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Scott Libby Elementary School

JENNA MOREL Kindergarten Teacher

Buckeye, AZ
(STUDENT) Dear Scott Libby Elementary School ,
I am writing in response to your job postings for the kindergarten
teaching position. Your job posting states that you are searching for
someone that can provide learning experiences in language arts, social
studies, pre-reading, arithmetic, science, art, physical education and
music to pupils using a course of study adopted by the Board of
Education. The job posting also stated you are looking for someone who
creates an effective learning environment and that maintains professional
competence and I believe I can do those things.
My personal attitude and leadership skills makes me a great candidate for
this position. I take ownership in everything I do and love working with
children. I am always looking at the brighter side of things and push
myself and others to be their very best.

14375 W Cameron Dr, Surprise, AZ I have expertise in:

85379 Working with kids
I have been working with kids a lot growing up between cheerleading
and volunteering. I have a passion for working with kids.
Working for you would allow me to implement my teaching and
leadership skills. It will also allow me to gain professional insight in the
world of teaching.
Please take some time to review my attached resume. I believe I would
do a great job at this and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jenna Morel (Student)