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RBI Grade B Exams Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Education Exams and Tests

How do I prepare systematically for the RBI Grade B 2018

exam with 1 years time? Is 1 year sucient time?

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EduTap, Founder at EduTap

Answered Oct 12


RBI Grade B preparation is vast but easy. You need not read in depth but year when you read basics your
concepts should be very clear.

Now is the time to prepare for RBI Grade B exam as there are around 69 months to go. One needs 45
months if one is working professional to prepare for this exam. In the remaining time one can revise and
add to knowledge already acquired

As of now you should start preparing for Phase 2 because Phase 1 needs momentum and its advisable to
prepare for Phase 1 only before 3 months of the exam. While preparing for Phase 2 you need to focus on
conceptual Knowledge in Finance and Management and current aairs on ESI. For English you would
need to practice more and more in writing along with extensive reading for good content

With respect to time devotion you need to spend 3 hours on Weekdays and 78 hours on the weekends. 3
hours on weekdays should be spend when you have fresh mind and do not have disturbance from external

In case you want to do self study, you can read the following books

For Finance - Read selective topics from prasanna chandra taking into account the questions asked in the
exam. Also read CAIIB books

For Management - You can read the book by Stephen P. Robbins on Organizational behavior. This book
also has lot of topics so read selectively from this book taking into account the syllabus and questions
asked from this topic.
Continue with But most of topics would need to be covered from the Internet
For ESI : Read Ncert books on economics and there is one book by Uma kapilawhich can get you started.
Try to be aware about the happening in economic and social eld. Try reading the Human Development
Report, World Bank Report , Economic survey report, Budget and current aairs, Global Gender
Report and websites like GK Today and PIB

Exam would be held in April/May in 2018 now. You must be able to answer the below mentioned questions
before you start preparing specic for RBI Grade B

1. What type of Questions are asked. Are they fact based or concept based?

2. How many questions are there from particular topic ?

3. How Many questions are usually of tough, easy or moderate diculty level?

4. Does RBI Sticks to the syllabus in the exam?

5. What are the cut-os for the exam?

6. Numerical are asked from which Topics and of what nature?

7. Which section is most scoring?

Answering to these questions will help you build smart strategy for RBI Grade B rather than preparing
without any direction which numerous other candidates do and en up no where.

We at EduTap are also running Comprehensive Courses for RBI Grade B and those who join our courses
need not study any book/report/Manuals etc. Our Course will take care of everything

We have Done analysis for RBI Grade B 2016 and RBI Grade B 2017 exams which can be benecial to you
(Please click on the links below). We are also running comprehensive course for RBI Grade B in which we
cover everything through Videos, Concept Notes, Summary Sheets, Work Sheets and MCQs.

Joining our courses would be self sucient and you would not be required to read anything extra
(Yes no book at all is required)

Analysis of Finance Section

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Course Launch Video

We have produced very good results last year with 124 of our students clearing RBI Phase 2 Exam. Also,
72 marks worth of paper in FM came from our Notes.

You can also visit out website EduTap for more details and some free content. You can also write us at
learnofy@gmail.com or call us at 8146207241 in case you have more queries


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What is the importance of education in Islam?

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How much time is required to prepare for the RBI grade B phase 2 exam?

How should you prepare for the RBI grade B exam 2018?

What is the reporting time for the RBI Grade B exam?


Can a student who expects to complete his undergraduate in the year 2018 expect to apply for the RBI
Grade B exam in 2017, to write it in 2018?


Sumit Sharma, PNB PO

Answered Jun 26

1 year time is more than enough for cracking this exam.


The pattern is as follows:

Reasoning- 60 marks

English- 30 marks

Quants- 30 marks

General Awareness- 80 marks

Those who are preparing for various banking or insurance exams will not nd phase 1 that dicult.

The cut-o for 2015 was 89, and in 2016 it shoots to 99. Due to increase in competition, it is better to assume
that next year might be around 110. So its better to aim for 115+, seems dicult but not impossible.

Reasoning: Buy any standard book say R.S. Agarwal and practice from it. For puzzles go through Magical
Books on puzzles by BSC Publication. Practice is the only way to score well in this section, aim for 35+ in

Quants: Many aspirants who cleared the overall cut-o were not able to clear the sectional cut-o of the
quants which is just 7.5 marks out of 30.

If you consider quants tough, then just aim for 10+ marks in this section.

DI consist of 10 marks, even if you solve this, you will be able to clear the sectional cut-o.
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Number series consists of 5 marks, out of which 3 is doable easily.

Rest is miscellaneous like prot loss, average, percentage, speed time distance, trains, boats, etc. Master
those topics which you nd easy and you will be able to clear the cut-o.

Follow Fast Track Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma or R.S Agarwal for this.

Again regular practice is needed.

English: First clear your basic grammatical concepts, for that, you can refer Wren and Martin.

Read newspaper editorials on a daily basis as this will help in enriching your vocabulary and also help you
understand the passage easily during the exam.

If you have time, solve Norman Lewis for a good vocabulary.

Rest depends on your practice as this section does not require any special knowledge.

General Awareness:

Out of 80 questions around 50 questions were from last 4 months current aairs, around 20 questions from
banking awareness and rest from the static portion.

If you are a regular newspaper reader, then you just need to look at banking awareness and static gk.

Those who dont want to follow newspaper for this section just read monthly gk digest of gradestack and
bankersadda and their capsule before the exam.

Also, see gktodays quizzes before the exam.

If you follow this, you will be able to score 60+ easily.

Mock Tests are very important before the exam because it tells where you stand and helps in time
management during the actual exam.

Phase 2:

Economic & Social Issues:

First, go through any basic economy book like Ramesh Singh or Sanjeev Verma.

For social issues, one can follow Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja.

Reading newspaper daily is a must. Preferably The Hindu or The Indian Express.

Union Budget and Economic Survey of that respective year is a must.

I am from engineering background; I just read the books mentioned above along with recent government
schemes and Mrunal Videos (Must do if you are comfortable with Hindi).

This year many 1 markers were current aairs only, so if you do GA for phase 1 well, it will help you in this
section also.
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ESI Questions 2016- https://rbigradeb.com/2016/09/19...
Finance & Management:

If you are from non-commerce non-eco background then go through Indian Financial System by Bharti V
Pathak or M Y Khan (only selected chapters given in the syllabus only)

NSEs NCFM nancial awareness material also helped a lot in basic understanding.

JAIIB Accounts book for numerical (Ratios and Bonds)

You can also refer to Class 12th NCERT for Ratios numerical.

P.C Tripathi for Management and IGNOU Management notes.

Reading 1 nance newspaper daily is a must. ET or BS or Mint.

Regularly follow RBI, SEBI website for any new policies and updates.

This time, this paper was a little bit technical so a deep understanding is required.

F&M questions 2016- https://rbigradeb.com/2016/09/19...


Read editorials daily and make precison any editorial at least once in a week.

Also, read Yojana magazine regularly, it will help in ESI as well as for content for the essay, you can also
make precis on the articles.

Booklist for phase 2- https://rbigradeb.com/2016/09/24...

Revision is must because its not possible to remember all the data in one go.

Look out for every new government scheme related to social issues and economy.

Complete management part rst as it is static and keep revising it regularly till the exam.

Practice essay and precis writing regularly as English will be a tiebreaker.

1.8k Views 29 Upvotes Not for Reproduction Answer requested by Nirmit Menariya

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Arun Kumar, Finance is Fascinating.

Updated Jun 29
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One year is sucient to prepare for RBI Grade B exam 2018. But you have to be consistent during the
course of preparation.

Here I am going to list down things that you should do. Here it goes:

1. First things rst, go through the RBI Grade B Syllabus on RBI Website.

2. Read Business Newspaper daily (either Economic Times or Business Standard). My favorite ET
and The Economist.

3. Download GK Today and Adda247 app. Allocate atleast 30 minutes daily for current aairs, make
notes if time permits.

4. Start preparation for Phase 2 rst. Here are the list of books that you should follow.

Financial Management by I M Pandey.

NISM book on Security Market Foundation.

Investopedia and Wikipedia for individual topics.

Mrunal and Fintree vedios for Indian Economy and FM numericals.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh.

Business Studies 12th Standard book.

Management Study Guide website for management and Principles of Management by P C Tripathi or by T
N Chhabbra.

5. Study single topic daily and write down important points.

Regularly read RBI, SEBI Bulletins and Governor Speeches.

RBI FAQs on website.

Read Prof. Jayanth Varma Blog.

6.For phase 1 preparation just go through the McGraw Hill Publication books which are specially designed
for CAT but will help you to crack English, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.

Also read some non-ction novels. I am listing down few of them

Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma

The rise and fall of nations by Ruchir sharma.

Day to Day Economics by S Y Deodhar.

Try to understand the concepts of nance and economics. It will be very helpful in every phase especially
in Phase 2 and Interview.

I hope Continue
this will help
Edit 1 : Also read some non-ction novels. I am listing down few of them

Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma

The rise and fall of nations by Ruchir sharma.

Day to Day Economics by S Y Deodhar.

730 Views 5 Upvotes Answer requested by Nikhil

Isha Sharma, Adda247

Answered Jun 27

1 year is sucient to prepare for RBI Grade B if done in a strategic way. Here are the topics that you need
to prepare from each section:

Know more about RBI Grade B Exam here: https://www.adda247.com/rbi-grad...

455 Views 1 Upvote Answer requested by Nirmit Menariya

Pradyumna Kumar Dalai, Associate Software Engineer at IBM (2016-present)

Answered Jun 26

Yupz it's sucient.

1st try to fall in love with economics and nance.

If you found it's interesting then go ahead.

Make a strategy and follow it.

All the best.



Will there be a RBI Grade B exam in 2018?


Is the RBI Grade B exam as tough as the civil services exam? In how much time can one prepare for the
RBI Grade B exam?

What should be the books and study plan to prepare RBI grade b exam to be conducted next year?
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