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James Hastings also asserts that in times of great stress, or pleadings, the Northern Arabs used

the god-form, FHLH, which meant, "so, O Allah." The goddess form used just as often was
FHLT which meant, "so, O Allat." This shows that Allah was well established in North Arabia
and that he had a consort, or lady friend of high esteem, named Allat. Hastings also reports that
ILAHA was used for the sun god. This shows that Allah was the sun god figure and Allat was
the moon goddess, which again debunks the recent notion that Allah was a seventh-century solar
deity in Mecca. (FOOTNOTE 77: 60 / 248 / 484)

Allat was the supreme goddess of Arabia, and the Bedouin Arabs thought of the three goddesses
as the daughters of Allah. (FOOTNOTE 22: 111 / 499 / 307; 163 / 6 / 1341; 65 / 98-100 / 20-21)
Allat was based in Taif near Mecca, and she was worshipped as a stone pillar around which the
Arab women had to run naked as a phallic worship ceremony. Allat's history went back to
Babylon where she was the patroness of Hell. (FOOTNOTE 23: 174 / 338-340 / 897-898; 173 /
60 / 993) It is interesting to read verses 21-23 in the above text. Muhammed did not clearly state
that these ladies were totally pagan. He even indicates that Allah gives them "guidance," so they
must have existed as real supernatural beings in Muhammed's mind, though they were pagan

This is the way the "perfect" prophet, Muhammed, got revelation. Now consider the following
cover stories given to him by Allah to explain the "Satanic Verses:"

Koran, Sura 16, verse 103, When we change one verse for another, and Allah knoweth best
what he revealeth, they (Christians and Jews) say, "Thou art only a fabricator (how true)."
Nay! but most of them have no knowledge.

Muhammed was clearly covering for his blunder in the "Satanic Verses." He resorted to the
practice common to all Gurus, he called his detractors stupid, as if that answered the question.
But there's more:

Koran, Sura 22, verses 50-52, But those who strive to invalidate our signs (Al Koran) shall
be inmates of Hell. We (Allah?!) (FOOTNOTE 24: Verrrry interesting! It is peculiar that all
through the Koran Allah speaks of himself as "we" even though Muhammed assures us that
Allah is not more than one person. Who is the "we?" Does Allah have a partner after all? Please
remember this when you get to the discussion of Allat.) have not sent any apostle or prophet
before thee, among whose desires Satan injected not some wrong desire, but God shall
bring to naught that which Satan had suggested. Thus shall Allah affirm his revelations,
for Allah is knowing, wise! That he may make that which Satan hath injected, a trial to
those in whose hearts is a disease, and whose hearts are hardened-- Verily, the wicked are
in a far-gone severance from the truth!

This is an amazing admission indeed. Muhammed claims that every prophet before him was
deceived by Satan at least once, and Allah is the one who sponsored this confusion. Later, Allah
will clear up the errors for us. Since Muhammed claimed that Jesus Christ was only a prophet,
this claim makes Jesus also able to speak Satan's words-- Blasphemy! Muhammed has some
serious questions to answer:
1. What assurance do we have from Allah that he corrected, before Muhammed died, all of the
mistakes which he, Allah, purposely planted in the Koran?

2. If these Satanic additions are allowed by Allah as snares for the unbelieving (vs 52), then how
is it that a believing Muslim can be instructed by these Satanic errors?

3. Based upon the above verses, why didn't Muhammed leave the "Satanic Verses" in the Koran
to confuse the unbelievers and instruct the Muslims? Why delete them?

Now, it is clear that the quotes above from Al Koran, and the "Satanic Verses" fiasco, are in
direct contradiction with the Koran elsewhere. I use the translation given by Imam Mohamad
Jawad Chirri of The Islamic Center of America (FOOTNOTE 25: Inquiries about Islam-- Write
Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri, Islamic Center of America, Detroit, MI. 1965, 20 / 111 / shelf.):

Koran, Sura 44:41-42, It (the Koran) is an invincible book. Falsehood does not invade it
neither from before it nor from behind it, a revelation from a Mighty, Praised One.

So, the Koran indicates that the "Satanic Verses" event should have never happened, but
Muhammed made it very clear that he had to change verses, and that Satan is permitted by Allah
to put errors into Al Koran.

we are grateful to Ahmed Deedat who has helped us identify Allah by admitting that "ILAH" is
the root name for Allah. The complete name of Allah before it is contracted to the shorter form,
is "AL-ILAH." (FOOTNOTE 3: 65 / 8 / 185) In Arabic, "ILAH" is the masculine root word for
Allah, or "god." Also, on the famale side, "AL-ILAT" is the feminine resulting in Allat.

The "AL" on the front of Al-ILAH is simply the definite article "the." (FOOTNOTE 4: 163 / 5-6
/ 1341, Islamic Propagation Center Int. Durban, S. Africa) AL-ILAH and AL-ILLAT are the root
forms of the two names, Allah and Allat, from ancient Sumer where they were names of the god
and goddess. Allat is the goddess referred to in the "Satanic Verses" in Al-Koran, Sura 53:19-23.

The evolving monotheism of Mecca was vague as to Allah's role, so Muhammed had very little
trouble tailoring his new hybrid religion to their tastes. (FOOTNOTE : 168 / 25-26 / 72-736)
The Satanic Verses allowed the Meccans to keep Allat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, which we discussed
previously. This helped to wean the Meccans off of their pantheon slowly, leaving them their
three favorite goddesses until Allah's monotheism could be enforced later by the sword.
(FOOTNOTE 7: 111 / 499 / 307) At that point Muhammed revised Sura 53 to exclude the three
goddesses, and Allah was left standing alone, the monotheistic heir to the estate. Please
understand that when I speak of Allah as a real being, it is not because I believe he is one. It
simply makes the story more interesting. Santa Claus is also spoken of as though he were real.

It would be well for some recent scholars to check these facts out better before writing that Allah
is a seventh century moon god from Mecca. The high god is solar and phallic. D. Nielson also
blundered when he separated Allah, in North Arabia, from LIL, in South Arabia. Recent author,
Dr. Robert Morey, took the lead of Nielson, and has led thousands of Christians astray with his
"Allah is the moon god" nonsense.

Neither Allah not LIL are moon gods. Wadd was the Arab moon god in Saba in south Arabia,
and finding a masculine moon deity is a rare exception anywhere in world history. Also, Wadd
never impacted Mecca, since most of Mecca's influences came from the north, Allah had arrived
in Mecca well ahead of Wadd's tenure in Saba. Allah had much higher power in the Middle East,
and this restrained Wadd to Saba. In Mecca, and in Muhammed's day, Allat was the moon
goddess, as was Ashtart in South Arabia or Saba. Even the goddress Allat took the office of
moon deity away from Wadd who languished and fell into disuse with Muhammed's era. So,
Allah was a solar deity, not the moon god. (FOOTNOTE 35: Two above paragraphs: 89 / 61-62
/ 380; 203 / 124-125 / 610; 109 / 750 / 793; 71 / 168-169 / 858, and much more for the asking.)

This shows the absolute uniqueness of Elohim. Both pagan Jews in recent times, and the ancient
Sumerians wanted their god to have a wife / goddess, and it shows that Enlil and Ninlil, along
with Lilith, are the founders of very large family. You see, the gods and goddesses had children
who carried on the family name of LIL. Pabilsag Son of Enlil and husband of Ninisina. God of
the city of Larag. Astronomically his is the constellation we know as Sagittarius.

This evolution of LIL makes mockery of the Mullahs who say Allah had no son. Muhammed
used genderized language devices in giving deity to masculine Allah and feminine Allat (Sura
53-- Satanic verses). The Mullahs cannot understand Elohim's godhead, since they think the
masculine calls for sexuality, a female partner, and copulation. Their small understanding colors
their theology, and Allah becomes sexually masculine. (Joseph Smith of the Mormons shared
this delusion.)

After the confusion of the languages at the tower of Babel, many different names for the god /
goddess came into the cuneiform inscriptions of Shinar. As Dumuzi, circa 3000 BC, Nimrod
carried on a sexually filthy relationship with Inanna, who is Semiramis renamed. The translation
of the cuneiform description of their royal relationship is unprintable. Pornography had an early
birth in Shinar and Sumer, and we have quite a way to go to catch up with the Sumerians.
(FOOTNOTE 44: 52 / 126-125 / 913)

Inanna was the "divine prostitute" with whom Dumuzi had sexual relations to insure a good
harvest in earth. Later Inanna was tricked into visiting the underworld by Ereshkigal, goddess-
regent of hell, where Inanna was trapped and raped by the lesbian underworld goddess.
Ereshkigal was later named Allat in the Babylonian version of this story, and Muhammed, in the
"Satanic verses" in Sura 53, suggested that the first Muslims could pray to her. It is curious that
we too have our prostitute-lesbian consorts to our rulers just as they did long ago, but at least the
Christian salt of the earth now inhibits them from flaunting it as sacred. (FOOTNOTE 45: 2 /
138-139 / 919 These two footnotes can be accompanied by massive proofs to those requesting it.
This is true of almost every entry in the book, but there is not room for all of the proof texting to
be listed.)

This was Nimrod's theology in embryo reinstated right after the tower of Babel! You can see
why Babel was hated by God from the beginning, and this is why God will soon wipe out all
vestiges of that filthy city, according to Jeremiah 50-51. Now, it is always helpful to elect a high
god. This is especially appropriate when the man-god, in this case Nimrod, began to age and lose
his youthful appeal. So the Hamitic impostor came up with not only a high god, but he also came
up with a story of origins which secured him a place of permanent honor and gave his mamma,
Semiramis, a great future.

As we saw above, after the tower of Babel, the Post-Shinar society of Nimrod was known as
Sumer. In their Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerians claimed that Gilgamesh ruled Erech, a city
planted by Nimrod. (FOOTNOTE 46: 136 / 922-923 / 832) Nimrod was Gilgamesh, and
Nimrod's mother, Semiramis, was elsewhere called Ishtar. She was the original "Queen of
Heaven" after whom the Roman Catholic Church named their counterfeit Mary. This was the old
primal cult which came to Rome from Sumer.

In Jawf, in the same area and time frame, the feminine form for Allah is found commonly as in
Ham'illat (ILAT is the goddess). Also, in inscriptions near oases, Allah and Allat (sometimes
ILAT) appear with no descriptive attachments, either in appeals for help in travel, or as part of
the signature of the suppliant (like Abdallah-- IL root in name!). What does this mean? This
means that Allah, alias IL, shared the reverence of the ancient Sumerians, circa 3000 BC, and the
northern Arab tribes in 500 BC. Survival time-- 2500 years. (FOOTNOTE 56: 172 / 79,126-127
/ 245,253b Winnett has done some of the best and most recent work in inscription interpretation.)

This is not a pretty sight to the Muslim reader because it clearly shows that Allah descended
from the original pagan god, Enlil, after the tower of Babel. The reason we can be sure of the
connection between Babel (or Sumer) and Mecca is that Enlil, whose LIL root name would not
go away, survived for 2500 years to be included in Northern Arabia in the Kaaba.

Muhammed cleansed the Kaaba of 360 pagan idols and gods, but he retained the resident god of
choice, Al-ILAH, or Allah. If he was extending the heritage of EL or Elohim into the world, as
he claimed he was, then why didn't Muhammed use one of the clearly biblical names extant in
the Bible AND right there in Arabia? The report from Muhammed himself is that a picture of
Mary and Jesus was painted on the inside of the Kaaba. Muhammed ignored this and opted for
Allah. In fact, Allah and Elohim are mutually exclusive, so Allah is a pagan counterfeit. It is
highly damning to Islam that Muhammed, having been exposed to Jehovah by Jews in Arabia,
and having been introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by his uncle Waraqa, ignored the
paintings of Jesus and Mary in the Kaaba and opted for a Sumerian cast away god.

The other part of this picture, which must cause the Muslim reader to tremble, is this: Allah had a
wife. Her name was Allat (contracted from Al'ilat), and she survived right up to the day of
Muhammed, for she was the goddess of choice in Taif and one of Muhammed's "swans" of the
"Satanic verses" in Al-Koran, Sura 53. Allat came along the trade routes with Allah not only in
the inscriptions in stone. Allat and Allah came together, stayed in power with equal force for at
least a thousand years in Mecca, and they were accepted by Muhammed. Allah was retained in
the Kaaba, and Allat was brought into the Islamic pantheon in Sura 53. Her brief tenure as ruling
goddess was damning proof that Islam is a pagan religion.

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