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Med Tours

14 Shepherds Street



30th June
Mr. Arthur Grundy
Apartment 20H
5 Washington Square
New York
NY 10012
Dear Mr. Grundy
Thank you for your letter of June 6th regarding your recent holiday with Med
Tours. My name is Gonzalo Herrera and I am the costumer services manager here,
in New York. I am very sorry to hear that you were frustrated and disappointed with
some troubles that you experienced at the airport and the hotel since your first day
of holidays.

I have investigated your complaint in details and you may be interested in the
following explanation. The problems with the flight were due to circumstances
beyond our control. Unfortunately, on the day of your departure, the airline
experienced problems with the weather. As you noticed, the day of your departure,
the weather conditions were not the best to fly. For that reason, the airplane
company decided to cancel not only your flight but also all the departures until the
weather conditions get better.

HERRERA GONZALO | Profesorado en Ingls

I can only apologize for the fact that the airline check-in staff were not kind to
you. I have noticed your point about the absence of our company staff at the airport
which would help you to deal with the situation. I will suggest that at our next planning

As far as your hotel, I was very sorry to hear that your hotel location and
services were not the same that you watched in our advertising. I believe that was
some misunderstanding due to the high people concentration in the same place
since all flights were delayed which meant that more people had to be taken to
different hotels and, as a result, all of them were full when You arrived.

Once again I would like to apologize for the unsatisfactory service you
received. As a sign of goodwill I enclose a voucher for 45% off your next holiday
should you book with Med Tours.

Yours Sincerely

Gonzalo Herrera
Customer Service Manager

HERRERA GONZALO | Profesorado en Ingls