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I visited Rome 5 years ago.

It was my first trip with

my friends and without my parents. It was a direct
flight and a short-haul flight so everything seemed a
great deal easier than it was in the end.
When we arrived to the airport, I was so excited.
We went to check-in- desk and we were given our
boarding passed. Then, My friends and I went to
look for the gate that we were going to board in.
When I passed I showed my boarding pass to the
flight attendant and she pointed to the aisle. My
seat was there. When the plane took off, the cabin
crew told us there could be turbulences during the
flight because the weather was bad. Ten minutes
later, the turbulences started. It seemed as if we
were in a film. Everybody was absolutely terrified.
There were people were biting their nails. Even a
woman who was sitting next to me gave me a
rosary to pray. However, the turbulences finished a
few minutes later. The plane landed softly and we
got off. We waited for picking our baggage but it
didnt appear. It made me feel devastated.
As a result, we had to go at baggage reclaim. My
friends were terribly upset. Next day, the flight
Company contacted us and they told us they were
going to send it as soon as they could. So everyone
felt relieved.
Anyway, it was a very funny trip and I will repeat it

Prison has long been the traditional punishment for

people who commit a crime. However, it is believed
that community service orders are more
appropriate in some cases.
While some prisoners have been tried for minor
offences or they have mitigating circumstances,
other committed serious crimes and the
punishments should be consequent on the
seriousness of the crime.
Minor offenders or young offenders probably prefer
doing community works or paying a large fine when
the offences dont cause serious consequences.
Therefore, community service order could be a
good opportunity to pay back for their offences.
Furthermore, if they worked in the community, the
society would profit and improve.
On the other hand, some prisoners prefer short jail
terms rather than community services because they
consider it less of a punishment. The time in prison
would be less than the number of hours of unpaid
works. Also, some criminals get used to being in
prison and it lets them study a degree or even get
Having said this, I consider some prisoners should
have a second opportunity. If they had committed
minor offences, they could have had the
opportunity to choose between prison or
community services because they would work to
benefit the society