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OXFORD ETSRESSTIED \ MOT INTERNATIONAL aT E EME Talccae-Kead hom te heed See ne Ree Mra neous general English with business situations, making it the perfect course for adult professional learners who poe none ecce i? fore ee eee A Seed eee o coord Pere acer Lars pCYNaatt ECT ae Peete on Doren cetoeneS aie Student’s Book Rima cae teu MLO armor rao Guys See ya z Festool OXFORD Peat ee INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS Student’s Book Pre-Intermediate Liz Taylor OXFORD. {nveiaatonbyponmongweranges ses ‘Geers angen che a ats Nonna tering {rece pee ior un tem pe want apoite ‘Ste op tte shore Rs Dre. ‘ays natn hi ein ni in wn Siaedtaneny Hordiesy rape eee Beran rn ues ezimgeen rie ‘tomers foray naa ‘Shire! tn pests Pet, esr at pee Np tng [evs rane eh apace ona a Sine pepo ssa Ra sts om bmg i en sty psn one “Stoners th ‘oe tan ir prank Gosh pp 7 ‘Gran oes an somone Semen eros Hay opie ‘tie Yn kyr omg ‘ie cai co ee, ‘Gounnadtmagson Gyn fan foes sens ‘Sonn pat © cas ‘cinnamon Osa re ha Se ‘Sorter te oats Pep eo eae dee cay er Pe eee See eee ne omer BS pear enone areas See ieee mene Eiaeitieeetetree eran, Siena oe ioevenpamemencireeaece isorirpereencerenees Re ba rot ie ne hbase (cian se mes 9 ‘ne ttn cone er og yp cme {pine segs 1 om suhag ae ey ‘Aish per emi et Chai ng ii ence {nr Cmtnn oe dee ‘onic int cme are Welcome tolnternational Express Pre-Intermediate Interactive Edition Introduction Language focus Wordpower Skills focus Focus on functions Review units Listening scripts and Answer key Pocket Book ‘MuttifoM Workbook “There are ewelve wit and thre review units inthis hook. Each unit as four main pars Language focus, Wordpower, Skil focus, andl Focus on functions, ‘The unit begins with an “agenda. This gives you the language contents of cach uni Fist you learn new grammar revise grammar you studied before You listen to a dialogue or read a text which resents the grammar ina ellie situation. ‘Then you study example of the grammac to understand how to use it correct, You thnk about how the gramme works and you complete the rales. Practice You use the grammar in deen practice situations: sometimes in speaking activities, sometimes in writing exercises The exerts help you to kan fe Be language and sei with coabdence. You do some ofthe pratice actives with, smother student ot ina group. Pronunciation “These exercises help you with promunciation problems You listen to examples and practise the correct pronunciation Inthe second pat of the unit you lear new vocabulary. You also learn ways to ‘onganiae and remember useful words and phases In the thd part of each unt you improve you listening, speaking, and reading skills. You listen ro inervews of read longer texts and you dust topics in pais ‘or groups, You als practise wring In he last pare of each uni you lee the phrases you nse foe socializing with people a work or outside work. You alo lear she phrases you ned for telephoning in English, There ae thee evew wns. You choose what to revise ad complet the review cexerises You can use theslf-check boxes ta check yor lenin “The scripts of alte listening material and the answers ro the exercnes are atthe hack ofthe Stadenr’s Book. You can study these afer the lesson, Ina pocket at che back ofthe International Express Student's Book there ie a separate reference hook with useful language from the Students Book, You can ‘we the Pocker Book in your lessons and take it with you when you travel Ie has {Grammar scion, with grammar tables and summaries foreach wits a Focus ‘0 fntions section, wich summary of al he phrases fr socializing and telephoning: and other useful information and reference materia ‘The atached MuliROM has selection of texts fom the Sader’ Book These are linked w an interactive wordbank, These are also dictation activities and ptice activites forthe Language fous and Foeus on functions sections. “There isan Imernatonal Express Workbook which has extra exercises on grammes vocabulary and nal English, has Stdea's CD Pronunciation and social English exerci or further practice Good luck with learning English. We hope you enjoy using International Express! Contents Language fos Werdpower Sits focus Foe on etions Be hemes Wh aie = Pest SEaeishiatheWoHM) + Inroducion, * Srrequency air ination le grein ad sto | Eun ant +i dbp: + Maing contr Mesh groups Spore and T+ Welcoming visitor les le = Verb groups cena seatl Soa. Hote fe * Saying a ote {Words and symbols Review Unit A po + Mass and count nuts: slay, Food fle Slowdown and * Ata resaurane alot ofl of china, + Word groups cenoy He Slates fe Pronuncttion: word tres P56 + Comparative and soperave » Airtavelle* Transformations» Making actives + Weed groups seangencrs + Pronunciation: he sour ia words and sentences Larosa foe ordpower ___slisony Fu on unaons SPSinpeendecnPelet | «Tends fle [eMebetampanes. = Opto ant Sik "Rtgoee ot EN | were Romine ong nd weak" ol : Neng tod Sms oe a hr Seg Sopcee and hasn't, (0! - fe = Descriptions fle viata Using csionary sand word baling = Basins hescines Oilers andreas fe + Word fies and calloeation| ‘Word ses + reposition of Asking for plate Ble inferation + Prepositon diagrams 900 = 2d Contin Lay descrpon Ble = Ene sees + Sci esponss “Pronunciation: contractions in I Topic groupeand vein tnd 2nd Condisona enencescolicnions = M2 + Passives: Pret Sinple, Pst Deprone fle» Stange hit tae = Thanking for Simple, Present Perf, Future Word bulding hospitality « Pronanestion inking + Saying odie Review Unit C 9.120 a Listening seripe 9126 z “answer key p38 UN IT1 Treas i First meetings aoe © Look athe pictues, What do you think happens at Vinexpo? © Whatinformston do te basnes cand give you? Pera Oca Wane Dane art ames Turner wee pert @ 14 Robero introduces Monique to JmesatVinespo, Linen othe thre conversions, Answer the ques, Dialogue t Dialogues 1 Does Jamesknow Monique? $ Why dos Jes want to meet, 2 Whatdoes Moniguesayto Monique ler Jometand whaviaiseepy? 6 When do they arrange ro meet? Dialogue 2 3 Why is Monique at Vinexpo? 4 What docs she ask James? @ 12 Listen othe conversation between Monique and Jamesin aba Underline the core ane, Example What does Janes oer Monge He offre ber ac of cfc sofred winealasaf 1 What ds James do when he Heaends ales unfree goer tothe wine regions! inveriewspeoplelpves preettions 2 How ate docs James travel Heteavels totaly once a yentwice roltaly? yeaa othe times yest, 3 Wheredoes Moniquelive? Sh vesin LondaiParyRome. Present Simple Read the examples, Complete the grammars, Positive Negative © Thave a teanslation busines Ton work for Wine Dine magazine > Heishetives ia London James doce port wines. We bo writes on wie. + The wine producers donapeak French, Questions Answers bo Rober ana janes utally vst Yes te do, Vinexpo? 1 What do James and Robie write about? & Wheredoes Monge line? © Docs Role fen travel o Francs? © They write abou wine Skelvesin London, Yo, hedoes Nace don't donot, does © Usethe Lyou/we/they he/she/it make the pone, ute infin form, # Tomake he negative, we donot (don a infinitive, ‘+ Tomakerhenegitve se + Tome the geome fs The posve fon always ends in [docs + iain, hehe iabnisee | | | | How do wemake questions nd sheet answersin the Preset Simple! ‘Complete te setenes sing the const form af the verbs in backers Example Rober ine (export)Rebero exports wine 1 Roberto on wine. (ws 2 Manigue ie (eigen) 3. Roberto and James always ler oF mporsn peopl in the wine basinessatVinexpo (ne 4 Monigae in France. (nove) $Me allan wine producers French (nor speak 6 Jamesoften o Fance and aly ave ‘iit the correct question word for exch pic When? Howofen? Which? What?” Where? Who? 1 3 5 What 4 6 Wee the quenions fo these answers Use the question word in bra Example He works for Wine & Dine magazin, (Which?) Which magasine does be wor for 1 They tveiaDian Whee?) 2 Hegoestherethus afc timesa ea. (How oft 8 They metat Vino Where?) 4 She visi bein ae When?) 5 Theymeeimparuntoepe st Veep, (Who! 6 He wie shor ie (What?) | Pronunciation 1 12 Listentothe example. Wesay the dostoneindferenr wave Do youspeak lain? ‘Which guage do you tak? 2 @ 14 Listen tothe questions. Wetea = o&b 3. @ 14 Listen again and pen 4 Wee up oe down. + Inquestons that begin with doves, the voice oer a theend * Inquestons har begin wih question words the oie goes atthe end © Workin pir Practise aking and answering questions Example Jamesinoe orimagaine? oes James work fara magazine? Yes e does. 1 Monigulpesalan? 2 Wherishetwork? 6 Jamesivein kay? 7 heflovehis wo? 3 Janes and Robetotwritelabout wine? 8 JamefgofFrance and ta? 4 Jameswork fol Wine & Dine? $5. Robertoinow/Monique? 9. WhereMonique’s pareasive? 10 shotravelari? © Workin Growp A or Group ‘Group A Read the Editor’ eter and wrt ive questions ‘Group B Read the Visio rofl and wree Fe uesons S a Editor's letter Duncan Ross ator and pubioner ‘elcome bac! Vinexpo opens his week for another mecingofoldandnew Headsinthe wineandspints brsnes, Ths isa spec etion of ou magazine so Inform you of Vinespe een. Fist we want 0 ‘auoduce James Tomer ames works fom” Oot London fice ad specazes im French sn Tan nes He wassto wea book abot ean wines een wal ale wine roducng counties, in Europe and interviews the key people in out James enivs photography and cooking; he likes French cine a be plays oi and ens when he has time beneen busines tps. Come and meet, James and all of gr on Stand 49 and ener ob competion, Visitor profile ‘Monique Bresson One ofthe special guess ofthe Vinexpo organizers this year Monigue reson. She i ere as an [sterpeter and transiaor fr oat Tala collages sndyou can meet erom Stand 106 Ms Beson re 2 eanlason agency with ofr in London, Pai, tad Rome ‘She ives i London but eonmates ‘gully to Pas She knows let abou the wine Disney because her patents have a vineyard near Dijon. Her father comes fom Hungary and she speais Hungarian and. four other Euopean ‘ng tthe weekense. @ Read :he other ex andaniver the oer group questions. © Workin pies Ask and answer thse questions about her students, Examples Docs Marco speak Fronch? Ys, be doe. Where dace belne? Helnes bth city cote Frequency adverbs Read these examples and comphae the grammar fs Timalways ery busy. + They never vic * Helancamuallylare, + dont always get any 1 Wewrteword ike ahaslunafuver afer the verb to bebut the verbs. + Weuwally drive so werk © Theyreneveren tne © ewe che sentence adding fequency adver ro make tre vente [Add thre more enences abou you daly rine 1 Igeeupbefore Sam, 2 Myteachergossto bed afer ne 3 drive work, 5 My fiend wes computer. 6 speak Eglich o cole. 7 My boas travels on busines, a 8 Weare cary for English cles © workin pies. Ask yourparner about hisher ie. tn the Boxes bony tok the adverbs ie ses. Add to more gusto. Example Stent A How often do you got. dco? Student B Sometines see) AA) 2) OX) RB How orten do you... never rarely sometim 1 playasportatweekends? came j 2 goto thetheatre? 3 eatatarestaurant? 4 travel by plane? 5 gooutwith fiends? 6 visit museums? 7 walkin the country? 4 read a newspaper? 9 — 10 © Yourparneisa visor ae Vinesp. Weeea shor Visitor prole shout | iver forthe Wine > Dine Vinespo Special aon, axing the infoetation athe Leer rv uur @ 9 Personal information file. Learning vocabulary ‘Organizing vocabulary Ieiseasert lea and remember woes they arein groups. Herearesome ‘ways of orang vocabulary, Wordsroups 1 Addehreemore words to each topic group. ‘work toe remy coleague snorprtor ‘er 2 Complete the vr grou. “phonecall Trealane 3. Woe the ime expresions inthe ox in the corse grou. 2001 10am, Twesaymoring midday July the aferoon o a = Word maps |Add mote vocabulary 9 complete the word map, © Weed pais Match the word shit go together: eas mt nome feske meeting ao ‘visor tend aj © opposes Wht the opposite word cheap ll cold ad ditfcue ——___—haedworking Recording meaning lesa good idea wo write vocabulary that is usefl eo youn vocabulary ‘notebook or on ads with information o lp you remember the meaning tnd promunciaco, (Read these examples of way record messing. Write the worn sentence show its meaning earn ~ Top Fecttabbers earn a fet of money. Wee an explanation in English salary ~ the money you yet For the work you do ‘Wie the tanlason veasy - couyado Ad sess mks Enptynent ‘Wate the opposite word hhelphab ~ athelpfue lenife and Fork © Werkin pura Record she meaning ofthe words in the bot Use sme ofthe Hess in Testine unemploysd_qulet_focommure suease Asking forty Pactra te Ciapliettedenel 9) Weetie teaat Con ueee ae aaa” + eee ne 1 Coudiyariact sacs ple? + Conon apt pine urs @ a English in the world [Focus.on functions) © Look atthe is ofthe wosks en mos important lngusges. The ming © Workin pres. Anower the ques Iangunges are Arabi, German, panes, Resin and Spanish, Where do they go the i Introductions, greetings, and goodbyes 1 When do people in your county shake hands 2 Whatdo yes in English when you don't hear ‘Theworkd'stop ten languages Spoken as first language by person's name? 1 Mandarin Chinese 3 When do you say Good moming/ Good aleroon! 2 Engl Good evenongood might? 3 266m @ Looks the iroducions and seeing from three convert 4 Hind the prses peopl se when they mec scone fo th fst me Hel ating Uke indie yo 7 tena Moy nisin mlm... -Pesadromeryon : 15 How dyonde? Good serous > 12m 2. Niceraseeyoussain wo 21m @ 9 15 Linen and ches the missing langues, How ied (eH Me) tJ (ef © 0 25 tiscnopainand compete numbers of ese st nn en © @ 17 Lisenso serine canveraions. Lok a @ ad ick the TPs iades FAN © orev ny ce tares hoses you hee A80% 6% cbr dlaby cu Fu (©) Mach he phrases wih the corer esponse, © Dorkeanirin pres The answers sein @, ‘Whar do you know about English? How are you? — Yes the esse mest jou How do vou do? rhe Then you masta me Lg Very wel hak you And you? 1 Morethan 41 pope spent ax a second ofrcgn language. Plscealne oes, How dover >2 Over “22 ofthe information nthe ere isn English Hows ie? Pleased meet 04 00 3 ofthe people who use he Internet commanicite in Engh Hello, areyou Rober? otto had, but very bus 4 boul he population of the European Union speaks English © @ 19 Monique and Jamessay goodbye athe aiepor afer Vinexpo Listen 5 £ ofthe peopl inthe Earopcan Union who dont peak English a to theisconveration and ick) the phrases you her irstlanguage ik i the most mporeant language to ear, Nicetosee you again, eal enjoyed meting yo 10, 6 Theestimated numb of people inthe worl! who are earning English at Tams go no Have god rip back. - Than you sn there 0 you © @ 16 Livensoanintgview with language exper about El and chek your answers to edt seng you. hope see you again @ _Youarein he win busines and you ae a Vinexpo. Choo one of these lnsines cards and desde why you area the wine a Flin yournanc in ‘he gapon the cad. {@) There are aboot 20,000 English words in Japanese toy, Can you sy which English wordsthese Japanese words come from? Food and dik barbara, hii, bi, se \Commenication rai, teri ftknsu iimeere ‘jpansTALXK | pexeswe 708 FIA Publications: © Werkingoer | estima | eee ret = 1 Which gh wards do you weinyout lng Think abot et Boe | serena is =e tipi fo exanp fod and dr, sommuncaton, teat leeere joe | Sade | Sete activities. Make alist, “Sm 28H | aces ) wate 2 Present your lithe dss vier ORO? | storm, aaa esti ia ©) Diss your opinions 1 Why doyouthinkthere ae lot of English word in ober languages 2 Thejowmann ofan eepete Eaihror © ilk sud naan ch pein he po ret ‘What do you think? Areyou foro agains the us of Engl sn your somone you know: Practise inrodocing people and saying goodbye iogowe? 2 @ unr ET UNIT 2 ja The world of work Wot Yet gros GATED 69.21 Lien sothreeexeracts from interviews for business magazine, (Complete the information about the ce people Extract 1 Name. José Manuel Faria Job: es Food Daision Company: Unilever Place of work: Base Extract2 Name: Genevidve Cresset Job: Team Co-ordinator Company: Teleimages Place of work, Extract Name; Kensuke Mtarstimara Ne Prefeslebal Company: Flearolux Place of work: @® 21 Listen to theimervew extracts again, José Manuel, Geneviéve, and Kensukeall eed English er diferent avis at work, Which mtv? ‘Work in groups, Answer the question, 1 Doyouneed English for any ofthe activites you lsed in Q? 2 Make alist of meade fo ye @ 22 Listen to shee moe extras rom the ntcrviews Extract 1 1 What very big changes Unilever making to is dstebation system, inSain 2 Why Joe Mancel having lt ofmetngs with cnsukants? Extract2 1 Inwhat way is Tlimages changing? 2 Wha newsisTelkimages hoping to get soon? Whatis happening to Eltrolux sls in Japan in 1 dhe Profesional Products Division? 2 the Consumer Prot Division? © Look eth veebsin @, They areal the Present Continuous. Why? Present Simple and Present Continuous Read th examples Complete the gransmar roles ad awe the ution Present Simple usually stay therefor about week He dean speak apne © Do yournea engishinouryobe How often do yx goto international meetings? Present Continuous *We'e changing our dsebuton sem, $ “The Consumer Pret Dissent having his problem * recom ike Eetolx having problems too? * Whar changes Uaiever making? ‘Wei the Present Connon or the Preset Simple ghee NE ec eee ee ‘orale about caren ace * Tomake——___"wreamiae ing form of the veh How do we make short answers withthe Frese Continous? Cian. Pronunciation 1 @ 23 Listen:o he examples, Notice the pronunciation of do Silber Ja weak) us rong) Example 1 « DoyouworkinPatis? Yeu, oa weak) ‘a (tong) 2 @ 24 Lise oche pronunciation of do and doe inthe sentences ‘Which sound do you bear? Tick aor bThe ft one dane at snexample weak) brane) 1 Where do they Ie? ¢ 2 Does she spk English? 3 Yew she doe, 4 Whactme do weacve? - 5 Doyou often teal abroad? 6 Yeu do 8.) 24 Listen aeaio and repent he enrnive 4 When door doesis atthe end ofthe sentence, do we pronounce as theserong form or the weak form? Practice ‘Work in pais, Stade A with nother Sadens A, Student Bwih another Student 1 Read abou Kensuke Matsumura. Student Bwillskyou questions about him in He goes fo work by underground and his ure tes one and ahalrhours, He works nine hours a dav or more and usualy takes work home at weekznds He spends about fe hours a day ‘on phone calls an emails. He doesn't get much et relax but he enjoys watching T¥, and once a month he does kendo. Like & loc of managers in apan he has two weeks olay’ yor and sual tales one week nthe summer and he other che wie. Prepare questions about José Manus Faria to ak tae in ‘onthe wore below on the Present Simpl 4 How many chldrn/oué Manuel Faiyave? des 1 what lanqugerhotpeak at home? doe, ¢ What aris wifedo? 4 Wherdbt pendimos of is work ime? € Hw ated Brae Bibeo? F fbrielto Blo? sfbelietiving in Barcelona? Whatley doing is re sme? Student 8 1 Read abou Jose Manuel Fria. Student A willask you questions about Jose Mane! Faria nes with his lean 90 sn in Barcelona ‘After seven years In Spin they al speak Spans bucat home ther language s Portuguese and is wife werks asa raslator in Barcelona but every Monday he goes to Bb to vist hs company’s facory andhave meetings with people here. He Hes ving Barcelona and nhs re tne enjoys swing wth Uist nde roe Sn 2 Week Maumee? 4 How manne ¢ Hes machen on lo als end ema £ Want f Whedon onl @ Work witha deren pares Student A with Student B Ask your questions and arser jour partner uersons © Complete the arte shout Geneiéve Cres. Ue the Present Simple or Present Continuous fem ofthe erbein bracers, Genevieve Cresset slats _ “(sar work at 9am and “fosh (hn) around or7 pm The company she {cesta Ty pear EE SOC ay channels in France and other countries. About a unde people work full-time the company’s Champs: ys fice. Genevieve {not have) much ene ‘outside work but at present she igang "(word on an Important projec ~she — is acid" twrte) a hook, The book Isabout the wartime memories of two Word War I sliders They wer heres, she say's ride now |_r8ceedi (recon thei stores forthe futur. thine be) important we de in forget the enormans egurage of people te them ae @ Prepare your answerstothese questions, Whar happening in you ie exe days? AAtwork Ae thereany changes or new develonmensin your + jo care plan Ourside work Isanythng new happeningin your Samy ee sole? aking any plan for your nexthlidey? 1 Siving money fr someting imporant? + imaking any changes to yout home? © Workin pues. Askand answer the questions in @. © _Telieheclans ere things about your preercurtee stv ax ‘Work file. Verb groups. xemployment JOB DESCRIPTION Name Job title 1 Working hours, 2 Lunch 3 Phone calls 4 Meetings or discussions 5 Business trips 6 Holidays, 8 @ unir2 Describing a company lawemnower eon setigeetor Alshwasee cooker sacaum cleaner washing machine © G25 A swedish employer of esos weloming group of sos {gent her pesoaton and complete the company date ® Electrolux COMPANY DATAFILE ‘The Electrolux Group the world's largest produoerof Powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning, and outdoor use. Nationality — Head office — Started World's first vacuum cleaner — First fide cs Employs — people Sells ts products in countries Worldwide turmover: €— milion Global divisions: Consumer Durables ofsales Professional Products eset 302) enn ° Describing a company (Undecerenat | anetin» ha | compares | in Avs rom ‘sbeiiares ds hea fice isin | probes mle {19 | employs er employees (ts woskwide wove ys | 2) divisions {5} busines groups lang) wellknown bands a) spend (5%) fa evense* on R +D* (sore) fie ‘rom Lae (10% marker share in © Workin Group A orGroupB Groupa ook tthe information ‘hecompany. Uae ut Unilever Spendngent 3 Busines groupe Salt productsin Groups 2 about Unilever Fepare ashore prestaton about Ie phrases fom @, Rowerdaand ondon 18 760m 22K oftumover Food ove St ofsles Nome and Personal Care regional yous, omest eed ofc markets Unilever Unive’ wll Anown ensure brand inde ome and Personal Care Look athe information about Renal apace a shor presentation about thecompany. Use suit pass rom RENAULT Head fice Pung on R= aoe ‘TheRenaut Group Te200) © Present yourcompany 32351 poleina conse 263360 ‘utomodve-93.1hoFrevene % RENAULT The Autoratne Dion Renau, Samsung (South Kora), and Dai (Roma) 3Sslegercmparynronce tepaling cars Magane Cl, Laguna ena-Nissan Group words eh args automobile nanuactre tothe oer group. Listen to thst presentation, busines main Making contact © G9 28 James csephones Monique another day roarrange a mesg. Listen {othe phone cal and uk (/| the correct ans © 6 26 James Tamers tlephoning Monique Bresson at her London ffs, 1 The appoinementi with [sent conversation and complete the eepionamesoge Pa 2 MeMikeloe 5 MeMichelmore¥ © MeMihinore Be one ae pee Shitay VWeinestay Tele at edect tare am Company Hat Dak aio. af dleven o'clock ten o'clock — € three o'clock Number 26, ASHES. bach ih lock o lock fe 4 Hinetpone pinta, a0 8 ‘Wo20 7623 4459 shes © 0207623 3409 alr wl phone ack © Pucide ners ofthe alphaerin the core hos blow, Then prctie sayingchem, © @ 26 Livensoshecall again. Tick she phrases you hea, ‘4, Cou speak Monique Beeson pleas? ars EES Ge pre Ge Weep Talika to oniue Bsn ple io] [w]e | |e r Woveaing plas? tesinsyt | (sins) | cnintn | taing | (singe | (sin bar | sinha) 1EsJame Tore Hold he ine, plese. S)rimsory shebina meeting ‘mata sbes bury at the moment | | CCanyoutakea mestage} Cantakeamesage Voy @ Could you ae hero cll me © Workin pies spell your name andthe names of two people in your fly ‘oyourparnee Your partner writes down the amex, Check the spel © Workin Pcie stineepone oneraon ie pas fom meee ‘Then change roles and practise the conversation ain, © Look acehese ways of saying telephone numbers, oat cater six four four ve sine six double Foe Sve nine ‘hhoneseven tree one(UK) _ tro one seven three one (USA) | Asko speakto Moniaue Bisson, -Giveyournamesnscompeny. © Prac ayng these umber. $6767 293401 334477 220499 02081123665 @ Workin pars Choos one of he ter headings below or your own company seer heading Askand answer guons abou yous compari pat a Examples Whats de mune of yor ampangy? Gan you spel tot please? eer Sey thankyou ana goodbye. Cou on tle our fa umber please? © G27 James phones Monique ater i, l/l {taco ad comple honest Fea Beil aor | eis sn idcape Pn amie ricomoae | reba dpe res 1} Gin —sqea’ Satan 946 washes " Monge Beson pas? Riel’ Lycans | Sitgggene met seong ey wemnCelgod ak | f jie ames Tame, (Bvt the tine (home rings! Monique? [tha fre Tare for yon alec 75 Id, 28006 Sorpaacon unir2 @ 25 UNITS Challenges © ead ihe inormaton about he Eden Project, The. Eden-P¥Bectshols the importance of ‘plants anc iow we degendi on them fon on cea jong, With dantrafiorest tees anda 25metre Inshvwatefall It has plants end produets trom The Amazon,» West Aca, malaysia, and cesnia Bley) U Loy) né Warm Tempéfete Blotne has plants trom three ctferentareasofthe world te same climate: South Afies, the Mecterranearyanc Calorie. There tre-algoolve groves) sraneyines and orange andiemon trees. Te Rootes tome outside hs plants fom, Che he eles, Auselas ats Cnr Woskg ofertl estore platsandtner 2 food eden ar conseucton eo © G21 Listentoan imerview with Tm Si the man who ret had sheen ih Eden Pose, Cone the dale Eden Project datafile 1 Treideaofthe Ecenfojectbesanwinacisusioninaie ‘Treldeabecanea eay > yeaslaer * mepoeccont ola * The Wierium Commision + When verk besoin ed © tisfityen, denna 2 vii “heared vey yor 24 Liseatohesmteriw spun. Anewerthequetions Bcc ities Sa sinforst ins reese cnn ron? Di ey expect avons many vistors inthe Gis yea? 4 ln Tim Sots opinion, what wasthe resto for Hees scan? okt the vests in @ and ©. They atl in che PaseSimpe, Why? Past Simple Read th examples, Complete the gamma ale. Positive Negative * Wewantedobring more vistors tothearea. + ‘The weather etinly dda ep us + Wehad wondertl sim of people {The workere didnt make any prog fr tree mont, Questions Short answers Did you id? Yes we di + Didyou expect somaay vision? 2 Notwe din, {Where did vou getthe mosey fom? Use the Past imple for finished actions ad situations in she past Tomakethe ast Spl of ular verb ad cathe end ofthe verb, or the Past Spl feel verbs, ee Pocket Book 6 fomakethe ngtne, sed notor "vinnie, romakethe question ise subject « rwssnee.0 Practice @_ Pas Simple quickest, Complete the table isserve | become| begin | come Pas sa con | | found | made Pronunciation 1 @ 22 Lscenso he examples, No a w Py 2 G) 83 Linento the verbs and tick) the sound you beara the end of each Theirs ne done aan cramp cased | expected| watched | received | needed 3.) 83 Linens the ves apn and rept the when the infinitive fon of the ver end in © Complete te tice, Usethe Pat Simple form ofthe verbs in Backes ‘The man behind the Eden Project “Tmsnytwes bom in 1955in the Netberkanc of en Engithmother and abutchtatber Becae i ther mee Sw orkuarines spares iv) se. ‘Pet munean in Londen an St Gane win vemos” sGgoitoan ssa mee tngahbomangscoo| which aa eS ce em Seana | Yeapbterhe ve) tCormnall vans ean eying ts moe | Shomeanans | hate) Onboldaysinarkeyhe ‘bezome)nteretesin archaeal anc (tu kat univers, Aer em nai who interviewed Tim Smit fo th atic in ake i ike the ones Below: Think of mae questions and add he thes aly years Teavelfidays ‘Where were you born? How did you pend your holidays? Where didyou grew? Alter shoal ‘What dd ou do fier ening choo? ‘Wha sojers were you goad at Hobbieseoes Work ‘Wharhobbies did you havewhen What wa our fistjb? aver What dd you do afer hat? © | Workin pairs. Ask your panne the questions in heistin Answer your partners questions, Tell each ther tore aout pst evens in you lv © Workin pairs Stade A with another tat A, Sden with snther Studene Student tin. Eden ~key dates ‘sNovenber 1994 The Eden Pojectrecevedisfesigae of #95000, ‘85/1977 ——_TReMiennm Commasion sve Ede tnt of£37 Sm ‘v3/9000_Treusncofpecplewatchedthe contruction ete cere. ‘*Cctobe'2000The'geentennglanediefistuesin hernia Topics, fore ‘svecn9001 7,600 its ante cn fer teil pening. ‘lunesfot —_Eeenwelcamet s onerailionh itor 2 Prepare questions tak Stade Bin @ to complete 2001 ~ Ede first seer. The fettone is dove ns an example 2001 — Eden's first year 1 Tretlenicjectnrughe ail tote lsat econay, Howrah 7) ‘Hon machine en eect bg tote lca exarory) b ThePjectreed bs. ew ay?) / © 94% fea tsness poles vat 2) localceoniecorplires becase Ooty. © OnanaeraiedayEenrad visor (Hove man.2) fon 001 therumberafvistoswenupt6 14000 Chen. 7) aeeeene Student 8 1 Read 2001- En’ ft yar Stade wil sk you question aboutit 2001 - Eden's first year 4 1 ThekdenPjectougit len ote les ecoremy: J + Therejectrees400 08 + 94%; cfoca tunes people sad Eden was vr soo fr buses = * Loaalpeocleconpanes becaise tat frobiems nthe seared * Onanomeege dayedenhac0000vet 1+ O88 200 the rumberof ites wentypto 1000, con rouse 2 Freparequesionsto as Sade Ain @ to complete Eden — key date. Thefiseone is done sean example Eden—key dates 5 2 eden Pjectects gn o25000 hen.) (len erect efit 25 000%) © vay1097 ——_Trenilemum commision geen = Howmucn. © Ma/2000 Towa peeptewetched —— inet?) 4 Cetober 00 The'geantenn plete fttesin Where 7 Warens0o1—_7o00Vaton areas hy.) th senweleaneets one linha When.) n-ne Shee eee espe pie © Work witha teen paren Suet A with aden B. Ask your questions and answer your parmer’s questions, Write he issn infomation © Discs te question any new bung or pei projects in the year seat the millenium? fs, whats your opinion of the? @ Choose one ofthe topics elo. Prepare to alk about itor one ine Aholiday Leemember 2 Arcont buses tp 1 My frserip abroad 1 Ashildhood memocy © Workin groups. Take wens to alk abour he ope you prepared in. Annwer question about it om your group. xD Sports and leisure file. Verb groups © Whararerhe mone popule sors and ere astern your sootey? @ Conplee he verb groupe with vocab from the bos, Football windsing { ssiting Foun swe ning © Addoshersporstothe verb oupsin @. © Work n groups Dacuss she questions 1 Doyeu do ny of he sors in @: 2 Doyou watch any ofthe spon n @ and @ If 30, which do you enoy vwsching moa? show often? © March the verbs in A withthe words and phrases ia B Bo10 watch pay fitenso rad 2 theradio aresauant music TV a.computee game thetheate magazines books theginema anighelub ards tes ‘video newspapers © Workin pairs. Whtecghe questions about he activites in @ Use the Presca Simple andthe Pas Sipe Examples Do yo xual rad a newspaper every day? Dd on watch TV yesterday eveningt ‘Who kl of mayo ed © Work widh accent garner Ask your pare the question you wrote in Answer our partner’ uesions © Tellbe class thee hinge abou your partner esace actives A 1 panic 2 Supertanker| 5 horicane 4 shack Saino 6 torch Going it alone ‘0n7 Otater Dean Aneel Feet |—_ act Alan Ocen Ore heel Pee as | Bteon 2a 02 ter fog a Tesones Detainee Theva tane he ‘nero aaah band 9 | proerth iteese operece akrepne | atsndcoldt aspen, Sd tat ate ‘icc ctednaentacantipaea il sebanber be Stat eon contac ory dove she sed ‘ong s Oey ming te short pein the Dung ght akcony arto de fr peta esate sks lone leneth of journey umber of days problems Solo achievements Pecan nt fone Look arth pire and headlines, Wha do you think happened? One woman wonder Alife of ups and downs for Debra Veal eee I'm going to carry on without you Match the words A with their meaning in B. B 4. small elec light tht you can cary Beg dangerous sh with sharp eth © widen fing of fear 4 very age sp tha ranspors i petrol te, 5 felng of unhappiness case you are alne © Read she arti Going it alone. Complete the setonomtheleft ofthe chat ‘with information soar Der Val an er journey ‘Orenghiavavesa mets high uned er bot vent hag er ravgaon Wh. Sheree tn ar, ‘thot, Debate to her hisband ever abst phone, ‘en nents the etre condios nth ise le tephoeblnas 4000 Mer rng ina she ‘ail Tami alan ere then ase m tng mart ropermeas wtel packaged fo he ‘onan ol arsine obs ands, rd sepingin bedi doesn move sound Ler onshewrae back outer ume cle Rowing Are nen 20 @ units © Reade aril Goin it elone on p.29agtn. Wha do these phases ret 1 fowryears 3 fitwenyear 5 everyhour 7 £4,000, 2 eighedays 45.30 6 sixes @ Workin pair The words and phrases below are om a radio news eprt shout he aa josey of nother woman, Poly Vacer Use them describe ‘whatyou thnk happened om he journey. roundthe-word tip one-sngie aeroplane deserts and oceans trope thunderstorms ranout offer! £150,000 fora charity trae people © G24 Liscensothe news eeprt. Were you right? © G34 Linen again. lace charein @ on p23, complet the session onthe "ight wih information about Polly Vaeher® are. @ Workin pais. How many similares can you find hecween the so women and thee journeys? How many diferener? Contin th a Simiaies Difrences Det and Ply both made solo journeys Theyre both married Deb dh start asa solo journey Polly asthe cre, © Workin groops. Discus the questions 1 Doyo know afte people who took on big challenges like Debra and Poly 2 Whatdo you thok makes people want to do things He row across the Aulnticand fly round the word alone? 3 Would oe like todo something very adventurous or challenging in your et so what Welcoming a visitor © G35 jamesisin Caloris ovis acl wine sins Lin is ‘onvesitio withthe ecepdpniar and answer the questions, 1 Who docs James want oe? 2 What docs the receptionist at him to? © Jnmsismeting Wayne Brown forthe sine. Which of hese ops do people ten talk abou when they mest profesional fr the fist ie? Underline your choices the visiee journey cherownplacetheyaein ‘he wether fthertonmstisfoueis spore etaalares, therjobe polis halide ‘worfbs in general © G36 ison to theieconverntion. Tick (/) the questions Way ss James, How did you got ere? How was your igh? ‘Did youavesny problems findings? Did youhavea god journey? ‘What was the weatherlikein London? Isthis yout ie vito Cori? © | 37 Vesyne and James have lnch gether and get toknow eachother eer Wha does James sy aboot, 1 hisfrserprCalfomia? 2 Nsearerin wine journalism? @ Which ofthe folowing doyos think re mportane to make a good conversion? Tick | your chokes and add sopgestions ‘Tobe good at conversion you ned ta Tien careful 2 gieony yor‘ answers 3 Show intrest and atk goetions, 4 bor stn anda ‘v5 answer question and ad exes infomation. 6 nies questions you are the ose, 4 © 37 Listento James and Wayne agnin. Look at @ snd unerine what @ Here aresome opis people fen alk above inthe is Sie minutes ina profesional stuation. Work ingroup: Think few questions ot tach opi, eee ed Twos ‘homeand aay) rie {travel reason ors) The vitor {lari home fe leisure inet) First impress {likes and dislikes, food and drink) Pee te T EEE (ley ou aren ther places) ae {gencal ent pre are ar) i Aocalorslobal) © Now chek Pckee Book p.23 fora ist wsfl questions © Workin irs Onestudensthe host and the the isthe visor, Choose from se topcsin Qa talk opts fr tne mintex-Then change pares sndroles OT N 4 ae Futures: Present Continuous, IT » ha coin p+ pebpehaba ait Plans and arrangements ee sscmsnmee Read the examples Complethesrammarrues, Wits infin the Present Contos ema lian > enh nates Present Continuous fore arranges, ha > syste Tm giving he ir preseason on stay, eg from 3.000 1083. ‘ln, nein, an deisons + Youle not doing anything on Study EMD 9 vi ssicisioonacon shou company cle Global Tain somine “When weuse the Present Continous for fare 1 "Whe Kind fein os Ga Tsing rove? fulcaateana? emee eee ae 2 What ining materials do they prodace? 1+ Whacarewe ding inthe evening? Holssmeusne cence entann Find more exampe ofthe Present Cotnaous and 3. Who founded che company? _gongto = inintve and undetintherm, going ts fnive ee a 8 i een ‘ee at enna seemrtienegeacenae eee ae | eee ee | Sechelt hes ee Sr | «ftp dente fo ———e ee ee Cprsmennss «Hoe hoe een rdoni ee abe Paereneee tena Seat hiyeoeees ne ee —— Prattcn tonite mann cmp tne nt Sirens ‘aetna ions ce Te vos eat Fou Soa coset SET 0 Adkins o — ‘Crose-caltura! Training Seminar, Prague ‘sary 8 epee — Ses igor) an ok 145-1100 Coser Fepecennae Ha0= 1248 Caer atvner(_) bn FF Herearete proganme pcs forthe Pages|] 330-400 oferta iphone younextweekogheyoutecthercenisand || —_* Wore: Working wih ‘ayo about the pae fo Sina ttt Seoyouin Page ee 1 Jon lemerting _ Andy Pare a¢ 1.00 on Monday ee) Z 2 He all Tuesday ethene fry spend) 3 A¢9,15 on Wednesday he tothe dents. (go) 41Liszn othe frst pare ofthe pone conversation between Mark. an © Sop een apse n@ wi fenrason show 4 He von Thy ering ‘ine and speakers whch Mark give. 5 “The European managers sting They afeernoan have) © G42 tines phoneme ote re Sree Prat faked 1 Arethey going to hve ied programme on Sunday? ee enya) 2 Whacare they wong show? 3 Whatarethe ging todo ater 12.302 2 @ units uns @ = © Complete question about Jn’ oer arrangements Use the Present (Continnos forno the verb inthe bow. The fst oe done san example (Gru cae get fave inerew pay 1 What tesdiscssng_ athe mecting with Andy Parr? Theses gus. 2 When Mare Nicole? Ar3.15 on Monday, 3 Who lunch wth on Tuesday? Chris Hu. 4 What on Wednesday aernoon? His Beusels 5 Which igh on Thanday morning? BMGD4 to Beusl 6 Where on Friday evening? At La Tetra 7 whac ime terms on Saturday? From 10,00 1130 1) 43 Lisen osherwoguessins Noite prnuncintion oft, Which ithe strong fom? 1 Whoareyouwringta? —b Areyou wrkingte Mask? 2 Q 44 Licentotien ofthe sentenrs. Which sound do you bear) Tek|aorh Thee ane done ssn expe 1 abe ging apa’ {5 Whichcompnieis he wring? 4 Which eouney ithe aelingo? ‘Which sisporteeyou fing? 4 Aiutiny cag 9. 44 Lintennpsinand peste mamnces 4 March he questions withthe tower. Then pact the promancit 1 Whodidyou tk 2 Whac i you listen to? 2 Where did youd? cotta 4 Which county dd you go? 4 stened othe nw © March words and phrases from A,B, and Co make seven questions, Use the gong to «infer sin the example Example Are you going take pane spor next ear? A B c ftudy ——p ony bosines ps 00, ave peepee he nxt ew works change abroad inhe next thee months bay abigfaly rearyear Shoup? sholidy = Your job another frcign language © Workinpics. Ask your purine the questions you prepared in @ Answer your partner’ questions. Give reason lor our answer Prague ian easy ity to explore on foot Three dlstes popular with tours ae Hradeany, de Castle Disc high above the ese ofthe cig Mala Strana the Lisle Quarer, dating from the 1th ‘century, and Staré Mesto, the Old Town ith beat renaisance, gothic, and baroque buildings. THECASTLEDISTRICT And churches, dscng fom diferent cantar foxy he Instore and pliel cence ofthe cach Repeal, ScVitus* Cathedral Largest atedral the Coren Repui, aredin 1340, Fished 1929" Daly 931m 004/3pm Golden Lane Feturesque row fie 16+ century houses Fane Kha \totled arma. 12, walking tour of apie Cate diy ‘THEUTTLE quarreR ‘th century taroquepalacs hous, andgade ed {odey as master an const ‘Wallenstein Palace and Gardens ee i. Pectin il ‘Obserston Tower copy of Tony, Greatvewso Pages Charles Bridge rape’ mat amouslandmark Wonderful of ver andes ilimiated aie © Workin dierent pi, Every yearyour company employees four-day hos. Thi yer the destination Pega and you Make adele plan of what you ae going your plan to anther pie ‘Wiebe esren eesrg dat four fight hol nd orm on Page, Sieg I2hee OC 069 ep. 0900 a5 Thurs Iehine OCOKS1 sep 1550 sll) Sho a Paquet Snd ernst socal atthe information on Prag ch day Then pest sire ones ee THEOLD TOWN “Teer ofPeagve mares shop raul sedate Old Town hal Super aos aehcentuleksore Machanist pure: ofheAsvonomialClekcome i every ow yn church Famous henry rage church witheighiah sis Nightlife Drinking Tradonal ber als, wip clr calérsndomande ating Kttrtestaurace inoue bree, Bohemian ‘penta theta monasery Le CalGonal- French bss popular wih ol ‘zz ad rock ‘AghaTAJaazCotrum Pras besa lib, Open ‘lars oper, bales lo linat clear (Ge Phtharmenic) Estates Theatre ply oper, anal Chase conert at Prague Cait inchurches and palace: Mite Os Hotel file. Words and symbols © Workin pies. Doshe hoe qui Hotel quiz Wha isthe diference herween 1 double oom anda twin oom? 2 abathand a shower? soviet and logge? half-board snd fab boand? atkeyanda keycard? hilland a recip? ahead an elevator? © Whardo the symbole show? Find the wont inthe iss, Hotelfeciities Guestrooms ressurant sareliceTV sacksilbar smaleine phone Jonge computetax poine ight sicondioning semming poo! mime sna tex and cofee-making ais fess room 24-hour om vice capa safe husnesertee ——_aiedyer confer cis @ 48 Lien eon comer ene pede 2 Sgr etn een ana ae © Wich :hehon asin a imporan roa 4 onashoreciy-resk holiday? onabusines ip? © Where ina hotel da you se these signs and neice? Explain in your own sword what hey ean eae Cg room by 12 noon. a FIRE EXIT Incase of fire break glass and press bell. 26 @ unirs Emails, faxes, and letters © Do you write emails, faxes, or erersin English so 1 whardo you wee about? 2 doyouhave problems wrtingin English Iso, wha proses? © Dothe uizin pis COT aN ya | 1 Wha ars din Bh Engh ad What the bbe men? on Ta baie ty coe Ths am case Thais epee oar. 1h ea {oar Tht et net en oe Scie (PRN oss Eeoesacabwman eines | Rae i in iy | © Readshecpils andthe lect Which s 1 andpiogy had 2 #38 for information? 2 amenageros fiend? 3 areplyroacolleague? 4 Shel booking? KOHN FA. eimroen Cette | Regeriemcneninstgcaapietern | Letts mnie, cmtcrinay owoeray oem oa | egg e Terao nihenon ele ones iskeOh rn | acne | Mavecraay Pak Gray i ene re a i 2h Splarecon youre ap techy noe | 7 Barey Rend Chis ~ in Lenaont is ar ny | Ne aor ena | eAvinsn iawn | | Steer Garant SEM Pogson P29 “an oranda Siphon repeat semee poster arc "AG be vey neresad oon seas eed anon ceo te nen mo. ™ our sincerely | Pete Seva Siam Her gee “taal gneiss engin. How eo? Auer oat Sepmtr tow wyou oyu eg ey Wate tamara coon © Complete he abe wich phrases frome comespondencein@, Seacing jour phone conversation ody. Ineply to you fox recived...) “Thank you for (er fx of.) ‘your ema.) Saying why you weg Tam writing ong aot...) Tam planed (ers (to thank yo.) Thisfaxi to give you detail of.) to get in toucb.) 8 Requosting (elle. eae fxm (on mobile phone no.) 4 Ataching document email (wo fle.) Enclosing docements leer) Tenclowelacopyaf) Givinghad ems am sorry (form yom...) —— Att be abe to.) 7 Apologitng Tapoogie forthe delay...) Fmsoery abou theme...) (Ur ge ack yom car.) Endiog Plas contact me again fm med ay mon information, (i yon ned aging ele ook oranda (elon 0.) —— to see yu so tin Pra © Conplese he fox, lees, andemail on . 39 with stable phases om the bles. © Work npr. Look athe phrases in eh able in @, Think of atematives to the phrae m eacew. Examples Following our mectng ater.) om pleased (fo inform ou that.) aac oorancatin. © Work wich diterenepannee 1 ite fx to Mark Grad. Request copy of Gal Tsing’ ache and information stout ros saltralseminesin your count) 2 Write Bary’ email zp to Marie. Answer the qustonsin her email and sy you'd love to meet herin Prague, Suggest ate and plac to ee. 17 Barty Road, Chiswick London W4 4GH Tactd ners ase Fecvtnoabensaeo ra netarang cou MrRSordk Personnel Manager Kohsinooras. €2703 00 Oxr9 (Czach Republic Dear Sor wl 90¢ be able to attend our ‘welcome yout te dt, ‘company brochure snd our programme offre seinarsin Cenersl European courcie. information ‘Youre sincerely rack Gordy Mark Grady Partner Global Training Hive Youpresuess (dot tie Seeyousoon Sina in Sepizmber but hope we can know your vay busy ad Sto ge yourmore work btwn neds handot co thew ang vce 29 jay 20_ your letter of 28 uly. wa sorry to hear you Seen ta capy four you need any more FARMESSAGE, het rgromme anit 292500071 To GobalTaning From ‘Eva Nowind Alin MarkGney Dale 4August Subject Room reservations No-ofpages 2 ent Nie Gracy youre esived today: “the delay inreplying *to confirm we have reserve ten ‘Single oars and thie tin cde rooms guested for Fray 18and Saturday 10Septmbar ae ~——weecing yout aur PS Ihopethe map on pase 2 ofthis ex isclear yor eeu achres est seen gos thorn hey the unre @ Staying ata hotel © G46 eadche emit, Then sen tothe phone cll James makes tothe Toe Answer the gunn elo am ater Vintalynroa and wou het reserve gle room or ur nights rom 3a Ap Peas cold you sod aver Taree nero gui In Dear Mr Tumer ‘Thane youor yur amalWe hn reserved sig oor or ou forfournigtrom 30 Agra We ok orwardtoweloming ou on 2p Las Bane 34, Pazz aso, 6057 Veron 39 (0) 45596970, Fa 39(0)45 97870 1 What does ames want to da? 20h © G46 Liven apsin and compete his prt ofthe conversation. R Oh, yeu MrTunet remember J aliketobooka ale seen ' fora colleague forthe Ah of Apel R Letmesee. Oh, stony acy. Me Turner be filly hooked on the th of Ap, cause of Vitaly JO, shed pyle You could ny the Hotel Europa J Yost do tha Goodbye © G47 Janeschocksin she ho Listen this conversation wit repronat and ck the phases you het Alike room, pleas Thavea reservation, / {Could ou Blin his for, plese, an ign ere? Here'syour kes.” Heres your keyed ave you gota siete? {Cou thavean early moesing cl a 6.30? Do you need anything elie © G40 Jameschocks outafthehotl, Listen tothe conerston and sk | Tiere) ale Te 1 The otel doesn ascepe creditcard, iz 2 James wantstostay atthe hotel gain, 9 © G48 Linen again and complete hip ofthe conversion. J Goud i bee ——‘mybil pesed— 9 Lan pap portent R Yo, thels_fine J oo Heyer ri J Oke ot} ah @ Workin pits Roleplay thee stustions Student Student = YousreawineimporarenéwanttogotoVinial, + Youareareaptionit the hot Situation 1 “Teophone the HeteOueTo nero to book ge erent Ansar the olohone Adzepthebecing, Siteton?. ‘You want bring tw cleagues with you zo you ecewo morareors Telephone enol opal Andry to change te booking. 1 Youaronow te receptionstatte hot Situation 3 ‘elcome youravestCheckhe reservation ior omplteanasign the regisraton orm Tha guests Wish yourauestspoadipbase Answer th telephone asin One guestancaed senasaer ‘sktoranearymoring cal Ask abou besa, coastal a REVIEW UNITA ee, > conn @-@ > tecnontcion®-D » wba B-B “This uit seviws all the mai language pois from Units 1-4. Complete execs Check yourlearing wth sess boat he ed Present Simple and frequency adverbs Maeerueseences ah yowrHrople Af ‘siete bow Gene saa oes sometimes rely neser) Example I ofin goons in the evening pout in the evering travel by plane read English newspapers ormagasnes tench te news oa TY oyoga 0 tothe cinema lay tern ‘Workin pairs. Match Aan B below The prepare questions in he Present Simple to sskyour pate Use shor snswcte, a 2 meet —_Englshon the phone make interno tings ae peered tend to work year wvaie Hex work foreign vistors at work o cman Engl Example StudeatA Do you met foreign itor at work? Suadent Yes, do./No, Ido ‘and Present Continuous, frequency adverbs acho the setences below asa gammnse mise, Find the mises, then wee the They eavloften on busines, presen our nines do vey wel Heavies with customers very wee. “They always ae eae foe work How ofen ae you visting hem? Shetalksto some cent ib now When do you fish usualy work? having ve wet holiday ee yea esd for on exam athe moment Areyoualwaye teeing to work by car? © Past simple Wiese the as Simple forms of thee verbs 1 become S060 Mere 2 begm tiga 7 give t 3 tring —Brewhl 8 grow toon cast oy 5 find found 10 wink © Present Simple, Presont Continuous, and Past Simole Complete the text with dhe correc form ofthe verb in braces Manuel Gonzslez (come) from Spain. He wally ‘liven Madritand "(work a journalist fora Spanish newspaper, but two years ago he *declde) 0 take a year of work a ive in diferent countries in Europe and write a book bout Europeans, He spend) the fst two months in Seandinavitand then gnove) to Germany forasmonth, At present he (stay) in Paris, wherehe ent) flat for five weeks, Four years age he *Gorite)a bestselling tratel guid o Spain and now be ork) hard ta have the same suceess wi is book about Europes © Pace Simple Youashed a collesgue about is ase basins rip, He give you these answers Whar were your quesions? Example lew with KLM. {Which 2) Which line yon fy witht 1 Lwent 0 New Yor. Where. 2) 2 Twat here forge dys (Hove long. 2 5 sted ce Shorton Hot |Whate2) 4 Ime some enor manages. (Who 2) 5 Taended fourmertings. [How aay 2) 6 Tootbac yer vena (Whon 3) © Futures: Present Continuous, going to+ infinitive ‘Work inpaies. Tell your parne about your plans and arangements for next week, Usethe resent Contin aod gong 0+ nbnve Fxamples Ow Monday at 11 am Fn giving presentation at ork (On Wane evening goin 0 lay temas th fri © introductions and greetings Workin pats, ine suitable response to sheen and grecingS 1 Howdoyoudo? —§ Hlowareyan? 2 Paased io meetyon, 6 How ae things? 3 Pleascallme Jon. 7 Ras very ce ecg you 4 Howstbefamiy?” § Haves goodrp hack © Welcoming # visitor ® Telophoning leaving messages You ate welsomig visitor eom another contr. Tink of fe questions a ask Work npr. Practise thes elephone calls, Make up wo moe cl thevisto:. Ask about thee joae),thereaso lore ht oy he ae Change ces. town and their Be mpresions, eer Relee seal Sication 1 Situation 1 Phonelan Bell Yoursumberis | anes ina acing, Tae | Staton? Situation 2 | Phone the Sale Director of You work for Who F | WholeFoodsLé. Yournumbseis | The Sales Directorio 774884. Take a message. | ® vocabutary Choose ten ofthe Words below, Write a setence or phrase to help the othe group ee Example Word eee Chae Yon gc tif you nay bl or py for someting. saley eye pesoner teed 'ditespensie I ceciptd paveyen sprinted ened eagle ok vad wend puma?” 9794 shige’ hte Swedish ons #aitlevaor weg imming pool hard-wosking pew ® Vocabulary test ae Give your vocabulary test tothe ther group, othe other woup' tet. Retum your anes fr ceding Look athe self check boxslow: Tick the areas you asd to eiew sein SELE-CHECK BOX Ya No Pocket ok “+ Preset Simple 2 | Frequency adv 2 © Telophoning: making contact tem n Complete his elephoneconeration, “ures: Present Continous 45 R Good mocning. Wine Dine magazine ing 0+ nitive yecninars see eeereere| “+ Tovrdctions and peers as R Who “plese? “+ Welcoming vitor 2 1 James Tune. “+ Telephoning: making contact eee eee “+ Vowabalay Je to call me? My number is 020 1986 S053, Yes, Me Tare mee J Thankyou. Gndtye How healthy is your lifestyle? E=E=D 9 wn: 1 Wha advice dot he give abou Working ata computer © cating and drinking? 2 What do you think of kis adie? Ie any ofits for ou TIPS for a healthier you Your work Your diet Your leisure time 1 How many hours day doyou 1 Do youdrink any aleohol? 1 How many hours do you usualy work ata computer? Alotafarabligofcouresbodfor leap? Hlikea lt people.youspend mast yourheath but litle wine ith Mos people ned seven or ight cofyourday working cLa computer eal, especialy reding,isgoed or Rou sleep each night. Reseach mae sureyou get some regular youreat so enjoy Svogests people who get es sleep breaks dung the dy eave your he ‘ae roel geil ard gow od teskand goer ashert walk ordoa_” DO You eR ots of fruit and more uc vegetables? ee Tostayhealthy you reedteotalet_ 2 How much time do you spend on 2 How much time doyouhavefor of ut nd vegetables Experts sport or exercise? lunch? recommend atleast five servings Tiytospend atest alte time on Doyouleaveyeurtficeforlachat day. sport ar execs every dy and fyou many pope ust eatasanvich 5 Wow much cheeseandbuterdo Moe tine at edhe tyre Rsimporantiogst > Wows SRE RRE EES oa cutof he ofce frat ast 30, rinatesa day andindsome ie to relacand st down fora meal Many pepe oe Unify ont wart to giveitun try to give up utr instead Ac that dosnt have any buters much healthies, havea year? Thee arentmany peopl ho would say'00'tomorehoidas. The Important things spend your hidays doing something you aly ‘re there any parks or green areas nea your office? 4 boyou inka lott oer Maywomthneanecanie ‘Cermudinalnsttee | oem Stactnetesmeomcn inal atfotesntnt SO semen painkiller so if you havea headache, 4 How much relaxation do you 4 boesyourbmakeysteser? apace ma/btetrtanon ual gene aye ented putts Wes geomet youre doing and take sorelong Slow baths One of th best ays rede tec icn dnc physical ‘etc for example ein, oF laying emis or fotal tao helps to getalitle fun and rearation very dy. ‘elaxbtrearation's ery important to get your energy back end edice the problem of ores Mass and count nouns Practice Complete able with mass and court nouns from Top ts fora alter oun © Complete he conversion with sme or alte few, Ther compte the grammar rls, LA Bemoer poi Mass Count ‘Mass and count® B Only Shall buy 2 selsaton hous veces A Did ou buy vegetables? stress computer ‘imetimes B Only “There wasnt avery good choke, me wievines 3A Would you ike wine sow (exits B Yes buts hase de tee es thetelchenes 4A Have chocolates Theyre delicious, Coy teowtpors 3B Thanks, butonly Teatyingt lowe = Wate singular or purl Which of these words are mass nouns nd which recount nouns? =" Countnouts haves dd tre ect Woe mas or C1 © Massnouns do nr havea form, Wesannot cunt then Some noune ae both mae and coun 1 Wh mass nouns we donot wie or, rss ‘some/any a ot of/lots of, much/many. alitle/e few Reade examples Parks} the table to show when we wean ‘loro of muchas, an shat fs 8 nth examples fo ne. | ut net the words | ) ez Sa ‘some/any ‘formation hee ta + Mate alotot/lots of, much/many A loeofaleohos ba for your beh Dayomen oto ruand vegetables? a lila tow as ese tip ave, 1 Ae rin with eli god fer our hear aumento © Semple tc lags ht anf cota. Wee feeb eecereny eres lee a) UA Baler cat Br B Yesthere wasn alts morn. How see Ba era Teese a la anes ee 5 B No buracalleaguegwveme advice on whee toad tive serene 1A Suehom buns ip id you me est month epireenenes sso smeey did you pend on ma wih [Note Wie also use some in questions which ae offers or request B need to work tout; Can tll you tomorrow? Wowldyes ie wonciet 44 Didyoubave necting as we? ere B Yen day. 1d have mer anthing sla aoa Topp fora healer youn @, tind more exampes ot mass eee ee ad coust nouns wth somefany alt oft of mucingn, a tle {fe a0 andere tem ape today 8 @ unis UNITS @ 20 Pronunciation 41. 81 Listen tothe examples. Note the differen ses pater a catce —b champagne ¢ excise 2 @ $2 Listenrothese words, Whaie the ets paren? Tike (7) ‘ibvorc. The stones danas an example 1 vegetable a 2 problem 3 akoho 4 eta 5 sandwich 6 sree 8 @ 62 Listen he word again and epeat them 4 Look at these words. Whit isthe stress pattern? Wit bo 1 bcer 2 holiday 3 colleague 44 weckend 5 headache 8 @ 42 Lisentothe wor and repeat them, ‘Workin pits. Waite question about cach opicin th table below Hanaphs imac bowen doyoekd How mach tone do you spend on Eli You Yourpariner ferme Fo and Thaumewore oe ‘Workin diferent pairs. levi your pater and answer questions Make note of bch yo ers the Yu and You paren ‘Tal eheclas what your parece spends nly litle on Food file. Word groups ‘Workin pairs. Look thie mena from Clare Restaurant, Wee the diferenckinds mea, sh egetls and frat under theo Slaclers Mest FishSeafood Thona and red popper salad duck tae Cold cucumiorsoup with prawns Smoked ealmon pate Duck and redcabbage sid De Ahan courses Beefin red wine with onions amibcutets with roast potatoes ‘and courgetes riled Dover sole with boiled new potas Pore witheiderand apples Lemon gril chicken breasts with “Fed aubergince Desserts Pears in Marsala wine Peele eh ater, rapes, and peaches Frozen yoghurt with cherries Selection of cheeses Vegetables | Frit apples “Think of ther fods yo know and ahem ete is. Lookat the mens agin, Undetin any metbods of ooking Example rout potatoes ‘Which of thse me ile, fed, oboe of cooking the pictures show? Write roe, Workin groups. Think of your favourite dah hut don sy the ame Ia rum, sk questions ofnd out about each person's eh, Ces the nae role Lit cman ere? What re te ingredints? Workin groups. Prepares men fora celebration dinner a th end of your English cous. Sugest wo starter, wo min cone, ano dese ‘The present your mens tthe ss exx=D ‘Slow down and enjoy life © Read te information about low Food Answer th ‘When di the low 1 movement gin, and why? 2 Camany ity ect ‘Slow City? 5 What sil doe Slow Food onganize? 4 What doe Slo Fod Eos publi? ‘Slow Food T7980 the aan ura oa wri Caro Pen was hor ae We McDonalds opened ils rt st food aie nly in ne of Rem mt Famous squares. the Plaza dl Spagna Inprest he started the Siow Food movement In short meth 10000 members Today. has rer 85000 membersin 50 ‘countries ands contri ro Slow Cities ‘The Slow Ces movement cane fromthe piilsoptyof low Food started in 1999, ‘wth ourtalan ces Tyee tal ties are’ Siow Cites snd many more want ‘ojo the movement Onlycties wih 2 maximum of 30000nhabants can jo, Slow Food Slow Food festivals iy Foaf oii ‘ei etn, Vreetautie eget ese Sat Slow Food Editore Sow Food tore publishes ides on ian fod wine, nd culture and theneratonal ragaaneSiowpunistean sixlanguages (tan, gi french Spanish, (German and Japanese) @ Workinc Group A read about Stow Food and wrt fire questions. oup Ace Group Slow Cities Siow Cites cts ood ing They ois to work ingen th qty ie of her ctiensand protect lel bites sls aos They promi oredr nd oie erty path Set asa een aes. el toca ters near aversereis Tey pes oa bod | proaeton sl shpsthtselos spec nds | ana resins tt serve tacona des For ‘emer there re csi the fv qe, tn he fe and wees fn schoo! meas are lac The od an we ets ht Sw Fo fe gina tet thse olor ery et aayscod Pa Sui ounder ofthe Sow ibs movement embers Sow ood meet regulary fo enoy ng | ehevestsisthe ayo prt he nigra slow sociable meus ut Sow ood ist ist sbout |e ur fowns wl cs ands the meso it song spodod Rs abet nproringthe quay of | ae American way And es sad cures. beevs a sbwer pace of sealer | abo he gt fom Pala aoa ch tnd beter Rusa tha fas oda the ste | yarto nthe Sw ieee sows at esting on ptt prof cur care Each | beerpeplearesh Cares vowmangage mica andes —< {Sod ate! na Cro Fee user Slow Rot Pog ae Thay Hl us Hs important er hate gs ey good ed ter amd theo a Hegel importa infants The Sow ood mnenes vans tore ar we dt se cor od core and cur "ena cooing So ond a0 works wah eahers insta each cre sou od and ow npr The mares fe ets cafes ‘gem ll Son ood 66000 members ae ‘Aner, the homeo fst bo Pets tings re ing? © Readshe other artiste and answer the ther groups esions © G54 Linen :o:he opinions of four members of Slow Food. Number the Stems 1,2, 3,0r4ta show which speaker opinion they expres 4 Stow foo tony forthe ick bs Townsquare shoul befor poole «Discovering diferent food is one ofthe pleasures of aveling 4 Thetradonal way of xing ogether around a tale Ssdiappening © Workin groups. Say what ou think and expan why 2 Infast food destroying your country's food estas? 3 Isdisoveing diferent food one of the pase of traveling fr you? 4 Doyouagreetha Yani chat at together sty together Badhite ales Red alnes 54 @ units: Sancerre Rigia Chianti Beaujolais Burgundy Corbiéres Pinot Noir Atarestaurant Comte the conversation in Clarets Resturant Use the mens on p51 andthe wine in opposite, snd the pheatesin Pats the how and Seve Isthegwose, Pat Right Leones Seve Hm... alllooks god. What ‘ Pat Well orastaree “and forthe main Sieve Yes, “ ae And Senden steve She Tojo : sve . | Steve Thank you — Pat. n — Q Egerton sess swat ae @ 55,56.57 Linen tothe conversations ai. Tsk) the phrases Saywhetyouwoudte You hee Recommending Ordering ar Savwhetvou woud te What do you recommend? Puiwetthave _ wo aravasaeamuarcsiineenansnte- The. isuwalyecllearhers, UWE Ue | opi Tho recommend Could we have...? SATE PE ‘tee Deetning © Workin groups of thee or mor. You sre na restaurant. One person isthe Dobave some more Thaak you, but ouldn tetany valerate, another isthe osthostss, athe others are fests Use What abour..? ore themenuonp. 1. Askthewsiterwatese andthe hosbostss to, recommen and describe dss onthe on How shout No thank you ‘Would you lite. No but thanks al dhe same “Thanking and responding ‘Accoptng ‘Thank you fora rellyexelnt esl. Yes Tike that, Thank you focalovelyevening. Yes That woul be very nic Tmalad you enjoyed NIT6 Flying gets cheaper ntsc ches 50 @ unite » conyers sedge aces © Look are names of some sirnes and examples of hi fares 1 Do youknow thenationaie of hese aiines? 2 What do you think ofthe fares? 3 "These ines recalled no il’sirtines, What d you think that means? © G61 Listen toan tevew wit teave industry conan She describes Sx waysnovtils aiins save money, What dee she say about 1 method of ling? 2 veka? 53 number of figheatendans? 4 peofaireat 5 turnaround ime? 6 arporst Workin pais. Campare you answers for @. e © G41 Listensorhe ineview agin. Check your answers for @. e (Complete he able Ifyou are aoe sre ofthe form, check Listening xp 6.1 onp. 1289, Adjective Comparative Supestaive Regular big big — (Uopliabl) cheap | — few fewest Toms dager (eke) ow lowes ‘ick quekoe ‘all | Sale ollabls cay (the) ease nding in-y) Rormore crowded lew! ‘rowed syllables) efficent ore (iejlesu | ecene ‘expensive more most Tergulae fae farherrther file ey) iar many 1 oe Comparative and superlative adjectives (Complete the grammar ules using he aleia @, snd answer the question. One-syllable adjectives «Tomakethe comparative ald ert theend of sheadactve 1 Tomake the operas add oftheadectve colicend ‘lable adjective? « "Tomakethe comparative change the 90-4 and ai eee eee eee reel add Practice @ Come de ail Use the commaratve or saperaive form af the Scjecvs in brackets. Check Pocket Book p2iascenary. rating than easy but not surricingy athe rove nen he Sh) ratings fr vale for roney ana the ba gs ee room and How to find the cheapest might The important hireto remember isto book. ear as posse ad tobe ‘ene about dates Traveling st Faaysand Mondays = lexsensne) nan on ie beocauto ign ont lcronded) Togetthe = fae, fyonthe Tear orthe| lates on Tuesdays, ‘Wesnesda, or ude t's x tpoooy 0 coo crane anon ne pone weesuse tlthe aes ge adlscour fr online bookings. Other adjectives with two or more syllables ‘ Tomake he comparative, purmore or ess efor the adc ‘Toma the superave, pur Ietorete acest, Look at Listening spe 61 0p. 128-8. Which rindi use beeches 1 De hey avout ny fighe arenes sco tealiconal side? Swale sept arewsaly not as busy a he Iigones 1 Wenseas.. as toshow somethingisthe same ‘oreqal and oras..astoshow tsa ewe: Delays? Ingeneal, not ‘iines han rom oe tines. there is 2 | ‘echcal problem usualy means 2 | “apa ly than wh ter aiines because lowcost ines don't usualy Neve ‘ra ara they can use | | ‘Changing a booking ifyouneed to change apessenger name of ht ookg t's easy wh some ‘ines than wth others. Fr axampla wth eeylet yu pay £10 to make any Ione fre fo the onda eda? ! Pronunciation sundial sisted? 2 aloccheaper ' uickerthan thems populie a asbunyar 1G 62 Linento:hecxamples.Theunderned 2. 62 Lien arin Marthe main sess. 23 Look athese phrases. Mark the main ses and udetine the sound 1 easeethan 4 much quickerhan 2 abigherfare —§ notascheapas 3 thesame st 4G) 63 Listen and heck your answers, 8 G65 Lise again and cee © _Weskin pois, Look ashe information abou for no-ilsaitins in 2002. ‘Write sx queso in the as Simple Use adetnes fom tes inthe ‘comparative or peltv form, Example Which airln cored the highest numberof passengers? (Coansitow “Willow bigimall_youngol) © Work with iteentparner and exchange questions, Read you partners «questions and prepare the answers. When ou are ea tel our parce theanswers © @ e4 Liseoso:o peoplratking about the methods of wavel hey ue Compete the able rorelby a Speaker spaaterd isnot tips hebdays —helaye © G64 Listnagain. Make not of he comparative and supeative djecve they we, Examples faster most enol ® Work ingroups Talk about which of th msthods of ravelin @ you we and whj,and anyother methods you ue Think about crave oowok + for hotidays 1 forbsines tripe foreveningatvies * royourEnglsbleson —$ atwoehenly @ Workin eoups Tel your colleagues about your bt oF worstravel experience Then answer tee questions about it Air travel file. Word groups. ‘ook atthe pictures. What do they show? Find the words nthe box ‘owrheadlocker window sear chedein dak sche Information desk tervals srcen—seursycheck telly Prsportcontol —landingcard = pausport sate Safe insraions —handlogeage sateen. figheatendant”—dutyReeshop rise aiseseat ‘ork in pais. Write the words and phrases inthe box in @under the correst heading [Documents | Termine! ‘Onboard departures com] Hiocket ia | Toad card ‘etangs cai nope PnP Tek Core cr How suc and agg do you ave? — Do you noel her the sentences bela the checkin desk (C)o on the ! Doyou preferan aie cea window sit? — Coa you pet you bg inthe vere locker plese? Did you pack your bags your? 1 2 3 | 6 Wesuget you keep oust bl seed daring te igh, —— 7 Have ou yur ag eaten any ine? 8 Non EU pager rgiedofilinsndingend, 9 Please remain seated until the aircraft has come toa | ‘onic nd 68 isco o some aipor announcements. Number the dsriptons elow Ito inthe order you ear he announcements, 4. an announcement fr pasengss wating get onthe plane by asecurtyannouncement oallpasengers a eques ta patenger— 4 alascll oo paseneers Workin groups. Choos a tops. Talk about the tpi fr one minut, 1 My most sen fight 2 Why Lydon fy 3 Aispors lke 0 @ unite ‘Transformations Look at he photos. Tell dhe clas anything you know out sheer Work in pairs, Student A and Sade ‘Student 1 Read about the Musée d Orsay. 2 TallSedeneB about the Musée d'Orsay. lnclude infomation about 2 the year 1900 ae thewans e197 B dung World Wart, 41993, Fie 3 Student B wl el you about Tate Modern. sk questions frou don't Understand ay thing The Musée d’Orsay “Tota he Muske €Orsy soe of aris mot mous arta adit has ‘rer twornlion vistors year arc bap fe nota museum burns an ‘ation anhotl Lk theif Tower ts buch Worl Enso of {00a re 1939 wa ne of cyan station Then ans started to get longer and more powerfuana he pator atthe rsySaion were too shor, ‘ater 1939 ea urd ony fr local wine Dang Werle Ware became ling centre or sending patage a preoar fr Aker he wa sere leone cre for poner eurting home ews then ve sear | etd Oren War of Kaas The Th 1973 ehehotl closed ts dors forthe ne There mere plas to demalish ‘oi ho an ater and bua rg modem ots hae pac Forty {now imeestin I escontry arctectre vedo deron ann 977 {ho French goverment decided co comers ne balding toa muscu oar The Musso Ors welcomed rt vistors on 9 December 966 a ‘Student 8 Read about Tate Modern Seen A wil el you sbouethe Musée d Orsay. Ask questions i you ‘don't undertand anything “Telltudent A shot Tate Moder. Include information about 4 whacthe bung was heer became an are mse i ioe the archi fthe ower ation, {tS archer, 1 12May 2000. Tate Modern ‘nthe yar 2000 London ott rat modern rt meu Moder was frojett eerste the Mittin oye ot Londons mo pope ruses es however ery aeree rom other moder ae mer hat ‘pecactlar Goggin Miseurin Bilao the Para Cer Pare Bothof thse are contemporary bugs, cesged to be masears fare Tete Moderaserted We nora tem bt power station producing elecscty for Landon Conrueon began n 47 anes ued 3 poe eon uns [981 wen he prc ofa neared andi Secame more fine co rodice ery ner ways Thc cet fhe poe seton so dese he fomeus Brith red aephone Bot competion to design the miseun Two young Swiss architects were the wir ‘orkoepnia 1995 Tate Moder opened ache pute 1 Ma 000, The pass blow are fram an interview about the two suse, What do theundertined words mean? annem aniome ‘har huge area was the uci al ‘ea an eaibition space ‘he muscu ane simi in other ways. © G66 Lisento.nienervew witha tour guide about the Musée Orsay tnd Tate Modern, Whar docs she sy bout 1 people opinions ofthe baling? 2 thespaceinsidehe museums? 3 thei oetions? © Work ngroups. Choose a ope rom th ist and ell your exleagues about it Imisems you woud ike to vit in the fuse 3 seryotieliaike © Answerqueston from yourclleagues about your topic GME — Making arrangements © @ 68 Monique phones Duncan Rota few dys late Listen other Saverio and answer the questions, © Read sheer and anesthe aston : ‘Why's Danan Ross writing to Monsqu reson? a oer Meer pet 2 Daten ew on Thy 7? | 3 Which dy stot ofthe? Wane + Dine inertia chlor | teense Fc +4207 280 asst © @ 68 Linensothvirconverson agin and ck (the pss ia youbese Cometh coment He hrs from @ Andrew Hel. eth 2 Chis Yes eyeing Andrew Thisis to dacos our wiprothe UR? Could we areange a mesting ‘incre cout Chris Ofcouse for you? eon Andrew “nex Today orig | Gris No, hen ‘hoe reenter moms er anes inte sa into, busines cram wing on ease wat ops Frechedon a ne Oe age ‘nda fermaionptembasiess ana ith vanstin cee on Wednesday afternoon? Andrew Yes, — Chris Andeow 2302 | taunt hechone os eo eset * See you om Wednesday then Twitehaneyou et wat nase iret can enanges meen. ‘Workin pais, Pacis making an appinement. Change oes ake an sppointnent ar another meeting Ounce Kes tr ander EE Complete the conversation, Use phrases fram Armand Hello. that ” dn Ye, Armand Thisis 7 7 Duncan Roscals Moniquea week ltr Lise to he June he pa ater = 6ntwe | “sie Fert in Monique’ iy. > © G67 Lisenso he conversation again and tick (Y)he phrases you hese dn Yes, — hn | l= — | mtasnspponient Sea vr Aum sey ‘When would beconvenient for you? Yes. sits me fie In No How about When ae youre? Yes that fe. 2 “Te Weanestay 1s. posible for you? Yes Lean makeiton Armand You Shallwesay ..? ook foeward 0 meeting you Jen Good " Whattime would sit you? Seeyouon Seine wo Workin pain. Changetheapoinenent you adn above a Tharaa What about Workin pair. Role ply vo mare phone cls. Telephone your colleague and make an appointment forest week Ring again and change the — Changing an sppointment Saying no” ‘Sppointment. ay very sore. No, Tafa bay he, Thavetocance the appoinment No, Pmt Te go ances Piva cant mange ue (Could we arrange another ie? | 2 @ unis | unite @ «2 N IT 7 VacenDa © @ 21 Listen oan interview with Harriet Lamb, the Executive Ditector of Changing lives » mo ett Po ‘Fairradesustedin inthe UK andin tate Netherland. * Atpesetisin —______ cui, monn ween Ere at ao | {the USA, 1, Ausualia, New Zan, and ’ The is cousey in caster Barope tobe Fastrade conditions, ‘Inthe UK sales went upby —____" in 1 Usually the pee ofa Frade prodectis about "emeore tha the average pe | phos an sgestons Age 1 These produtsall ve one thingin common. Whot do youthink ii? 2 When you buy prods ike th do you know a whichcountries they come fom? Bs how machot the pice gosto the rowers? 21 Listen again and check your answe, eC crr | @ anu ae Cae Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple Readtheexamplesand asec the qusion eo oes | Pastsimple 2 Fiade sare in se Neeru io 1988 In ewe 0 + Tomi she sent Fe Sage hor go soentepacpatpe tire, eaedie 1 Wiha ow for tanto an aoe ime theta Cm ney licen nh pat 1 ina period of tin rom the past tothe present? Present Perfect Simple Berle GS Pairrade— Guaraneesa ets dal foe Thins World producers ‘Simply buying Faiade product can ipa village get clean water or chilrentogotoschol Fouranda_—_ | @ Read th information about the Fairtade Foundation. Find words and Inf milion farmers ond thesis, phrses which mean * Since 1988 aincedeasexpandalinro many 2 Whichtensedo we use withexpression ike i 36 counties, bene fom Furade 1 promises thes countries. 12001 stent ss " Te ceent ears the price of cles, coco, and 1 sce 1988, ercen yore at? 2 business agreement anand Fact 3 poorcounres that are ying to improve thei economy two 4 Flrsadela jos eared inesstem Europe Look Lien srpr7.1.0np 130 Find more ‘The Farad Foundation permis xpress) © Havesalesincressed? Yes they have samples of verbs inthe Present Pee Spe companies whore products met the ‘ Norther aves ‘win pened ute doe eter ‘Sena nde — + Wckind ofp vey rota The pads ate cote Gas tea, cocoa, and fresh fruit. Under the | © Answer the questions, | Eeleniyteateedcesrennes | 1 What dos Fier purants tsk polis Practice @ Qsckt.Conple te al Sircchchiniaicranmney” | 3 qaegenranan an called ‘social premium’, tohelp them - = — ‘prover ningand ontag Which conti lal ade ped most? condos Fnrde pete sanc | Ferris aie etiieedaenetesagtiy © The odsined words aA are fom an lacrviw abo Buicrade Match Solleugiermceanach mitoyeangian f them with het measngin ei ee Tomei iemedomis |, ekeaicomy 5 Senay ‘richer and people in the poor abiemore 7 € deep holes in the ground * SeeRockerBookp. 13, 6: @ unity @ Work inpsics. Corp he semen withthe ore ine exprestio, a ob 1 Imadearesirch tip Aa a'ayearago b inchelatsixmonths 2 Theprice ofc fallen ain i992 b every yeu sine 992 3 Rich counties have go cer and 2 inthe 1990s inthelast decade 4 id sales of Finrade products increase 5 How many produces has Farad eed : sce 1988 Between 1988 and 2000 © Complete ce exacs rom a newspaper article abou Feira Pat the verb in Brackets in the correct tne at Simpl or Pee eet Simple Since 19921he prc of coe Beans —_ periodthe prc of abarof chose thetarmess who grow ecco theicrop (G)bys0%.tnthesame "(increase by 8%, but *(notreeve) a higher rice for Ja the as decaethe wage of workerson many banana plantations ROSES (Geren 1993 workern Conn ick (ci) $2504 mont I 1997 heir wager (ald S1STandin 200 hey (godown) again toon S160, Tn ecent yeas pba ade__*(make possible or te eh \lewloped counts o oy fcr co ca, coco, bananas cc om the oun wih he cheapest price ehanang om oe cour 0 anoehes This "(adit forhole communes te developing wold 2 @ 23 Lisentothessntences, Underline he rend thatee weed 4 Do you think they have? 1 Thecompany hes expanded Has itmade lor of changes? Noithase 1 @ 74 Linen and check your answers, hei prices have insressd who "(grow the same crop for generations. Pronunciation 1G 22 Lise tothe examples. What do you notice 3 Whenare havelhavenrand hashes? hour the uindsined words? When are hey nosed? Example aGadahase'le blthinkshehss. 4 Unerine he word youtinkave sees Rxample2 aHovesales No, theyhauen’s 1 Has she made any progress? incensed? 2 Tmauceshe hs. 3 hope they have’ forgotten the meting 5 Have they ished the work? 6 They havent started yet 6 Workin pur. rate syig the sentences in Tmsuethey haven. Emphases won ink they have © WorkinpirsStador A with nother Saden A, Sedene B wich note Stodent Student 1 Read abouttwo cafe grgweesin Costa Rica. Student Bilas you auestions about them in "sgarand Banca row coe and vepeabesn Costa Ri. When they go Imad yenrag eey had nolan. They worked long hour for oer ‘people and eamed very ile baer sinten years they badenoush ‘money oeuvre nd They dacsled to grow cole: The) bovrowedthe ‘otey the) teed abd Edgar oined the local cooperative Botte eats [east hea is cop wasead the pico coe feos owes poi er Formos coe rducrsthiswasa deaster, bu Eagar was neh ‘he ery ew fuckyenesbeease is cooperative sells most of sce 0 ‘hePaimmademthetn Europe Fairtrade’ prose covered thecot of production an this savedthe cooperative produces rom disaster. | 2 Trepare questions using these words2o ask SradeneB more about Fairtrade and Fear and Blanca in Use the Present Perfect in all, Example WhofFactradeheip? Who has Fairtrade helped? } Whatpadvcervimprove © Whautheylstop using? 4 Howcommuniiesfaethe social premium? ‘¢ WhavfEdgar and Blanca/build? fF Whavbheie childreieccine? WhavEdgaddoal isle? Student 8 1 Read abou Farad, snd Edgar and Blanca, tort A willask you ‘uetions abou tern in Faicradehas helped millonsof peopl inthe Third Wo. Ira gven ‘ent oe forthe are. For example producer nave prone eves eae eee ee ‘Sanger chemicals Commoner Rave re the socal peesam to make wnlisto get clean ate ata bald shoals and hospitals Theory of dard Blane, wao gow colle and veges is Cosa Rca, fymca. Aer many yer hard wenkthey have bul abgges hows and the chldeen have ecevedan education, ‘ALT have ever donee wor, ‘work, Wook s2SEgar. ‘Thad no choice Dut now my cite can hook what they waa oda" 2. Prepare qusstins using these wards oa Sadent A moe about Edgar sd Blanca in @, Use the Pst ipl inal your question. Example How ngagother/gt married? How lg ao did hey ge rid? 4 WhofEdearand Blancawork fo? i Theyleama lara money? ¢ Whacheyibay? { Whateydecie ro grow | WhatiEdgarn? i} when ric of ote? fe Whyfbetedgar icky? uni © Work witha dteeneparne Student A wit eadenB, Ask your questions and anser your pareer question, © Workin groups. Discasche questions 1 Have you sen or bought Faitrade prodcsin your country? Iso, where? 2 Do yu think Fairrade isa good way eo help people inthe Thid World scape poverty? Why? Why nt? @ Workin pair. Ack your garner Sve questions sing the won below. ‘Teck the hings you parte has done. lth answer "Ys, have’, ask for more deta, Answer your prt suestons Example Student A Have you tool abroad his yar? StadenB Yes, Ihave Student A Wher did you go What did you do? ‘Student 1 eaveliabroad hit year? 2 meevny foreign visits this month? 3 sefany good fin recety? 5 havel bith in the tf month? ‘student 1 have holiday this ear? 2 buylanythng expensive his month? 3 usefEnglsh ar wok this week? 4 makes longjourey in the lst wo months? 5 readany good books recently? © Work wit ferent partner magne your pare is friend you haven seen for along tine. Tel himfr about what youve done inthe ast st months, Ask questions to get more infomation, en Stadea Hi, Ihave’ sen you for ae! How are you? Stadt B Fine thnks, bute ben ery Student A Have you? Whats happened? ; : a ‘Tends file.The language of graphs Match he descriptions withthe conc raph. 1 Exports el sight, hen improved, 2 Unemployment decreased state ened stable, —__ 5 Saleron sharply and reachola peak in che summer 4 Prodacon cons went up desma then leveled off. Complete table st Read he examples. Complete she sencences withthe coxee preposition. Examples Sis as by 2%. There wr sigh increze nthe rate of flan. Thorens fll of 2.1% imepore Unemployment rated sable at 35 malion Prodan ent dv rom 5,000 f0 4,400 unis amon Prices merase by 65 pr ter. 1 Sales went up 9%, 2 Inflation remained stable 2.5%, 1 There wae a steady dereate production come 4 Espors ell 1,000 unis 870 unitsa mom, 5 Production cons ose 3 prune. (6 There waste 3% —_ slain. @ 2 Listen to asales manager deserbing his company’ sales gre. Gonplethe ean ‘Work in pir. Choose product you now and daw a rapt show sles ofthe prodactin a six-month period. Writea description of your gap Work witha dtferent partner: Describe your graph to your parte: Draw the graph your pane describes: Do not show eachother yourgraphs unt youhave fished. unit? @ oe SS exp The best companies to work for © From shi of coven company beefs sow in the word pase thaemears 1 place where bois and young children are looked afer. 2 flexible working hours I ie cnncy fx doing oa wl HF money you get rom your company when you ete 5 making progress youriob 4 good py and holidays 1 bonus Forgood performance BS Bexcine BE excite dining room fe fice mesls carer development ig creche Fh Sens sere private health are Ke focal and pores clab Dices the quo 1 Which dee Benen @ are he ose important ones for you aan 2 Arethere any other bene not in she ist which important to you? G26 Listen oanexeace fom a radio pogrammecaled Working Week Irs about the bese companies o work for inthe UK. Answer the questions 1 Inthebest companies, who gets benefits ike private sth cae s company pension and bones! 2 Isiedificat for safe change fom ful-tine to part-sime work nthe best, 3. How many ofthe companies inthe survey have tht own cr 4 Whacdo you not find ia companies with very open demoerticstractte? Read about hee companies in The bs companies Keyed, and Maer repre your ansers fo the oup dscson in Workin group. Diacus he questions. Give reston for our opinions 1 Do you biakitisa good ides for company ro belp the lal commit andachool ike Keyed? Da you know anyother companies that do ths? 2 What do you think of CMG’ open company cue? 3. What do you think of Maerk' haliday for staf? “GA Which ofthe three companies would you peer to work for? Keymed pane Sane res pire na) Keyed was one of the fist campaies in Briain tosetup 2 high ua ncompany ech. ‘The company pays mastof the ‘ost wth parent paying st 15500 doy There'a empany persion and privet ease, nd staf gets bonus for erect attendance Inthe frst ha of 1988, 250 workers received E150 foxneverisinga dy Keyed mangers are active in ‘community organizations and School ane company a supers local chris” CMG (UKinoraton tera cmpay) What MG's employes ke mest tboutther companys ts ctare ‘of openness. Tere rope ofces and manages st among the estofthe stat. Anyone inthe company can find outa coleague's salaryand perfomance detail COG ale beleves good ‘management. f anyon unhappy with their manager the company was them 530 (CG guess stat good lds, ‘company persion, prste heaicae and oppacunitis for Career development Maersk (Oars tping company wth oles inthe) Mes as ofces in 80 counties. "anes can join a two-year rogremme nwhich they warn ‘iferent counties before taking a Imenagerenpoten. Ding that time they must study two feign language at evening schoo Stall get private eatcare and ‘ena treatment. Cesta the company ies them resents of ting halos ci £100 voucher sumer they an havea fe holy with ther family atoneof he cottages the ‘campy ens in Devon Yrkshire, ‘and Scotian, Opinions and suggestions. Agreeing and disagreeing © G9 77 Listen othe ex par ofa coneration beeen Duncan Rossand James Toner Answer the questions 1 What celebration does Duncan want o discus wih James? 2 Why does Duncan wane eo charter plane? 3 Whatothereven docs Duncan sages tc celebrate? 4 Whar doc James think abourthisiden? © G27 Liseen again and tick (V) the phrases you eae Asking for opinions ‘What do you think abou How do you fe about Giving opinions Inmyopinion Tebink Agresing Tare. Terai age wit that, agree completely Dicagresing mata dow are, emsory but disagree, © G28 Lisestothesscond part thei conversation. Tick (/) Tae) T F 1 Theresa busy programme on the Ss dy. 2 James thinks the treasure hunt isa good 3 Thelast eventonthe programme isa dinner © G9 78 Lisenagsin nti | the phrasesyouheae Making suggestions ‘Accepting suggestions Togo Yes that a goodies How ahout..2 Yes et dha. What about Why donewe..? Fejocting suggestions Why noe? Yes bur Wecould Pmaot sre abou tat eure Vm afi don' ke had, Any ideas on 3 © Seah A with Boo make sugecions Trggentwe invite some rien fr dinner? How about spend neve Sunday ia the counter? ‘Whacabour —gingaway fora few days? Whydon'twe gotoa restauranein he evening Whynot poskingnese weckend Wecould buying tickers forthe mas estival? @ workin groups. Choose wo or the of thes statements id discus them, Lethe pens in os ora ee onions. snare or dae wih 1 Flextime a work a god ides, 2 Violence on TV dangerous, 3 Fastfood s necessary nowadays 4 Video games are bad for chil, 5, Mobilephones~you love them o atthe, @ discuss one of ees topics in groups. Us the pases ia @ o suggest solucions nd cept ee the hea of your cllenges 1. At reat your company pos fr your Engh coume. Next yas wants tmploveesto pay 0% ofthe cont. What an vo dot op this chanas? 2 teeyour company’ SOch anniversary next yeu, Suggest ways of celebrating the occasion. 3 Your town wants improves ere Fite Soggest changes and UNITS Crossing cultures 1% @ unre > ivingurnttanoto Read eosin Tabitha hpi or cory debe = any differences with other countries you know. 1 How dope oot 3 Gori 2 Set pe 2 Doel at wok clench hie baie 3 Haw pnenalenl for i sce! How separate ae work and pivatelife Do employees 2 ake worchome? ' invite colleagues or basins visors to ther home? © give theiscompany ther hone number when theyre om holiday? 5 What presents do peopleake when hey are iavited oa persons ome? © Thevwoedsn aren she extracts in @, Match hem wih thee meaning in B 1 schedule 1 oppose of ple 2 wget 1 programme af work ro do 5 imrrupt without words 4 ade 4 how somcone looks & Sppearince speak when anothe person speaking 5 opposite inefetent -ffloncy ‘tins won UT icity at “paltenes oun (UT 7 @ unre ‘honest /unst/ af (asd about a person) teling the truth; not deceiving people stealing Jus be homes do you ke hs skirt Dr nat?» Tobe honest, dont think that ‘ery good den. 2 showing honest qualities:an honest fae » Ta lke sour honest opinion, ‘honesty rean[U}--cpposite dishonesty * polite /pat’ ag having good manners and ‘showing respect for ohers. The assistants in ‘hat shop arealways very helpuland polite © He gave me a pole smile. =» Opposite Impolite “or impertinent potty si “punctual /panktaa’ aa) doing sth or Thagpening atthe right time: not Ite is Important to be punctual for your classes. > We say the tra, us, ete was on the ‘ot punetual. “punctual / pani nom (Uk: Japa: hese trains or famous for thelr puncalty. panetaly ae “relable /aviasbl/ aq) that you ean rust: ‘Jepanesecarsareusually ery rellable «she ‘areliabie witness? opposite unreliable = ‘verb rely -rtslity Jat nam [0] “lebly (abl) ate: 7 have deen Teliadly Informed tat thre will be no traine ai hen mn Wind Ds @ Wea s profit she begining ofa word and a sufi to the end eg uncial panctliy Look theta in @, Which ther prefics make Shopposte adjective? Which ther sufies make a noun fem an adjective? © March ehe adjectives inthe box wit he defiiions ious adapable creative eay-ping orgniand owgping patent _ sensitive ‘person who. enjoys being with ter people ais ond dei’ tary wok with energy and efor rarer wants tobe succesful Plansthcir work and ie a dapscasy in feet situations ses their imagination to make and done things isimerestedin che people and new experiences shows undenzanding of ther people felis, eles te © Complete the table. Use the corect pref is,m jn- -) and utc “ation 5,-m [Adjective Oppostoadective Noun © Which hee adieesvesin @ and @ bes describe your character? Woold youltet be difecentin ay way? © workinsous We ten spre aden es natal aratrtie cleans ae very sociable Braclans fe a $308, Japanese arty polite, ts Chosse fou adjectives fromm @ ad @ which ‘you thik deseribe fou diferent atonal © Teishe clans which asjecive you chose in @, and which nationals you thinkthey describe and why © do yourhink desrptons of national harateristis help us to understand ‘othernationales beter ae they 10 general behepfl? units @ 73 m0 @ unre: © intistack, whor Culnmer Cold, shout working wih ferent nationalities, RchardD Les divides unis ato tee cultural up: “Linear acne’ ‘Mali-activeand Renee In his opinion, cach group of counties in Aas one ofthe cultures in B Match the coum wih ihe als a { south-east Asa and Finland * southem Europe and Latin America © the USA and norcern Faroe a © G24 Lisenso refs pare of talk shout Linearatve, Maleate, sd Reactive cultures Check yur answer for © 28 Lisensoshe second par ofthe talk, Compete the able ro show the Aiencesberween the thee groops Write (Linearacie, MMU ‘sve and (Reactive) at appropiate points on the ies avin te example cont ‘very ile eyecontet © What coyou think of Richard Lewis analysis of diferent culeces How ellis in helping to avod eur misunderstanding? © Work ngroups, Compare your anevers tothe questions, In your county 1 how much eyecontactisthere 3. what gus do people wet teeween indiate"YorandNo? ‘ eopletakngrocachother? © aac the attention of someone + Srangespassinginthestcee?—* inagroup? 2 dopeople 4 ellaesier Sean lowe enough to touheach © indicate they don undereand?| ther hen they are speaking? show urorme? «= show atecion publi leg holding hands, King)? © Describe any diferences you hae heard about or noticed in other nationals, Do you think any ofthe iference cou cau acuta misunderstanding? Invitations © G26 Read che inition. Listen 0 dhe elephone conversation between “Monique Besson and Duncan Ross Anse the gusts 1 What invitation does Duncan make on he phone? 2 Wharis Moni’ esonse? Wine + Dine "ind Demon olde paconSstrday ta Sayeed Saeeacahe tas Punic are aera seched ‘atone nad Pbhr energie sw: Hater ye at Sesto meuartnca © G22 Atertatking eo Monique Duncan phones James Tames Listen 9 thee convertion. Answer the qin, 1 Why does’ James accep Danca'sinvitaton? 2 Whetmaberhim change htm? © @ 26.27 Lisa w boehelephone conversions apn. Tk (the sheaser you hea, Inviting ‘Accepting él inv yours “Thankyou. de delighted acy. Would you joins. ? ‘Thankyow. Pdloveto Would you thes .? ‘Thankyou. xj that, Why don you How about. ? Deetning Falove co, bu lmafeaid can't, “hank bt (ve made tne arangeret) © Workin pis, Use she phrases in to make and respond toinvitaions, ‘Thnk feo more stuntion peste se Student 8 Decline naive eaten ecept Imviteyoureolaguefor dein ater work accept. REVIEW UNITB > comm -O > roa entice -B > voatuoy D-B Thisunicrevewsall he main language ois frm Units $-8.Compltethe execs. (Check your learning wth the sleek at the ed © Mass and count nouns, zome/any, a lot of, muchimany, a ittala few Envi msg hinve arm mieFd hin oa lot of spore at wechends There wasn't much afc this morning. Could you giveme an information, plese? We li’ have many problems wi the new system, ‘The news aren ery good 1 2 5 6 Would you ike lite wine? 7 Did shegive you ood aie? 5 Howe many money did you spend? 5 Only few peoplecame ea the meting 10 Ie some softs © somolany, atot offors of, much’many 1 Work in pir Usethe words in A and Bo makecigh qucntions with musk? sanding amples Do yon get ch sre or your abe ow ary esa day do you pond a a compatre How ouch relation do yo ge om weekdays? ey do aosation ae ee et Howeata computer Fave capeofcntce spend Seohol fu ou of seep ‘hese and bute 2 Work with a diferent parme Ask your partner your ston and rer her qutons Use some, anya ofl of mh, nd any ny ses © Comparative and supertative adjectives: quick tost ‘What arth comparative and superlative forms ofthese adjectives? Add ourmore examples, 1 bie 7 bad Das 8 be 4 pod a rowed S tice i fexbe 6 muchinany 12 file — 2 @ review unr a @ Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple Compete the sentences, Pathe verbs in rackets in the const tense, ast Simple foe Peseat Pret Spl In 1998 pres _by 24. increase) Theeconomiesiuation alotsince 2001, (improve How longago university? (70 iy oe 2 4 ' — te Japan ec last month) ‘the las oye? the vs) Where your acho? yon pend) She ___hernew obo wer ago (80) 9 Sales very yar sine 1993. (go up) 10 1____alovofprblems recent have © Prosont Pertect Simple questions ‘ork npairs Student A and aden B, Ask your partner question the resent etc Spl, your parteeaswets Yes, haey aa for moe deals Add oro Example havea birdy ithe ae hee months? Sraent A Have you bua birthday the lt re moms Side Yes have Sradeat A When was you Die? Wha sou dot | Student ak Sade 8 1 ee any good ls hismonth? 2 (wrt any emasin Engh this wk? | 3 havea olay nthe lassi months? 4 (buy) anything expensive receny? 5 eee ‘Student 8 Ark Sten 1 ise any ering places rece? 2 cat an foreign fod inthe ast wo weeks? 3 (speak) Englnh a wok ths work? 4 (do) anysporin thease ve days? s aa © Modat verbs: giving advice Use shoul shoul’, and its important tft to, co give advice to yomeone who 1 learn anothe language ina shore sime. | 2 getgood rls in an exam bchates staying 5 become fad healthy but does no spor. 4 sop smoking | 5 toe weigh 6 reaxmote bisa workahi REVIEW UNIT 8 @ 2 © Modal verbs: possibitity ‘Workin pairs. Tel your partner what you mayor migh do ‘neevening next eck eet ween 5 next summer eee ase Modal verbs: necessity Say which ofthese things you have do doin yourjob and which things you don’ have stare work ae Bed ne 6 work overtine 2 weara wien 7 travel abroad on basiness 4 ve Engh nthe phone 8 aend meetings 4 alkrosusomers 9 writer 5 etc cmisinEagsh 10 spendime wit oeiga visitors Making and changing arrangements ‘Workin pais, Student Aan Staden 8. Pracise making and changing arangemens. Student © twviting Work npr, Wei a short conversation for acho he following situations Facts the conversations wth part Sitution 1 Sue phones Mito nite hi to pay [ike declines and gives the reston Situation2 ‘Mike phones Seto invite her tothe theatre Ste accep Situation Jones Turner phoaes Moniue Breson He invites hero rive! to Scand wah bio die on Monique’ answer] 0 @ Makin ‘Workin prs Student A and aden B lan some acs or nexe wos SHEE the seer o jes thefollowing stv Kyou dont ike the suggestion Be ah sherman aetiy: Add ewo more suggestions Student Student 8 1 awalkinthecouney 1 aconcer 2 avisttoanexhbison 2. apart fr frend’ birthday 5 boat trp onthe river 3 dinner a god restaurant 1 bate oftemis 4 anheatreviie 5 Example Student A How abou going to a museum cx Monday aiernoon? Stade Yes, ine, Wht about hao am Hala elite eninge Giving opinions, agreeing, and disagrosing ‘Work pais: Practise asking ad gig opinions. Agree or daze with your parter¥ open sk abort Tafimousfimsar 4 acapitalcty 2 aspor 5 anatonalcuikine 3 abolday desiation 6 a famous polician ‘Work in roups Witeout simple acl mena Practise desbingthe dishes and ssking for and making recommendations, Vocabulary Workin Group or Group B. Weitea vcsbuley est to ver the ther rou, Choose wn of te word lon, Write sentence phrase top teeter group puaseach word Example Wardimprovement Clu the nor of to mprove’ Inhabtane eae pasenges ithe re isorganied company pension improvement 7 headache cmd briefeae schedule cyelepath relaxation —ambious tllay fare lsat seattekt salt Vocabulary tost Give you ecabuar st tothe ther group. Dothe other groups test. Resun your anowerforchsking Look athe sefcheckboxleow Tick the areas you ned review an SELE-CHECK BOX Yo No PockerBook © Mass an oat nouns a + somelonsalotof mechan, atte few a + Comparative and superatveadetves a + PseSimpleand Present Perko Simple 10,13 + Modal vers 8 + Mabingichangingserangemonts ro + Insicne 8 + Making sopgestions 2» + Opisionagrecingngriving 2» 1 Vocabulay UNITS an rasa ar OSG iasaae sinenaior Read the examples and grammar rules, For over a century parses We eee eet cae S208 | “a inectene nenrina genes, > natant + Stin-Gobsinhasdeloped bunds of pict) | slong histo Reade examples aod complete the grammar, 1 Usethe Present Perit Sap foc ps activites Para 2d Stastne'n sme up othe pets ‘+ Eeporsnan grown by 8% ds nancial et ‘sna’ Bel iat ae Baye ow oom Siete otal abr eases eterna Rocaatne eee ar oan ee ee ‘© in what ways it has changed or developed since it began? '* Some famous banks have bea in the same family ae Shee : ae ‘Sy hang (sparred fan ic hares he wc eeepc ie Tica he pas paar ee ore i eager ee aerate a ec inthe box. '+ Use the Present Perfect Simple fora situason which QDPiiesonk ys c Sa die v0") eran in the past ad enenses up co he presen, 1472 _b 1665 © 850d 1000 © 500) since and for early Bre bn yet 1 The Chitean de Gouin hasbeen inthe same fly ince the year TRI] Fd the examples and complete the grammar rule 2 Barone Riso has ben producing wine for morethan years + The Banca Monte deiPaschi di Siena hasbeen shebang burns since 472 3 Thetenea Mont di Pach diSen ws founded in iran a + The Becca family hasbeen making guns for 4 Berea hasbeen making guns fo nealy yas. i 0 fo 5 Sine Gotan Hall of Me Present Perfect Continuous * aN est washes ore famous Half Mi © Sain-Gobain hasbeen making gsssince 1668, Write since os for. © Barone Rcasol has been producing wine fe + Ue ‘ote than 880 year = + Movs long has zeta heen making guns? witha poe of sie and = “are | + Toamake the PesesPefect Continuous, se Be ey asbove bor inform of he ver, ta v e # Usethe resem Perks Connon fr 2c) TST thac began inthe past and connie pt the ‘company was oanded 4 They have producedtave ben prodacng 5,000 bots of wie thisyea. 5 How longi the companys the company been in business? 2 @ units units @ «7 © Workin pres. Complet the gues Look t Listeningscrie 9.1 op. nsaboutthentervew with Oliver Gor. 1 Wha z Hes writen lc of books about the besines work Tes ben the sme family sine the year 1000 5 What inkslonghistory? lee developed undeds of products. © Complete hese extracts fom Oliver Gore's book For Over Century. Usethe verbs in the bones, Tascreacd fastrendoing bulls canoder | Cate wsfounded _Fasiades_) Kongo Gumi “The olestcompary nthe worlds apanene company flea Kango Gus ue "7B Keres Gam nd emp wae tier more an 1400 years, Foriesieceneurycanamarsie a ett on ishome pag photos Shearer aye ftps = Shi icc . ura es ‘er wat basheen pring —asmade ‘AN EFFICIENT fremed Cont has ben ext hare 5} Kodak \\ FILM CAMERA. Kodsk * eameras sine 188. te founder, he Amarin "George aeran toate photorety eae ‘othe gente runbar peopl tha ower core. Hobsnes. ‘ily ine eary Yeartanergescle roauccon . {Re posta: In 1900 the frst Browne camera only $1 and tere “ _Tuge expo nthe mare nh 100 yer Kok » i cpentione worded * acing fe ana, Mexico Bat the UX France, Germany aa Aura Tis grow oda one the 5 gest compan Inthe Una Se, © Look ac the verb the reser Perfo Simple nl Comtinaousin the teass in@. Which verbs ero {pastas ina time up tothe present? ban activity which ban the past nd continues ptothe present? © Workin pais Prepare questions for an interview with nother sudent. You wantto find oot here thy lve boos, ownbubueicounty) whore ey work company, organization | feta they do. Tow long hye had thes j, 1 haw many jobs they ve had unt ow 1 ifthey make bine ips, how many ines rp hey ve made this yas shat sporeare interes they hae * how longer ve en doing eer © Work wii citer pare: Ask your partner questions. Answer your ‘Wecehre things about you parner ona ise of pape Donor write sername, Gre your each the pec of pet X has made two business rips ths year. X bas ben plying toms for oe yar. "li © Yourseacher wil give you another stden’s piece of pape Read the sentence tothe cl, Which of your colleaghs do you think they describe | xD Business headlines file. Word families and collocation Work in pais. Read the heanes, Answer the questions below Use shetonary freer, Property developer wins | @ 1 Why sia goed inesobuya new cat? 2 Ae people spending more monty han they have? Finance Minister | 3 i.remploymentging pt forecasts 2% growth | 4 1 :hecconomiconcas god otal? “in economy 5 Why ha prodcion oped? at ‘ purmonay inno spe Bb Saysinadrance whae wll happen «people who manage ge indo companies 4 people who ay ge ne whe employes efi to work i [eer nor tan Crue) Government promises to invest more in public services proces of developing industries nan agen pposte of oer ‘Carmakers cut prices as ‘competition grows tects) Pour nun sy Rise in employment good news for government | ‘Top industrialists unhappy with Tatest government pla Consumers buy more _goods on credit © Complete he able Some of the msn words are inthe headin, Iezesry us dctonay. vers Nean(aetirity hing) ‘Nowa person) mrlover 1G 82 Listen tothe examples Notice he diferent stress patterns aemploysr —b Industry ¢ development 2 Workin airs. Porthe worn the box in he coerect column Taanagenat delop indus producer Company. investment Gconomy consumption compettor—gwemment f 8. @ 83 Linen and check your answers 4. @ 83 Linen again and repeat th words wie quel youre 15 Look atthe wordsin the ist Mark the ses putea bore sonsomer anager castamer production developer {6 Work in pais. Practise saying he words in. “Match words fom A and Bo ake collcations (words which we often we together) For sme ofthe words theres more dan oe posible ‘combination, Examples conser society ‘nts production a 8 Sumer skill frenmarer developmen ercloping goad ‘eveloped production indented ark indeseal Sonomy ‘Work mir. Wie two busines headlines fora newspape Use words from, and ‘Give your halns to ameter pir of aden: Read headlines you Freie Decide what the article wl be about Wstethe ist sentence of cach aie Read yourhealines nd frstsenrences tothe as units @ st Changing China Workin groups Do you think these statements about Chin ar treo ae? Give your opiion. Write rel oF Uae) under My opon My pinion What the ariclsaye 1 Teday China has fre mater economy 2 Ispopalations alos onebilion, modernization compares invested the money in Chin and Aca 6 Theworld’s top ten cae makers ar tinking aout nssing in China, 7 China’ rapid industri development has pl owomy. Wit Tre) or Fhe uoder What the asic says ie The world’s fastest-growing economy In ess than three decades there nave been enormous economic and $cialehanges in China. Unt 1978ncusal production was under the control ofthe communist sate, Today the state controls less ‘han a quarter of indus production and Chinahas a reemarket ‘economy. n recent yeas its economy has been glowing faster han any ‘ther majr county and is now the sith argest economy in ‘eword. ‘More ad more foreign companies have been nvestingin Cina ‘tracted y i market of 1.3 lon people and its very compute low 3 labour force I 2004 Ghia received $47 bilionin foreign lnvestmee. fou times more than the whole of tfea, ann 2002 more ‘ana of China's exports were fom feign ims China's major ets, to, have changed cramsticaly. Huse new office ‘socks, nates, and shopping mals Rave appeared where tore Tse ‘wore tedltonal Chinese houses and markets. n Beving and othe ig ties, mary areas of great cultural and storia terest have ‘Ssappearec, butmost Chinese are In favour of modernization and \veryappy with their2asteentury ces of glass and steel Consumer goods ae everyere, and milions af Chinese can now afflors them because average come has more than Goubed Ine last ‘ecae. In cites many people now havent ony TV, washing, ‘machine video, and mabe phone, but eso a car and an apartment. Since 2002, when thre were ony sixteen milion cas in China, ca Sales have been rising rapidly andthe wore’ top ten global car makers have set upjont ventures with Chinese ear mancfocturers But as inevery industrialized country, epi industrial development has ‘rouge many problems, especialy polation As industalzaion continues anahuge numbers of pope enjoy waster standards of living forthe frst time, the wory Is thatthe impact onthe erironment may iso be huge, © Rendstes 2 total umber of errs hanged very much “4 covered reas with many shops 7 tee the natural w © wrara @ Workin groups Discus the qe 1 Doyoutiak China wil come the gest economy inthe world? 4 What impact do yu think Chins indusiaiaion wll ave onthe 9: @ unis Offers and requests © @ 94 Linen so. conersvon becween Duncan Re Gra. Wee down what Duncan wanes Carol do. Book ight Book hee Gerinformation about @ G95 Linen to anotherconversaton between Duncan and Carla the Sime day Answer the questions 1 How does Duncan want to travel back to Landon? 2. Why doesnt he nee hotel in Bordeaux? © @ 9495 Lisentotherwo convertion asin and tick (Y) dhe phrases Requesting Agreeing Could you? Doyoumind..(e-ing? Novara Would yousmind.. (ing? No, ofcourse nt Would you... Doyeuthiakyoucoud...2 Retina a Pm sory, bu that not posible ome mata Shall 2 Do you wine seo, osetia pete Ys, please. speeotee Thank yeu. oudyouttemeto.2 MEY Thankyou. appreciate tht. Deetining “Thanks but please don hot Thanks, but chat won be nsesary That ver kindof you, bo Wekinpaes Student A Student Bis visting your company, race making, accepting nd dectningoflesin these stuations. Add eo more sittin, octet, nd desing fests hee set Add tre more ‘Student Student 8 3 thaw Sendent B round your company Accept. Sto accompany Sent Ro hier hotel Destine Nowehange oe. Ask Stade B 1 tolend youhisher newspaper. Aare. 2 tolook ster vistortomarrow. — Refute (you ae oul day. 3 togiveyounestyears budget, Agee Student 8 Student Aseadene A 5 togiveyoualicothestcon, Aare. 6 toshowyonhowsome new Refue (you dont undeatndt sofewas woes youre 7 twlend yous calalnne Aree Workin pss. Practne making offers and request fr these situations Add more sietions 1 Ofer toshow vito round your cy. 2 Offer toexplain the menu in etaurant 0 orig guest 5. Aska fend fo lend you some mone. 4 Aska cll for some adic § Ofer to book shee room for ior 6 Aska colleague cofelp you wrt a report Offer to ake vstorouounch, 5 Offer to helps coleague prepare presentation. 9 Aska fiend o pick you up atthe ape UNIT® @ 2 UNIT 10 Will our planet survive? Global warming ~real or imapined? Wildlife habitats disappearing US puts economy first _ © Werk insonpe Lk ase headlines fom diteent newspaper and nats, Gass what the content of earh atic be, One planet is not enough Hope for forests? Water - a global cri: © The worden A rein the extracts in Match them withthe meaning in B A » 1 dhe world resources 2 destoy 4 destruction 6 haat 7 seer © Read the extracts fom the ates. White the correct headin 2 Foresrareesentil olf, They iveuscleanairand plant for ‘medicines, andcontan overhalt theworld’Sanimals, beds and ple Humans destroy an areaof ets foreat the sie of Geese every yeah pererer we don tstop thie destrution, it nh wile telite, There are some pars Sgnsofhope,butwe il have Workery hardifwewanttagave The plane. 4 damage very badly 1 100% necessary f thenou oftodesroy i ese nthe worl temperate eg ol ores, water 1 atural home of plat, bed or anil ~ ‘thatglobal wars : etry 80% athe 8m imporantwildifebitats. ‘eon tsetse habitat 20%olthe world’s snimals and plants disappear forever a Se ey eco be sirelabl wring Beye stim veo re bts be otatetous Be iccsulires scare fate liwontbebonibl ane Shepstone © Unserne ve verbs which refereo the fur inthe exacts in Future: will + infinitive; 1st Conditional Read theexampls. Answerthe question and wills itive © Thispereenage willinrese by 43% inthe © Our planer won't survive © Use wl infinitive ro predic frre situations How do we make gueson and short answers wth «net QDBweoky.s Nowe Willbecomes ‘fia spoken Engish except ceed Wl nr becomes won Yin spoke Engin, lading short answers, 5 ‘Today abilion people inthe worl don't havecleandeinkingwater.f we don Improve our use of water this umber wil rset fourbillon by the vear 2025, tse incredible, But we have olive ones than 1% ofthe word'swater because 97% of he water ‘onour planets seawater 2% sie, and we ‘cuse only partofthe teunderground Tati what we have to survive on, ifand when ‘st Conditional © Weilhaveroaccnow ive wantto save the planet © Ifwedont sop his deseuctio, willbe so late * Tewontbe porubleto sav the planet ifwe dont take ation now ‘+ Goethe te Conditional express oss, ands res Write wil infntie othe Present Simple 1 Ina Ist Conditional semen, se afer fad capes she res Look at heextactsin@, Find oer Le CCondonal serene, itand when * Iewillbe oo late odo anything about ie when we Wel have to work ver hadi we wan planet Wee ifortben + Ue expressaposibilcy ad 9 express acer Qatetooky.2 eee The USA produces 25mofthe gases that cause Blobel warmingandeays this Deteetagewilneeaee hy 049m the next 20 years. says we can do Tite to change the situation. the USA. Works with other eountries to reduce global ‘warming, we'Tbeabletolii the damage Hit Aoesn', we won, and our planet wn tstrvnes ee e _the verbs in brackets in the correct tense, Present Simple or will + infinitive. AN Theworldwarmsup _—_ World’scapitalsatrisk Water wars live ___(do} nothing, Scientists belevetattmperaturesin inthe future, people * to sop glabalwarming. we Greenland i ineease)_(otfight warsover ol. or eligon, or aera tee} bigchanges__orethan inaterpa Intiefature word temperatures Ths etn i sssclentss have predice, there oftheworg, polities, butover ater Neary 40% of happen the the worl’ population dependson lies andeenrune” ers fram which a OF more nese) byaboutseven couniriey get the water. Many of NN bllsssnowand meee. They say his ‘hea counties want develop their lomecountres——*—_(pufmostefcheworldseapialsunder sgrcltureand industry they (ote theirskingindustry.We water. see aot uh rane have hte ier ve they ig sammersand more wind and ain test geitbeause thot water invite. otennmceLoldays 505) [vot sure arebad for the planet Weallenjytaveing andar travel Hictusscaleree itingheaper That god nor Threehunded tp Ameria Felidymakersbutbad news othe sets hae predic ha selves Eas) by between 80 ‘snd 00 centimetres over the next featur. their predictions correct hale us population wholiveincostl ares ose their homes. tnsitonerent beeasesreraft {msn neesse global warming freed in recent ears rhs increase (continue), the (ee) worse damage © @ UNTO © Workin prs, Ask and answer questions. Give your opinion Examples Ask Do you think wellstop the destruction of the forests Answer Yes sure we wil/No,T m sure we won Ye, Ibi oo, dom bin Maybe mnt sre. stopidetracionforess? ‘weatherlget hte and were? many Bids, animals and planiappea? the word eaptal tebe under water? ‘ouneilow kindy? Pronunciation 1 101 Listen othe examples. Which of he 3. @ 102 Listen again and repeat he semences, Undertinedvowelsoundsistong? Which sshor? 4 re he unerind vowels shor o log? Tick (V7) ail b whe = 2 @ 102 Liven othe pronunciation of the Alshor long) Unditned vowels Wath send do yeubeat? 1 Isthisyour kay? — Tek V)sork 1 Areyougingto eave? 3 5 « We nsie hiy pole (shor) b (long) Did youhavea good ip? 2 4 Isesimeto at? s 6 Where do youve? Did yousagp wal ost dows, Hewas very Dotakes at - 15 Ga Lien an repeat the sentences twice ‘Would you ike sre cia? ‘ie to yous. “Tharreaurancinvery cheap. Salli yourglau? Do you el beer? © Complee she sentences. Useifor wher athe begining Fash the sencences wieh our own des ample Wher sie mart aptin er you he information become ch gethomeronishe Tehange ny jo I goabrond have more tie. © Say vhacyou sik wil appen in your country, and why: Begin Tahini dn’ bine Example {dow think the ecmamic station weil oprove caus the ‘orld economic station io’ goed. the economic situtionfimprose ‘he presen goverment tenet lection semploymensinerease the costflving/ay athe sme level ‘eanspresyteinprove © ex wha ieDavidArenhorough, Brisin' bese known wide lm makes, feys bout the fur of our lant Then daca the question groupe, Ba neteg RR eORe Reece ary ‘Many individuals are doing what they can but real success can Cee arco erates ee ee Er larstig ocr Mr CaM a ee Cherestat uae eae evan re et ete eae aes Bea Deuce ecm Set ange do you thnk Sir David Ateborough refering to? 3 Do yothink the planet willehelthy an habitable yl pies Prepositions of place file. Preposition diagrams © Look scthepiture ofan office, Writ the coret umber inthe ey. hie loc f cole machine computer desk desk np ile @ Deszike she action ofthe objctein the ofes Use he prepostions in ‘hechagrame Examples yar planner ie above the des besideent to eeren onthe right of © Work inp var, on he tof 1 Describe your ofetwock area to your parts Draw the ofchwork rea 2 When you have finisher our pareesifthere Exaile The ini on he right ofthe desk it on any mitakesin thie UNIT 0 @ 10 Living longer, growing younger © Reade newspaper estacs. Wha do these numbecs fete? 149 280 3$2600 41,3 542% 6 doutofl0 100 years apa developed counts fe expectansy Fore woman was 49. Toy itis 80 anaes sy wll te [01 by 2070. A fale brn day a France and Jpn, he ewo counts nthe wor wth th gest ie «- TheJapaneseqotemnmest itso worried about the fling birth sate that ving women $2,600 a eons they have sn is alo proving "baby hoes’ where working | 12002 the Woe Bank Foxeast fallin che working: ‘age population of cous inthe Exrpean Union down from 230 milion o 167 mlon by 2050, The biggest al women can ave thle when hey ae say on predicted is for hal: wnt 42%, fallomed y Spin and basins tps. panese women hae an average ony 3 | Gertany ren. Tp maimain ts presen opaatin les pan = neds an average ith ate of 2.1 hiden per women By 2030, four out of en pple wl sone 65 ‘Thats dabl che mer inthe 1960s, © Discus the question, 1 Why arecounses word about a decrease the bith ate and inthe working-age popultion, and anincreai in the numberof older people? 2 Would you tke toliveto be 100? © GB 104 Lisen oa dsesion berwen thre finds abou the topicsinthe newspaper extracts in @. Answer the questions 1 Does Alisa wane oie oe 100? 2 What docs shesay about hi expectancy? 3 In Tonia opinion, whac wl bea big problem fr goverment the fue? 4 Acconding ro Ed, why wil deeloped counties have the biggest 5 Docs Ed think the reiement age will tay the same? © Discosshe question in groups. ‘Which of thes opsons woul you prefer solution othe problem of paving for pension inthe ture) 1 work he age of 7 or mone 2 pay moreincaxes and socal scwity 3 save money for private pension © Tae words and phrases in Aare om the aie Thea ate, Match hem ith hei meaning in A e 2 centenarians havingadvsmrages mot people don'thave 3 torear incensed by 300% 4 priieged pero ho i 10 yeas odor more 102 @ UNIT 1 @ Readshearicle The ageing fre, Answer the questions 1 Whathas happened othe world’ population since 190? 2. Why do ewer peopl die rom infctios diseases today than athe past? 3 According the OECD shat wl happenin the next25 yeas 4 Whatdid Helen Klein do when she was 72? es a ageing future Sine 1850, he wor’ populations anasto sae Ig lange han any geen human ston Inte year 200 there were 10,000 peopl te planet ‘howe 100 ears ore Yet when hy wee bor, ere ‘planes an orbits and at bom fc i. mous hr were ew crtrarns jee inthe ‘woe. Now mins of eple liven tr 7 290, Sh centnarans wl eng Beate, Adasen soins tat inc 3 Doyuknow wich tation = ‘Compare he questions fom the wo conventions. Which re more polite the diet oindiret questions? Whatis the ference inthe for ofthe vtb Dirst questions ‘What tine des thes ight aerive? ‘When do the er Dot need make Indice questions Do ou know if i France Bie from Bordeaux to London? (Can youll me when you wane rorrael ‘Cou you tel me when aves Paris? Doyou know which ation leaves rom? © Work inpais Some © Workinpsins,Asktorand givin ee aaa these questions are not correc: Wit the cones 1 Cad yon ell me wht he aes? 2 like roknow how long dos the journey ake. 3 Do youknow fshera dining ar onthe in? 4 Can you tell me which srportdoes the fight eave from? 5 eye ktow hier mich i the fre? 6 like roknow where con buy ack. maton, Practise asking indict withthe pase in Situation 1 Student Phone British Airway, Ask for information abou fights om London Gatwick o Madi. ow many igh dy ‘when dhs depatareve {Row muelvEconomy as face 1 ifareincldersipor exer Student 2 ‘You week for Beth Aisa Usethis infomation anaes Cred Situation? Student You work tor atan este Railways in London Ue thisinfomation Phone alan Se Railways, Ak forinfrmation abou ins rm "a4 Bologna to Rome, + how many tainstbeeween 8am, and 10am when tins deprive 1 how moch/Istand 2nd class fares 1 iyouhavetoshangeteine es NIT 11 eon Getting around in cities —* ysis t rtomnan © Work ingroups What deen meds of transport do people in your county ast et round instr? Mae i. © Readshencspaperenractsa ut transpotincies. Answer the questions. ‘Wha li Trondheim and Singapore doin der to reduc talc How does wif publ transpotin Zinc compare withthe i In 1991 Tondhiin Norany came fis Inthe wordt reduc tic Seandinaiadidthesame Atdused theron snr ii sort ‘ators, sds ln Fake priate cre ‘neste formas cy Journeys Which countries have the ighest erenrage of cylin cis? Why dd Cait choosea bus tem, not an andergound or geri NNANNNNY 5. Whatnew scheme has ben ntodaced in Finburgh? crib in Bri at poplaion of? milion, ‘as morecars pe person han ay ster san cy ‘esp rai bu tha fe afin, eno Underground or ight-ralsste beaut alot heape stat ein us tem ranspores 75% fcltycommeters. They ean change sly aomene ‘osteo another sig sige cet rl ures AYVANINNNNANY Inch aot ofjurneysare Sypbiciampor oped oropean tes anon 3% Inches Alotofpoplen Zovchown aca tut piste fart the velo ‘er euopesn cs Seslarsoe Thr Achieved yItedcing ight fast gh syatem:ntegrted ith ses Sin ae Denmark more people we beer nesta note arecyee paths cierywhere in Sityemntaes and ota ode Copenhagen 25% fy Journeys are made bie I the etches of Groningen nu rect he igure 808. ‘Seven thousand etpayes who wort the Edinburgh ined ona carshringscheme isthe fistine ‘computerharbeen eo math erslayee Journeys to work andispural plano redacetrfie fongesioninaciywhereipht outta arsarry Justone parson. Tae scheme wa ode afer 00% of htt ea they weal nt 106 @ UNIT © G11 Lisento partof a TV panel dcusion programme called Ask tke pel Match he speakers with thee suggestions for ein tafe congestion John —__ Susanna David _Kate___ Nik 4. Make people pak outside the city cee and then ake a bus |b Change motorists fr devin in city centres, «© Getcompunies to organize carsharng scheme fortieth 4 Provides really good inexpensive public transport system, Read the examples and comple he ramimar rae © Il were reponse ortsnepors, bam pitate cars fom cit cetes, « Heyclng wae sak more people would wavel © We'd have ls congestion tf mare people used Tikes for short aureys, + Tube oraninedaesivig schemes, people from difleen compas oul jon a ‘or imaginary present or future posibiy, and teresa ‘Wie Pat Simple rsa + In 2nd Conditional sentence wsethe ierifand oe could «inv to expres thee Weofen aed for woul ‘Weean ase were instead of a with elhet butin the expeesion If vee you Pd. wean only se were ‘Look at Listening srpt 1.1onp. 133-4. Find other 2nd Conditional sete, ‘Whats the dferencein meaning hermoen these by bike, Piece work bought abide, Fa cyto ork Qiiakeoak 5 Pronunciation 1 you We they They — 1 She 3. 113 Lien ain and hw 4 Which semtencesin 2 are Ist Conditional? Which are 2nd Conon? 1. N12 Listen to heexamples, Notice he contractions b would accepe che offer if were you. 2 (13 Livencoshe sentences, White theming verbs. Some are contractions ae she the pane tomorow. 1 ona spa fewer probleme ifwe these, solution fwe something ikl here befor si osock, 1 them the company tere 2 problem '5 Workin prs. Prats he sentences in 2, paying pos atenion othe pronunciation of the contrasts |, OLE EEO | Practice —@ Compete the sentences. Use the Pas Simple or 2nd Condional form (eouldeous) ofthe verb in brackets Vie ie nea yf wal ro work 2 She (not die to workif there be) 2 good bus servis. 3 pubicranpont {not be} overcrowded, more people 4 He_____ eye) to work (be safer, Ibe quicker 6 Fewer people (dive in cy centres we Tinos cha, If you wer tesponse fr transport in your townkiy which of the folowing wold you do? Which woulda yu da? Explain why? nt Bein II aee responsible for ransporecoudtouldn.. because, make publi transpor fee provide eee lanein the centre build ore roads charge motors for drivinginthecenire encourage carsharing schemes Whar other things would you do, and why? ‘Workin pairs. We offen use the nd Conditional give advice, eg fare you, eoulvoulde.. «What advice would you give to someone wh 1 wok in Gcomany bur peas only ite Geman? 2 getfiner buenever doe any spot? 3 seudy fora new are but thinks sh ono at 30? 4 passtheexamarthe end ofthe English course bu ofen mises esons? 5 buy an expensive ne ca but never saves any money? ‘Workin pats. You employer has fered you thc month ff work, with salary and all expenses pad n order to gt to know aaathes country and its * which county you woul got, har five things you would doo gett know hat couney’sclur ‘Work witha diferent partner Tell your partner whee you would go and what you would do Ask questions find out more 1 TaTEY-1y nas blur’ capital ty nis onnstabe naa coal ‘ore ha ton elles Frwh on ta at popltan ot sins mln bait tte ‘apolol eE'astheEuopean Potlomen sete Te esas of NATO ei Bs ad any furtoral conan hate ee Epa hend oc City description file. Topic groups and collocations Read the description of Bramels. ind the answers tothe questions 1 Whyis Brame called the cil ofthe EL? ‘What is Grand Place? ‘Wharcan you find in Batch’ See? ‘Whatcueralstesevons does Reel oer? anbcurgsedserce nasties are ‘Ye somathot Base tect inporaeoicsenyTheain ofan Schama manana emt, Stacie cc enbs isone af he Saves phomaciealsedemrscal_ berger cape eet anak od Smvtiemansevcendstestong flgawn 0th ba cl on wo ‘cl vie stra : ha nines Srasebhasamodmardecimt athe atactonseEeyeon rea bandoem nett Rhos cj-muzuna theaters cree Fost vomcemectentafesond pea andtsnatns rs onion anainenatonaarpet Treas and aa ites Thebioncenelscrod a omot ect ete and aelouse and Eopesmestieusulctymuaeein wood oe wee youcen oy December atatins Gms Mit wana ng 2g ont ished Natt GirdPac am orcas on teeny or yet Ison spprgacame ese Sd’ Seta acl Mach words in Aand Bo make collocacions rom the desertion of eel Example franca corte A 8 aia financial cenmreY attractions fil shoring trades Soopers ‘moltnational ular cy industes manufacturing languages ‘Work in pais Oranize word and phen fr the region Reel inte following vpic groups. Add other sf word tothe groups. « ssogeaphyeconomy ‘+ cukare tampon > sporteisare + eatingdinking Inthe ox below nd 1 fourpars of opposite adjective, 2 five adjectives which ave an oppose adjective besnning wth he prefix S& “Teautifal ~ eficeat important lnely bar) Iimpresve waditonal modem offal” wort dull_ ugly) Make noes totale sbout yur home tw ay. Chose two of the ope areas in @ fog georaphyfconamy and transport Ue sale ‘ocabulary fromthe Iss you wrote in and fom @ and @ above ‘Work ingroup. nur, ell your eslleagues about yout home own or i Answer any quetons fom your cleus, ‘The best cities to lve in © Work ingroup. Give you opinion of your own city oF one 04 kaw well Ratei excelent good), A [averse oP ipo) ineach ofthe categoris elo: Give rensos fr your opinion 1 pobliceranspore 6 beak care — 2 traf competion 7 choke of resaorants 3 polltion —— color acts eg heates, vee ‘hema msi museums) 5 schools and education —_ spor and sue aie © throurciy had che money to make improvements into ofthe categoies in ‘which vo would you choo! © @ M4 Lisento an exracefom another radio progsamme inthe series Working Week, abouthe best cies toive in Tick 0 show which cities avethe * overall bse quality oflife 1 best restaurant, and ee fies Some aniwers are given as example, “Thebest ciate vein Social responses © How would you cepond polly rhe following? 1 Soy Pate 3 Haves good weekend 2 Thanks frallyourhelp. 4 Do younind smoke? © 25 Lisento some social comments ata party. Tck(¢)the most 1a Dida you? 5 4 Yea youetn, 2 a Nocatthemomenthanks, 6 4. Ohy Em sorry to herd, b Pvehad one b Don'menonit 3a Yeu thatight 7 a Redoen mater, Yes Pe fom Spin by Noearal 4 Yes youar 1 Than the some to yon b Dont worry by Yes thopeso © @ 28 Lisentoshe comple conversations. Ths sine you will ear the ‘most appeoprine response Cesk our snnwers 10. © Workin pair. Look ath pire of ucts ata cocktail party. Think of snub apases to ther comments ad questions coy JOvrabs | Best resturan cura | Cy ‘Overatse | Set reson cuir, sults |andisaire acer ti | seiner ate Baer Aer er = Ccneinen Taig eae irr Newtek z “eloh © @ 114 Lisenrosheexeactagtin, Answer the guesions 1 Hw many ves docs the survey cover? 2 Why are Pars and Londoa lowerin the ist his year hana year ago? 5 How many US eis are inthe op Sin he it? Why dont they come her? © Workin groupe Discus yourides. Your orgnizason wans youto lve and workin one of thes ces fora year Which ty would yu choos nd why? @ tach eheceplies with the comments and questions in he pice in @, 1 Pleased, 5 Well Fdrseher youd Yes tha igh, 1 Yes here you are. 4 Tedoett mates 1 Nevermind. Beer lack nex «© Thanks Tihaveawhishy. j No,Tyebees here before @ You srearDuncan Ros party at Glenross Castle, Walkaround and make sala with you cas colleagues Prats offering dik, thanking, yolegizing, asking permision, and making sppeopete espns. © n7 Listenrothe aca commens, Tick ¢) the esponse iit 1 Yenof curse 5 doen mate, 3 Yes here you are 7 Yes 4 Done worry 8 Congestion © G28 Lisento the wa comments @ agai. Thissie you wil ear appropiate responses Cesk your sneer Penis Peseta ht Sg UNIT 12 The story of cork Sone ‘What doyou know about ork? 1 Where dacs cok come from? imporane proce made fom ork? 3 Which county the word's bigest producer of ok? 4 Why dacs NASA se cork in rocket engines! Read the at from pst to present. Check your answers to the questions in @. Coe Serum mn cron) Cox pe oma ees note ork Malterancan and Asan sonnet only ck rn Madteranean tees har the ua which fed to mak commercial products inladng the st npn ‘roduc ite stappen Ove 0 ofthe wok cork ‘rodced in Portas and fal cork rode ae Made there. Ths makes cork Porat seed ost Inport expert ater poe wie It fst orks mperiat {0 he Portugues ecnomy that corks foresters eal protected by te ae Corks been sed since ancient ines Corkstoppershave found in Heyday, Grek nd Roman amore what Wi tnd olive ll wee store The ancient Roman wore suas ‘ed inhi ay in nrth Aa toy Since the 8th em. Peéignon, cork stoppers hve bn sa foal hampaene andsprkingvine Today ale hashish sei pat inthe engines of NASAS rockets net un exe The ork snot moved fom the oak un tis 25 years ld. Aer that i ll be emond eves 9 yes or the ex 18010 200 yeas depending on the nse, Oly the best quay cark i ured fo make wine ‘opps and thin ot paced unl che tree inover yer ld. When the or hs been removes number painted onthe fev oubscan ve or 3010400 am © tothe actile Cork from paso preentundetine ove example ofa verb ia ‘the passive fem in each of eee rns Preset Simple Past Spl, Present Perfect, Fare 112 @ unr ‘The Passive Read the examples. Complete he grammar rls and answer the questions Present Simple > Cork oak frestare found in Mediterranean snd Asan countries, 1 Thecorkt not remored from the ok ui ti aa ast Simple © Champagne was invented bythe French monk, Dom Perron + Wineand ive were tored in Feypsian, Geskand Reman spore Present Perfect + Corchas oem usd since ancien ines, © Cork stoppers have eos found ia gyption, Greck, and Roman amphorse Future © Thecork wllberemored very 9 yes fo the ‘ext 15010200 yar Wei passive orate oterhe {ocr when the person or thing that dd dhe ation porta # rete oem then te person or thing tht did heaton niportant, or ind other examples of vss the passive in tear. ‘When do we use byafer aver inthe passive? iow do we make questions inthe passive? Qaawan Practice @ Compee:hisdexriton ofthe proces f making cork wine stopper. Usethe Preset Sime passive oar ofthe vet in racket ‘Corktrees — they area year old. Mos planting ‘@o)byhand. Whenthe twee is 25 years old the cork (remove) forthe rst time, ABer tee, Thecork "plan when a (ca) every 9 yeas for nother 15016200 years, depending on the eave) in thefotest to dey forabout avear. Then it stoppe! After boing, thecork —_> (cu) into stip and the wine stoppers *Conake) from the tips ‘Then the wine toppers : (ash). died, and checked for quali: Atthis Stage most of the stoppers =" aranspor) fo their destination, butsome {mark) with the name of the wine producer oll. This process cleans before the eae the factory, the cork and makes i sronger and more Aexibe @ rose cut she incor ve fom Inabout 7% of the market, plastic wine Wildlife expers are worried about the stoppers hae placed have eet replaced tradition cork stoppers, ‘specially nthe USA, Australia, Chil South Africa, and New Zealand: Their ‘ese nal hesecountres sn the Piastic wine toppers inroducedtvere Iniraduced boctuse it belerdiwas Dative cork vas thecause of problems the problem and have asada been asked ‘sith wine quali: But studies ve Shownftavebeen shown? theresreother_botile has. I'he use of plastic stoppers uses an the cork industry has, Senha ee spent alot of money on improving the rot, ee eee growing ure of paste stoppers becuse the ork forests are an impertant hasta fr ‘ld. In some areas cork oes have Aestrovedhave ben destroed and bllday ‘illages and rea have usihave Ben le In thoir place illifeonganizations have startedave een tated campaigns to inform people about Supermarkets o show what type of toppers continues continued? nerease ther isa "eal danger that cork forests and important ‘life abt il lost eos for eve © Workin pars. Make questions inte pase form fr these answer fom thearle Conk from past in present. xamples Where were of and wine stored? What perce of cork product re made n Portugal How lan bave cork stoppers been aad fr champagne and sparkling ine ‘They e ound in Mederanean and Asan count, 2 Whar percentage 2 Because cork so mportant or the Preuss economy 4 Howlong———— > Ws been wed sine ancient ime, “They've been found in Egyptian, Grek, and Roman arnphore 6 When : lewas invented inthe 18th seu 7 Why —_, Beco an excell insolation material against ex. Teisremoved ater she resis 25 yous old ——————— Pronunciation 1. @ 124 Linen tothe examples. Notice how the inal consonat ‘unde nkedelowing vowel ound. a. Werggny preducsyexported jn Apri? 1 Howarethesngineysenbled? «© Twoundred engines ave ber impor 2 Join the words you thik ae ink 1 Cork is produced in Porta 2. Many core prodacts at exported abroad, 3 Champagne was invented inthe 18 cea 4 xpens are worried about inceaing sles plastic stoppers 5 loro money’has ben spent on imposing qui ' Cocks eed or insolation in rocker ngs, 3. @ 122 Lise and check your answers 4G) 122 Listen agin and tepe St epee ee | © Workin pies stent A with another Student A, Student B with another StadentB Lok arp. 113) Student Datafle 1 Read Daf A. Facts and figures rater prosucuare made ou of ‘bber How mary 2) 1 Nar bers fom a white uid Ime which comes roma wre, Alter the hex elected processedor nds use Seba Faber s mace For hat?) entra nabbed by Maytag, thd Indes. 4 Moret 0% ef raul aber eur for Wine) «© Ger gresareiade fom thc andraural rubber, ‘aca yres are de ete fom mata rer beastie le surge: Student 1 Read Dale Facts and figures ‘raters Mare tan 50000 produce remade cut otrbber Natura raberisrde roma whe uk ced late hich comes amare Aer tbe ot cclleced ——Whathappens ter.) Stet ruber ismaée rem pews. ae fratrarbar wiped by alia Taland an Indonesia. (Wat percentage 0) {Hore dan 60% otras unberswedfor rand twtonotwe produce «© Ger resaremade fom sythee ndatcal ite bucarafe yes are made enraly fom tra Work witha iteren parte, Seaent A with aden. Ask your exons 2 Wiehe questions you ned to ask complete your dtafle Bein wih the words brackets and as the passive fom inal our gusto. Examples How mary product ar ade oof rbberé How long ago mae uber sed by the Mayan peopl of Central “The history of rubber (hebiermapanes ago yer people Cora rein (How gags? 1 Ribera been known o Europeans since the end of {he Sen caury when Chvstpher Couns bought itnc rom South Ameren. I Theword rb was firs sadn 70 by an Egish cherie oepnPrinloy ho aecoreredit ould ub ave pent act. 1 Raicots ar boon ale mckneothed ince sien a Scots chemist called Gaver Makes re wed rier oak hem vateproot (How long.) i “protec uenetion ves dcovred by an rercn called Charles {Goodyear (hen chs proces rvbers ened win enemsato mate seemed more fbi Ths acon made poles Imaatucure yes tom ruber was te bepening sf Goodyear yrecamoany 2 Wie she questions you nod to ask to complete your dale Rein with the word bracket and as he passive form nal our questions, Examples What happens oft the latex is collected? How lng has rbber been sen to Earp? “The history of rubber | ftber aur 800 pure goby he Man pople tcacuAmasa. 1: Rubber as been Kown to Europeans even Crecaper Cbunius ‘roughicbacktrom SuthAreri aw leng-? 1 The mordribbar war atared i tyrants cor cll Josaph Pest. who ‘deere cold abou penta (Whe | Racor have been ale acitotee spe 62) shen aScoueh emit ales Chares Maeno frac uted aber to make the waterproc | 1918394 proces ced larnton as daconred by anAmeran clad res Goodyear nth proess.utber seated with ems hy VTscovery made ese ‘hcbagnirg sete Goodyear re compa and complete your daa, Anewer your partners questions. 6 @ uNITs2 Descriptions file, Word building ‘The suis ao sblemake the nouns dhe ox into adectivs, Complete the table withthe adjectives. Check the spelingit dictionary occry ia a ‘Work in pss. Choose ro adjectives fom each roupin the table in nd sete in sentences of your own, ‘Wecan makesome nouns into adv by ading the fies fal colors (= witout) Si of th aajcives inthe able elo hve, ‘opposite aijectne ending in-ls. Which ae they? Wie them exe ‘headecies nw tess auf coef — hae hopeful — sinfal powerful soc —_ elu - vwondefl — Complete the sentencs witha suitable adjecsiveendingin flo les fom sneniein 1 Theaecdene was caused by — driving 2 You won't elany pain. tn fact the eaten compleely 3 Smokingis to your ath 4 Thank you forall he wor you've done You've een relly ‘5 Thismachine doesn work atl WS totally 6 Wecan'tbesur of sacs, ba weve very —___ wel sez Strange but true “Which of th fllowing do you do, and how often? 1 seatch he news on TV 1 Tisento te news on radio 1 rend newspapers 1 res cutee fais magasnes Have you heard any unusual or amusing stoi inthe news rcet? fs, what were they about? @ 122 Thecaroonsillestaterwo tue nes repoets. Liste othe reports 2h anawerthe questions. ‘What new poly ha the company introduced? Report ‘Why does the new company have more staf shan it ess? @ 123 Lisento he wo reports agin. Then say what you remember bout the allowing Report 1 Report 1 pros 147 2 siete 3 inayarstine 4 birdy 4 five 5 relaxed and friendly 5 evomore ‘Work in pais. Use the words and phrases @ to preset the wo news Discus the questions and ve reasons for you opinions. Report 1 Whatdo youthink ofthe policy of ig nice ois staffintodaed by thecompany? 2 What do youthink makes company‘a grea pace to work’? Report2 1 you were on ofthe uiversiy graduates, would you sgt say with ‘the company and accep €15,0000 ave ound the wold fra year? 2 Why do you think only ve ofthe 47 graduares have accepted the offer? 19 @ UNIT 2 @ Workin Group A or Group B Read the words and phrases fom your news tepor aod yt guste The words rein he sume onesie ‘herepors (GroupA-RoportA 4400 goats dey grass catches fie — Company rents oat bosines has doubled enough goats Group B-Report 2 Astalin—Saud Arsbin~ 120 camels — fride~togrow=aboue 5000 year from the Canary Islands is 1840 ~ Saad Arabian cent © Workinpairs, cnestaden fom Group A andthe other student from Group Bs Tellyour parser wha you think your news reports bout, © @ 124 Listnto the news separ for Groups A and B. Were you ight aboutany othe content? @ Look se isting expe 12.3 nd 124 on p. 135. Underine alse ‘examples of pave ver forme inthe news report Why she passive wed inthete example? @ Discus the following guestions abou the wo news reports you bear in @. Give restos for your opinions Report InSan Francisco the auhorts used hesbicdes and controle res © reduce dhe rl of irs before they dicovred goats could do he jobber Why do youthink people rch developed sonnel ese expensive hac methods sole a problem whens ipl, inexpensive and more natural solution exis? Report 8 Did he information nhs repor surprise or nse you? Why? Why not? ‘Thanking for hospitality. Saying goodbye @ 125 Duncan saying goodbye to sme of he guests who stayed at Glencross Cane afer the Wine & Dine anniversary lebron. Lien 1 the tree Gomera aed newer urstons, Dialogue Dislogue2 Tr WhithavePesreand Anne. 1 Whtdoes Monique promise Duncan? Mareinvied Duaean todo? 2 When ether next mozing? 2 Has Danan scoped? Dialogues 1 What does Duncan think James should write? 2 Why doyou tik Jaret ake Duncan about his meeting wth Monique? 53 Why do you thik ames says "Thats the problem’? @ 125 Linento the threeconverstions again and dick ¥) the phrases ‘Thanking for hospitality ‘Thankyou forsniting ws “Thankyou very much for your hospi ‘Thankyou for everthing ‘Thanks Positive comment ‘Wevehada wondetl ime really appreciated Iewas rely enjoyable, Everything as ea. Saying goodbye Tren ms ping ‘Wereally most leavernow Tre be oft. Took forward 0. (ving you ai Trmlooking orwardto ournest Responding to thanks Seeyou | onthe Fld yo [could come, mente cored. | soon tied Havel gk found i esseing ‘ihe ‘Work in pairs. Res he stations blow: Practise thanking your parte fer towpaliy; and mabe poste conments. Your partoe wil pond the thanks Us phrase from @. Change oes 1 Acoleagc is invied you toa restaurant o celebrate your promotion. You have jst ished the mel 2 Appi haan you tothe heer se pla. 5 Some foreign rend ave taken you ons siptesing tour of thei cy Read the statons on he ft. Match them with an appropriate response on therieh You'reata party. lateand realy ms be going, Jo. ve got you want lve, another appoint Your bsinsmeetinghasast _b-Thanks for the hi, Se. mst be finshed. Youhave train teatch, off ePl est ny ple ‘You've lunch with vsitoe, Wel ally must eave now se YYouhavetomeet another person gor gett she ation in fifcen mine. 4 Aind who drove youtothe 4. Lmusbe goin, Pve gt an eary leporisalingto you. Yue start tomestow, sid youl miss your gh, ‘Now walle round and sy goodbye to your colleagues. Give your eon for ding leave no REVIEW UNIT C > cme ®-@ > Fact ontcton@-D > voansen DB This reviews all he mai aguge pois frm Units 3-12, Complete execs Check sour learning withthe self cel bow athe cad Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, since and for ‘Wee semtences about these station nares with sce an for Examples She haa inthe cy entre She bought wo years ago Shes hada fla ote city conte for too years ‘Thecompany makes computers. stated in 1980, The company has bear maken computers ice 1980. 1 Marchas sown company. Mestre in 1999, 2 Fran works san acount, She galled in 2001, 3. Claude and Anna ake married. They got marred ic months ago. 4 Leonis ering Japanese. Hebe ast year 5 Mik lives in Dublin. Hesmoved hee the eas ao, 6 The company mianuferue eel Presont Perfect Simple and Continuous, since and for eof she semences below havea grammatical mistake ind the mistakes chen write lhecoret erences ‘She's been a doctor ince 1998, Tseady Engh fe long sme How long hashed hij? The compas i doing ery well since ns October How many yeas are you teaching Engh? 1 Tae koown that amily for aes, How longhave sey been member fhe club 8 Thee benliving in Paris since along tine. 9 Howlonghavethey been mati? ‘at and 2nd Conditional Mach the ta aes ofthese 1 At badinoe sete, 4 twoulda do a. 2 if ih weedy 2 os For anh, 3 LE got more exercise, os 1d spend it with my family. 5 ltthadlonger holidays, 4 TEL don't get 3 promotion 4 Tabea lotsa © Fgotohespors cent, ' 6 lahesalaryandeondtonsweregood, { wecosldfnd a solo, 7 et were yo, Td waveleo fray places 8 tfwe understood he problem, 1 dacsepta jo in acer country ° ‘st and 2nd Conditional ‘Wie senenes abo thes faurestuatons you chink they ace possible ‘hesentenecin the Int Conditional. Hyon think dey aul we the 2a Conds, Example If ge big solr nese, uy a mw car posible goes bigsalary incase, Sneak) You gta bigs nea You ake up anew sport, Your company ass yout work im Chin fora yet Yous company moves to another iy 2 3 4 5 You decide o tate your busines. 6 Youlose your passport while on a uses trp abroad 7 Yourcompany aks youto smpove your Enlsh very quickly 5 You win safari holiday in Ars, Compete the information sho oe, Writ the ree passive form ofthe verb imbrackes, Use the Preset Spe Past Simple o Present Peis. Coffee facts Did you know ..? 400billion cups of eatiee (consume) each your Its the worlds second mostimportant commodity after oi, About 4.000 caee beans (use) to make a kilo ‘teatioe ‘The world’s rst coffee house fopendin Constantinople in 1475, Coffea ‘impor into Europe since 1800, when it arrived inthe poré of Venice forthe firs time, ‘The hrst commercial espresso machine . {manufactured in Tay 005, ‘+ Instantcoffee —_—_"(@rini) since 1998 whan it “invend by Neseaté + The USA isthe world’ largest importer of coffee, About 20% ‘oftotal production “export! otha USA. + Beaudinavin ins slugs yer capita Consumption ocasee ‘Onaverase seven kilos ofcotfee ay) vey year byEuropeans, but in Finland, Denmark, and |__ Sweden the figure is bvelve kilos ormore, 22 @ review unre Offers and requests ‘Work is pairs Make offers and requesis and respond tothe Add owe more each Example Student A Can you bop wit my lagage plese? Seadent Ys evens Seadent Srodent 1 Asks colleaguerolend yous 1 Aska fend to give yous lito bizar. Ahestaton, 2 Offertohcpacollesgue write a 2 Aska colleague roexplain ew Tener in Eg syser 5 ifr to phonetoes rx fa 3 Offerto show a wistor ound ste your company. Braise TILES 4 Ofer ek 5 Offer 5 Ak ‘Asking for information (Change hese direct questions a indies quions, Example Where dhe KIM checkin desk? Cou you ele he KLM checkin dst 1 Whar she plane fare from Barcelo Pais? Could youtell ne 2 How long does high eke Bayonne 3. Which sirporin Pais does th plan asia? Canyoutell ne 4 When do ncedtocesk in Call pemlgg ee, 5 Can buy duy-ee gods om the plane? Doyou know ‘Social responses ‘Mauch the commen and quctons in Ato he esponses in B. a 8 1 Could us yourdiesionay? \——&. Don'tmentoni 2 Lehn ge the jb eae Greater 3 Haveance wkend, Ne Yonofcouse 4 Tmscrrytimso late. 4 Notarthe momen thanks, 55 Doyemind sok? f Prmscert bea tht 6 Thanks forall yourhelpfaladvie. Thanks, Thesameto you. 7 Trejusebecome a athecofewin! —g Itdornvmacce, 8 Colgetyouanotherdrnk? Welk Pdvather sou dda ‘Thanking for hospitality ‘Workin pis. Whar would you sayin thee siaations? 1 Your bosshas invited yout diner at his hoe. You have jut ised the mes. 2 A business asscatehas taken you toa lal wine festival 3 Ona busines tip, yourhost as aken you to restaurant which has local specialities onthe mens “+ Some colleagues at Work have vena pty to celebrate your promotion, ‘Saving goodbye ‘Workin pis, Read she for stunions. Explain why you mus eave ad sy out, ‘Student Staton 1 ‘You'etalking wa friend onthe plattonn You tains oming ito the station Sitaton2 ‘ostve at ised teting with ous bos. You want aleve now io meet soe athe ioe. Student 8 Siaton3 YouTve pene longtime bling colleague. You ave an npr sting with chen, Sirsation ‘You'd dinner ina resaurane with customer es ate and youhaveto taken carly moming Aight the next day, Vocabulary “Work a Group Ace Grp B Weta vocabulary texto tothe ater group. Choose ten ofthe words Below, Write asenenceor phrase oblp the oher group essen ord. Reaiple Word tome lac: the oppecite oft lose” ose century worse elficiam ogy town’ goat ifeexpectany Rexdguarters deeuction growth —tofoweast salt noi population fvercowded. consumer doside feemathet —soallord Vocabulary tost ‘ine your vocabulary testo heather roup. Do the other group est Return your snnwersforchecking “Loolea these check box below, Tick the ares you need sevcw again, AEViEW unt ¢ @ 123 Listening scripts Unie Rabat name Moog Diese 1 Ret Goods yun Howat has Ohne Hak ey fay oof yc, Iopof wring nye Canines yout ed fig, nt Bes? Mig reine one, M How ds yore 1 How ooo dt PAttyoveninponed 1M Notes Pb withthe Vargo anon ‘rice Ina pop cen we sae wo 3 Monit pies Shes ens J Salah ot 1M Spent lian and nea of Fh Engin it doyou Behan 4 nae cnmton ke Rake, We bth we bout etme um Whoo De apne J Atay ve ajo ac tncone opens Engh ian reo er dics 1M Tino rete moment said hve ‘el ape wn Paget cog How ‘BoarSBmetn a! 1 fe MeMorgn eames PEE sevens Slcecenmermmets u Severe PSE a mime AM Tenjoytveling eo. ; Ye Tr tom oe inca you ation server fe are Londo Ree, “vrs ugh Ein Lodo of come Token ‘arlnErope adc wo Fey eon oe ove Someune non ty pre fe hear Bios. Se, wird youreelaataaton cena 11 els ep wih ns or ty bakSocrean a Okay How neg Were si at Beteelen = 2M Thank youve mh 24 @ LISTENING scalPTS: cham Hemet Heo ee rn ‘erated ay ieee ieee! ieee ee ign 3 Bama See Sc epee ces anpmeectei Aeabic wi 181 millon; chea sath, Prague whl ha Seopa en a PSE atone eeu a SG hinnsecsoren 1 Ee mpatarectgpnt + Eh cep arameer oa Soomaeeten En altough we expec: thr eesg to crn enous inrarnas a Eoteeraovaeeuitt, Serena zircon a, Peneneciviercuccet iehconatins meen teeta Meera mem Sheena ein ivr pomblero now th rou base Ee “ 1 nese ae you Ms Boson? M Seditrhe eo Leterme Dialaoe2 ‘lente, RoRobeo 1"Roterot Neto seeyou spi. How ar ys? I Hl ee: Pine, hs ow ar yo? How’ be faa 1. Obyany wal hase yo Rober. Dialogue Roce, Lag Jame James ike ine yout Lai Baa He ‘epee snne rower the Chase of aly ea ‘roti reponse endfor Lend eomerjo, Taree 1 How doyon del cll ame. "Moni, mento no we ver ice meting yan Too foward oseeng yous Landon nese mae 1M Leal roy meting ou 05, James eve ond ip ek 4. Toa yuan esame oyu. Bye Me Be Spenco Unie2 ert ‘i ewe fn aa Tet Maney fom ors bt outvean wrk {DAs hse be Operations Diets ia Unevers 1 Doyou neo sek goed Fass, woking fore ig Istesatonlsompant ike Une {DA Engh he company nguge 01 weitere day {orcas aed pheasant ngs eink 1 How fen dye ptoitenatons mening? ‘gor our ero he Neer wee ea Syms hae meting ser cours Eon eo Burney meng ae Spin th Span op so cn'thasete peak Engh hn! ant 1" erry wrt ar TY predation copy in Pascal Telnaes: Do you sed Engl ins ob? 6 Yee dy. Worse staf oe ratesin aur ean we sel cnsmnlestee Engit snd make leaf oon cli apis bens cone people = “ten onl trang ein nde. An ‘se Eaglsh renal co 1 Doyou ean bles speaking Ezlih cathe pee? 6 Somes wit eral ad Japan ‘nets nor die west Buin sy Eng cinprong tec sega Teli Koken 1 "Kena Sse Manages, Profesional Prout, for 1 Yes Tael cn fap, fox retigs wi mnogets and ‘sites snot crm npr er egotele Anl goto Swen to testis ‘Tyourcomerny shen? ees ay he ora Wek Indyoutaterorpak Engh eo Yeu ao speak sl in po, nmecing wich rset ofr apny ae Swe 1 Andhedoert spe ras? 1c Novand our company amgge it Engst 22 Istrewe JMefot Maa Tow Mane ae any ngs hanging Ue Spin at ‘Remomen Arete ay new deveopens JAY inc hrc vey ig change, Were caning oar ntbuten ae om epramé tena ‘demaueoncotensoneagexaee songs Sig af meting ith onmanes ndthe at ‘uo inte no cote: eae wooed ea set des youre? Wal Teagan rer guy het ane Tamang ney cones tod wong wie more pone ‘ary Adin Fence igh now the outer of TV hones niresnag My company wane TV andor worighard inorder tobe soca ‘Werebopinge pert mwroce ht Tenge hot ieoye heed 17K there are pele inthe conse. ‘Arson ie Exelon bang pects? X Yexmtconpenes eel prolomrmy rin, ‘leas Profesnl Doers ae eres bet {he ConnanesPrdice Drow abanng prt, Inlocr mie pong ep aiethre Barter [opronman amy isos nwo ee T's DoyouworkinPas?— Yer,tdo 25 Dowrbelvein Mod? Yee der. 1c doth et 2 Dewshe spent 5 Yorsnedocs 4 Wren weave? Fin lie were youll cra snd ge ous tei nrodcton othe cmpuy bore we bp us ‘Aayou lem Eocene tech corpeny iho tare ncn, Now [ene wea you hea fate "secroluyouDrebby isk of sergeater oc ee ae we alae maybe ace senses ania faethe were theconpanys stews pods, eeelacsred as aconpay in 92 We produced he ‘evi ft acm clos Por yn lites in 935 8 rodced fest efit nd eal wo of bes row odes at de he company's ey site: rs ‘shin 1921, ha yom ery on’ know ht SJomommn many vel-known cone ean tie ‘REG, Zant pate Phyo, and Fosqarn sn ae, nds ake be wok ge poder a powered plac orkid on outdoor ao ‘olny ienplos 371 pope nd elt prodacin more than 1S0 come weld arover 9 203 oat 14.3st mon eares 1 LISTENING seRIPTS @ 125 Icha ro alvin ced Conse Dural olor Sate perce ofhecompesy> fas creo be Couns Dees Tae {og clades be apices we ae nor Bote fe ‘sap coke rata dear nd wasn moins, oto Prot nde mh ager pice or ‘xine oa erie quent far baa eau, futon rods tre arden. ihe as ay aout heomay freemen 1 hope ves joanne eno sar ith PUD apy 0 ‘sera queso, hn wel beg aH Reteceponis James ‘Good mong Besson Tanlaion Sie Dayal, Contig Mengue reo, plese? ‘Whole! ‘hi aes Tres Wine Hoc ine pa Me Tre 1 Xe Casldyoustchert cl me? My umberis0207331 J Thank oo. Godby, 27 Reception, fame, Matonigus I Bietoe Tencoe Sre J. Gantapeko Monier Seen, pee? i hosting, ene J lesen nee 1 Hokd ne, Trner Morgue? 4 Goodlernooe, This fame Tamer speaking Me Pinan sin ast aferoon. Can ie he Er ye Cou yo tl reat he meting with Me Miklos on Wedeay ¢ .007 Cesky spl te pe! YG TMICHEL MONE. And cool youshero Units aa luerewee Tin Sie [Thin 1995 Edn rans les the ground bt ody ist geasnces sy and othe UK pete facons Whee ithe ie ote Eden Po come TT Opecreingt wasinapeb witha en en axe om ‘Coca te Jonathan Bal. Wels «daescon abst enna an i pels We te oti ore Visor these dere ares At ene ee ‘rratern the newspapers anon TV abu the ‘biggest reenhousein the wold al pa rainforest inside Ande yest yousnd Jona Ball oundedhe Bes Proje? 1 Arty jo Andtheide became i 126 @ LISTENING scAIPTS: 1 Whar war your bigs chalga cing Eden? 1 Oh ure oro + emia, 1 And where did you the money fo {T Hae 3 in cme om he Miles Comision = that was the eration dt pre ay ‘ope props to cea the ene 200, The robe ‘tert we needs ed thse nt arr £4 ‘lon ose, fret gave whe mney Didyou ta Aintlp us When wort began in 199 ran erery iyo 10 dus The wrk ake ny power {ordre mothe Tht aves slr of prblane ‘tought heed fortress, ‘Nmon pope ae Eden fe ye Dayo ‘ied mathe es thig hat happen ‘TheEdenProgers age chal How you do? alba esume von, Webeledin hese End ‘tories eb been aka ae Bayostve plane forse ae? "T Obyerainy extn as, bs that's tei of 5 he 34 ‘Yoru. yarald moder of tres bce the i ‘woman isos route welds eoallenecrsne ‘ropa Pol Vaca a maieachen arse ck ot ‘Bemiogham Agar 12 aay sterstelektbemimesipor-on ‘he tho Jaan Ont 4,670 dle ory he we (reds ad onan seated opal onde ‘gin plone ands figherng expense onthe Pac ‘inaled people the chance olaen haw tof. ReReepdon, Janet 1 Goodetenson on dp os? J Gsodsteneon My ame Jane Tare aves 1 Oa yes rT Br Bown expecting ou Please (ateascaand clin yuh Meow ove Tree ception or You. OK. Me Tae ME own wth yous omen 1W Hilo, ta come o Caen good o mest 1, Tespod o behest as 'W Didyou havea rbleEading a? J No.Jeck Mchors prt me ietonrin London ast swe gear \W Good ew mere fig 1 Theresa shor dl Lotdon, bu the ge ws Bae eral apron the pling Tm not ey 1W Gio ear You gota bsypaganme shea ete Saou onesie leo 30 Deyo he Mer fd? ‘Wei, ames 1W Where da yourcacerin ce wine nin? 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