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Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud

2016 Edition
My Design & Develop Challenge

The facilities management department has reponsibilities for the day-to-day running of the building, these
tasks may be outsourced or carried out by direct employed staff. Due to the requirement of any immediate
reponse needed in many of the activities involved in a building, the facilities manager will often require daily
reports or an escalation procedure to be carried out.

Some issues require more than just periodic maintenance, for example those that can stop or hamper the
productivity of the business or that have safety implications. Many of these are managed by the facilities
management "help desk" that staff are able to be contacted either by telephone or email. The response to
help desk calls are prioritized but may be as simple as too hot or too cold, lights not working, photocopier
jammed, coffee spills, or vending machine problems.

Help desks may be used to book meeting rooms, car parking spaces and many other services, but this often
depends on how the facilities department is organized. Facilities may be split into two sections, often referred
to as "soft" services such as reception and post room, and "hard" services, such as the mechanical, fire and
electrical services.

With such escalation in both the quantity & quality of issues, it is almost impossible for a facility manager to
oversee and monitor everything. Thus, this has become the motivation of design a Fiori App to integrate all
these touchpoints to allow the facility manager to be able to assess the situation of the facility, monitor the
status and provide immediate feedback if required. Facilities will then become Smarter with Sensors in-placed.

1. Segmentation
The Facility Management application will facilitate with monitoring the status of all facilities in the building. In
any situation, let's say an emergency for this case, managerial staffs are able to have a better control over the
situation by the immediate knowledge of what had happened. And thus that leads to support a decision
making from stakeholders better.

The characteristics of the application segmentation are as follows:

(a) Status of a facility's is under surveillance & monitoring

(b) Personnel responsible of the time of event in the facility
(c) Facility upkeep and compliance check of safety regulatories
(d) Ensure utilization rate and cost optimization are analyzed for better metrics

2. Targeting
The application will be specifically used for Facility Managers, Operators, Facility Executives, Security and
Helpdesk staff in any building with sophisticated facilities, which posses resource management capabilities as

(a) Facility with limited lifespan to monitor & upkeep

(b) Highly security enclosed facility for surveillance
(c) Enhance knowledge sharing of any incident cases notification
(d) Planning of future building development with an overview of facilities utilization

3. Positioning
Devices such as surveillance cameras, emergency equipments & sensors are already in-placed in all facilities.
Thus, with the advancement of Internet-of-Things (IoT), this application will eventually be able to leverage on
existing peripheral as a tier to connect with stakeholders via Fiori UX, hoping to achieve a resource efficiency &
productivity improvement in any facility planning / management.

The application will be fully utilized by a Facility Manager to:

(a) Review essential information about all facilities in the building

(b) Monitor capacity of facilities being utilized
(c) Plan resource allocation & utilization of facilities
(d) Send any feedback / alert to inform vital units of emergency cases
(e) Review activities in the facility
(f) Report incident happened in the facility
(g) Review & plan schedule of a facility so to facilitate with future development
(h) Plan resource allocation


Facility Manager

I would like to monitor all essential

metrics of existing facilities I'm

responsible for, and to have a better
analysis so to better plan for future
smarter facilities development.


30 years old

3 Years Facility Manager in National University of Singapore (NUS)


Facility Manager, Contractors, Ops Manager, Executives


Plan resource allocation & utilization of facilities. Perform periodic assessments on facilities lifespan & monitor
Monitor capacity of facilities being used.
Assess facilities availability are well utilized and upkeep
Analyze cost to value maximization of facility & service
utilization. Ensure allocated responsibilities by staff or contractors are
completed satisfactorily.
Ensure facilities are up to regulatory standards.
Ensure building meets health & safety requirements that
Devise a facilities suitability plan that is aligned with facilities comply with legislation.
the strategic business objectives.


I need to know the current status of the facility Facility is over utilized over lifespan and no alerts received for
utilization, and lifespan & cost analysis. management.

Person of responsibility is not assigned correctly at the right

I need to know if essential central services facility.
(maintenance, security, waste disposal, etc.) are
required for that particular facility. No metrics on utilization rate of the facility is recorded.

I need to monitor on the facility which is currently I cant record fast enough into the device (comparing to
exceeding anticipated lifespan. paper based).

I need to know when to upgrade the existing facility & Status of the facility utilization is unknown.
prepare for future development.


Catual User Power User

Proactive Reactive

Work in Team Lone Fighter

Global Focus Local Focus

Innovative Conservative

Sometimes compatencies are not necessary to ll out. If you dont have the data you can leave this section blank.

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2016 Edition
My Design & Develop Challenge



Johnny, the Facility Manager ...

... need to have a quick overview of the statuses of all facilities
so that he can create more time for other areas to innovate.

... need to quickly fire an alert or incident ticket in any case of

emergency so that he can rectify the problem and inform any
other stakeholders who has responsibility of it.

... need to monitor the crowd capacity of the facility so that he

can plan better based on the metrics captured for the different
time intervals, which in turn a better furture building

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2016 Edition
My Design & Develop Challenge


Prototype: https://standard.experiencesplash.com/api/projects/39238dacba561d1e0bab30a9/prototype/snapshot/latest/index.html#/1458068908337_S0v

Manage Crowd Capacity of the Gym

Raw Mockup on Paper

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2016 Edition
My Design & Develop Challenge

Study: https://standard.experiencesplash.com/home/projects/39238dacba561d1e0bab30a9/research/participant/dd56f627af25aea60bb66e07

Facility Management Application has an array of functions for Managerial Staff to operate in an Facility.
This study aims to streamline all functions in this application so to achieve a better User Experience.

Task 1: Review Gym Facility Information

Navigate to Gym > Info Tab

Here is an overview of the Gym. It gives the stakeholders the essential info needed for the facility, all in one

Task 2: Acknowledge Maria Jane's Task

Navigate to Gym > H.R. Tab

Select Maria Jane > Acknowledge > Close
Facility Manager is able to know which personnel & area of responsibility

Task 3: Manage Crowd Capacity of the Gym

Navigate to Gym > Monitor Tab

Front desk staff is able to determine the crowd capacity via the slider.
With this data, gym user are able to know what's the crowd capacity before heading down.

*due to the limitation of Splash app, the Slider can only be created in the WebIDE, thus an image
screenshot is used here instead.

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2016 Edition
My Design & Develop Challenge

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Facility Management Fiori Application

SAP Web IDE App Prototype
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