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IACS require candidates to request ARAID


Aragon Health Sciences Institute (IACS) , as part of their policy of attracting

talent, wish to contact researchers interested in applying for the ARAID PROGRAMME,
published by ARAID (Agency created by the Government of Aragon, Spain) and for the
Ramon y Cajal Programme.
These international calls aim to recruit outstanding candidates with excellent research
record and leadership capabilities, in order to fill up to a maximum of 8 research
positions in different research areas. These positions may be developed at
Public/Private Research Centres and Companies in the region of Aragon, such as IACS.
The contract offered is a full dedication, and undefined term according the local
law. Salaries are in line with similar positions at the Public Institutions, and in range
with the Researcher's experience and potential. The final salary is negotiated

Aragon Health Sciences Institute

Candidates must be experienced researchers (4-10yrs postdoc), specialized in
the following areas:
Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing
Big Data and Computational Techniques

The interested researchers should contact us before 13 january 2017 (Ramn y Cajal
call), 13 february 2017 (ARAID call) (e-mail investigacion.iacs@aragon.es). Well
provide the corresponding information about the institution, research groups, and
technical support. The facilities are excellent, highlighting the Center for Biomedical
Research of Aragon (CIBA), recently built and with the last technologies in research. We
offer a dynamic research environment integrated within the Health System and the
University. For further information please consult our web pages
A previous selection process will be made. The candidates must attach their CV
indicating their most suitable area within the above indicated.