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Brush heads (Artist, Cosmetic or Hobby)

Ferrules of all types (Brass & Aluminium)
Brush Handles (Wooden & Acrylic)

Brush Sets
Brush Bags

hypoallergenic and treated with an antibacterial solution.


Previously there was a big difference between the texture of natural and
synthetic bristles. However, the market of synthetic fibers has evolved so much
that today these differences are smaller.
Synthetic fibers more applied today are: NYLON TAKLON NATARAFIL TAFRE & DERMOCURA

- Nylon - Is the oldest fiber in the preparation of synthetic bristles, possesses a

rougher and tougher texture.

-Taklon - It is a synthetic fiber treated in order to become more like the texture
of natural hair. So it is softer

Natrafil - Is a polyster fiber which undergoes a complex texturing process

resembling animal hair cuticle. This is one of the newest technologies in the
synthetic brushes market.

-Tafre - Fiber tafre is considered the one with the most advanced technology at the

The two largest companies responsible for the manufacture of synthetic fibers are
the American DuPont and Japanese Taiki.

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Thalgo - La Beaut Marine.

Brush for cosmetic treatments and facial cleansing, designed for the French
professional brand Thalgo - La Beaut Marine.

The brushe is sold in two-piece kits with the following characteristics:

synthetic hypo-allergenic yarn suitable for thick textures
extra long ferrule outside part
Pantone blue handle with soft touch finishing
pad printed logo, in white, on the handle resting side.

cosmetics accessories synthetic yarn French cosmetic brushes face brushes

customization private label manufacturing professional project study French brand
Thalgo - La Beaut Marine makeup kit hypo-allergenic yarm cosmetic treatments
facial cleansing quality make-up brushes special projects brush





Mumbai E.I.DuPont India Private Limited.

1001 -1012, "Medows" Sahar Plaza Complex
10th Floor . J B Nagar Andheri - Kulra Road
Andheri (East) Mumbai -400059 Maharashtra, India Tel: +91-22-67515000 / 01
Fax: +91-22-67101935 / 36


Kubo beauty benefits

Kubo beauty make-up applicators are all handmade.

They have highest quality of natural hair selection and synthetic fibres.

Natural hair: geographic area control and accurate hair selection for face area of

Synthetic fibres: have own Registered synthetic fibre Dermocura, which are
dermatologically tested and allergy free; longlasting and
easy to clean. The applicators with synthetic fibres give top performance.

o handles made of certified wood accredited FSC-COC

o handles made of regenerated plastic
o recyclable pack



Whether its on location for film work and photo shoots or working a cosmetics
counter, easy access to an array of tools is a must. This large apron gives pro
artists the storage and organization they need to quickly respond to the clients
needs. The adjustable snap closure fits securely around the waist.

23 slots for brushes, 4 pockets for miscellaneous items

15 1/2" x 10"

strap can be adjusted up to 52 1/2"


With the ingress of Rahu and Ketu in cancer sign intensity of spiritual Ascension,
phase will be in peak from 18th of August to 20th of October 2017, it will create
trouble in heart and vishudhi chakra energy balance. So, People are advised to
drink as much as water, do more meditation, adopt healthy and satwik diet plan, do
as much as spiritual sadhana, Mantra Jaap, and sacred hymns.


What is a Kabuki Brush?

Kabuki Brushes
A kabuki brush comes in a very short handle, with a lot of bristles firmly packed
at its circular base. Its used for application of mineral foundation, or face
powder. The very short handle makes it very easy to buff the powder onto the skin,
and the firmly packed bristles in a circle give it more coverage. Its principal
purpose is to create an even and thorough coverage of the powder on the face.
This is not to say you cannot use a kabuki brush as a blush brush. But in general,
its not used for that purpose because you dont want to accidentally puff too much
colour onto your cheeks, making you look like a clown. A proper blush brush is
better used for even distribution of colour and natural looking definition on the
cheeks, because of its tapered, flat head.
The difference between a face brush and a kabuki brush is that the kabuki brush
packs more coverage onto the skin, whereas with a face brush, youd just want to
sweep some powder onto your face to set your liquid foundation. A light sweep of
powder will do to avoid the cakey look, and a face brush does just the job.



South Korea is the center of cosmetics innovation in the world. A number of new
innovations, such as BB creams and cushions foundation among others, have made
their way to the rest of the world after having originated here.