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1. The demonstration method follows a systematic procedure.
2. The use of expensive equipment and machines will be maximized.
3. Possible wastage of time, effort and resources will be avoided
4. It will not result to trial and error learning
5. The findings are reliable and accurate.
6. The value of confidence is developed.
7. Curiosity and keen observing ability are instilled.

1. Demonstrators must be well-selected
2. Materials must be made easily available
3. Equipment and tools to be used must be ready.
4. The demonstrator must try the activity several times
5. Observer must be prepared and motivated.

A positive and active atmosphere should be practiced by making them feel motivated and
prepared to ensure concentration through out the activity.
6. Demonstrators must be with on-the-spot revision/s.
7. Observer must be arranged around the demonstration area.
8. Pointers or question may be given to focus students attention

1. The place must be quiet

To sustain the observers attention and interest during the activity, the observer should be in the
area which is free from any disturbing noise or uproar.
2. Extreme care must be taken.

Precision, timing for every step, and measuring accurately using standard instrument must be
3. The activity must not be interrupted .

To have a smooth flow of the demonstration there should be no interruption by unnecessary

announcement or noise in the surroundings.
4. They are allowed to take down short notes.

Or record some data which may be analyzed after. This notes will help them to recall the lesson
you have discussed.

1. Some questions which bothered them must be allowed during the demonstration.
2. The given assessment should be based from the demonstration.

The question should be made and follows the coverage of the lesson.
3. In making conclusion there must be a careful study.

A step by step process of an analysis of trends, patterns or uniform that can help in arriving at a
4. The summary should be well understood.
Make sure that the lesson you have made is undertaken by the whole class.
5. Assessment should be in short test, oral evaluation or performance test.

One of these assessments is enough to see if they really learns something from you.