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Episode 6

My Learning Episode Overview

Technology in the
Episode 6 provides opportunities for me to explore the electronic resources for
instructional use.

Learning Environment
My Intended Learning Outcomes

In this Episode, I must be able to evaluate electronic resources for appropriate

instructional use.

My Performance Criteria
In will be rated along the following:
Quality of my observations and documentation,
Completeness and depth of analysis,
Depth and clarity of classroom observation-based reflection,
Completeness, organization, clarity of portfolio and
Time of submission of portfolio.

My Learning Essential

The World Wide Web is like an endless network of information, ever expanding and
almost limitless. Electronic resources come in different forms like websites, web quests,
blogs, social network sites, on-line courses, a wide range of tools, and so many forms of
As a future teacher, one of the skills that will be most useful for you is the ability not
only to search for information but to make decisions, as to which ones you will take and
use and which ones you will put aside. Aim to develop your kills in evaluating internet
resources. You will be able to choose.

The best resources that will help you attain your teaching learning objectives.
Below is a set of criteria which you can use to evaluate resources:
Accuracy. The resource comes from a reliable source and is accurate, free from
error and is up-to-date.
Appropriateness. The resource of grade/level-appropriate. The content matches
what is needed by the teacher.
Clarity. The resource clearly addresses the instructionalgoals is mind
Completeness. The content is complete. It has all theinformation needed to be
able to use them.
Motivation. The resource is engaging and rewardingto learners. It will encourage
active participation of the learners.
Organization. The resource is logically sequenced.It clearly indicate what steps
should be taken. Theprocedures or processes flow smoothly.

(Based on the work of Fitzgerald, Mary Ann, Lovin,Vicki, & Branch, Robert
Maribe(2003). A Gateway toEducational Materials: An Evaluation of an Online
Resourcefor Teacher and an Exploration Of User Behaviors.Journal ofTechnology and
Teacher Education. 11(1),21-51).
` My Map
For this process, explore the world through these steps:

5. Reflect on your FS experience

Observe a class and take

note of the topic being

4. Evaluate the
Material or

2. Surf the net to find sites

that provide support
materials and/or interactive
programs (Web quests/
games) on the topic.
3. List and describe at least 5
sites/ interactive programs.
My Tools

As you observe the class, use the activity forms provided for you to document your
Class Observation

Read the following statements carefully before you observe.

1. What is the lesson about? What are the teachers objectives?

The lesson that the resource teacher discussed during our observation was Religion.
The objectives of the resource teachers lesson are:
To trace the etymology of the word religion
To explain the different role of religion in every individual
To value the importance of religion in everyday life.

2. Note the important concept that the teacher is emphasizing.

The important concepts that the teacher emphasized are:
The fundamental role and function of religion in every mans life,
The different religious practitioners of various groups from the island of Luzon,
Visayas, and Mindanao.
The different religious sects and their beliefs.

3. Note the skills that the teacher is developing in the learners.

Based on what we had observed, the resource teacher wants to develop the students
ability to express their self well in front of the class by raising an open-ended questions,
asking for the students opinions on the different religious sect and practices.
My Analysis

Using the information you got from observing the class, surf the internet for electronic
resources that will be useful in teaching the same lesson. Evaluate the resources you
found. Fill out the form below.
Electronic Resources Evaluation Form
ABM 12
Introduction to Philosophy: RELIGION
To trace the etymology of the word religion
To explain the different role of religion in every individual
To value the importance of religion in everyday life.

Describe how you

can use it if you
Put a check if the resource
were to teach in
satisfies the criterion
the class you
Name and observed.
Describe the electronic
Type of
resources (include



Ice Breaker/ This is an online ice I will use this

breaker simulation
entitled The Body of
Christ. It is like a virtual
game in which the
////// virtual game as
motivation for the
same topic,
Religion for it
students need to guess shows that every
which part of the body part has its own
perform the function function which I
posed on the screen can incorporate to
signified. The students the part of the
need to match the body church that makes
part and its main up every religions
function by dragging the sect. The head
function into the part. It represents Christ,
is a very entertaining the body
game/simulation represents the
because whenever the religious sect the
student drag the wrong people belong.
function to the body part, While the different
there is a task to be body parts
given to him. The source represent its
is: workers and
https://www.avemariapre members.
ss.com/engagingfaith/20 I choose this
10/07/small-group- because aside
game-body-of-christ/ from the fact that it
is engaging and
motivating, it is
also one of the
trending way to
give motivation to
your students for it
promotes game-
based Learning.
E-book This electronic device is I will use this in my
almost synonymous with
power point presentation
but it works in a 3
dimensional mode. Its
////// discussion with
the same topic:
Religion. For it is
very attractive and
like a video with 3D engaging to the
graphics that lets you to students. It lets
roam around the the students feel
presentation just like that they are
youre inside of it. This inside the virtual
kind of electronic classroom when I
resource is one of the connect this with
most trend presentation projector, making
to be use and the most them enjoy while
recommended for learning.
teachers of E-
Classroom. The website
for this is:
Online This is an online I will use this as
Worksheet worksheet in which the
student can open
through their laptops. It
is some sort of game in
////// the evaluation and
activity for the
same topic:
Religion. I will
which they have to group my students
determine which religion in to 4 groups
the particular values and where each group
beliefs belong. In this will have 1 laptop
worksheet, the student that is connected
needs to finish it in just to the pocket Wi-
15 minutes, if the Fi. The direction,
student finished all the rules, and
questions without mechanics of the
consuming all the time, it game will be
will be added to their discussed by the
points. Their rating and narrator on the
answered worksheet will opening of the
be directly recorded and game. I choose
saved to their electronic this because it is
portfolio. The website for very engaging and
this is: it will allow my
https://www.sporcle.com/ students to enjoy
games/teedslaststand/w while learning.
orld-religion Also, majority of
the students
nowadays were
hooked with
computer games,
thus, using this as
activity will make
my classroom
more conducive to
My Reflections/Insights

1. Describe your experience in surfing the internet for appropriate electronic

resources for the class? Did you find it difficult or easy?

For me, it is easy to surf the internet for appropriate electronic resources
for the class because my sister, which is a teacher in public school, shared to me
a lot of websitess that are educational. It was really a fun time to search the net
for learning resources for I had discovered a lot of electronic teaching materials
that I can use in the future.

2. How did you choose which electronic resources to include here? What did
you consider? Explain.

I chose those electronic resources to include in here, because first of all, I

think that those are the resources that suit the lesson and will make the students
to get engage on the topic. Also, those materials were accessible and easy to
use and the equipments, which are laptop and projector, needed to perform them
are available in the school. Furthermore, it possessed all the set of criteria that is
use in evaluating electronic resources, which I considered the most in choosing
these electronic-learning resource.

3. Reflect on your technology skills. What skills do you already have and
what skills would you continue to work onto be better at utilizing electronic
Over the years of surfing net and using electronic divices and equipments,
I must say that I am already 80% technology literate. From the simple use of
Microsoft word, power point, excel, publisher, editing vidoes, movies, musics, and
even making linked game. I also have accounts in slideshare, linkden, DepEd
Tambayan, Northon Anthology, Edudemic, teAchnology, wordpress I also have
my own blog. Probably, the technology skills that I would to develop is making
my very own educational software that I can use in my field of teaching.
My Learning Portfolio

For your portfolio, do at least one of the three suggested activities below.

1. Visit www.teachnology.com or other teacher resource websites. Print

useful instructional materials (worksheets, visual aids, flash cards, rubrics,
etc.) and include them here. Indicate how they might be useful considering
your major or area of specialization.
The instructional materials that I had choose to print were attached on the
next page. I choose those instructional materials because it will be of great help
when Im on the field of teaching and on my upcoming Practice Teaching next
semester. I was really grateful to know this website for it is a lot of help and will
lessen my work in preparing activities, lesson plants, motivations and worksheets
for my lessons.

2. Visit www.edudemic.com/50-educationtechnology-tools-every-teacher-
Explore and enjoy the fantastic education tools. Try them out. Describe
what you discovered and share hoe these tools can be helpful to you as a

This website is very useful and informative for future educator like me. I
had discovered a lot of instructional tools and tips from different people around
the world. They have teachers and students guides and some survey questions
in which you can view the answers, opinions and ideas of different teachers all
over the globe. They also have lots of blogs like: How to Protect Students From
Fake News, 6 Tips For Keeping Your Students Engaged in Class, 5 Biggest
Barriers to Education Technology, Which Learning Style Works For You?, 10
Skills Modern Teachers Need, Teaching Students Good Digital Citizenship,
Classroom Technology: Whats New For 2017?, and 2017 Edutech Quiz Results
which are very interesting to know and read. They also offer guidelines and
suggestions for instructional tools to be use in every topic, aside from that, you
can also ask other teachers in local and foreign countries with some questions
that will help you with your teaching career.

3. Visit edtechteacher.org. This is a treasure box for you. Explore and share
what you learned.

Before we had this FSC 3, I had already visited this website whenever I
need some ideas to make my lesson plan excellent. It is a very nice website for
every teacher and will provide you with a countless options of instructional
materials. This website contains everything that a teacher needs to make her
lesson in her class interactive and engaging every day.
Here are the samples of worksheets, visual aids, flash cards, rubrics and other
electronic resources that I had printed from the website: www.teachnology.com
My Learning Rubrics
Field Study 3, Episode 6 - Technology in the Learning Environment
Focused on: MY E WORLD
Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Needs
Learning 4 3 2 Improvement
Episodes 1
All episodes All or nearly all Nearly all Fewer than half of
Learning were done with episodes were episodes were episodes were
Activities outstanding done with high done with done; or most
quality; work quality. acceptable objectives were
exceeds quality. met but need
expectations. improvement.

4 3 2 1
All Analysis Analysis Analysis questions
questions/episod questions were questions were were not
Analysis of es were answered not answered answered.
the Learning answered completely. completely.
Episode completely; in Grammar and
depth answers; Clear Vaguely related spelling are
thoroughly connection with to the theories unsatisfactory
grounded on theories
theories. Grammar and
Exemplary Grammar and spelling are
grammar and spelling are acceptable.
spelling superior.

4 3 2 1
Reflection Reflection Reflections Reflection
statements are statements are statements are statements are
Reflections/ profound and clear, but not shallow; unclear and
Insights clear; supported clearly supported by shallow and are
by experience supported by experiences not supported by
from the learning experiences from the experiences from
episodes from the learning the learning
learning episodes episodes
4 3 2 1
Portfolio is Portfolio is Portfolio is Analysis questions
complete, clear, complete, clear, incomplete; were not
well-organized well-organized; supporting answered
Learning and all most documentation Grammar and
Portfolio supporting; supporting s are organized spelling
documentations documentation but are lacking unsatisfactory
are located in s are available
sections clearly and logical and
designated clearly marked
4 3 2 1
Submitted before Submitted on Submitted a Submitted two
Submission the deadline the deadline day after the days or more after
of Learning deadline the deadline
Episode 4 3 2 1
COMMENT/S Over-all Rating:
Score (Based on


19- 13-
Score 20 17 16 15 14 11 10 9-8 7-below
18 12
Grade 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.00 3.5 5.00
99 96 93 90 87 84 81 78 75 72 71-below

_______________________________ _________________________
Signature of FS Teacher Date
above Printed Name
Field Study Course 3:
Technology in the Learning Environment

Episode 6: MY E WORLD
Name: Jopie D. Aranda
Course and Year: BSED Physical Science IV
Year Level: ABM 12, STEM II,
Date: September 26, 26, 27, 28
Time: 10:00 11:00, 11:00 12:00, 7:30 8:30, 7:30 8:30
Resource Teacher: Sir Dave Pita, Sir Gerry O. Balderas, Sir Zaldy Serquia
Cooperating School: Colegio de San Sebastian