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Student-Teacher: Nada Arif

Date: 15-10-2017

Course: EPC 2903

Grade Level: KG 1
Subject: English
Strand: Letter D
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words): Generate beginning consonant sounds in words and match sounds to a
letter when reading and writing (KLP1)- Recognize the letter and sound of D
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)
Opining: White board -Computer -Big screen- Data Make sure that the computer and data show works
show - Long stick Check if I have all the resources I need for the lesson
Activity time: glue colors - worksheets Prepare the screen and the white board for the opining.
small colorful papers Prepare the materials for the activities.
Assessment: Flash cards Keep the assessment ready.
Key vocabulary
Dog doll dinasour donut duck dance.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

Time: 10 min

-Ask the students if they know the letter of the week (who knows what is the letter of the week?)

-Show them picture on the big screen that include letter D and some pictures that start with letter D
-I will say the letter and the words and let them repeat after me with loud voice.
-I will let some of the students come next to me and take the long stick and show us the letter with saying the
sound of it and read the words by point on the picture.
-Make a warmer activity with them (exercise).
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

Role of the students: They should make letter D by using the small pegs.
Role of the teacher:Help them if they cant do it and expain it for them- sit with them on the same table.
Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

Role of the students:They will have a sheet that include big letter of D, they will stick a small colorful papers
inside letter D.
Time: 15 min

Role of the teacher:explain for them the activity and how they should do it.
Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

Role of the students :Students will circle the pictures start with letter D and color them.
Role of the teacher: explain the activity and help them if they neeed.
Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

Role of the students : They will have a work sheet and they should write letter D on the dots.
Role of the teacher:show them how to write the letter and help them.
Time: 10 min

What is the new letter we learn it today?

What is the sound of the letter D?
Who can give 2 words starts with letter D?
Who can write the letter on the board?
Show them flash cards that include words starts with letter D and ask each child about it, also show them the letter
D and see if they will recognize it.