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Question 1

What is a characteristic of the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4 mainline train?

It is updated with new features every 20 months.

It is updated with software fixes as these are developed.

It is updated with new features when these are developed.

It is updated with software fixes every 20 months.

Question 2

What is an advantage of EtherChannel technology?

EtherChannel uses multiple logical links to provide redundancy.

Load balancing is not needed with EtherChannel.

The Spanning Tree Protocol shuts down the unused interfaces in the bundle to avoid loops.

A spanning tree recalculation is not required when a single link within the channel goes down.

Question 3

What is a disadvantage of using EIGRP automatic summarization?

It prevents convergence of the routing table.

It creates inconsistent routing when the network has discontiguous networks.

It increases the size of routing updates.

It increases the number of routes in the routing table

Question 4

Which of the following is an expected feature of modern enterprise networks?

support for point to point applications

support for distributed administrative control

support for 90 percent reliability

support for converged network traffic

Question 5

"A router is only capable of running IOS version 12 and is currently running 12.1. Assuming that the
router has the required memory resources, which version of IOS should an administrator install to
ensure that the router receives the latest technology updates?"






Question 6

Which statement describes an ESS??

An ESS consists of two or more BSSs that are interconnected wirelessly by a DS.

Bluetooth is an example of ESS infrastructure mode.?

It involves several BSSs that are joined through a common distribution system.?

An ESS is a connection of a BSS to an ad hoc wireless network.?

Question 7

What condition will result in an EIGRP route going into the active state?

One neighbor has not met the feasibility condition.

The router is not sending queries.

The successor is down.

The network has been recalculated.

Question 8

"During the implementation of Spanning Tree Protocol, all switches are rebooted by the network
administrator. What is the first step of the spanning-tree election process?"

Each switch with a lower root ID than its neighbor will not send BPDUs.

All the switches send out BPDUs advertising themselves as the root bridge.

Each switch determines the best path to forward traffic.

Each switch determines what port to block to prevent a loop from occurring

Question 9

When would the network administrator use the ip bandwidth-percent eigrp as-number percent

when there is a low bandwidth connection

when the connection is on a shared medium

when the connection is serial instead of Ethernet

when the link is always busy

Question 10

"A router has six networks that are connected to it with network IDs of,,,,, and After summarization of these six
networks, how many LSAs would be sent to advertise the summary route or routes?"






Question 11

Which command would a network engineer use to restore the IOS image c1900-universalk9-
mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin to a router?

copy tftp: flash0:

copy flash0: tftp:**

copy c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin tftp:

copy flash0: c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin

Question 12

Which statement is true about EtherChannel technology?

All configuration tasks must be done on the individual ports in the EtherChannel link.

EtherChannel uses existing switch ports.

Links must be upgraded to support EtherChannel.

STP does not run on redundant EtherChannel links.

Question 13

"With multiarea OSPF, which OSPF router type has all interfaces in the same area?"

Area Border Router

Autonomous System Boundary Router

edge router

internal router

Question 14
" When PVST is running over a switched network, which port state can participate in BPDU frame
forwarding based on BPDUs received, but does not forward data frames?"





Question 15

Which address will EIGRP for IPv6 use as the router ID?

the highest link-local address that is configured on any enabled interface

the highest interface MAC address

the highest IPv4 address that is configured on any enabled interface

the highest IPv6 address that is configured on any enabled interface

Question 16

Which describe a switch port that is configured with PortFast?

The switch port immediately transitions from the listening to the forwarding state.

The switch port immediately transitions from blocking to the forwarding state.

The switch port immediately processes any BPDUs before transitioning to the forwarding state.

The switch port sends DHCP requests before transitioning to the forwarding state.

Question 17

Which of the following protocols is used to implement EtherChannel?

Spanning Tree Protocol

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Link Aggregation Control Protocol

Cisco Discovery Protocol

Question 18

Which Cisco 12.4 IOS image package offers the most feature sets?


Advanced Security

Advanced IP Services

Unified Communications k9

Advanced Enterprise Services

Question 19

"Rapid PVST+ has 3 port states, learning, forwarding and _______."






Question 20

"Which type of router would an enterprise use to allow customers to access content anytime and
anyplace,regardless of whether they are at home or work?"

network edge routers

branch routers

modular routers
service provider routers

Question 21

Which statement describes a characteristic of convergence in an OSPF network?

"Once converged, a router can communicate only with networks within its area."

"Once converged, a router can communicate with any network within or outside the OSPF
autonomous system."

"Once converged, a router can communicate only within its autonomous system."

"Once converged, a router can communicate only with networks outside its autonomous system."

Question 22

Which protocol number is used to indicate that an EIGRP packet is encapsulated in an IP packet?




Question 23

Which statement describes HSRP??

"If the virtual router master fails, one router is elected as the virtual router master with the other
routers acting as backups."

It is an open standard protocol.

It uses ICMP to allow IPv4 hosts to locate routers that provide IPv4 connectivity to remote IP

It is used within a group of routers for selecting an active device and a standby device to provide
gateway services to a LAN.

Question 24
Which feature could be used in a network design to increase the bandwidth by combining multiple
physical links into a single logical link?


trunk ports



Question 25

What is a reason for creating an OSPF network with multiple areas?

to provide areas in the network for routers that are not running OSPF

to ensure that an area is used to connect the network to the Internet

to reduce SPF calculations

to simplify configuration

Question 26

"If an administrator is troubleshooting a WLAN using a bottom up approach, which action would be
taken first?"

Update the firmware on the AP.

Make sure all devices are powered on.

Ping the AP.

Verify that the GUI interface is accessible from a client.

Question 27

Which destination address is used by EIGRP for IPv6 messages?

the all-EIGRP-routers link-local multicast address**

the IPv6 global unicast address of the neighbor

the 32-bit router ID of the neighbor

the unique local Ipv6 address of the neighbor

Question 28

What statement describes the reference bandwidth in OSPFv3?

It prevents the router from automatically adjusting the bandwidth.

It increases the speed of the link to accommodate increasing demands for bandwidth.

It should be changed if links faster than 100 Mb/s exist in the OSPF network.

It is set to 1 Gb/s by default.

Question 29

When a range of ports is being configured for EtherChannel, which mode will configure PagP so that it
initiates the EtherChannel negotiation?





Question 30

What is the purpose of the EIGRP Null0 summary route?

to enhance security by hiding all internal networks that are included in a summary route

to prevent routing loops for destination networks which do not actually exist but are included in a
summary route

to reduce bandwidth consumption for traffic that is leaving the network

to ensure that all traffic destined for individual subnets uses one single best path

Question 31

Which of the following is included by default in the calculation of an EIGRP metric?




hop count

Question 32

What type of frames are used for advertising, authenticating, and associating with a wireless AP?





Question 33

Which bandwidth value is used when calculating the EIGRP metric of a route?

the fastest bandwidth of all interfaces on the router

the slowest bandwidth of all interfaces on the router

the fastest bandwidth of all outgoing interfaces between the source and destination

the slowest bandwidth of all outgoing interfaces between the source and destination

Question 34

It is known as WiGig, the IEEE 802.11 standard provides average speeds of up to 7 Gb/s, but will
switch to a lower GHz band when roaming is employed.
IEEE 802.11 Ad

IEEE 802.11 ad

IEEE 802.11 AD

Question 35

Which parameter should match in order for a pair of routers to form an adjacency when running

router ID

OSPFv2 process number

hello timer

interface priority

Question 36

In the command router eigrp 100", what does the value 100 represent?"

the autonomous system number

the router ID

the administrative distance

the metric

Question 37

Which multicast address does an EIGRP-enabled router use to send query packets?**
Question 38

Which recommendation should an administrator follow when planning the location of multiple APs?

"Position APs horizontally near the ceiling in the center of each coverage area, if possible."

Position APs in locations where users are expected to be.?

An ESS should have 20 to 25 percent overlap between BSAs in an ESS.

Overlap channels to provide roaming capability.

Question 39

Which of the following statement describe EIGRP authentication?

EIGRP authentication uses the MD5 algorithm.

EIGRP authentication requires that both routers have the same key chain name.

EIGRP authentication uses varying levels of WEP to encrypt data exchanged between routers.

EIGRP authentication can be configured on one router and updates from this router are protected;
whereas a neighbor router can be without the authentication configuration and its updates are

Question 40

Which combination of WLAN authentication and encryption is recommended as a best practice for
home users?


WPA2 and AES



WEP and RC4

Question 41
"The company handbook states that employees cannot have microwave ovens in their offices. Instead,
all employees must use the microwave ovens located in the employee cafeteria. What wireless security
risk is the company trying to avoid?"

accidental interference

improperly configured devices

interception of data

rogue access points

Question 42

What is an accurate description of redundancy?

configuring a router with a complete MAC address database to ensure that all frames can be
forwarded to the correct destination

configuring a switch with proper security to ensure that all traffic forwarded through an interface is

designing a network to use multiple virtual devices to ensure that all traffic uses the best path
through the internetwork

designing a network to use multiple paths between switches to ensure there is no single point of

Question 43

How much traffic is a 48-port gigabit switch capable of switching when operating at full wire speed?

"44 Gb/s, due to overhead requirements"

"24 Gb/s, because this is the maximum forwarding rate on Cisco switches"

"48 Gb/s, by providing full bandwidth to each port"

"1 Gb/s, because data can only be forwarded from one port at a time"

Question 44

A network administrator is analyzing the differences between an EIGRP hold timer and EIGRP hello
interval. What statement is valid about EIGRP hello and hold timers?
EIGRP hello intervals should be less than or equal to EIGRP hold timers.

EIGRP hello intervals and hold timers must match between EIGRP neighbors to form an EIGRP

EIGRP hold timers specify the minimum time that the router should wait to send the next hello.

EIGRP hello timers specify the maximum time that the router should wait to receive the next

Question 45

An IEEE 802.11n network has been configured for mixed mode and has clients that are using 802.11n
and 802.11g radios on the network. The 802.11n clients are complaining of slower than normal speeds.
What is the problem?

This is the normal behavior of a mixed-mode network.

This is the normal behavior of a mixed-mode network.

The authentication is not allowing roaming.

Roaming between access points is disabled.

Question 46

What Wi-Fi management frame is regularly broadcast by APs to announce their presence?





Question 47

Which of the following interface parameters must match for an EtherChannel to form?

EtherChannel mode

PortFast mode
spanning-tree state

trunking mode

Question 48

What address and wild card mask can be used to enable EIGRP for only the subnet

Question 49

Which network design solution will best extend access layer connectivity to host devices?

implementing EtherChannel

implementing redundancy

implementing wireless connectivity

implementing routing protocols

Question 50

Which Cisco IOS release followed Release 12.4?





Question 51
Which wireless RF band do IEEE 802.11b/g devices use?


2.4 GHz

5 GHz

60 GHz

Question 52

What is a characteristic of out-of-band device management?

Out-of-band device management requires a direct connection to a network interface.

It requires a terminal emulation client.

"It requires Telnet, SSH, or HTTP to access a Cisco device."

It requires at least one network interface on the device to be connected and operational.

Question 53

What will happen if a network administrator puts a port that is part of an EtherChannel bundle into a
different VLAN than the other ports in that bundle?

The EtherChannel bundle will stay up only if PAgP is used.

The EtherChannel bundle will stay up only if PAgP is used.

The EtherChannel bundle will stay up if either PAgP or LACP is used.

The EtherChannel bundle will stay up if either PAgP or LACP is used.

The EtherChannel will fail.

Question 54

Which type of routing table entry would indicate that an external route was redistributed into the
multiarea OSPF process?


O E2

Question 55

Which of the following protocol is allowed to be routed by EIGRP as a consequence of the PDM feature?





Question 56

What happens during a broadcast storm?

"During a broadcast storm, a switch will forward excessive Layer 2 broadcast traffic to the router,
and the router will then forward these broadcasts to its attached networks."

"In a network saturated with broadcast traffic, new traffic arriving at the switch will be forwarded
into the broadcast domain, which further consumes available bandwidth."

"During a broadcast storm, constant changes to the MAC address table prevent a switch from
accurately forwarding frames."

"During a broadcast storm, switches with high speed interfaces will forward traffic in half-duplex
mode to conserve available bandwidth."

Question 57

The number of ports available on a single switch is referred to as _____?

port density
port numbers

port aggregates

port members

Question 58

What is a characteristic of a Yagi antenna that is used by Cisco Aironet Access Points??

It provides 360-degree coverage.

It can be used for long-distance Wi-Fi networking.

"It is also referred to as a ""rubber duck"" design."

It has the same characteristics as an omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna.?

Question 59

What is one reason to use the ip ospf priority command when the OSPF routing protocol is in use?

to activate the OSPF neighboring process

to influence the DR/BDR election process

to provide a backdoor for connectivity during the convergence process

to streamline and speed up the convergence process

Question 60

Which command will verify that a router running OSPFv3 has received a redistributed default static
route from another OSPFv3 router?

default-information originate

redistribute static

show ipv6 route

show ip route