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and TekScroll update information.

Your textbook, The Cambridge Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, comes with a CD
that includes several pdf documents and the TekScroll program.

Due to changes in the DTS Hebrew vocabulary requirements, we have rearranged
the vocabulary lists and fully updated the Workbook, Answer Key, and TekScroll.
You can still use the paradigm related documents on the CD but get the New
Workbook, Answer Key and TekScroll1.99 from the course website.

TekScroll includes four main components: Grammar Illustrations, Practice
Readings, Practice Parsing, and a Vocabulary study program.
TekScroll 1.99 comes in a PC format and a Mac format, both as zip files. If you are
using a Mac, your preferences need to be set to "Allow applications downloaded
from: Anywhere" before you download and unzip the file. Otherwise your Mac may
tell you that the program is "broken," when all they really mean is that it didn't
come from Mac's App store. You can check your setting in System Preferences under
the Security and Privacy settings. If you have a PC, there shouldnt be any extra
Besides the changes in content, TekScroll 1.99 has some additional functions that
are not in the original version. The arrow keys and space bar function for the "next,"
"previous," and "random" buttons in the practice and vocabulary sections. When
Practice Readings and Parsings are combined in the same drill, the UP and DOWN
arrows move through the translations, while the RIGHT and LEFT arrows move you
through the parsings.
The updated TekScroll 1.99 is for our class only and is not licensed to be
distributed to anyone who is not a student in my classes or who has not purchased
the Cambridge textbook.

New Vocabulary lists.
We will not use the vocabulary lists that are in the textbook. The new lists are in
the new TekScroll update and also in a pdf available on the course website. (The
printable vocab cards on the books CD are not in the new order.)