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A young mother, her name is Yulia Nurlistiani, 25 years old who pregnant

wants to get consultation to Yuliana Afriliantis clinic. She wants to check her
pregnancy, this is the second time for Yulia to come to the clinic. Now, her
gestational age is 15 weeks. Yulia make a deal with the midwife on the phone.

(on the phone)

P = Assalamualaikum. Good Morning, Maam

M = Waalaikumsalam. Good Morning, Miss Yulia

P = Mam, are you busy tomorrow? I wanna visit your clinic to check my pregnancy

M = Hmm, InsyaAllah tomorrow Ill be free. With my pleasure

P = Okay Maam, Ill visit your clinic on 08.00 am

M = Okay, Miss Yulia

P = Thanks a lot, Maam

M = Youre welcome, Miss

Next day on 08.00 am at clinic..

P = Assalamualaikum. Good morning, Maam

M = Waalaikumussalam. Good morning. Hi Miss Yulia, how are you today?

P = Im fine thank you, how about you, Maam?

M = Im fine too, thanks. Do you come alone, Miss?

P = Oh yes, Maam. My Husband is out of town until 3 days later, Maam

M = Oh I see. Okay, what do you feel now since your last visit?

P = I feel better than before. My appetite is increasing and Im enjoy with my

pregnancy, Maam

M = Oh its good. Emm, do you have a grievance, Miss Yulia?

P = Hmm.. Sometimes Im still feel headache, Maam. May I take headache


M = I suggest you, at this time you should to reduce the consumption of medicine,
you have to take a more rest and dont be tired so much. You should eat meat, fruits,
vitamin C, and green vegetables such as spinach to increase the iron

P = Oh I see, oke Maam. Ill take a more rest and reduce work too hard
M = Okay, Miss. Now Ill explain about danger signs in pregnancy, such as
headache, ligamentum rotundum pain, inflamation, heart burn, increased discharge
per vaginam

P = Can you tell me about all of that?

M = With my pleasure. First, headache in normal conditions is if the pain is mild to

moderate and decreases with rest or with a medicine. Danger sign is if the pains, not
diminish or disappear with rest or a medicine, and is accompanied by visual
changes, may be a sign of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, anemia. Second,
round ligament pain in normal conditions if acute pain lasts a few minutes and can
be reduced by leaning. Danger sign is if the pain does not go away, may be a sign of
appendicitis, inflammation pelvic, ectopic pregnancy, abortion

P = It sounds not good. Could it happen to me, Maam?

M = Theres a possibility, Miss, because of the danger signs are commonly

perceived maternal, but you dont have to be afraid if you keep your pregnancy well

P = Yes, Maam. Ill try to keep my pregnancy and stay health

M = Okay, Ill explain again about the danger signs. Third, swelling under normal
conditions, if only the foot area and usually appears at dusk and disappear after rest.
it is dangerous if it appears on the face and hands. May be its a sign of anemia, pre-
eclampsia. Fourth, heart burn in normal conditions, when it comes to food, reduce
fatty foods, or using antacids. The danger sign is heart burn or abdominal pain, may
be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Fifth, increased discharge per vagina under normal
conditions if the expenditure is watery white, odorless. The danger sign is if there is
vaginal bleeding red, many, clotted, and pain, may be its a sign of abortion, mola
pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy, placenta previa and placenta

P = Wow, I should be more careful, right Maam?

M = Absolutely yes you should, Miss. If you feel there are signs of danger, you can
call me then come to my clinic

P = Okay Maam, Ill calling you if I feel these signs

M = Okay, Miss. Ill check your weight and your blood pressure

P = Yes, with my pleasure, Maam

M = Oh good Miss, you can see that your weight has increased 0,5 kg. Last visit,
your weight was 53 kg, now your weight is 53,5 kg. Now please you're lying on the
bed, Ill check your blood pressure

P = Okay, hmm is my blood pressure normal, Maam?

M = According to the examination, your blood pressure = 100/70 mmHg and its
normal. Please keep your health, ask your husband to help your work at home

P = Okay, Maam. Ill tell my husband and my family about the information that you
gave to me

M = Thank you, Miss. Dont forget to ask your husband or your family to
accompanying you to come here on the next visit

P = Yes Maam. Thank you very much for your time and all of your information

M = Youre welcome, Miss. Be careful on the way

P = Thank you, Maam. Assalamualaikum

M = Waalaikumussalam
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