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1990 Shrek, about a young ogre who finds the ogre of his dreams when he leaves home, is
published for the first time, written and illustrated by William Steig. The name of the central
character is derived from the German/Yiddish word schreck, literally meaning fear, terror.

2001 The animated film of Shrek is released by DreamWorks Animation, starring the voices of
Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz. The film will go on to become an international
success. Also in 2001 Shrek wins an Oscar, in the new Academy Award category of Best
Animated Feature.

2003 William Steig dies at the age of 95, in Boston, USA. His prolific output has generated more
than 25 childrens books, even though he only started writing them in his 60s! On one occasion he
said: I think I feel a little differently than other people do.

2004 Shrek 2, is released, followed by Shrek the Third (2007) and Shrek Forever After (2010).
Several other shorter Shrek projects are completed. Shrek is one of the highest grossing film series
of all time.

2008 SHREK THE MUSICAL opens at the Broadway Theatre in New York City, s. The show is
described as true happiness by the New York Times and enormous fun by the WSJ

2011 SHREK THE MUSICAL has its UK premiere at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

June 2015 Produced , Performed and Licensed by The Stage Company Argentina, SHREK THE
MUSICAL has its premiere in Buenos Aires Argentina at the beautiful and traditional MAIPO
Theatre. It becomes a huge success and had 14 Nominations at the prestigious HUGO AWARDS .
winning in the most important categories, GOLDEN HUGO AWARD, BEST MUSICAL , BEST
PRODUCTION and many others. It becomes the most important and awarded show of the season.

January 2016. SHREK THE MUSICAL wins more awards while touring Argentina. Carlos de
Plata AWARD , Estrella de Concert de Plata and many more.

June 2016 The Stage Company renews its Dreamworks license and SHREK THE MUSICAL
is back on stage. This time with a wonderful abridged adaptation for students and lovers of
English of all ages and levels.
Ask your students to look for and print out a variety of traditional fairy tales.

Ask them to read at least four of them, in small groups, making notes on what they think the codes
and conventions of fairy tales are. In other words, what must be present in a story, in order for it to
be classified as a fairy tale. Once theyve completed this task, come together as a class and discuss
the findings of each group. There may not be complete agreement here, which is fine there has
been disagreement amongst scholars on the same subject for years! Try to come up with a list of
elements that the class is happy to agree on.

Next, in their groups, ask students to come up with their own modern fairy tale, ideally one that
has a moral outcome; that either conforms, or deliberately subverts the conventions that they have
identified. They should try to come up with something original, rather than update an existing story
something that is suitable for the X-Box generation!


Having written their new modern fairy tale stories, ask students to
divide them into small sections, each section equivalent to one page of a
childrens book. Now, they should come up with dramatic images that
illustrate each page of the book.

They should create these as tableaux, using themselves to represent the

characters, considering their body language and facial expressions. Take
photographs of these, put them together with the text using a desktop
publishing programme, print and donate to the library of your Primary

Most of the Fairy Tale Creatures in SHREK THE MUSICAL have some sort of hang-up.
Pinocchio wants to be a real boy; Peter Pan doesnt want to grow up; the witch feels always
rejected and so. Ask your students to create a magazine problem page with the title Dear Shrek, in
which a selection of the Fairy Tale characters write to Shrek about their hang-ups and ask for his
advice. Which Fairy Tale Creatures problems will be the best ones to talk about? Is there any of
these problems similar in anyway to the ones we might deal with?
Ask students to imagine that they have been asked to help Shrek to find out who his friends are.
They should write a job description for a friend for Shrek. What are the qualities that would make
somebody ideal for the job? They may wish to consider the sort
of person that Donkey embodies when thinking about somebody ideal for the position. Next, ask
them to come up with a second job description, this time for their own friend. This should be a
fictional person who embodies everything that they want in a friend perhaps elements of their
current best friend and elements of lots of other people too!
Beautiful isnt always pretty./Its whats inside that counts.
what makes us special...makes us strong! /we are different and united
Take me as I am. / I always dreamed Id get a happy ending.//Fairy
tales should be updated. Make a move and don t be afraid

More things in common than I thought!

For this activity, you will need to divide your students into pairs, but they
will need to be with someone who they have something in common with.

Or, give them a short amount of time to get into a long line the tallest student at one end of the
line and the shortest at the other. Pair them up with the person next to them. They are now with
someone who is roughly the same height as them. In their pairs, ask students to discover at least five
more things that they have in common. Sit your class in a circle and, taking it in turns in their pairs,
ask the students to introduce their new friend to the rest of the group, explaining the six things that
the two of them have in common, remembering three of them each. Repeat the exercise, this time
starting with a line up of shoe sizes, with the smallest show size at one end and the largest at the
other. Once students have paired up and shared the six things that they have in common, ask them to
create a Wanted poster for a New Friend, with a picture of the student they have been talking to
and the six identified features. At the end of the process, ask students to reflect on what they have
learnt about others in the class. As in SHREK THE MUSICAL, they should have discovered that
they have more in common with others than they might initially think.

With your students, explore the theme of friendship in SHREK THE MUSICAL. What makes a
friendship and, at the beginning, how do you know?

Young people are often very intuitive when it comes to understanding if something is wrong.
Sometimes, in fact, they are better than adults at helping their peers to feel better and to be able to
share their problems. This is supported by the principles of peer mentoring. In small groups, ask
students to consider any issues that they feel are prevalent amongst the student population at your
school or institutel. What are students worried about? And how could these issues be solved or
people with these problems be supported? Try appointing a peer mentor in your class, for anyone
who is feeling anxious or concerned to go to, in a spirit of friendliness and support. Allocate a time
when the peer mentor can come to speak to you as well, so that you can work through any issues
together, on behalf of the rest of the group. If you can, organise official peer mentor training.


The end of SHREK THE MUSICAL sees all the Fairy Tale Creatures celebrating their differences!
Ask your students to select the silliest thing that they can think of about themselves that nobody
knows and that they dont mind sharing. It might be good if you can share something about yourself
to start them off. This could be, for instance, I eat cookies in the bathroom. Next, ask your
students to help to create a wall display, that visually celebrates their difference. A large collage of
different cookies, for instance, might be adorned with the slogan I eat cookies in the bathroom.
Ask students to reflect whatever differences theyve come up with and however silly they are, do
they change anything about them as a person? Ask them to think about the lyrics from Freak Flag
and whether they can think of times when they could have celebrated rather than mocked somebody
because they were different.
Ask students to consider, from the history that they know, any examples that that they know of
where people were removed from their homes against their will. Refer them to the Second World
War and the Nazis treatment of the Jews. From what they know of the WWII (many of them study
this period of history during primary school), ask them to speculate on whether they think that the
same thing could happen now, in the same way that it does in SHREK THE MUSICAL. Many of
them will have heard about refugees. What do they think about this? Views here often come from
home and are often heavily influenced by the media. Do they, for instance, understand the
difference between political and economic asylum?

As a research task, ask students to discover as much as they can about similar practices happening
in the modern world in Israel, in Afghanistan and in Zimbabwe. Are they surprised that people are
still removed from their homes, just as the Fairy Tale Creatures are in SHREK THE MUSICAL?

In small groups, ask students to develop a campaign to raise awareness of refugees. For this, they
will need to draft a press release to launch their campaign and then develop publicity materials of
their choice to bring the issue to light. They may choose to create a series of hard-hitting posters, a
documentary video, poster and so.


The situation that the Fairy Tale Creatures find

themselves in is purely caused by the prejudice of
Lord Farquaad. Ask your students how do they feel
about this. Ask them to write their individual letter,
as if they were a citizen of Duloc, demanding that
he change his policies and that the Fairy Tale Creatures are returned to their rightful homes. They
should use the most persuasive writing possible to achieve this task.
See if you can spot your favourite Shrek characters
hiding in the grid!
Can you fill the empty squares so that every row and column and 3x 2 box
contains the letters D O N K E Y ?
Colour your own Shrek!
Would you like to be part of a theatre play? What do you think you would like to do?
Which is your favourite Fairy Tale? Write it down!

Which is your favourite Fairy Tale Character?

Draw it and describe it !
Once Upon A Time. . . there was a little ogre named Shrek whose parents
had told him all ogres are destined to live lonely, miserable lives being chased
by people who want to kill them.
So the young Shrek set off, and eventually found a patch of swampland far
away from the world that despised him.Many years pass, and the little ogre
grows into a big ogre, who has learned to love the solitude of his wonderfully
stinky swamp. Unfortunately, Shreks quiet little life is turned upside down
when a pack of distraught Fairy Tale Creatures are dumped on his precious

Pinocchio and his crew of pigs, witches and other fairy tale creatures, lament
their fate, and explain that theyve been banished from the Kingdom of Duloc
by the evil Lord Farquaad for being different from everyone else.
Left with no choice, the ogre sets off to to look for Lord Farquaad and
hopefully get his swamp back. On his way to Duloc, Shrek manages to save a
terrified talking Donkey who decides that its his duty to escort Shrek.
Meanwhile, Lord Farquaad discovers that hell never be king unless he
marries a Princess. He discovers that there is a beautiful princess in a far-off
dragon- guarded tower. Farquaad vows to marry this Princess Fiona just as
soon as he can find someone to rescue her on his behalf.
Shrek arrives in Duloc, and demands his swamp back from Farquaad who
agrees to hand over the deeds on one condition Shrek must rescue
Princess Fiona from the tower. Shrek dons a helmet, and heads off to find the
Princess, while Donkey i stumbles upon the very hungry Dragon who he
charms and who falls in love with him!
Shrek climbs into Fionas tower and rescues her. Fiona insists on kissing her
rescuer, as it is done in all fairytales, but her celebration is cut short when
Shrek removes his helmet and reveals his big green face. After all, shes
supposed to be saved by her one true love, not by some ogre and his pet.
Fiona notices the setting sun and suddenly demands they make camp for the
night as nobody knows but, she tranforms into an ogre every night.
Only true love s first kiss would break the spell and bring her back to her real
form forever.
With Duloc on the horizon, Shrek and Fiona agree to stop and share one last
campfire together.Donkey realises that these two may be falling for each
other, but, as the sun sets, Fiona dashes into a nearby barn. Donkey begs
Shrek to tell the princess how he really feels. When Shrek protests, he
sneaks into the barn, and comes face to face with a terrifying looking ogress!
Fiona calms the scared Donkey and tearfully explains that shes been cursed
since she was a girl.
Shrek, overhears Fiona talking to Donkey and, presuming that when she asks
who could ever love such an ugly beast, shes talking about him,
rushes off to Duloc determined to end this little adventure once and for all.
Lord Farquaad shows up the next day and proposes to the confused
princess. Fiona feeling rejected by Shrek, accepts his proposal, and rides off
to her new life in the castle.

In another part of the woods, the Fairy Tale Creatures have been sent away
again. It seems there is no place for them in the world. Fed up with the
injustices based on how different they look, they decide its time to finally
stand up for themselves.
When Shrek finds out that Fiona wasnt talking about him after all, he realises
the error of his ways.
Back in the Cathedral of Duloc, Fiona and Lord Farquaad are about to be
married when Shrek comes barging in. With all eyes upon him, he steps
forward and finally finds the courage to open his heart and tell Fiona that he
loves her. Just then, the Fairy Tale Creatures come barging in and the villain
is exposed as being the son of a grumpy dwarf andtherefore as much of a
freak as the rest of them!
In the light of the setting sun, Fiona transforms into an ogress. Farquaad is
disgusted, and vows to put her back in that tower, send the Fairy Tale
Creatures in prison, and send Shrek off to be executed! But Shrek and
Donkey have a plan and, just in time, the Dragon comes crashing through the
stained glass window of the church and swallows up the villain in one
satisfying gulp. Shrek and Fiona come together at last, sharing true-loves
first kiss. The curse is finally broken. The Princess has at last taken loves
true form a beautiful... ogress.
Its a happy ending after all, as the wedding moves back to Shreks swamp
where he and Fiona marry...and live happily ever after.






At the end of the story, Princess Fiona chooses to marry Shrek instead of Lord
Farquaad. This activity encourages the young people to think about why Shrek and
Fiona are so happy together.

o What qualities does Shrek have that Lord Farquaad does not? o What do Shrek
and Fiona have in common? What do they like most about each other?

Can you describe your favourite moment?

How did the show make you feel?

Do you feel rejected for being different sometimes?Do you think there are any
students in your School that might feel rejected and lonely for being different? How
can we help them?

Can you relate the concept BULLYING to how people treated Shrek before they
get to know him?

Do you think Shreks love for Fiona depended on her looks?

Is there anything you learned from the play that might help you in you everyday

Is Theatre a reflection of Society? In what why?

What did you like most of your Theatre Experience?


If your young people have strong literacy skills then encourage them to
take their reflections one step further by writing a review. Invite them to
think critically as well as saying what they enjoyed.

Here are some questions which might help:

What did you feel when you first entered the theatre? or How did you
feel when the music started to play? or Which parts made you feel
happy, sad or excited?

o What did you think of the actors and dancers?

Did you like the lighting and set?

What could have been done better?

Would you recommend others to see Shrek The Musical?

Have you seen any other plays by The Stage Company? What can you
say about the Company?

What do you think about the work of the Choreographer, the Musical
Director and the Director of the play? Who are they? Do you know

You can send your review to us!!! info@thestagecompany.com.ar

And check any other information in shrek.com.ar

or thestagecompany.com.ar


Listen up puppet!
We spend out whole lives wishing.We weren't so freakin' strange.
They make us feel the pain. But it's they who need to change

MAD HATTER: (spoken)

The way they think, that is.

It's time to stop the hiding. It's time to stand up tall.
Sing hey world, I'm different, and here I am splinters and all!
Spliters and all

Let your freak flag wave

My what?

Let your freak flag fly

GINGY: (Spoken)
Thats what im talking about!

Never take it down, never take it down
Raise it way up high! Yeah! Let your freak flag fly! Let it fly, fly, fly!

It's hard to be a puppet

So many strings attached.


But it's not the choice you make.
Its just, how you, were hatched!

Let your freak flag wave, let your freak flag fly. Never take it down,
Never take it down,
Raise it way up high!
Let your freak flag fly


I'm proud to be a piggy


I raise my furry fist

yeah yeah yeah

It's time a tell the world I'm a scientologist!

I did some time in jail
I smell like sauerkraut


I'm gonna shed my house coat

And You will work it out!
Let your freak flag wave! Let your freak flag fly! Never take it down
never take it down.
Raise it way up high!

PINOCCHIO: (spoken)
Yes! It all makes sense! We may be freaks, but were freaks with
teeth, and claws,
and magic wands! And together, we can stand up to Farquaad!
Never take it down
Raise it way up high!


We've got magic
We've got power
Who are they
To say we're wrong?


All the things that make us special
Are the things that make us strong!
What makes us special,

What makes us special

What makes us special
Makes us strong!
Let your freak flag wave!
Let your freak flag fly!
Never take it down, never take it down
Raise it way up high!
Let your freak flag fly! Fly!

PINNOCHIO: (spoken)
I'm wood! I'm good! Get used to it!


I Know It's Today

Settle in girls. It's story time!

Theres a princess
In a tower
Oh my gosh, thats just like me
Poor Rapunzel
Needs a haircut
But the witch wont set her free
She passes time by singing
Like someone else I know
As years go by she sits and waits
As years go by? Uh oh
A torturous existence
I dont remember this part!
She wishes she were dead?
Skip ahead skip ahead!
But in the end Rapunzel finds a millionaire
The prince is good at climbing and braiding golden hair!

So I know, hell appear

Cause there are rules and there are strictures
I believe the storybooks I read by candlelight
My white knight, and his steed
Will look just like these pictures!
It wont be long now, I guarantee!
Day number23.
I know its today
I know its today

Oh here's a good one! It's a classic!

Theres a princess
In a coma
Glad its her instead of me.
Pretty maiden
In a glass box
How I wonder does she pee?
Blah blah blah, poison apple
Boring boring evil queen
Filler filler, been there, read that!
Seven shorties on the scene.
Skip ahead, skip ahead
But in the end the princess wakes up with a start
The prince is good at kissing
And melting Snow Whites heart!

So I know, hell appear

And his armor will be blinding!
As shining as his perfect teeth
And then repose
Hell propose
On one knee
And our prenupt will be binding!
About time we set the wedding date!
Day number958.
I know it's today.
Hell show up today....

Theres a princess
Any princess
Take your pick, theyre all like me
Not exactly, Im still waiting
theyre all living happily
Ever after better get here
I want love in seconds flat
No one needs these middle bits
Oops, did I do that?

Cut the villains, cut the vamping

Cut this fairytale
Cut the peril and the pitfalls
Cut the puppet and the whale
Cut the monsters, cut the curses
Keep the intro, cut the verses
And the waiting, the waiting, the waiting, the waiting
The waiting!

But I know, hell appear

Though I seem a bit bipolar
And Im a vandal now as well, though he wont mind
Im a find, Im a catch
And a very gifted bowler!
It wont be long now, I guarantee!
Day number

Are you there God?

Its me Fiona

Its me Fiona!

Now I know, hell appear

Cause there are rules and there are strictures
I believe the storybooks I read by
My white knight, my knight and his steed
Will look just like these pictures!
It wont be long now, I guarantee!

Day number 23
Day number 958
Day number 4823
I know its today, oooo
I know its today, oooo
I know its today, oooo
I know its today, oooo
I know its today, oooo
I Know it's today

I know it's today!

There's something going on around here

I've been watching and the signals are clear
A nervous laugh when she brushes his skin
The sweaty palms, the big dopey grin
Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm
With a giggle and a flip of her hair
I smell the pheromones in the air
Making goo goo eyes over their food
They need my help here in setting the mood
(Oh you don't believe love is blind'
Well I got some friends who think otherwise. And here they are.
Direct from my imagination)
[Three Blind Mice]
Three Blind Mice
Watch your step girls
[Three Blind Mice]
Three Blind Mice
See how they run
You got to turn up the heat
You got to butter the pan
[Donkey with Mice]
You got to make a move and don't be afraid
Reach for her hand
And maybe give her a kiss
[Donkey with Mice]
She's waiting for a move to be made
You got to
Got to
Got to
Got to
Got to
Got to yea
You got to make a move
You got to make a move
You got to make a move
You got to make a move
You got to make a move
You got to make a move
(Spoken in a deep voice) Shrek
I know you can't hear me right now,
but if you could I would want to say a few things to you I am in
your corner buddy,
but you have got to tell that girl
what you are feeling deep down.
You may not get another chance.
So just go on now. Just open your heart and
Umm Princess
Here we go
Yes Shrek
Oh he's gonna tell her
I uh

I can't take this

Well I was uh
Uh Huh
I was wondering
I was wondering
Spit it out!
Are you gonna eat that'
Man what is wrong with you
(singing) You got to make a move
You got to shift into gear
You got to buckle down and give it a whirl
The scene is set right out of a book
With a sunset and a beautiful girl
So you've got to
Got to
Got to
Got to
Got to
Got to yea
You got to make a move

I thought love was only true in fairy tales

Meant for someone else but not for me

Love was out to get me, thats the way it seemed

Disappointment haunted all my dreams

And then I saw her face

Now Im a believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind

Im in love

Im a believer

I couldnt leave her if I tried

I thought love was more or less a giving thing

More I gave the less I've got, oh yeah

Whats the use in trying, all you get is pain

When I wanted sunshine I got rain

And then I saw her face

Now Im a believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind

Im in love

Im a believer

I couldnt leave her if I tried

Whats the use in trying, all you get is pain

When I wanted sunshine I got rain

And then I saw her face

Now Im a believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind

Im in love

Im a believer

I couldnt leave her if I tried

Then I saw her face

Now Im a believer

Not a trace of doubt in my mind

Now Im a believer,

yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah

Now Im a believer

(then I saw her face)

Now Im a believer

(not a trace, of doubt in my mind)

I'm a believer

(Now I'm a believer...)

Shrek, Fiona, Farquaad and Donkey with directors Carla Calabrese & Gaby Goldman
Teatro Maipo October 2015 The Stage Company

Links to our video trailers in our you tube page thestagecompany you tube

Pictures taken by Estudio Machado Cicala from The Stage Company Production Buenos
Aires Argentina 2015-2016

(Shrek The Musical is Based on Dreamworks Movie Shrek 1)