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Nycollette Helms
I am determined to incorporate ethics and equality into every aspect of the
workplace, and am driven to find the intersection between psychological
research and innovation. SKILLS
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (June 2016 May 2019)
Computer Literacy
Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Social Sciences Concentration
Member of the Honors College Innovation in Honors Program POS Systems
Deans List every semester Interpersonal Abilities
4.0 GPA
Member of Psi Chi, the international psychology honors society Communication
Member of the UTC chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Sexism, Workplace, and Gender Lab Research Assistant
Tennessee Scholar
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (September 2016 Present)
Industrial Organization psychology lab focused on selection, ethics, and equality in completed over 80 hours of
the workplace community service
Educated on how to use an eye tracker, which involved creating studies through the
Graduated Salutatorian
software, collecting data from participants, and analyzing eye tracker data
Worked with over 150 participants, both in person and through online surveys 4.0 GPA including dual
Researched background information to support the studies, created necessary enrollment classes
materials, designed surveys using Qualtrics software, analyzed data and modified Received service award
materials based on the information from the data, conducted studies with
participants, and helped write the research paper for the study from State Representative
Bill Harmon for
Buckle Denim Specialist/Team Member outstanding work with the
Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga, TN (March 2016 June 2016)
Maximized sales of slow moving or new products through key merchandizing League of Extraordinary
Provided detailed and impeccable customer service that focused on upselling via one Teens and the Imagination
on one styling sessions Library
Proactively provided guests with polished looks to instill guests with confidence in
my ability to style them
Learned how to assess the styles and needs of guests during introductions in order to
provide them with merchandise that fit their preferences
Assisted the store in meeting multiple sales goals

Various Volunteer Work

Chattanooga, TN area and Waco, TX (2011 Present)
Worked with the League of Extraordinary Teens through and the Imagination
Library to give children 5 and younger free books; Marion County enrolled 75% of
eligible children in this program while I was a team member
Brought in the most donations for hurricane Sandy victims through the local chapter
of the National Beta Club; raised over $500
Tutored inner city elementary school children with Estella Maxey, an honors college
organization at Baylor University