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Checklist for IPCRF

Curriculum Guide
Checklist for checking DLL
ICT Integration
o Teaching Devices
o Evaluation
Effective Classroom Management
o Learners Behavior
o Level of Participation and Interaction
o Classroom routines and activities
o Physical learning climate
o Child-friendly and learner-centered learning climate
Learners progress (Formative) report
o Test results
o Class Records
Administration of appropriate assessment tools
o Test Papers with TOS
o Other assessment tools
Recognition of learners outstanding performance
o documentation of recognition day for each quarter
o display of learners best work
Regular monitoring of the learners attendance
o SF2
Conduct intervention and/or remediation program/s to
struggling learners and enhancement program/s to
advanced learners
o action plan for intervention / remediation /
enhancement program
o documentation of implementation
GSA for the Grade Level
o GSA Report
o SF5
Feedbacks / Updates on the learners class standing
o Form 137
o Form 138
o Parents Attendance during PTA Conferences
o Documentation on one-on-one counseling with parents
and learners
Participation in regular meetings / conferences with parents /
guardians and other stakeholders
Active participation in projects / events / activities initiated
by the school and stakeholders
in-service trainings (INSET) / Demonstration lessons attended
Upgraded Professional Education through the Graduate
Enhanced Professional Education
Strengthened membership and participation in a
professional organization or club through:
o Attending meetings
o Participation in at least 2 activities
o Updating of membership status
o Acted as officer, committee chair or co-chair, facilitator
Special task or assignment