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Cover letter

1929 Osmer Ave SW

Wyoming, Michigan, 49509

October 19, 2017

Employer's name
Military Police Chief
United States Navy
Street address
City, State, Zipcode

Due to my passion in the military and weaponry, my thought is to join. The

position I am currently requesting is a military police officer because they uphold the law
within our armed forces. Knowing the duty that may have to be done such as long hours
and protecting important cargo. From learning about this position on my own but was
given info on it from my father and his friends.
My background is that I worked at Mcdonalds restaurant for over a year and that
I had worked at a concession stand for around 3 years. This experience has given me a
good chance to develope a way to work in a high stress environment due to the fact its
a busy a place. The reason for this is because of the high stress and the high speed of
service and kitchen has when in a rush. really dont have many background on this
type of position except some basic knowledge on federal law and also willing to learn
skills required for this position.
My hope is that you take in my account of my fast food restaurant
experience.Also having experience with firearms such as high powered rifles and
handguns. Lastly knowing some of the federal laws used in the coast guard.


Ethan Velthouse