dick Marty, Former of Criminology, Stockholm Monika Ridinger, Head
and Sociology, University of Netherlands Marco Pannella, Former Physician, Centre for
Health, Ukraine Clive Lewis, Member of Prosecutor General, University, Sweden Member, European
Oslo, Norway Member of Government, Addiction Psychiatry
Johann Hari, Author; Arild Knutsen, President, Parliament, Labour Party, Johan Norberg, Author; Parliament; President, & Psychotherapy, The
Thor Gislason, Independent Journalist, UK Association for Humane UK Ticino Canton, Switzerland Documentary filmmaker, Nonviolent Radical Party,
Project Manager, Iceland Psychiatric Services Aargau,
Justus Haucap, Professor, Drug Policies, Norway Yal Liebkind, Head, La Larysa Matyukha, Head, Sweden Italy Switzerland
Bjrn Valur Gslason, Dsseldorf Institute for Vasyl Knyazevytch, Main Tendue (The Reach the All-Ukrainian Family Manfred Nowak, Former George Papandreou,
Fisherman; Vice Member Doctors Association, Jean-Charles Rielle, Former
Competition Economics, Former Minister of Health, Out Hand), Switzerland UN Special Rapporteur Former Prime Minister, Member of Parliament,
of Parliament; Vice-Chair, Germany Ukraine; Head of the Board, Ukraine on Torture; Professor of Greece, Greece
Left-Green Party, Iceland Michael Liebrenz, Head Switzerland
Anita Heber, Associate All-Ukrainian League of of research, Forensic Liliane Maury Pasquier, International Law and William Patey, Former
Jn Gnarr, Former Mayor, Hospice and Palliative Member of Parliament, Human Rights, University Jeorge Marc
Professor of Criminology, Psychiatric Service, UK Ambassador to Riesen, Psychiatrist;
Reykjavik, Iceland Stockholm University, Care, Ukraine Institute of Legal Switzerland of Vienna; Director, Ludwig Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq,
Boltzmann Institute of Psychotherapist; Treasurer,
Sweden Tom Koenigs, Member Medicine, University Bern, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and Saudi Arabia, UK The Swiss Society of
of Parliament, German Switzerland Former Director-General Human Rights, Austria
Helga Vala Helgadttir, Addiction Medicine,
Attorney, Iceland Bundestag, Germany of UNESCO; Chairman, Switzerland
Foundation for a Culture of
Peace, Spain
4 SIGNATORIES Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

Alexander Rinnooy Javier Solana, Former Rory G. Truell, Secretary- Paul Whitehouse, Former LATIN AMERICA & Pedro Cahn, Former Carlos Diegues, Film Mark Golding, Former
Kan, Businessman; European Union High General, International Chief Constable, Sussex, CARIBBEAN President, International Director; Co-Founder, New Minister of Justice, Jamaica,
Mathematician; Senator, Representative, Common Federation of Social UK Rodrigo Abel, Sub- AIDS Society, Argentina Cinema movement, Brazil Jamaica
Democrats 66, Netherlands Foreign and Security Policy, Workers; Honorary Hans-Rudolf Wicker, Secretary of Special Social Alberto Calabrese, Director, Amaro Domingues, Claudio Gonalves Couto,
Ole Rgeberg, Economist, Spain, Spain Professor, Durham Professor and Former Protection, City of Rio de Postgraduate Certificate in President, Mar Olympic Professor, So Paulo
Frisch Centre, University of Viorel Soltan, Director, University, Switzerland Director, Institute for Social Janeiro; Member, Brazilian Addictions, University of Complex, Brazil Business Administration
Oslo, Norway Center for Health Policies Margrt Tryggvadttir, Anthropology, University of Commission on Drugs and Tucuman, Argentina Andrs Gil Domnguez, School; Executive Secretary,
Sveinung Rotevatn, and Studies, Moldova Writer; Former Member Bern, Switzerland Democracy, Brazil Julio Calzada, Former Professor of Constitutional National Association of
Member of Parliament, Carlo Sommarugga, of Parliament, Citizens Francis Wilkinson, Former Pedro Abramovay, Secretary General, Law, University of Buenos Social Science Graduate
Liberal Party, Norway Member of Parliament, Movement, Iceland Chief Constable, Gwent, UK RegionalDirector, Latin Uruguays National Drugs Aires; PhD in Law, Programs and Research,
Switzerland Kalle Tryggvesson, America & the Caribbean, Board, Uruguay Argentina Brazil
Claudia Roth, Vice Hubert Wimber, Police
President, German Berne Stlenkrantz, Associate Professor of Chief, Muenster, Germany Open Society Foundations, Lusmarina Campos Agustn Echeverri, Simone Gonalves de Assis,
Parliament (Bundestag), Chairperson and Founder, Criminology, Stockholm Brazil Garcia, Researcher, Federal Economist, Argentina Researcher, Latin American
University, Sweden Zbigniew Wodecki, Centre for Violence and
Germany Swedish Drug Users Union, Musician, Poland Luiz Alberto Gmez de University of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Eugnio Gouva
Sweden Lord Leslie Turnberg, Peer, Souza, Member, Brazilian Law School; Lutheran Health Studies, Brazil
Ina Roll Spinnangr, Grayna Wolszczak, Actor, Commission on Drugs and Vieira Filho, Board member,
Coordinator, Association of Tomasz Stako, Musician, House of Lords, UK Priest, Brazil Viva Rio, Brazil Dagoberto Gutirrez, Vice
Poland Democracy, Brazil Chancellor, Salvadoran
Safer Drug Policies, Norway Poland Volodymyr Tymoshenko, Roberto Caas, Academic; Sergio Fajardo, Former
Former Head, State Service Neil Woods, Former Father Xavier Alb, Jesuit Signatory, Peace Accords in Lutheran University, El
David Rowntree, Musician; Zygmunt Staszczyk, Undercover Drugs Mayor, Medelln; Former Salvador
Drummer, Blur, UK Musician, Poland on Drug Control; Former Father; Anthropologist; Co- El Salvador, El Salvador Governor, Antioquia,
General, Security Service of Detective Sergeant; founder, CIPCA; Recipient, Agustin Grijalva, Academic
Sveinn Rnar Hauksson, Stefn Karl Stefnsson, Chairman, Law Fernando Henrique Colombia
Ukraine; Member, Human Condor of the Andes, Cardoso, Former President, Member, Ecuador Board of
Family Physician, Iceland Actor, Iceland Dignity Coalition, Ukraine Enforcement Against Bolivia Joaquim Falco, Director, Higher Education, Ecuador
Prohibition UK, UK Brazil, Brazil Getlio Vargas Foundation
Hafr Svarsson, Chair, Jean-Franois Steiert, Ambros Uchtenhagen, Renata Almeida Otto Guevara Guth,
Young Pirates, Iceland Member of Parliament, Ewa Woydyllo, Doctor Fernando Carrera, Former Rio de Janeiro Law School;
Professor, ISGF (Institute Magalhes, Film Producer, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former Counselor, National Congressman, Libertarian
Jerzy Sarnecki, Professor Switzerland for Addiction and Health of Psychology; Addiction Executive Producer and Movement, Costa Rica
therapist; Coordinator, Guatemala, Guatemala Justice Council, Brazil
Emeritus of Criminology, Gumundur Steingrmsson, Research), Switzerland Actress, Brazil Carolina Haber, Researcher
Stockholm University, Member of Parliament, Regional Program for Rubem Csar Fernandes, Atilio Falconi, Director,
Heidi Uldahl, Counteracting Addictions, Beatriz Alqueres, Member, Executive Director, Viva Laboratory of the Director on Access to
Sweden Bright Future party, Iceland Chairman, Chairman, Secretariat, Global Justice, Public Defense
Stefan Batory Foundation, Rio, Brazil Neurobiology of Sleep,
Jean-Flix Savary, Secretary Baroness Vivian Stern, Peer, PrrendeNetvrket Poland Comission on Drug Policy, University of the Republic, Office, State of Rio de
General, GREA (Addiction House of Lords, UK AntiStigma, The Network Brazil Arnaldo Csar Ricci Jacob, Janeiro, Brazil
Georg Wurth, CEO, German Journalist; Founder, Viva Uruguay
Studies), Switzerland of Relatives of People Who Vinicius Alvarenga, Thor Halvorssen, Founder,
Alex Stevens, Deputy Use Drugs, Denmark Cannabis Association, Rio, Brazil Luis Fernando Tfoli,
Roberto Saviano, Journalist; Head, School of Social Germany Entrepreneur; Member, Psychiatrist; Professor, Oslo Freedom Forum;
Writer; Essayist, Italy Policy, Sociology and Social Andries A. van Agt, Pense Livre network, Brazil Ernesto Csar, Director, Human rights advocate;
Volodymyr Yaschenko, Costa Rican Association for Campinas University, Brazil
Research, University of Former Prime Minister, the Film producer, Venezuela
Harmut Schneider, Judge,
Kent, UK Netherlands, Netherlands Former Deputy Head, State Fabio Amado, Coordinator, the Study and Intervention Emlio Figueiredo, Lawyer;
District Court of Luebeck, Service on Drug Control; Human Rights Centre, in Drugs; Anthropolgist, Member, Growroom; Vicki J. Hanson,
Germany, Germany Sting, Musician, UK Harry F. van den Haak, Vice-President, Institute for Public Defense Office of Rio Costa Rica Member, Judicial Network Coordinator, SSDP-UWI
Former President, Dutch the Study of Dependencies, de Janeiro, Brazil for Drug Policy Reform, (Mona), Jamaica., Jamaica
Jann Schumacher, Thorvald Stoltenberg, Association of Judges Sandro Costa, Former
President, Ticino Addiction, Former Minister of Defense; and Public Prosecutors, Drug Policy Issues and Giselle Amador, Doctor Officer, Military Police, Brazil Juan Carlos Hidalgo,
Switzerland Former Minister of Foreign Monitoring the Drug of Medicine, Costa Rican State of Rio de Janeiro; Renato Filev, Columnist, La Nacin;
Netherlands Situation, Ukraine College of Physicians, Policy Analyst, Cato
Jean Christophe Affairs, Norway; Former Former Chief of the City Neuroscientist; Member,
Schwaab, Member of UN High Commissioner for Bregje F. van Eekelen, Tomas Zabransky, Costa Rica Guard; Sub-Secretary Pense Livre network, Brazil Institute, Costa Rica
Refugees, Norway Professor, History of Commissioner, Johns Giselle Amador Muoz, of Public Security, So Jorge Hilrio Gouva Vieira,
Parliament; President, Law Society Department, Luis Flvio Sapori,
Commission, Switzerland Harry Sumnall, Professor, Hopkins Lancet Director, Integral Gonalo City, Brazil Coordinator, Public Security Former Finance Secretary,
Erasmus University, Commission on Drug Policy Program for Doctors with State of Rio de Janeiro,
Graham Seaby, Former Liverpool John Moores Netherlands Leonardo Costa, Former Research Centre, Pontifical
University, UK and Public Health, Czech Problematic Drug Use, Deputy Secretary, Catholic University of Rio Brazil
Detective Superintendent, Mabel van Oranje, Republic College of Physicians,
New Scotland Yard, UK Sune Sunesson, Professor Presidency of Uruguay, de Janeiro, Brazil Anthony Hylton, Former
Advocate, Netherlands Jacek akowski, Journalist, Costa Rica Uruguay Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Toby Seddon, Professor, Emeritus of Social Work, Kadian Francis, Director,
Lund University, Sweden Lars Vaular, Rapper, Poland Cel. Ubiratan Angelo, Rafael Custdio, SSDP-UWI Mona, Jamaica Jamaica, Jamaica
University of Manchester, Norway Former Commander,
UK Halldr Auar Svansson, Serhiy Zhadan, Artist; Poet; Coordinator, Justice Alex Freyre, Executive Coronel Ibis Silva Pereira,
Lord Rumi Verjee, Civil Activist, Ukraine Military Police, State of Rio Program, Conectas Humans Former Commander,
Andr Seidenberg, City Councillor, Reykjavk, de Janeiro, Brazil Director, Fundacin Buenos
Iceland Entrepreneur; Founder, Frank Zobel, Former Right, Brazil Aires SIDA (Buenos Military Police, State of Rio
Addiction Specialist; Dominos Pizza UK, UK Marco Antonio Carvalho de Janeiro, Brazil
Founder, Association for Bengt Svensson, Professor Head of Policy Analysis, Pablo Cymerman, Aires AIDS Foundation),
Umberto Veronesi, Former European Monitoring Teixeira, Professor, Getulio Intercambios Civil Argentina Francisco Incio Bastos,
Risk Reduction in Use of Emeritus of Social Work, Vargas Foundation
Drugs, Zrich, Switzerland Malm University, Sweden Minister of Health, Italy, Centre for Drugs and Drug Association, Argentina Paulo Gadelha, President, Researcher, Fiocruz;
Italy Addiction, Switzerland Bussiness Administration Coordinator, National
Suzanne Sharkey, Former Lord Dick Taverne, Former School, Brazil Jorge Da Silva, Associate Brazilian Comission on
Survey on Crack Use, Brazil
Constable and Undercover Director, Institute for Fiscal Jerzy Vetulani, Member, Serge Zombek, President,
Roberto Artavia Lora,
Professor, State University Drugs and Democracy;
Operative, Northumbria Studies; Former Member of Polish Skills Academy; Brussels Addictions
President, Latinoamrica
of Rio de Janeiro; Former President, Oswaldo Cruz Maria Isabel Barroso
Constabulary; Director of Parliament, UK Corresponding Member, Federation (Fdration Chief of General Staff, Foundation (Fiocruz), Brazil Salgado, Board member,
Polish Academy of Bruxelloise des Institutions Posible Foundation, Costa Military Police of Rio de Viva Rio, Brazil
Recovering Justice, UK Frank Tempel, Member of Rica Andrea Gallassi, Professor
Sciences; Honorary pour Toxicomane), Belgium Janeiro; Former Human and Reseacher, Drugs and Ras Iyah V, Chairman,
Ognian Shentov, Chairman, Parliament (Bundestag), Member, Indian Academy Marvin Atencio Delgado, Rights Secretary, Rio de
Center for the Study of Germany Grazia Zuffa, Psychologist; Associated Vulnerabilities Westmorland Hemp and
of Neuroscience, Poland Psychotherapist; Member, Congressman, Civil Action Janeiro, Brazil Centre, University of Ganja Farmers Assoc,
Democracy, Bulgaria Harald Terpe, Member of Party, Costa Rica
Peter Vickerman, Professor Italian Committee on Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira, Braslia, Brazil Jamaica
Larry Sherman, Professor Parliament (Bundestag), of Infectious Disease Bioethics, Italy Edmar Bacha, Director, Writer; Member, Brazilian
and Director, Institute of Alliance90/The Greens, Carlos Garcia Carnelli, Giorgio Jackson,
Modelling, University Josef Zysiadis, Former Casa das Garas; Member, Academy of Letters, Brazil Co-Chair, Interdisciplinary Congressman, Chilean
Criminology, University of Germany of Bristol; Member, Brazilian Commission on
Cambridge, UK Minister, Canton of Vaud, Jos Murilo de Carvalho, Center for Cannabis House of Representatives,
Lord Robin Teverson, Peer, Johns HopkinsLancet Switzerland; Member of Drugs and Democracy, Political Scientist, Historian; Studies, University of the Chile
Roger Shrubb, Former House of Lords, UK Commission on Drug Policy Parliament, Switzerland Brazil Member, Brazilian Republic, Uruguay
Royal Navy Officer, Former and Health, UK Mario Alberto Juliano,
Henrik Tham, Professor rhildur orleifsdttir, Rodrigo Baptista Pacheco, Academy of Letters, Brazil Diego Garcia-Sayan, Executive Director,
Magistrate, UK Emeritus of Criminology, Jindrich Voboril, National 2nd General Public Sub-
Theater Director; Former Miguel de Faria Jnior, Film Former Minister of Justice; Asociacin Pensamiento
Sawomir Sierakowski, Stockholm University, Drug Co-ordinator, Czech Member of Parliament, Defender, State of Rio de Director, Brazil Foreign Minister of Penal, Argentina
Head, Krytyka Polityczna Sweden Republic, Czech Republic Womens Party, Iceland Janeiro, Brazil Affairs, Peru; Judge, Inter-
think tank, Poland Gustavo de Greiff, Ricardo Lagos, Former
Ninna Thomsen, Mayor Fredrik von Kieseritzky, Willum r rsson, Csar Barreira, Professor, Former Attorney General, American Court of Human President, Chile, Chile
Olivier Simon, President, of Health and Care, Medicinal Chemist, Sweden Member of Parliament, Federal University of Cear, Colombia; Former Rights, Peru
College of Addiction Copenhagen, Denmark Brazil Ricardo Lagos Weber,
Irma Vytovska, Actor, Progressive Party, Iceland Colombian Ambassador to Roberto Gargarella, President of the Senate,
Medicine, Switzerland Eva Tiby, Professor of Ukraine Osvaldo Bayer, Writer; Mexico, Colombia CONICET researcher; PhD
Steinunn lna Chile
Kamil Sipowicz, Journalist; Criminology, Stockholm Helge Waal, Professor of orsteinsdttir, Actress; Journalist; Historian, Jos Viana de Oliveira in Law, Argentina
Philosopher; Poet; Sculptor, University, Sweden Argentina Elena Landau, Economist;
Psychiatry, University of Editor, The Womens Paper, Paula, Film Director; Alejandro Gaviria, Minister Lawyer, Brazil
Poland Olga Tokarczuk, Writer, Oslo, Norway Iceland Hctor Berrios, Coordinator, Founder, Viva Rio, Brazil of Health and Social
Pernille Skipper, Member of Poland Movimiento Unificado Protection, Colombia, Rodrigo Lara,
Baroness Joan Walmsley, Ptur orsteinsson, Chair, Maria Ceclia de Souza Representative, Bogota;
Parliament, Denmark Peer, House of Lords, UK Icelandic Civil Liberties Francisco Sanchez-1932 Minayo, Researcher, Colombia
Akos Topolanszky, Former (The Francisco Sanchez National Director, Radical
Carel E. Smith, Professor, Hungarian National Drug Rollin Wavre, Member, Union (Snarrtin-ICLU), Latin American Center Csar Gaviria Trujillo, Change Party, Colombia
Iceland United Movement-1932), El for Violence and Health Former President,
Leiden University Law Coordinator; Member, National Central Salvador
School, Netherlands European Economic and Studies, Brazil Colombia, Colombia Juan Mario Laserna, Former
Committee, FDP (Liberal orsteinn orsteinsson, Deputy Minister of Finance,
Social Committee, Hungary Party), Switzerland Literary Critic, Iceland Luciana Boiteux, Associate Reverend Martin Ignacio Ana Mara Gazmuri,
Jeff Smith, Member of Professor of Criminal Law, Colombia; Former Senator,
Parliament, Labour Party, Per Ole Trskman, Professor Niels Westy, Economist; Diaz Velasquez, Senior President, Daya Colombia
Federal University of Rio de Pastor, Evangelical Foundation, Chile
UK Emeritus of Penal Law, Lund International commentator Janeiro, Brazil
University, Sweden Protestant Church of El Elizabeth Leeds, Honorary
Stanisaw Sojka, Musician, at Brsen, Newspaper, Rodrigo Giringhelli de President, Brazilian Public
Denmark Adrian Bonilla, Secretary Salvador, El Salvador Azevedo, Coordinator,
Poland General, The Latin Security Forum, Brazil
Claudia Dides, Executive Postgraduate Program in
American Social Sciences Director, Miles Foundation, Social Science, Pontifical
Institute, Costa Rica Chile Catholic University of Rio
Grande do Sul, Brazil
Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as SIGNATORIES 5
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

Julita Lemgruber, Janete Nazareth Guilherme, Srgio Salomo Shecaira, Druzio Varella, Medical Gerardo Cndano Conesa, Hctor A. Mendoza C., Teresa Venguer, Culture Kamal Lahbib, President,
Coordinator, Centre of Director of Women of Professor, University of So Doctor, University of So Businessman Professor, Autonomous of lawfulness coordinator, Moroccan Alternatives
Studies on Security and Salgueiro, Integration and Paulo Law School, Brazil Paulo, Brazil Amparo Casar, Lawyer University of Nuevo Mexico United Against Forum (Forum des
Citizenship, Candido Community Development Miguel Samper, Former Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Leon; Member, College of Crime Alternatives Maroc),
Mendes University, Brazil in Action Centre of Jorge Castaeda, Former Bioethics Morocco
Deputy Minister of Justice, Prize in Literature, 2010, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juan Villoro, Writer;
Roberto Lent, Professor, Salgueiro, Brazil Colombia, Colombia Peru Maria Elena Morera Mitre, Journalist Boubker Largou, President,
Federal University of Rio de Flvia Oliveira, Columnist, Sergio Sanchez, Public Osmar Vargas Oliveira, Activist Giovanna Zacarias, Actor The Moroccan Human
Janeiro, Brazil O Globo; Broadcast Daniel Castillejos Rights Organization
Health Specialist, Reform Counselor, Public Security Cifuentes, Lawyer; Miguel Angel Orozco J. Arturo Zapata,
Cecilia Lopez M., Former Commentator, Globo News, Foundation Latin America Council, State of Rio de Deza, Director General, (LOrganisation Marocaine
Brazil Specialist in Social Businessman; University des Droits Humain),
Minister of Agriculture; (Fundacin Latinoamrica Janeiro (Consperj), Brazil Responsibility International Relations of Professor
Former Minister of Salvador Paiz, President, Reforma), Chile Grupo Salinas Morocco
Martin Vazquez Acua, Eugenio Clariond Reyes Ernesto Zedillo, Former
Environment, Colombia; FunSEPA, Guatemala Gabriel Santos Judge on Criminal Adalberto Palma Gmez, Oren Lebovich, Chairman,
Former Senator, Colombia Retana, Businessman President, Mexico Green Leaf Party, Israel
Jorge Vicente Paladines, Elias, Institutional Matters, Court of Appeals, Former Chairman, Board
Daniel Lozoya Constant Professor of Criminology, RelationsCoordinator, Argentina Fray Julin Cruzalta, of Directors, Center for Julio Frenk, Former Yaron London, Media
Lopes, Public Defender, Andean University Simn Brazilian Platform on Drug Founder, Catholics for the Excellence in Corporate Secretary of Health, Personality; Actor;
Mauro Ventura, Journalist Right to Decide (Catolicas Mexico; Former Dean of
State of Rio de Janeiro, Bolvar, Ecuador Policy, Brazil and Columnist, O Globo, Governance Journalist, Israel
Brazil por el Derecho a Decidir) Faculty and Professor,
Luciane Patrcio, Associate Renato Srgio de Lima, Brazil Catalina Prez Correa, Harvard School of Abdellah Mousseddad,
Jos Luiz Ratton, Professor, Professor, Public Security Vice-President, Executive Luis de la Barreda Lawyer & Researcher, Secretary General,
Zuenir Ventura, Journalist, Solrzano, Founding Public Health; President,
Federal University of Department, Law School, Council,BrazilianPublic Writer; Member, Brazilian Center for Research and University of Miami Moroccan Prison
Pernambuco, Brazil Fluminense Federal SecurityForum, Brazil President, Human Rights Teaching in Economics Observatory (Observatoire
Academy of Letters, Brazil Commission of the Federal (Centro de Investigacin y
Susana Mallo, Former University, Brazil Paulo Sette Cmara, Marocaine des Prisons),
Oscar Vilhena Vieira, District Docencia Econmicas) MIDDLE EAST & NORTH Morocco
Dean, Faculty of Social Ana Paula Pellegrino, Former Secretary of Professor, Getlio Vargas
Sciences, University of the Researcher, Igarape Social Defense, State Luis de la Calle, Economist Alex Ramirez, President, AFRICA Karine Nassar, Director,
Foundation Law School,
Republic, Uruguay Institute; Coordinator, of Par; Former Police Brazil Juan Ramn de la Fuente, Mexican Business Council Elie Aaraj, Executive Nursing Care &
Joo Roberto Marinho, Pense Livre Network, Brazil Commissioner, Federal Former Secretary of Health, Alejandro Ramrez Magaa, director, Middle East Community Development
Police, Brazil Jean Wyllys, Congressman, Mexico and North African Harm (Soins Infirmiers
Vice-Director, O Globo Merval Pereira, Writer Socialism and Liberty Party Director General, Cinpolis
media group, Brazil and Columnist, O Globo; Ricardo Soberon, Lawyer, Reduction Association, & Dveloppement
of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Juan Pablo del Valle, Fernando Ramos Casas, Communautaire), Lebanon
Member, Brazilian Drugs and Human Rights President, Mexichem; Lebanon
Cedella Marley, Daughter Luis Yarzabal, Scientific Customs broker
of Bob Marley; CEO of Academy of Letters, Brazil Research Center, Peru Businessman Abdellatif Adbib, President, Sahar Shamayleh,
Researcher; Former Alejandra Rangel, Confederation of the Coordinator, Jordanian
Tuff Gong International, Andrs Pino, Local Rogrio Sottili, Special Director, International Ernesto Pazmio Granizo, Philosophy/College
Jamaica Coordinator, Students for Secretary of Human Rights, Sanhadja Associations NGOs Network Against
Institute of UNESCO for Public Defender General, professor AIDS, Jordan
Liberty, El Salvador Ministry of Women, Racial Ecuador for Development
Rohan Marley, Son of Bob Superior Education in Carlos Requena, Criminal (Confdration des
Marley; Founder, Marley Julian Quintero, Director, Equality and Human Rights, Latin America and the Jamila Siouri, President,
Brazil Antonio del Valle Lawyer associations de Sanhadja Adala Association,
Coffee, Jamaica Accin Tcnica Social, Caribbean, Uruguay Perochena, Businessman pour le dveloppement)
Colombia Margarita Stolbizer, Jess Reyes Heroles, Morocco
Rita Marley, Wife of Bob Raul Eugenio Zafaronni, Denise Dresser, Political Economist; Former Morocco
Marley; International Edinilsa Ramos de Souza, Legislator, Argentina Judge, Inter American Boaz Wachtel, Founder and
scientist; Columnist Ambassador of Mexico to Ahmed Arehmouch, Former Chairman, Green
reggae icon, Jamaica Researcher, Latin American Pedro Daniel Strozemberg, Human Rights Court; the U. S Coordinator, National
Centre for Violence and Executive Secretary, Former member, Carlos Elizondo Mayer Leaf Party, Israel, Israel
Alvaro Roman Marquez, Serra, Professor of Yamil Rezc, Musician Federation of Berber
Professor, Central Health Studies, Brazil Religion Studies Institute; Argentinean Supreme Associations (Fdration Rewan Youssif, Regional
Council Member, Casa Court of Justice, Argentina Political Science, Center Focal Point, Middle East
University of Ecuador, Yesid Reyes, Minister for Economic Research Santiago Roel, Director, Nationale des Associations
Ecuador of Justice, Colombia, Fluminense, Brazil Aldo Zaiden, Semaphore Citizen Amazigh), Morocco and North Africa, Global
and Teaching (Centro de Youth Coalition on HIV/
Colombia Ilona Szab, Executive Psychoanalyst; Member, Investigacin y Docencia (Semforo Ciudadano)
Cristiano Maronna, My Ahmed Douraidi, AIDS, Lebanon
Executive Secretary, Claudio Rezende Barbosa, Director, Igarap Institute; Pense Livre network, Brazil Econmicas) Ricardo Salinas, Founder Coordinator of the
Brazilian Platform on Drug Psychologist; Member, Executive Secretary, Global Chris Blackwell, and Chairman, Grupo Committee, International Tamar Zandberg, Member
Comission on Drug Policy, Alejandro Encinas, Senator, of the Knesset; Chair,
Policy, Brazil Pense Livre network, Brazil Businessman; Founder of Mexico Salinas Forum on Kif and Drugs,
Brazil Island Records, Jamaica/ Tangier, Morocco Committee on Drug and
Ivan Marques, Executive Melina Risso, Public Vicente Fox, Former Lisa Sanchez, Latin Alcohol Abuse, Israel
Director, Sou da Paz Security Specialist; Antonio Felix Tavares, UK American Programme Golda Eid, Executive
Board member, Viva Rio, President, Mexico
Institute, Brazil Member, Pense Livre Manager, Transform Drug Director, Regional/Arab
network, Brazil Brazil Gael Garcia Bernal, Actor; Policy Foundation and Network Against AIDS, OCEANIA
Elysio Medeiros Pires Filho, MEXICO Director Mexico United Against
Board member, Viva Rio, Maria Rita Kehl, Writer; Jos Vicente Tavares dos Lebanon Max Abbott, Pro Vice-
Santos, Professor, Federal Agustin Acosta, Partner, Alberto Garza Crime (Mxico Unido
Brazil Psychoanalyst; Former Araujo, Araujo and Acosta, Contra la Delincuencia) Ahmed Elhaij, President, Chancellor, Dean, and
Member of National Truth University of Rio Grande do Santos, Businessman; Moroccan Association Professor, Faculty of
Daniel Mejia Londoo, Sul, Brazil Legal Consultants Environmentalist Armando Santacruz,
Economist, University of Comission, Brazil for Human Rights Health and Environmental
Paulo Teixeira, Hctor Aguilar Camn, Roberta Garza-Medina, Businessman; Co-founder, (LAssociation Marocaine Sciences, Auckland
the Andes, Colombia Joo Roberto Marinho, Writer; Journalist; Historian Mexico United Against
Vice-Director, O Globo Congressman, Workers Columnist des Droits Humains), University of Technology,
Fabio Mesquita, HIV/AIDs Party of So Paulo, Brazil Sarah Aguilar Flaschka, Crime (Mxico Unido Morocco New Zealand
Specialist, Brazil Media Group, Brazil Pablo Girault, Businessman Contra la Delincuencia)
Manuel Thedim, Director, Adviser, Mexican Senate Mustapha Elhattab, Jacinda Ardern, Member
Michel Misse, Coordinator, Luiz Roberto Tenrio, Board Bernardo Gonzlez- Patricio Santillan-Doherty,
member, Viva Rio, Brazil Research Institute of Work Rubn Aguilar Valenzuela, Board member, Moroccan of Parliament and Justice
Centre of Studies on Urban and Society, Brazil Archiga, Academic Medical Director, National Observatory of Public Spokesperson, New
Professor; Political Analyst
Violence, Conflict and Mara Rocha Machado, Eduardo Guerrero Institute of Respiratory Freedoms (Observatoire Zealand Labour Party, New
Citizenship, Brazil Professor, Getlio Vargas Triston N Thompson, Ganja Gonzalo Aguilar Zinser, Diseases; President, The
Law Reform Advocate; Gutirrez, Consultant, Marocain des Liberts Zealand
Foundation Law School, Lawyer, Mexico; Member, Public Safety and College of Bioethics Publiques), Morocco
Fabiano Monteiro, Grassroots Farmer Board of Advisors, VMS Michael Balderstone,
Assistant Professor, Brazil Government Transparency; Javier Sicilia, Founder,
Organizer, Jamaica Associates, LLC Mustapha Elmanouzi, President, Australian
Fluminense Federal Csar Rodrguez Garavito, Columnist, El Financiero Movement for Peace with President, Moroccan HEMP Party; President,
University, Brazil Director, Dejusticia, Juan Gabriel Tokatlin, Andrs Aguinaco, Lawyer
Director, Department Hctor Gutirrez, Reverend, Justice and Dignity in Forum for Truth and Justice Nimbin HEMP Embassy,
Pedro Moreira Salles, Colombia Dolores Aguinaco, Lawyer Church of the Metropolitan Mexico; Poet; Journalist (Forum Marocain pour Australia
of Political Science and
Economist and Historian, Mauricio Rodriguez, International Studies, Community (Iglesia de la Said Slim Pasaran, la Vrit et la Justice); Peter Baume, Former
Fabian Aguinaco, Lawyer Comunidad Metropolitana) Integracin Social, Verter President, Moroccan
Yale Universitiy; President, Journalist; University University Torcuato Di Minister for Education;
Board of Directors, Ita Professor; Former Tella, Argentina Maril Aja, Lawyer Arnoldo Kraus, Doctor; A.C. Center for Democracy and Former Minister for
Unibanco Bank, Brazil Ambassador of Colombia Gaz Alazraki, Writer; Writer; Professor, Faculty Security (Centre Marocain Health; Former Minister
Graciela Touz, President, Zara Snapp, Author; pour la Dmocratie et la
Constanza Moreira, to the UK, Colombia Director; Producer of Medicine, National Member of Secretariat, for Indigenous Affairs,
Intercambios Civil Scurit), Morocco
Senator; Professor, Faculty Marta Rodriguez de Assis Association, Argentina Enrique lvarez del Rio, Autonomous University of Global Commission on Australia; Former
of Social Sciences; Former Machado, Professor, Businessman Mexico Drug Policy Abdallah Hanatleh, Chancellor, Australian
candidate, Presidency of Getlio Vargas Foundation Jsus Trindade Barreto Director General, Forearms National University,
Junior, Former Deputy Asuncin lvarez del Ro, Luisa Conesa Labastida, Cecilia Soto, Former
the Republic, Uruguay Law School, Brazil Lawyer of Change Center to Enable Australia
Police Chief, Civil Police, Faculty Member, Faculty Federal Deputy for Sonora, Community, Jordan
Nelson Motta, Journalist Milton Romani, Secretary State of Minas Gerais, of Medicine, National Marta Lamas, Professor of Mexico; Former Labor Party Neal Blewett, Former
and Columnist, O Globo, General, Uruguays Brazil Autonomous University of Political Science, National candidate, Presidency of Hakima Himmich, Minister for Health,
Brazil National Drugs Board; Mexico Autonomous University of Mexico President, Association for Australia, Australia
Former Uruguayan Simn Valdivieso the Fight Against AIDS
Robert Muggah, Research Vintimilla, Professor, Pedro Aspe, Former Mexico Ricardo Tapia, Researcher Phillip Boulten, Barrister;
Ambassador to the (Association de Lutte Past President, New South
Director, Igarap Institute, Criminal Law, University of Minister of Finances, Silvia Lemus, Journalist Emeritus, National Contre le Sida), Morocco
Brazil Organization of American Autonomous University of Wales Bar Association,
States, Uruguay Cuenca, Ecuador Mexico Diego Luna, Actor; Director Mexico Asa Kasher, Philosopher; Australia
Maria Julia Muoz, Katie Valk, Member, Aram Barra, Mexico Professor, Tel Aviv
Minister of Education and Denis Russo Burgierman, Alejandro Madrazo, Juan Francisco Torres Peter M. Brooks,
Editor-in-chief, Belize Decriminalization United Against Crime Director, The Right to University; Linguist, Israel
Culture, Uruguay, Uruguay Committee, Belize (Mxico Unido Contra la Landa, Corporate Attorney Professorial Fellow,
Superinteressante Health Program, Division and Secretary General, Kamal Lahbib, Coordinator, Centre for Health Policy,
Andres Cristian Nacht, Magazine, Brazil Joao Pedro Chaves Delincuencia) of Legal Studies, Center for Mexico United Against Modernity and Democracy Melbourne School of
Owner, Mills, Brazil Valladares Padua, Lawyer; Roger Bartra, Honorary Economic Research and Collective (Collectif Population and Global
Roberto Saba, Dean, Crime
Moises Naim, Author; Faculty of Law, University of Professor, Fluminense Research Fellow, Birkbeck Teaching Modernit et Dmocratie), Health, University of
Editor, The Atlantic; Federal University, Brazil College, University of Rodolfo Vzquez, Professor, Morocco Melbourne, Australia
Palermo, Argentina Julio Madrazo, Partner, Autonomous Technological
Distinguished fellow, Paulo Vannuchi, Member, London; Sociologist De la Calle, Madrazo,
International Economics Sebastin Sabini, Institute of Mexico;
Government Representative Inter-American Comission Ari Brickman, Actor; Mancera, S.C. Member, College of
Program, Carnegie on Human Rights, Brazil Musician
Endowment for (Diputado), Uruguay Bioethics
International Peace, Brazil
6 SIGNATORIES Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

David Caldicott, Emergency Michael Moore, CEO, UNITED STATES Bloomberg School of Public Erwin Chemerinsky, John DiIulio, Frederic Fox Barney Frank, Former Jerry Greenfield, Co-
Consultant, Emergency Public Health Association Neil Abercrombie, Former Health in Baltimore Dean and Distinguished Leadership Professor of Member of Congress, founder, Ben and Jerrys Ice
Department of the Calvary of Australia; Vice President, Governor, Hawaii Dan Bigg, Director, Chicago Professor of Law, Raymond Politics, Religion, and Massachusetts Cream
Hospital, Australia World Federation of Public Recovery Alliance Pryke Professor of Civil Society, University of Caroline Fredrickson, Glenn Greenwald,
Health Associations, Sam Adams, Former First Amendment Law, Pennsylvania
Kate Carnell, Former Chief Mayor, Portland Paul Birch, Entrepreneur President, American Journalist; Writer; Lawyer
Minister, Australian Capital Australia University of California Barry Diller, Businessman; Constitution Society
Irene Aguilar, State Senator, Mary J. Blige, Singer Irvine School of Law Adrian Grenier, Actor
Territory, Australia Hon Deborah Morris- Chairman, Expedia, Marci Freedman, Co-
Travers, Child Rights Colorado Lisa Bloom, Civil Rights Steve Cohen, Member of Inc.; Chairman, IAC/ Reverend Wendell Griffin,
Nick Crofts, Honorary founder of No.14 Pastor, New Millennium
Professorial Fellow, Advocate, New Zealand Michelle Alexander, Author, Attorney Congress, Tennessee InterActiveCorp
The New Jim Crow; Civil Tom Freston, Former, Church, Little Rock; Circuit
University of Melbourne, Tara Moss, Author and Earl Blumenauer, Member Ben Cohen, Co-founder, David N. Dinkins, Former Viacom; Businessman Judge, Sixth Judicial
Australia human rights activist, Rights Activist of Congress, Oregon Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Mayor, New York City
Barry Friedman, Jacob D. District, Fifth Division
Bob Debus, Former Australia Ibrahim AlHusseini, Paulette Cole, CEO and DJ Khaled, Music Producer;
Roderic V.O. Boggs, Fuchsberg Professor of Barry Grissom, Former U.S.
Minister for Home Affairs, Matt Noffs, CEO, Noffs Managing Partner, FullCycle Executive Director, Creative Director, ABC DJ
Energy LP Law, New York University Attorney, District of Kansas
Australia Foundation, Australia Washington Lawyers Home Lloyd Doggett, Member of School of Law
Ty Alper, Associate Dean Committee Jerome Groopman, Chair,
Richard Di Natale, Senator; Lance OSullivan, GP; New Grant Colfax, M.D.; Former Congress, Texas Reverend Yoshiaki Fujitani, Medicine, Harvard Medical
Leader, Australian Greens, Zealander Of The Year for Experiential Education, Suzanne Bonamici, Member Director, White House
University of California TJ Donovan, States Honpa Honwangji, Hawaii School; Chief, Experimental
Australia (2014), New Zealand of Congress, Oregon Office of National AIDS Attorney, Burlington, Medicine, Beth Israel
Berkeley School of Law Policy Jay Galluzzo, CEO,
David Dixon, Dean, Law Mick Palmer, Former Cory Booker, U.S. Senator Vermont NeueHouse Deaconess Medical Center;
School, University of New Commissioner, Australian Tom Ammiano, Former Carl Colonius, Social Author
State Representative, Jo Ivey Boufford, President, Reverend Dr. John C. Jesus G. Garcia,
South Wales, Australia Federal Police, Australia Entrepreneur, New Mexico Dorhauer, General Minister Harlan Grossman, Former
California New York Academy of Commissioner, Cook
Mehreen Faruqi, Member Melissa Parke, Member, Medicine Beth Comery, Former and President, United County Superior Court Judge,
of Parliament (Greens), Australian House of Toney Anaya, Former Police Officer, Providence; Church of Christ Contra Costa County
New South Wales, Representatives; Former Governor and Former Connor Boyack, President, Member, Law Enforcement Alicia Garza, Co-Founder,
Attorney General, New Libertas Institute; Author Michael Douglas, Actor Black Lives Matter Peter Hakim, President
Australia Minister for International Against Prohibition Emeritus, Inter-American
Development; Former Mexico Tom Brady, American Christine Downton, George Gascn, District
Peter FitzSimons, Chair, John Conyers, Member of Former Vice Chairman and Dialogue
Australian Republican International Lawyer, Rocky Anderson, Former Football Player, New Congress, Michigan Attorney, San Francisco
United Nations, Australia Mayor, Salt Lake City England Patriots, NFL Founding Partner, Pareto John Hamilton, Chief
Movement, Australia Carol Conzelman, Partners David Geffen, Executive Officer, Recovery
Tom Flewett, Clinical David Penington, Former Peter Andreas, John Hay Larry Brilliant, Chairman, Instructor, Anthropology Businessman; Co-Founder, Network of Programs, Inc.
Vice Chancellor, Melbourne Professor of International Skoll Global Threats Fund; Troy Duster, Chancellors DreamWorks
Lead Addictions, Capital Department, University of Professor Emeritus, dream hampton, Filmmaker;
and Coast District Health University, Australia Studies and Political Former Executive Director, Colorado, Boulder University of California, Paul Gessing, President, Rio Writer
Board, New Zealand David Penington, Professor Science, Brown University Grande Foundation
Reverend Janet Cooper- Berkeley Herbie Hancock, Musician
Geoff Gallop, Former Emeritus, University of Bill Apfelbaum, Chairman Eli Broad, Founder, The Nelson, Chaplain, Brown
Melbourne, Australia Eli and Edythe Broad Michael Eric Dyson, Tyrese Gibson, Singer;
Premier, Western Australia, MaxWorldwide, Inc. University Actor Ian Haney Lopez, John H.
Foundation; Philanthropist Professor of Sociology, Boalt Professor of Law, UC
Australia Tuari Potiki, Chairperson, Stuart Appelbaum, Reverend Samuel Cox, Georgetown University
New Zealand Drug Brad Brockmann, Executive Ira Glasser, Former Berkeley; Director, Racial
Duncan Garner, President, Retail, Hawaii District United Executive Director,
Foundation, New Zealand Wholesale and Department Director, Center for Donna F. Edwards, Member Politics Project, Haas
Broadcaster; Journalist, Methodist Church; Director, of Congress, Maryland American Civil Liberties Institute for a Fair and
New Zealand Shane Rattenbury, Minister Store Union, New York Prisoner Health and Human Hale Kipa Runaway and
Rights Union Inclusive Society; Senior
for Corrections, Australian Deborah Armstrong, State Homeless Youth Service Susan Talamantes Eggman,
Colin Gavaghan, Director, Assembly Member, 13th Kim Foxx, Cook County Fellow, Demos
New Zealand Law Capital Territory Legislative Representative, New Chris Brown, Singer Christopher Coyne,
Assembly, Australia District, California States Attorney Jon Hanson, Alfred Smart
Foundation Centre for Law Mexico Susie Buell, Entrepreneur; Associate Professor of
Ruben Gallego, Member of Professor of Law and
and Policy in Emerging Robert Richter, Barrister; Dallas Austin, Grammy Co-Founder, Esprit Economics, George Mason Brian Egolf, House Minority Director, Project on Law
Technologies, Otago Former Chairman, Criminal University Leader, New Mexico House Congress, Arizona
award-winning music Warren Buffett, and Mind Sciences, Harvard
Law Faculty; Associate Bar Association; Former producer of Representatives James Gleick, Author;
Businessman; James Crowley, Professor Law School
Professor, New Zealand President, Victorian Council Emeritus of Medicine, Keith Ellison, Member of Historian
for Civil Liberties; Former George Ayala, Executive Philanthropist Woody Harrelson, Actor
Andrew Geddis, Professor, Director, Global Forum on Warren Alpert School Congress, Minnesota Jonathan Glick, Author;
Faculty of Law, Otago part-time Law Reform Stephanie Bush-Baskette, of Medicine, Brown Mark Harrington, Executive
Commissioner, Victoria; MSM & HIV Former New Jersey State Eve Ensler, Playwright, The Entrepreneur
University, New Zealand University; Former Vagina Monologues Director, Treatment Action
Former member, Bar Bruce M. Bagley, Assemblywoman; Author, President, Rhode Island Jim Gollin, Director, Group; AIDS Activist
Derek Handley, Council, Australia Professor, Department Misguided Justice: The Tannia Esparza, Executive Angelica Foundation
Entrepreneur, New Zealand Medical Society Reverend Dr. Forrest Harris,
Robin Room, Professor; of International Studies, War on Drugs and the Director, Young Women Suzanne Gollin, President,
University of Miami Incarceration of Black Jeffrey S. Crowley, Program United President, American
Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director, Centre for Alcohol Angelica Foundation Baptist College; Professor,
Director, The New Zealand Women Director of the National
Policy Research, La Trobe David Ball, Co-Chair, HIV/AIDS Initiative, ONeill Will Espero, Vice President, Gregg Gonsalves, Research Vanderbilt University
Initiative, New Zealand University, Australia Corrections Committee, Busta Rhymes, Rapper State Senate, Hawaii Divinity School
Institute, Georgetown Scholar in Law, Yale Law
Natalie Imbruglia, Singer, Hal Sperling, Former Judge, American Bar Association; Tom Campbell, Former University Law Centre; Christian Estevez, School; Co-Director, Global
Associate Professor, Santa Congressman; Professor Carl Hart, Professor of
Australia Supreme Court of New Former Director White President, Latino Action Health Justice Partnership, Psychology and Psychiatry,
South Wales, Australia Clara University School of Law, Professor of House Office of National Network of New Jersey Yale School of Public
Marianne Jauncey, Public of Law Columbia University
health physician; Medical David Stanley, Treasurer, Economics, Chapman AIDS Policy Health
University Jodie Evans, Co-founder, Phil Harvey, Founder
Director, Sydney Medically Australian Drug Law Reverend Dr. William Joanne Csete, Adjunct CODEPINK Antonio Gonzlez,
Barber II, Pastor, Greenleaf Geoffrey Canada, President, and Chairman, DKT
Supervised Injecting Reform Foundation; CEO, Associate Professor, President, William C. International
Centre, Australia Convenience Advertising, Christian Church DOC; Harlems Children Zone Columbia University David L. Faigman, Acting Velasquez Institute
Australia President/Senior lectuer, Mailman School of Public Chancellor & Dean Alcee Hastings, Member of
Stephen Jiggins, Advoate Repairers of the Breach Jacob Candelaria, State and John F. Digardi Ambassador Eric P. Congress
for Improved Road Safety, Nicholas J. Talley, Professor Senator, New Mexico Health Goosby, UN Secretary
Distinguished Professor of
Australia and Vice-Chancellor, Bennett Barlyn, Former Mark Cuban, Businessman; Law, University of California Generals Special Envoy on Reverend Dr. Frederick D.
state and county Daniel Cantor, National Haynes III, Senior Pastor,
Peter Joseph, Chairman, University of Newcastle, Director, Working Families Author; TV Personality: Hastings College of the Law TB; Professor of Medicine,
Australia prosecutor; former Philanthropist Director, Global Health Friendship West Baptist
The Ethics Centre, Executive Director, New Party Sam Farr, Member of Church, Dallas
Sydney;Former Chair, Metiria Turei, Co-leader Robert Curl, Nobel Prize in Delivery and Diplomacy,
Jersey Commission to Michael E. Capuano, Congress, California Global Health Sciences,
St Vincents and Mater and Member of Parliament, Chemistry, 1996; University Christie Hefner, Former
Review Criminal Sentencing Member of Congress, James E. Ferguson II, Senior University of California San chairperson and CEO,
Health, Australia Green Party of Aotearoa Professor Emeritus, Rice
New Zealand Randy Barnett, Professor of Massachusetts University Partner, Ferguson, Stein, Francisco Playboy Enterprises
Paul King, Barrister, Legal Theory and Director, Chambers Law Offices
Australia Frank Carlucci, Former Robert M. Grant, Carol Helwig,
Alex Wodak, Director, Georgetown Center for the US Secretary of Defense; Ron Daniels, President,
Stephen Leeder, Emeritus Alcohol and Drug Service, Constitution, Georgetown Former Deputy Head, Institute of the Black World Michael Fine, Former Investigator, Gladstone Communicable Disease
St Vincents Hospital, 21st Century Director, Rhode Island Institutes; Professor of Control and HIV Prevention
Professor of Public Health University Law Center Central Intelligence Agency Department of Health Medicine, University of Coordinator, Boulder
and Community Medicine, Sydney, Australia Angela Yvonne Davis,
Jeremiah Barondess, Charles Carpenter, Reverend Dr. Leah Gaskin California San Francisco; County Public Health
Menzies Centre for Health Bruce Wyatt, Former President Emeritus, New Distinguished Professor Chief Medical Officer, San
Policy and School of Public Professor Emeritus of Fitchue, President Emeritus, Obery M. Hendricks
Assistant Commissioner, York Academy of Medicine Medicine, Brown University Emerita, History Francisco AIDS Foundation
Health, University Of Northern Territory Police, of Consciousness Payne Theological Jr., Senior Fellow, The
Sydney, Australia Australia Howard Becker, Professor Iva Carruthers, Co-Founder Department, University of Seminary, Dayton James P. Gray, Former Opportunity Agenda
Emeritus, Department of and Director, The Samuel Santa Cruz Terry Flenniken, Former Superior Court Judge,
Ian Martin, Chairman, The Gino Vumbaca, President, Orange County Reverend Miguel A.
Sociology, University of DeWitt Proctor Conference Senior District Judge, Texas Hernandez, Episcopal
Wayside Chapel, Australia Harm Reduction Australia, California Santa Barbara; Patrick Davis, City
Australia Juan Cartagena, President Councilor, Albuquerque Jason Flom, President, Lava Alan Grayson, Member of Church of New Jersey
Iain McGregor, Professor Independent Researcher Congress, Florida
of Psychopharmacology; & General Counsel, Records Kenneth Hertz, Senior
Alex Wodak, President, Paul Beirne, National LatinoJustice Istvan Deak, Professor
Research Fellow; Director Australian Drug Law Emeritus of History, Jane Fonda, Actor Traci Green, Associate Partner, Hertz Lichtenstein
Managing Director, Professor of Emergency & Young LLP
of Preclinical Research, Reform Foundation, AllianceBernstein Kelly M. Cassidy, State Columbia University;
Lambert Initiative for Representative, Illinois Reverend James A. Forbes, Medicine and
Australia Historian Senior Minister Emeritus, Peter Holmes, Seattle City
Cannabinoid Therapeutics, Mark Bennett, US District Epidemiology, Brown
Oscar Chacon, Executive Howard Dean, Former Riverside Church, NY University; Deputy Director, Attorney
School of Psychology, Court Judge, Northern
District of Iowa, US Director, National Alliance Governor, Vermont Boston Medical Center Andrew Horwitz, Assistant
University of Sydney, of Latin American & Christopher Forbes, Vice
Australia Courthouse Reverend Dr. Yvonne Delk, Chairman, Forbes Injury Prevention Center Dean for Experiential
Caribbean Communities/ Education, Roger Williams
John McMillan, Director, Chris Beyrer, President, Alianza Americas Retired, United Church of Reverend Willie D. Francois Francis Greenburger,
Christ Founder and President, University School of Law
Biothics Centre, University International AIDS Society; III, Mount Zion Baptist
of Otago; Professor, New Desmond Tutu Professor in Stephanie Chafee, Steve DeToy, Director of Church, Atlantic City Greenburger Center for
Public Health and Human Registered Nurse Social and Criminal Justice;
Zealand Government and Public
Rights, Johns Hopkins Affairs, Rhode Island CEO, Time Equities Inc.
Medical Society
Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as SIGNATORIES 7
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

M. William Howard, Former Ben Kovler, Chief Michelle McKenzie, Maria Poblet, Executive Ken Roth, Executive Yandy Smith, TV Henry van Ameringen,
Pastor, Bethany Baptist Investment Officer, Kovpak Director, Preventing Director, Causa Justa :: Just Director, Human Rights Personality; Film Producer Philanthropist; Activist
Church, Newark; Former II, LLC Overdose and Naloxone Cause Watch David Soares, District Chris Van Hollen, Member
Chair, Rutgers University Gara LaMarche, President, Intervention Program, Marc Pocan, Member of Steve Safyer, President and Attorney, Albany, New York of Congress, Maryland
Board of Governors; Former Democracy Alliance; Miriam Hospital Congress, Wisconsin CEO, Montefiore Health
President, National Council Joseph Solomon Jr., Antonio Vasquez, Mayor,
Former President and CEO, Cisco McSorley, State Jared Polis, Member of System, Albert Einstein State Representative, Santa Monica
of Churches Atlantic Philanthropies Senator, New Mexico College of Medicine
Congress, Colorado Rhode Island; Member, Brian Vicente, Partner,
Philip K Howard, Author, Louis Lang, Deputy Jeff Merkley, U.S. Senator Edwin Sanders, Senior House Veterans Affairs
The Death of Common Ben Pollara, Director, Vicente Sederberg, LLC
Majority Leader, House of Holly Mitchell, State United For Care Servant, Metropolitan Committee
Sense Representatives Interdenominational Renee Villarreal, City
Senator, California Polow da Don, Hip Hop George Soros, Chairman, Councilor, City of Santa Fe
Webb Hubbell, Former John Larsen, Member of Church Soros Fund Management
Associate Attorney General Eugene Monroe, American Producer; Rapper Jim Vincent, President,
Congress, Connecticut Football Player, Baltimore Bernie Sanders, U.S. Joseph M. Souki, Speaker,
of the United States; Toni Preckwinkle, President, Senator NAACPs Providence
Former Chief Justice, Rachel LaZar, Executive Ravens, NFL; Partner, 4th Cook County Board, Illinois House of Representatives, branch
Arkansas Supreme Court; Director, The Center of Down Partners Linda Sanchez, Member of Hawaii
Former Mayor, Little Rock, Equality and Rights (El John Quelch, Professor, Congress, California David Vlahov, Dean &
Reverend Peter Morales, Harvard Business School Peter Staley, Founder, Professor, University of
Arkansas Centro de Igualdad y President, Unitarian Juelz Santana, Rapper; Treatment Action Group;
Derechos) and Harvard School of California, San Francisco
Alice Huffman, President, Universalist Assocation Public Health Actor AIDS Activist School of Nursing
California NAACP Norman Lear, Founder, Marc Morial, President, Natalia Sarai Navas, Norm Stamper, Former
People for the American Bill Quirk, Assembly Paul Volcker, Former
Reverend Dr. Bernice National Urban League; Member, 20th District, Academic; Activist; Chief, Seattle Police Chairman, Federal Reserve
Way Former Mayor, New Migration Specialist Department
Powell Jackson, Pastor, First California
United Church of Tampa; Barbara Lee, Member of Orleans Sarah Wakeman, Author;
Karl Racine, Attorney Jan Schakowsky, Member Pat Steadman, State Physician, Massachusetts
Former President, World Congress, California Dustin Moskovitz, Co- of Congress, Illinois Senator, Colorado
Council of Churches General, District of General Hospital
John Legend, Singer founder, Good Ventures Columbia Kurt Schmoke, Former Maggie Hart Stebbins,
Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Patricia Wald, Former
Gabriela Lemus, Executive Reverend Dr. Otis Moss J. Aaron Regunberg, State Mayor of Baltimore; County Commissioner, Judge, International
President, Rainbow/PUSH Director, Progressive III, Senior Pastor, Trinity President, the University of Bernalillo County
Coalition; Civil Rights Representative, Rhode Criminal Tribunal for the
Congress United Church of Christ, Island Baltimore Gloria Steinem, Journalist; Former Yugoslavia; Former
Activist Chicago
Mark Leno, State Senator, Robert B. Reich, Bobby Scott, Member of Political Activist Chief Judge, US Court
Rabbi Rick Jacobs, California Imam Abdul Malik Congress, Virginia of Appeals, District of
President, Union for Reform Chancellors Professor of Christine Stenquist,
Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Mujahid, Founding Public Policy, University Umi Selah, Organizer and President, Together for Columbia Circuit
Judaism Chairman, Sound Vision
Furman Professor of Law of California at Berkeley; Mission Director, Dream Responsible Use and Vaughn Walker, Former
Henry Jarecki, Academic; and Leadership, Harvard Foundation, Chicago Former U.S. Secretary of Defenders Cannabis Education District Judge, US District
Psychiatrist; Philanthropist Law School Charles Myers, Member, Labor Court, Northern District of
Bernard Selz, Founder, Selz Andy Stern, Former
Eugene Jarecki, Filmmaker Steven H. Levinson, Former Executive Committee, Fred Reid, Founding CEO, Capital President, Service California
of The House I Live In Associate Justice, Hawaii Evercore ISI; Member, Virgin America Employees International Alexander Wang, Founder
Evercore ISIs Management Albert Senella, President
Hakeem Jeffries, Member Supreme Court Craig Reinarman, Professor and CEO, Tarzana Union; Senior Fellow, and Designer, Alexander
Committee and Investment Columbia University Wang
of Congress, New York Geoff Lewis, Partner, Policy Committee Emeritus of Sociology and Treatment Centers Inc;
Founders Fund Legal Studies, University of President, California Richman Center Dennis Wang, Chief
James Jimenez, Former Svante Myrick, Mayor,
Secretary, New Mexico David Lewis, Founder and California, Santa Cruz Association of Alcohol and Bryan Stevenson, Founder Principal Officer, Alexander
Ithaca Drug Program Executives and Executive Director, Wang
Department of Finance and Former Director, Center Stewart Resnick,
Administration for Alcohol and Addiction Ethan Nadelmann, Founder Businessman George Shultz, Former US Equal Justice Initiative Elizabeth Warren, U.S.
Studies, Brown University & Executive Director, Drug Secretary of State; Former Rick Steves, Author; TV Senator
Gary Johnson, Former Policy Alliance Cruz Reynoso, The first
Governor, New Mexico Pamela Lichty, President, Chicano Associate Justice, US Secretary of Treasury; Personality Laurie Weahkee, Executive
Drug Policy Forum of Alondra Nelson, Dean of California Supreme Court; Former US Secretary of Mimi Stewart, State Director, Native American
Robert Johnson, Executive Social Science, Columbia Labor
Director, Institute for New Hawaii Professor of Law, University Senator, New Mexico Voters Alliance
University of California Peter Shumlin, Governor,
Economic Thinking; Senior Ted Lieu, Member of Reverend Dr. Gina M. Alan Webber, Writer;
Fellow, Project on Global Congress, California Charles Nesson, William Josiah D. Jody Rich, Vermont Stewart, Senior Pastor, Former Candidate,
Finance, The Roosevelt F. Weld Professor of Law, Professor of Medicine and Timothy Silard, President, Christ Missionary Baptist Governor of New Mexico
Institute Ann Lininger, State Harvard Law School; Writer Community Health, Warren
Representative, Oregon Rosenberg Foundation Church, Memphis Andrew Weil, Director,
Van Jones, President, Robert Newman, Former Alpert Medical School, Jason Silva, Filmmaker; TV Bruce D. Stout, Center for Integrative
Dream Corps Claudio Lomnitz, Professor Director, The Baron Brown University
of Anthropology, Columbia Personality Associate Professor and Medicine, College of
Edmond de Rothschild Bill Richardson, Former Chair, Department of Medicine, University of
Jonny 5, Singer, Flobots University Chemical Dependency Adele Simmons, President,
Governor of New Mexico; Global Philanthropy Criminology, College of Arizona
Jennifer Justice, President Hugh Lowe, Attorney at Institute of Beth Israel former U.S. Ambassador to New Jersey
of Corporate Development, Law, Austin Medical Center; Former Partnership; Founder, Gregory Wesner, Lane
the United Nations; former Responsibility to Protect Steffanie A. Strathdee, Powell PC; Shareholder and
Superfly President, Continuum U.S. Secretary of Energy
Steven Lucero, Executive Health Partners (R2P) Coalition Associate Dean, Global Chair, IP Business Practice
Pete Kadens, Co-Founder, Director, New Mexico Lauren Hale Rieckhoff, Health Sciences; Chief,
SoCore Energy Hispanic Medical Patricia Nolan, Former Jonathan Simon, Professor Bill Wiese, Director,
Agent, Creative Artists of Law and Director, Center Division of Global Public Public Health Division,
Norty Kalishman, Doctor; Association Director, Rhode Island Agency Health; Director, Global
Department of Health for the Study of Law and Department of Health,
Former Program Director, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Reverend Barbara Society, University of Health Institute, University New Mexico
McCune Charitable Member of Congress, New Michael Noland, State Ripple, Former District California, Berkeley School of California San Diego
Foundation Mexico Senator, Illinois Department of Medicine Gwen Wilkinson, District
Superintendent, Hawaii of Law Attorney, Ithaca
Kathie Kane-Willis, Kasia Malinowska- Eleanor Holmes Norton, District; United Methodist Carly Simon, Singer Scott Sumner, Professor
Director, Illinois Sempruch, Director, Global Member of Congress Church (Retired) of Economics, Bentley Joanne Wilson,
Consortium on Drug Policy, Drug Policy program, Open David Simon, TV Writer/ University Entrepreneur; Investor and
Bill ONeill, State Senator, Samuel K. Roberts, Producer; Journalist Blogger, Gotham Gal
Roosevelt University Society Foundations New Mexico Associate Professor Robert Sweet, US Federal
Joshua Kappel, Partner, Jim Manfre, Sheriff, Flagler of History and of Jonathan Singer, State judge, US District Court, Joe Wilson, Former US
Beto ORourke, Member of Representative, Colorado Ambassador to Gabon and
Vicente Sederberg, LLC County Congress, Texas Sociomedical Sciences, Southern District of New
Mailman School of Michael Skolnik, Editor- York So Tom and Prncipe
Michael Keegan, President, Ed Markey, U.S. Senator Danielle C Ompad, Clinical
People for the American Public Health, Columbia in-Chief,; Teresa Tanzi, State Daniel Wolfe, Director,
Brandon Marshall, Associate Professor, New University Political Director to Russell International Harm
Way York University Representative, Rhode
Assistant Professor of Duke Rodriguez, Founder, Simmons Island Reduction Development,
Tim Keller, State Auditor, Epidemiology, Brown Suze Orman, Author; TV Open Society Foundations
New Mexico; Former Ultra Health LLC; Former Anne-Marie Slaughter, Andrew Tobias, Writer;
University Personality NM Secretary, Human
Member, New Mexico President and CEO, New Treasurer, Democratic Reverend Dr. Jeremiah
Senate Michael McBride, Pastor; Gerald Ortiz y Pino, State Services; Former COO, America National Committee Wright, Pastor Emeritus,
National Director, Lifelines Senator, New Mexico Lovelace Health Systems Trinity United Church of
Brendan Kennedy, CEO, for Healing Communities Vernon Smith, Nobel Opal Tometi, Co-Founder,
Duncan E. Osborne, Former Gloria Romero, Former Prize in Economics, Christ, Chicago
Privateer Holdings Campaign, People Black Lives Matter
Adjunct Professor of Law, State Senator, California 2002; Professor of Timothy W. Wright III,
Piper Kerman, Writer, Improving Communities Michael Traynor, Attorney,
through Organizing University of Texas School Anthony Romero, Executive Economics; Founder and Partner, Quintairos, Prieto,
Orange Is the New Black: of Law President, International California Wood & Boyer, P.A.
My Year in a Womens Director, American Civil
Bill McCamley, State Liberties Union Foundation for Research in Bruce G. Trigg, Clinical
Prison Representative, New Angela Pacheco, Former Peter Yarrow, Singer, Peter,
District Attorney, 1st Experimental Economics Associate Professor, Paul and Mary
Bob Kerrey, Former Mexico Lionel Rosenblatt, President Department of Pediatrics,
Judicial District, New Emeritus, Refugees Richard T. Smith, President, Jackie Young, Former
Governor, Nebraska Betty McCollum, Member Mexico New Jersey NAACP University of New Mexico
International Health Sciences Center member, Hawaii State
Patrisse Khan-Cullors, of Congress, Minnesota
Jennifer Padgett, District Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney Reverend Dr. Susan Smith, Advisory Committee, U.S.
Co-Founder, Black Lives Jim McDermott, Member Attorney, First Judicial Religious Writer Reverend Anthony L. Commission on Civil Rights
Matter General, Oregon Trufant, Senior Pastor,
of Congress, Washington District, New Mexico
Bruce Ross, Partner, Reverend. Dr. R. Drew Emmanuel Baptist Church, Paul Zofnass, Founder and
Billie Jean King, Tennis Jim McGovern, Member of Joseph Perella, Smith, Co-Convener, President, Environmental
Player Holland & Knight LLP Brooklyn
Congress, Massachusetts Businessman; Co-Founder, Transatlantic Roundtable Financial Consulting Group
Perella Weinberg Partners Andrea Roth, Assistant on Religion and Race Gerald F. Uelmen, Professor
Professor of Law, University of Law, Santa Clara
Rabbi Jonah Pesner, of California Berkeley University School of Law
Director, Religious Action School of Law
Center of Reform Judaism
8 SIGNATORIES Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as
indicating the respective organizations agreement with the content of this letter.

FORMER PRESIDENTS & Peter Baume (Former Miguel Samper (Former Salvador Paiz (Guatemala) LAW ENFORCEMENT Kurt Schmoke HEALTH Andrew Weil, Director,
PRIME MINISTERS Minister for Health, Deputy Minister of Justice, Antonio del Valle Sette Cmara, Former Bryan Stevenson Chris Beyrer, President, Center for Integrative
Gordon Bajnai (Hungary) Australia) Colombia) Perochena (Mexico) Police Commissioner, International AIDS Society; Medicine, College of
Opal Tometi Medicine, University of
Fernando Henrique Neal Blewett (Former George Shultz (Former U.S. Alex Ramirez (Mexico) Federal Police (Brazil) Desmond Tutu Professor in
Minister for Health, Secretary of State; Former Public Health and Human Arizona (U.S.)
Cardoso (Brazil) Stuart Resnick (U.S.) Gustavo de Greiff,
Australia) US Secretary of Labor; Former Attorney General U.S. LATINO LEADERS Rights, Johns Hopkins
Ruth Dreifuss (Switzerland) Former U.S. Secretary of Eugenio Clariond Reyes Bloomberg School of Public
Michal Boni (Former (Colombia) Toney Anaya OTHER LEADERS
Vicente Fox (Mexico) Minister of Administration the Treasury, U.S.) Retana (Mexico) Health in Baltimore (U.S.)
TJ Donovan, States Jacob Candelaria Lord Paddy Ashdown,
Csar Gaviria Trujillo and Digitization, Poland) Thorvald Stoltenberg Joo Roberto Marinho Attorney, Burlington, Jo Ivey Boufford, President, Former leader, Liberal
(Colombia) Emma Bonino (Former (Former Minister of Foreign (Brazil) Vermont (U.S.) Juan Cartagena New York Academy of Democrats; Former High
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Affairs; Former Minister of Medicine (U.S.) Representative for Bosnia
Aleksander Kwasniewski Defence, Norway) Ricardo Salinas (Mexico) Kim Foxx, Cook County Oscar Chacon
(Poland) Italy) States Attorney, Illinois Pedro Cahn, Former and Herzegovina; Former
Umberto Veronesi (Former George Soros (U.S.) Tannia Esparza President, International Member of Parliament
Ricardo Lagos (Chile) Frank Carlucci (Former (U.S.)
U.S. Secretary of Defense; Minister of Health, Italy) Lord Rumi Verjee (U.K.) Christian Estevez AIDS Society (Argentina) (U.K.)
Olusegun Obasanjo Peter Holmes (City
Former Deputy Director of J. Arturo Zapata (Mexico) Attorney, Seattle) George Gascn Grant Colfax, M.D.; Former Robert Curl, Nobel Prize in
(Nigeria) the CIA, U.S.) Director, White House Chemistry, 1996; University
CELEBRITIES George Gascn, District Congressman Ruben
George Papandreou Fernando Carrera (Former Gallego Office of National AIDS Professor Emeritus, Rice
(Greece) Dallas Austin LAW AND JUSTICE Attorney, San Francisco Policy (U.S.) University (U.S.)
Minister of Foreign Affairs, (U.S.) Antonio Gonzlez
Pedro Pires (Cape Verde) Guatemala) Mary J. Blige Louise Arbour, Former Jeffrey S. Crowley, Program Asma Jahangir, Former
Tom Brady Justice, Supreme Court of Jim Manfre, Sheriff, Flagler Congresswoman Michelle Director of the National UN Special Rapporteur
Andries A. van Agt Nick Clegg (Former UK County, Florida (U.S.) Lujan Grisham
Deputy Prime Minister) Canada; Former UN High HIV/AIDS Initiative, ONeill on Arbitrary, Extrajudicial
(Netherlands) Michael Douglas Commissioner for Human Institute, Georgetown and Summary Executions
Mick Palmer, Former Ian Haney-Lpez
Ernesto Zedillo (Mexico) Bernt Johan Collet (Former Eve Ensler Rights (Canada) Commissioner Australian University Law Centre; (Pakistan)
Minister of Defence, Steven Lucero Former Director White
Jane Fonda Mark Bennett, US District Federal Police (Australia) Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel
Denmark) Angela Pacheco House Office of National
U.S. PUBLIC OFFICIALS Court Judge, Northern Karl Racine, Attorney Prize in Literature, 2010
Hedy dAncona (Former Peter Gabriel District of Iowa (U.S.) AIDS Policy (U.S.) (Peru)
General, District of Gerald Ortiz y Pino
Toney Anaya (Former Minister of Health, the Adrian Grenier Columbia (U.S.) Eric P. Goosby, UN
Governor, New Mexico) Netherlands) Ernesto Pazmio Granizo, Mara Poblet Lou McGrath, Nobel Peace
Herbie Hancock Public Defender General Secretary Generals Special Prize, 1997; Founder, Mines
Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney Cruz Reynoso Envoy on TB; Professor
Cory Booker (U.S. Senator, Bob Debus (Former (Ecuador) General, Oregon (U.S.) Action Group (U.K.)
New Jersey) Minister for Home Affairs, Woody Harrelson of Medicine; Director,
Webb Hubbell, Former Bill Richardson Manfred Nowak, Former
Australia) Natalie Imbruglia Graham Seaby, Former Global Health Delivery and
Howard Dean (Former Associate Attorney General Detective Superintendent, Duke Rodriguez Diplomacy, Global Health UN Special Rapporteur on
Governor, Vermont) Uffe Elbaek (Former DJ Khaled of the United States; New Scotland Yard (U.K.) Sciences, University of Torture (Austria)
Minister of Culture, Congresswoman Linda T.
David Dinkins (Former Billie Jean King Former Chief Justice, Snchez California San Francisco John Polanyi, Nobel Prize in
Denmark, Denmark) Arkansas Supreme Court; David Soares, District (U.S.)
Mayor, New York City) Norman Lear Attorney, Albany, New York Chemistry, 1986 (Canada)
Baroness Lynne Former Mayor, Little Rock, Sergio Sanchez
Gary Johnson (Former Arkansas (U.S.) (U.S.) Anand Grover, Former UN Lionel Rosenblatt, President
Featherstone (Minister of John Legend Antonio Vasquez Special Rapporteur on the
Governor, New Mexico) Hubert Wimber, Police Emeritus, Refugees
State at the Home, U.K.) Annie Lennox Ketil Lund, Former Supreme Right to Health (India)
Bob Kerrey (Former Chief, Muenster (Germany) International (U.S.)
Diego Garcia-Sayan Court Justice (Norway)
Governor and Senator, Rita Marley FAITH/RELIGIOUS Paul Hunt, Former UN Javier Sicilia, Founder,
Nebraska) (Former Minister of Justice; Lord Jonathan Marks, LEADERS Special Rapporteur on the
Former Foreign Affairs Rita Ora Movement for Peace with
Barrister; Peer, House of AFRICAN AMERICAN Right to Health (U.K.) Justice and Dignity in
Ed Markey (U.S. Senator, Minister, Peru) Busta Rhymes Lords (UK) LEADERS Father Xavier Alb
Massachusetts) Stephen Lewis, Former UN Mexico; Poet; Journalist
Alejandra Gaviria (Minister Carly Simon Cruz Reynoso, Former Michelle Alexander Reverend Dr. William Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS (Mexico)
Jeff Merkley (U.S. Senator, of Health, Colombia) Justice, California Supreme Barber II in Africa (Canada)
Oregon) Gloria Steinem Senator Cory Booker Vernon Smith, Nobel
Mark Golding (Former Court (U.S.) Reverend Janet Cooper- Prize in Economics, 2002;
Sting Geoffrey Canada Marina Mahathir, UN
Gavin Newsom (Lieutenant Minister of Justice, Hal Sperling, Former Judge, Nelson Person of the Year Professor of Economics;
Governor, California) Jamaica) Alexander Wang Supreme Court of New Congressman John Conyers Reverend Dr. Yvonne Delk (2010) for Achievements Founder and President,
Bill Richardson (Former Anthony Hylton (Former South Wales (Australia) Ron Daniels in Gender, Womens International Foundation for
Reverend Martin Ignacio Research in Experimental
Governor, New Mexico) Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jn Steinar, Gunnlaugsson, Diaz Velasquez Empowerment, and HIV/
BUSINESS & Professor Angela Y. Davis AIDs; Human Rights Economics (U.S.)
Bernie Sanders (U.S. Jamaica) PHILANTHROPIC Former Supreme Court
Judge (Iceland) David Dinkins Reverend Dr. John C. Activist (Malaysia) Shashi Tharoor, Former
Senator, Vermont) Vasyl Knyazevytch (Former LEADERS Dorhauer
Minister of Health, Robert Sweet, US Federal Professor Troy Duster Julio Montaner, Director, Under-Secretary General,
Kurt Schmoke (Former Paul Beirne (U.S.) Reverend Dr. Leah Gaskin United Nations; Member of
Mayor, Baltimore) Ukraine) Judge, UD District Court, British Columbia Centre
Chris Blackwell (Jamaica) Professor Michael Eric Fitchue for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Parliament (India)
Bernard Koucher (Former Southern District of NY Dyson
Peter Shumlin (Governor, (U.S.) Reverend James A. Forbes (Canada) Mabel van Oranje (The
Vermont) Minister of Foreign and Richard Branson (U.K.)
Congresswoman Donna David Nutt, Director, Netherlands)
European Affairs, France) Eli Broad (U.S.) Patricia Wald, Former Chief Edwards Reverend Wendell Griffin
Elizabeth Warren (U.S. Judge, US Court of Appeals, Neuropsychopharmacology Federico Mayor Zaragoza,
Senator, Massachusetts) Sandro Kvitashvili (Minister Susie Buell (U.S.) Congressman Keith Ellison Reverend Hctor Gutirrez Unit, Imperial College
of Health, Ukraine) District of Columbia Circuit; Former Director-General
Warren Buffett (U.S.) Former Judge, International James E. Ferguson II Reverend Frederick Haynes London; Former Chair, of UNESCO; Chairman,
Norman Lamb (Former Criminal Tribunal for the III Advisory Council on the Foundation for a Culture of
CURRENT AND FORMER Health Minister, United Jannie Chan (Singapore) Alicia Garza Misuse of Drugs (U.K.)
CABINET MINISTERS Former Yugoslavia (U.S.) Reverend Miguel A. Peace (Spain)
Kingdom) Mark Cuban (U.S.) Professor Carl Hart Peter Piot, Director,
Vaughn Walker, Former Hernandez
Arni Pall Arnason (Former Cecilia M. Lopez (Former Barry Diller (U.S.) London School of Hygiene
Minister of Social Affairs, District Judge, US District Congressman Alcee Reverend M. William
Minister of Agriculture, Court, Northern District of Hastings & Tropical Medicine;
Iceland) Colombia) Christopher Forbes (U.S.) Howard Former Executive Director,
California (U.S.) Alice Huffman
Pedro Aspe (Former Maria Julia Munoz Tom Freston (U.S.) Reverend Jesse L. Jackson UNAIDS; Discoverer of the
Minister of Finances, Raul Eugenio Zafaronni, Congressman Hakeem Ebola virus (Belgium)
(Minister of Education and David Geffen (U.S.) Judge, Inter American Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Mexico) Culture, Uruguay) Jeffries Steve Safyer, President and
Ryan Holmes (Canada) Human Rights Court; Reverend Peter Morales
Norman Baker (Minister of Svatopluk Nemecek Former member, Patrisse Khan-Cullors CEO, Montefiore Health
State at the Home Office, Mo Ibrahim (Sudan) Argentinean Supreme Reverend Dr. Otis Moss III System, Albert Einstein
(Minister of Health, Czech Congresswoman Barbara
U.K.) Republic) Alexander Rinnooy Kan Court of Justice (Argentina) Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid College of Medicine (U.S.)
Marek Balicki (Former (Netherlands) Rabbi Jonah Pesner David Vlahov, Dean &
George Papandreou Marc Morial
Minister of Health, Poland) (Former Prime Minister, Dustin Moskovitz (U.S.) Professor, University of
Svante Myrick Reverend Dr. Bernice California, San Francisco
Greece) Zbigniew Niemczycki Powell-Jackson
Congresswoman Eleanor School of Nursing (U.S.)
Robert Reich (Former (Poland) Reverend Barbara Ripple
Secretary of Labor, U.S.) Holmes Norton
Congressman Bobby Scott Reverend Edwin Sanders
Yesid Reyes (Minister of
Justice, Colombia) Reverend Dr. Jeremiah

We are the Drug Policy Alliance and we envision a just society in which the
use and regulation of drugs are grounded in science, compassion, health and
human rights, in which people are no longer punished for what they put
into their own bodies but only for crimes committed against others, and in which
the fears, prejudices and punitive prohibitions of today are no more.