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Teaching Cultural Diversity

Situation: Briefly outline the circumstances Action: describe the Outcome: Describes the results of your
surrounding the example of a situation that had a skills/knowledge/competencies required to action - summarise the results of the action
positive outcome or one in which professional address the situation- outline the steps you took and/or the Professional Growth that occurred.
growth occurred. to complete the task.

Where, why and when did you do the task? I created a PowerPoint that had different Students were open to other perspectives
statements on each page that were designed Students were taught how to scaffold their
Year 10 Geography unit had a focus on to be conversation starters eg. All shop signs argument
Immigration and Refugees. Contextually should be written in only English. The Students were given choice to express
speaking, Australia holds many different students were then asked to move to ONE of themselves
views on the topic as it can be quite the four corners in the room. Each corner Students practiced cultural sensitivity when
controversial. represented either Strongly Agree, Agree, responding to/offering opinions
Disagree, Strongly Disagree.
My year 10 students were low-literacy and On reflection, I would have to put in
had not yet developed the ability to create a Students were then asked to justify their procedures to afford introverted students a
solid argument in essays. choice of body-vote using articulate and safety net as 2 students were extremely shy
SENSITIVE language. and did not want to make an assertive decision.
Had the students over a double-period so Despite those 2 students, the class was the best
decided to implement a discussion-based lesson I ever had. Mature discussion was
tutorial (a strategy learnt from Graduate promoted and students practiced social skills and
etiquette (listening to others arguments before
Module 1)
responding, digesting new perspectives)

Supporting Evidence: e.g. Planning Documents- Short Mid & Long term /IEPs/IBMPs/ Data/ Work samples/ Emails/ Photographs/Certificates

1x Powerpoint

Professional Knowledge Professional Practice Professional Engagement

Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
Know students and how Know content and how Plan for and implement Create and maintain Assess, provide feedback Engage in professional Engage professionally
they learn to teach it effective teaching and supportive and safe and report on student learning with colleagues,
Physical, social and learning learning environments learning parents/carers and the
intellectual Content and teaching Identify and plan community
development and strategies of the Establish challenging Support student Assess student professional learning
characteristics of teaching area learning goals participation learning needs Meet professional
students ethics and
Understand how Content selection and Plan, structure and Manage classroom Provide feedback to Engage in responsibilities
students learn organisation sequence learning activities students on their professional learning Comply with
Students with Curriculum, programs Manage challenging learning and improve practice legislative,
linguistic, cultural, assessment and Use teaching behaviour Make consistent and Engage with administrative and
religious and reporting strategies Maintain student comparable colleagues and organisational
socioeconomic Understand and Select and use safety judgements improve practice requirements
backgrounds respect Aboriginal resources Use ICT safely, Interpret student data Apply professional Engage with the
Strategies for and Torres Strait Use effective responsibly and Report on student learning and improve parents/carers
teaching Aboriginal Islander people to classroom ethically achievement student learning Engage with
and Torres Strait promote communication professional teaching
Islander students reconciliation Evaluate and improve networks and broader
Differentiate between Indigenous teaching programs communities
teaching to meet the and non-Indigenous Engage
specific learning Australians parents/carers in the
needs of students Literacy and educative process
across the full range numeracy strategies
of abilities. Information and
Strategies to support Communication
full participation of Technology (ICT)
students with

Evidence Annotation

Standard 1
1.1, 1.2,1,3- understood that my students were visual learners and needed group work/discussion to promote argument scaffolding

Standard 2
2.1,2.2,2.5,2.6- I chose to utilise body vote as a strategy and incorporated an interactive ICT PPT lesson into it: literacy strategy

Standard 3
3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5- these standards are met by how I sequenced the lesson. Goals were achievable, lesson was sequential, I used resources (PPT) and used effective
classroom management to ensure discussion was sensitive and

Standard 4
Interactive PPT used

Standard 5
5.4- strategy learnt from Graduate Module applied to lesson