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(Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])

Name: Mohamad Rahimi Bin Rosli Topic: Internet Crimes

Matric number: 2017282408 Group: EE2413C

This exercise requires you to provide an outline for your informative speech by filling in the
following template.

The outline of your speech should include :

description and analysis of chart(s) and/or graph(s),
conclusion and recommendation.

In this exercise, you need to choose at least one chart(s) and/or graph(s) related to your topic.
Describe the important data (facts and figures) and the salient features of the data from the chosen
chart(s) and/or graph(s). You are also required to choose at least one article related to your topic.
Select relevant information from the chosen article(s) to provide some supporting information for
the data.

Introduce topic The seriousness of cyber crime affect communities and nation.

Credibility Anonymous is a group of activist and hacktivist entities. They started

their operation since 2004, the 4chan raid and launching DDoS

attacks on several websites in 2008 and 2010.

Background of topic For the last six years, an average 300, 000 complaints and 1.33

billion dollars these victim losses through cyber fraud.

Central Idea Internet crimes have become one of the most concerned issue

throughout the global. Therefore, people must be inform to be

careful and use the world wide web for a good purpose while

maintaining a secure privacy of ones personal details.

(Describing chart[s] and/or graph[s])
Description of data 1. the highest percentage of internet usage in 2016 is visiting

social network at 56%

2. almost half of Malaysian use internet for streaming online

videos which is 49%

Updated: 11 Sept 2017

3. the least function of internet for Malaysian is purchasing

products and services at 3% only.

4. 25% percent use internet for checking emails and message.

5. Year 2014 and 2016 recorded the same data of identity theft.

The complaints went up to 13% in 2014, rise by 3% in 2015

and dropped again by 3% in 2016.

6. Over a million people filing complaints on identity fraud. The

highest was in year 2014 which is 60%.

Analysis of data 1. Majority of people in Malaysia own smartphones and

gadgets which makes them easy to access social networks

as a communicating platform and socializing

2. During leisure or free time, people occasionally watch online

videos. Most popular websites are youtube, dailymotion etc

3. Because of varieties of shops available in this country,

citizens most likely buy products by walk in into the shop.

4. Emails can be used as a medium for learning and education

as well as connecting peoples.

5. Internet criminals and hackers most likely stole personal

details through careless protection by careless user.

6. A victim can be manipulate by frauds who have their

personal information. Most likely, bank accounts and

financial status are their common interest.

Conclusion Internet is a powerful item that can be used for good or bad purpose.

Internet users should be responsible and think before doing

something especially when involving online network.

Recommendation Internet must be used for education, work, communication etc. to

prevent misused of internet, the first step always begin at ourselves.

Updated: 11 Sept 2017

Statistics of Internet Activities in Malaysia

Graph 1 : Percentage of internet activities among Malaysian citizens in 2016

Statistics of Identity Theft And Fraud Complaints from 2013 to 2016

Graph 2 : Percentage of identity theft and fraud complaints from 2013 to 2016

Updated: 11 Sept 2017