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Assignment: Students will complete a KWL chart about the Holocaust.

Directions: This will be an assignment that will give you an inside look of the
Holocaust through the eyes of a survivor to pair with our readings of Primo Levis
book Survival in Auschwitz.
1. You will fill out the first two columns of the KWL chart before even opening
the new source I am giving you
2. I want to fill out what you KNOW about the Holocaust already in the K
column of the organizer.
3. After you have completed the K column of the assignment I want you to fill in
what you WANT TO KNOW about the Holocaust in the W column. This is
where you have the opportunity to ask questions that can potentially be
answered in the new source provided or through discussion in the classroom
the following day.
4. For the first two columns you can use bullet point form to fill out the space
provided. You need a minimum of eight points made that you KNOW about
the holocaust and four in depth questions that can not be answered by yes or
no for the WANT TO KNOW column
After you have filled out the first two columns you will proceed to the website I have
provided and select a survivor from the holocaust and read through their story
along with watching any videos provided. You are free to pick any survivor you
please but make sure to read closely and learn all you can from their story.
5. Now that you have selected a survivor and read their story and watched their
videos you will fill out the LEARNED column of the KWL chart.
6. IN FULL SENTENCES you will tell us about the survivor you had chosen to
learn about. You need to complete this column with a response the fills the
entire section single spaced.
7. This assignment will be done on your own and we will discuss the charts in
class the following day.

Scoring Rubric:

-1 point per bullet point in the KNOW column

-1 point per question asked. No credit given to Yes/No questions (see directions)
-8 points for the response to your survivor. Give in depth response of their story and
make sure to spell check and be aware of grammatical errors.
-20 points total

1. The Holocaust Why were Jews targeted? Eugene was living

happened during in Hungary at the
world war 2 time of the
Holocaust. He was
2. The Nazis were Hitlers political background? not very religious
the political party but this didnt
pushing these ideas matter when the
forward Germans invaded
and forced the
3. Hitler was the head What caused final solution? Jewish communities
of the Nazi Party into ghettos and to
wear the star of
4. The Holocaust David. Him and his
resulted the murder family were sent to
of 6 million Jews Auschwitz
Birkenau. He was
5. Jews from all over How did Nazis come to power? selected for slave
Europe were labor until he was
transported to intern- liberated by the
ment camps British Army
towards the end of
6. The able were put to the war. Eugene had
work and the unable lost his entire
or weak put to death family except for
immediately one brother
throughout the
7. Ann Frank gives us Holocaust, this
insight as to what it included two
was like to try to hide parents and three
from the Nazi party sisters. He moved to
England in 1949
8. Primo Levi was an where he met his
Italian chemist who wife and speaks to
Was sent to Auschwitz local communities
about his story
about his survival
of the Holocaust. He
was 17 when he
was liberated.