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2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal,

The Advanced Marketing Program is set up to release a new module every week, over the course
of 45 weeks.

This is a broad overview of everything thats included in the modules of AMP. Please note that the
order of the modules may change based on feedback. The content may also change based on
feedback that we receive from program members.

Module 1: Target Market Insights and Data

To begin AMP, we want to get you in the right mindset and set up some benchmarks. Having the
right mindset can be everything as you face adversity and challenges in your business. Its
important to set benchmarks for where you are now, so you can look back at your progress in the
future and see how far youve come. You also want to note down how much you know about your
target marketsince this is what your product/service should revolve around and cater to! If you
dont know the answers to some of the questions in the exercises for this module, thats okay! As
you progress forward in the program youll gain deeper insight and be able to answer those
questions with more clarity.

Section 1.1 : Introduction: Mindsets for Success

Section 1.2 : The Business Intelligence

Section 1.3 : Your Bigger Contribution

Section 1.4 : Target Market Insights and Data

Section 1.5 : Customer Nightmares and Miracles

Section 1.6: Trigger Words

Module 2: Competitive Intelligence, Part 1

How well do you know your direct competitors? How about the competitors that seem light years
ahead of you? In this module, we go over several different tools that will help you gain the
competitive edge and learn important information about your competitors. Remember: there is
no one-size-fits-all tool to use. All of these tools have unique strengths and weaknesses. The best
2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
thing you can do is try the tools with the free trials, and decide which one you like the most! (Neil
Patel personally loves SEMRush, which we will cover in an updated version in this module.)

Section 2.1 : Competitive intelligence - Introduction

Section 2.2 : Identifying & Reverse Engineering Competitors

Section 2.3 : Traffic Statistics and Traffic Sources

Section 2.4 : Advertising Budgets

Section 2.5 : Demographics and Geography

Section 2.6 : High ROI Keywords

Module 3: Competitive Intelligence, Part 2

We continue with building your competitive intelligence, by creating swipe files full of ads,
landing pages, and figuring out the buying pattern of the people our competitors are targeting.
Also, if youve ever wondered how a competitor built their website, we have a tool in this module
that helps you uncover how you can reverse engineer technology.

Section 3.1 : Competitive Ad Copy and Landing Pages

Section 3.2 : Competitive Sales Analysis and Swipe File

Section 3.3 : Buying Pattern Analysis

Section 3.4 : Reverse Engineering Technology

Module 4: Branding and Core Story

Can you identify the most powerful and persuasive asset of your business? Its your brand. And
there is a scientifically proven method of building your brand for deeper connections with your
audience. In this module, we cover the essentials of crafting a brand, telling your brand story,
naming products, and creating a UVP and USP.

Section 4.1 : Creating a Long Term Branding Strategy: Overview

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Section 4.2 : Using Competitive and Client Intelligence for Branding

Section 4.3 : Crafting the Elements of Your Core Story

Section 4.4 : Naming to Create Higher Perceived Value

Section 4.5 : Drafting Your UVP and USP

Module 5: Persuasion Essentials, Part 1

In this module we cover what ethical persuasion is, and why its important to your business. This
includes the fundamentals of understanding persuasion as a psychological selling tool, why you
should care more about what your client is experiencing and saying than what you have to say,
and how you can set yourself up to be a leader in your industry. These are all tools we use in later
modules having to do with sales writing and content marketing.

Section 5.1 : Reality Bubbles

Section 5.2 : Speak Your Clients Language

Section 5.3 : Demonstrate Deep Understanding

Section 5.4 : Creating a Reachable Hero

Section 5.5 : Leading and Pacing

Module 6: Persuasion Essentials, Part 2

Continuing from Module 5, we learn a little bit more about advanced persuasion techniques, What
NOT to do, and some time-tested persuasive sales techniques. This gives you a well-rounded
foundation for being a better persuader and communicator with your target market.

Section 6.1 : Persuading Through Story

Section 6.2 : Advanced Persuasion Techniques: Overview

Section 6.3 : What NOT To Do! (Persuasion and Hypnotic Sales Techniques)

Section 6.4 : Top Persuasive Sales Close Techniques

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Module 7: Crafting a Sales Process: Overview

Do you have a well-thought out and engineered sales process? This is a MAJOR step towards
growing your business and being more successful. In this module we give you a walk through the
sales process that we recommend, re-review competitive analysis as it pertains to your sales
process, and help you begin to define your own sales process.

Section 7.1 : Complete Overview

Section 7.2 : Walk Through of the Full Process

Section 7.3 : Competitive Sales Process Analysis

Section 7.4 : Define Your Sales Process

Module 8: Writing Compelling Copy

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, these lessons dive deep! Were going to give you the fastest possible
lessons on copywriting for your business. Before you can even begin to formulate your sales pages
and funnel, you need to know the process for writing effectively. Youll want to download the
lesson MP3s on this one, and listen to them over and over again. Copywriting has the biggest
effect on how your sales funnel converts.

Section 8.1 : How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 1

Section 8.2 : How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 2

Section 8.3 : How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 3

Section 8.4 : Editing the Document, Part 1

Section 8.5 : Editing the Document, Part 2

Module 9: Creating a Lead Magnet

The best asset you can collect from your target audience is their contact information. In this day
and age, the majority of internet users wont freely give you their contact information without

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

getting something in return. This is step one in the sales funnel process: creating a lead magnet.
We walk you through how to choose a lead magnet, give you over 20 examples, and give you a
checklist for your lead magnet landing page.

Section 9.1 : Why You Need A Lead Magnet

Section 9.2 : What Should My Lead Magnet Be?

Section 9.3 : Titling Your Lead Magnet

Section 9.4 : Landing Pages for Lead Magnets

Section 9.5 : Lead Magnet Workbook

Module 10: Creating a Tripwire

Now that youve gotten your target markets contact information The next step is to transform
them from a simple opt-in, into a buyer. This actually changes the psychology of your buyer!
Which is why its important you do this sooner rather than later. In this module, we talk about
that first initial offer you make to your clientyour tripwire. And we even provide you with a zip
file full of examples you can look at!

Section 10.1 : What Is A Tripwire And Why You Need One

Section 10.2 : Tripwire Brainstorming

Section 10.3 : Tripwire Order Forms

Section 10.4 : Tripwire Worksheet

Section 10.5 : More Tripwire Examples

Module 11: Creating a Core Offer

At the center of your sales funnel, is your core offer. This could be a product, a bundle of products,
a service, or an info-course. This module offers you some guidance on formulating your core offer,
making it irresistible, and optimizing it for the best possible conversion.

Section 11.1 : Core Offer: The MVP Dilemma

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Section 11.2 : The Product Experience Loop

Section 11.3 : Using Habit Loops to Create Products

Section 11.4 : Formulating and Positioning Your Core Offer

Module 12: Additional Core Offer Sales Resources

This short module will give you pointers on creating landing and sales pages and refining your
pitch. We also include a guide that breaks down 6 of the greatest performing direct mail letters.

Section 12.1 : Creating Landing and Sales Pages

Section 12.2 : Refining Your Pitch

Section 12.3 : Six Direct Mail Letters

Module 13: Creating Profit Maximizers

Do you know the best time to sell your next offer? Right after someone has purchased your core
offer! Having a set of profit maximizers on hand is a great strategy to improving the ROI of your
sales funnel, and offering additional value to your list of buyers. We cover profit maximizers in
this module, including using a CPA or JV offer as a profit maximizer in your funnel.

Section 13.1 : Why You Need Profit Maximizers

Section 13.2 : Creating Profit Maximizer Offers

Section 13.3 : CPA, JVs & Affiliate Offers

Module 14: Writing Compelling Email Sequences, Part 1

As weve stressed through this course so far, having a list of emails is an integrally important part
of your marketing plan. In this module, we cover the foundation of creating email sequences that
draw your email list closer to your brand, entice them to buy your offers, and take them from the
psychology of a simple opt-in, to actually using your product/service.

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Section 14.1 : Overview

Section 14.2 : Sequences and Thematic Threads

Section 14.3 : Acquisition + Activation Emails

Section 14.4 : Retention + Engagement Emails

Section 14.5 : Referral Emails

Section 14.6 : Transactional Emails

Section 14.7 : Tips & Tricks

Module 15: Writing Compelling Email Sequences, Part 2

What gets measured gets managed, is an often repeated sayingone that the team behind AMP
firmly believe in. So for this module, we give you the basic foundation for setting up key
performance indicators of your email campaigns. You will also learn how to measure different
aspects of your campaign to track how its performing. We include quite a few different tools in
this module, so make sure you grab them all!

Section 15.1 : Email KPIs

Section 15.2 : Email List Building Tactics

Section 15.3 : Warming Up a Cold List

Section 15.4 : List Connection Maintenance Tricks & Tips

Section 15.5 : Segmentation and Tracking

Section 15.6 : Templates & Resources

Module 16: Lead to Customer Conversion Sequences

Now that you understand the foundation of email marketing, we can dive into some fast-track
email conversion sequences. In this short module, we share the conversion sequence that Neil
Patel uses, and how you can use it in your business too. Dont forget to catch the email

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

deliverability lesson at the end. After all, your email campaigns wont perform if they arent
delivered to your list!

Section 16.1 : Conversion Sequence - Overview

Section 16.2 : Conversion Sequence - Brainstorm Worksheet

Section 16.3 : Email Deliverability - HTML, Video & Text

Module 17: Creating a Converting Webinar

Webinars are being used more now, than ever, by online marketers. Heck, even Neil used one to
promote his AMP program! In this module, we walk you through each step of writing an effective
converting webinar. We also include guides for tools you can use to set up your webinar.
Section 17.1 : Overview

Section 17.2 : Fast Track Outline

Section 17.3 : The Intro

Section 17.4 : Pain & Core Diagnosis

Section 17.5 : The Solution

Section 17.6 : The Offer

Section 17.7 : Webinar Promotion Sequences

Section 17.8 : Post Webinar Return Paths

Section 17.9 : Webinar Resources & Tools

Module 18: Writing Winning Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters (VSLs) are a middle ground between a long-form written sales letter and a
webinar. They have to be short and punchy (no more than 24 minutes), but they also must
convince the viewer to buy. How do you do both? Watch this lesson to learn the essential steps to
writing an effective VSL, as well as how to set it up for your funnel.

Section 18.1 : Overview

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Section 18.2 : Crafting Your Story Hook & Headline

Section 18.3 : Painting the Problem

Section 18.4 : 3 Part Call-to-Action

Section 18.5 : Logistics and Deliverability

Module 19: Long Form Sales Methodologies and Principles

Does the idea of pitching or selling to someone make you nervous? Does it make you feel like a
fraud? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? You arent alone. Most people are incredibly
uncomfortable with the idea of actively selling their offers to their audience. There is a way of
changing your mindset and the method by which you sell so that you dont feel this nagging
insecurity. And in this module, we talk about how to make that changebecause many of you will
be consulting with your potential clients on the phone or in a strategy session, as part of your
sales funnel.

Section 19.1 : Overview

Section 19.2 : Consultative Selling vs. Parrotting vs. Hard Selling

Section 19.3 : Diagnosing Problems for Yourself

Section 19.4 : Value Selling vs. Selling a Thing

Section 19.5 : Pre-Close Conceptual Buy-In

Module 20: Traffic Tracking, Part 1

As we said before, What gets measured gets managed. This module begins our deep dive into
tracking the progress of your sales funnel. This includes lead source tracking and optimization,
metrics, data, and KPIs, the math to tracking conversion, and user tracking (via Google and a few
other tools).

Section 20.1 : Lead Source Tracking and Optimization

Section 20.2 : Metrics, Data, & KPIs

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Section 20.3 : Arithmetic Rules!

Section 20.4 : Conversion & User Tracking

Module 21: Traffic Tracking, Part 2

While we covered the basics before, this module dives deeper into tracking your email sequences
for performance. This includes link tracking, a review of segmentation, google analytics for email
tracking, tracking the overall campaign for performance, lead tracking (both active and inactive
leads), and a few resources you may find handy.

Section 21.1 : Email Link Tracking

Section 21.2 : Google Analytics for Email Tracking

Section 21.3 : Email Campaign Performance

Section 21.4 : Email Lead Tracking - Active and Inactive Leads

Module 22: Traffic Tracking, Part 3

What budget should you start with? Where can you look for initial targeting ideas in an ad
campaign? How can you troubleshoot a promotional campaign that has bad ROI? And when do
you know to cut off a campaign because it isnt performing well enough? This module answers
each of these questions.

Section 22.1 : Test Budgets

Section 22.2 : Looking at existing SEO and Social Data for Test Markets

Section 22.3 : Troubleshooting a Campaign with Poor ROI

Section 22.4 : Determining "Bad Campaign" Cutoffs

Module 23: Retargeting and Pixels

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Retargeting leads with additional ads and messages can increase your ROI by as much as 24%. In
this module, we teach you everything you need to know about retargeting for the best possible

Section 23.1 : Retargeting Lists

Section 23.2 : Retargeting and Conversion Pixels

Section 23.3 : Retargeting Sequences

Section 23.4 : Retargeting Ads

Section 23.5 : Recommended Networks

Section 23.6 : Remarketing Grid

Module 24: Paid Media Overview & Swipe

Are you ready to start setting up some ads and promotions? Were finally diving into the art of
advertising online! In this module, we cover some basic overview information and suggested
swipe tactics before you get started with your advertising campaigns.

Section 24.1 : Paid Traffic Overview

Section 24.2 : Swiping on Facebook

Section 24.3 : eCPM Dedicated Email & Mail Drops

Section 24.4 : Google Customer Match

Module 25: Paid Media, Part 1

This module is devoted to, what we believe, is a cornerstone of online marketing today: Facebook
advertising. Its affordable, has precise targeting, and is accessible to just about every market
today. Were going to go through each type of ad, and 3 different strategies you can use to go from
cold leads to red-hot buyers, all with Facebook ads.

Section 25.1 : Facebook Ads General Overview

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Section 25.2 : Facebook Ads for Pros - Type Overview, Part 1

Section 25.3 : Facebook Ads for Pros - Type Overview, Part 2

Section 25.4 : Facebook Ads for Pros - Type Overview, Part 3

Section 25.5 : Facebook Ads for Pros - Strategies

Section 25.6 : Facebook Ads for Pros - Tips & Tricks

Module 26: Paid Media, Part 2

In this module, we cover the foundations behind a plethora of social media advertising channels.
This includes Linkedin, Pinterest, Periscope, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter ads.

Section 26.1 : Linkedin In Ads for Pros - Overview

Section 26.2 : Linkedin In Ads for Pros - Strategy

Section 26.3 : Pinterest Traffic Overview

Section 26.4 : Periscope Traffic Overview

Section 26.5 : Instagram Traffic Overview

Section 26.6 : Youtube Traffic Overview

Section 26.7 : Twitter Traffic Overview

Module 27: Paid Media, Part 3

For this part of the AMP Paid Media modules, youre going to learn about PPC ads, ad networks,
offline ads, and affiliate networks.

Section 27.1 : PPC Networks

Section 27.2 : CPA Networks

Section 27.3 : Ad Networks

Section 27.4 : Affiliate Networks

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Module 28: Paid Media, Part 4

In the last module devoted to paid media youre going to learn about CPA networks, traffic
agencies, mobile ads, and google ad word content networks. This will conclude our paid media
modules, and give you a broad understanding of the many ad types available to your business

Section 28.1 : Offline Ads

Section 28.2 : Traffic Agencies

Section 28.3 : Mobile Ads

Section 28.4 : Google Adwords - Content Networks

Module 29: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 1

What is content marketing? Why should it matter to your business? And how do you get started?
In this module, we answer these questions and get the gears in your mind moving ideas around
for your content marketing plan.

Section 29.1 : What Is Content Marketing

Section 29.2 : Your Target Audience

Section 29.3 : What Search Engines Want

Section 29.4 : Content Strategy

Module 30: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 2

But wait, Im not a writer! Thats what every blogger said when they first started. Thankfully,
you dont have to go down the long hard road that bloggers of the past have gone down. Instead,
you can use this module to learn how to write like a pro, grab a few writing templates, overcome
your roadblocks, and revisit crafting a winning headline.

Section 30.1 : How to Write Like a Pro

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Section 30.2 : Content Writing Secrets

Section 30.3 : Revisiting How to Craft Winning Headlines

Section 30.4 : Content Creation Templates

Section 30.5 : Overcoming Common Roadblocks

Module 31: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 3

Youve gotten into your writing mojo. Now its time to learn about publishing content, managing
your content, and creating a long-term editorial calendar. This is the secret behind most major
blogs that convert visitors into buyers! It really comes down to planning, testing, and optimizing
over and over again.

Section 31.1 : Publishing Your Content

Section 31.2 : Managing Your Content

Section 31.3 : The Editorial Calendar

Module 32: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 4

Youve got a killer set of articles and an editorial calendar that you just know is a winner. Now
how do you get your articles seen? In this module we cover promoting your content, building
external links to your content, as well as how to get on some huge media websites.

Section 32.1 : Promoting Your Content

Section 32.2 : External Link Building

Section 32.3 : Getting on Huge Media Websites

Section 32.4 : Additional Templates & Applications

Module 33: Building and Curating a Content Network

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Youve seen it before Someone who was relatively unknown somehow gets published on a
bigger blog. How do they do it? In this module, we walk you through not only how to curate a
strong content network where you are guest posting on bigger blogs, but also how you can gain
top-tier guests for your blog as well.

Section 33.1 : Overview

Section 33.2 : Different Content Types

Section 33.3 : The Psychology of Making Business Friends

Section 33.2 : Making Your Shortlist & Crafting Content

Section 33.4 : Email Recognizance Tactics

Section 33.5 : High Quality Guest Bloggers For Your Blog

Section 33.6 : Alternative Guest Blogging Ideas

Module 34: Delegating and Outsourcing

When you have a million things to do to make your business a success, getting things done can
become more about putting fires out than actually progressing on your tasks. In this module,
youll learn the importance of delegating tasks that arent the best use of your time. Youll also
learn how to set up ads to hire qualified and affordable contractors to help you.

Section 34.1 : Prioritizing Your Time

Section 34.2 : Automate & Centralize Accountability

Section 34.3 : Finding Help

Section 34.4 : Writing Attractive Hiring Ads

Section 34.5 : Screening Prospective Contractors

Section 34.6 : Creating Online Teams & Company Culture

Module 35: Strategic Partners and JVs

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

The most powerful businesses in the world form alliances with one another, to give their clients
outstanding value. In this module, youll learn about forming strategic partnerships and choosing
complementary businesses to JV with.

Section 35.1 : Webinar and Teleseminar Strategic Partnerships

Section 35.2 : Syndicate & High Level Masterminds

Section 35.3 : Setting Your Affiliate System Up

Section 35.4 : Finding & Motivating Affiliates

Module 36: Creating an Info & Consulting Product, Part 1

Have you wanted to create an info course but dont know how to get started? In this module we
walk you through formulating, writing, and creating an info product. If you have expertise in
something, all thats required is the ability to break down your expertise into smaller and more
palatable pieces for a newbie to understand.

Section 36.1 : Overview & Structure Map

Section 36.2 : Info Product Idea Bank

Section 36.3 : Info Product Structure

Section 36.4 : Info Product Tips/Tricks

Section 36.5 : Info Product Deliverability

Section 36.6 : Tools and Resources

Module 37: Creating an Info & Consulting Product, Part 2

Most infoproducts lead into an offer for consultation or coaching with the product creator. This
module walks you through the steps of upselling within your course, bundling certain offers, and
creating a group coaching model.

Section 37.1 : Upsell 1: Group Coaching

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Section 37.2 : Group Coaching Structure

Section 37.3 : Group Coaching Deliverability

Section 37.4 : Upsell 2: High End Consulting or DFY

Section 37.5 : High End Consulting or DFY Deliverability

Section 37.6 : Reframing and Bundling

Module 38: Product Launch Big Picture

Are you wanting to do a large product launch? This module gets you started with the mindsets
and prerequisites for successful product launches.

Section 38.1 : Launch Essentials Overview

Section 38.2 : Gather Your Assets

Section 38.3 : Creating Your Plan

Section 38.4 : The Precious Feedback Loop

Section 38.5 : Creating Your Promotion Strategy

Section 38.6 : Notes on Delivery & Feedback

Section 38.7 : General Launch Tools & Resources

Module 39: Instant Start Live Launch

The first type of launch that we cover is the Instant Live Launch. Were going to walk you
through the steps to quickly launch your product funnel, in a live type of approach.

Section 39.1 : Instant Start Live Launch Overview

Section 39.2 : The Core Product Dilemma

Section 39.3 : Sign Up Sequence

Module 40: Momentum Launch

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
The second type of launch that we cover is the Momentum Launch. This launch is for those who
are wanting to build momentum with their existing list. We walk you through how to craft the
funnel, all the way to delivery and feedback.

Section 40.1 : Momentum Launch Overview

Section 40.2 : Make An Offer They Cant Refuse

Section 40.3 : Choosing Your Upsell

Section 40.4 : Momentum Sign Up Sequence

Module 41: Multi-Tier Launch

Do you have several products you want to launch simultaneously? Then the multi-tier launch is
for you. We walk you through the process of creating the launch map for the many different offers
you have, setting up continuity offers, and more.

Section 41.1 : Multi-Tier Launch Overview

Section 41.2 : Creating the Labyrinth

Section 41.3 : Swinging Upsell & Downsell

Section 41.4 : Continuity

Module 42: Engineering a Rolling/Evergreen Launch

Are you looking to set up a funnel that has an evergreen launch? This module covers rolling
launches, where you set up a funnel and then continually optimize it for long-term use.

Section 42.1 : Overview

Section 42.2 : Sequential Funnel

Section 42.3 : Evergreen Pages

Section 42.4 : Multi-Video Sequences

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC

Module 43: Conversion Optimization, Part 1

Wow! Youve gone through the very time-consuming and often patience-testing task of creating a
sales funnel. At this point it should be live, you should be promoting it with ads of some sort, etc.
Once youve gathered some data on the effectiveness of your funnel, its time to begin testing it for
conversion optimization. In this module, we go into why we test for mastery, an overview of A/B
split tests, the usefulness of heatmaps, and how to measure effectiveness.

Section 43.1 : When and Why We Test for Mastery

Section 43.2 : Measuring True Performance

Section 43.3 : A/B Split Tests Overview

Section 43.4 : Heat Map Overview

Module 44: Conversion Optimization, Part 2

In the second part of our conversion optimization modules, were going to cover squeeze page
conversion testing, landing page conversion testing, and sales page conversion testing.

Section 44.1 : Squeeze Page Conversion Testing

Section 44.2 : Landing Pages Conversion Testing

Section 44.3 : Sales Pages Conversion Testing

Module 45: Conversion Optimization, Part 3

In the final part of our conversion optimization modules, were going to cover email conversion
testing, pop up performance testing, and some awesome conversion and optimization tools you
can pick up to make testing as simply as possible. This module ends the *official* 45 modules of
AMP but we arent done yet.

Section 45.1 : Email Conversion Testing

Section 45.2 : Pop-Up Performance Testing Section

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC
Section 45.3 : Conversion Tools & Resources

BONUS Module 46: Automating and Scaling

To help finish out your year of learning, this bonus module is all about automating and scaling.
There are a million different ways that this can be doneso this module covers some of the
broader strokes and mindsets behind automating and scaling your business for bigger results.

Section 46.1 : Overview

Section 46.2 : Stages, Guiding Lights, and Targets

Section 46.3 : Offers, Marketing, and ROI Analysis

Section 46.4 : Working Backwards to Move Forward

Section 46.5 : Staying On Track

Section 46.6 : Long Term Elastic Tools

BONUS Module 47: Stacked Marketing Strategies

After going through all the lessons in AMP, you should have the conceptual tools to create a fully
integrated marketing strategy. For our final bonus module of the program, we decided to give you
3 valuable examples of stacked and fully integrated marketing plans. Its not necessary to create a
complicated strategy to succeed. Ultimately all of the tools and lessons from AMP should
empower you to make an integrated strategy that works for you and your business!

Section 47.1 : Stacked Strategy - eCommerce / Physical Products

Section 47.2 : Stacked Strategy - Digital Products

Section 47.3 : Stacked Strategy - Personal Brand / Consulting

Section 47.5 : AMP Wrap-Up

2015, by I'm Kind of a Big Deal, LLC