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Department of Civil Engineering

PhD Admissions Fall- 2017

The Board of Postgraduate Studies of the Civil Engineering Department, in its meeting held on 12th
September 2017, considered the applications for admission in PhD Civil Engineering. The Board
recommended the following candidates for admission in PhD Civil Engineering program.

Following students are directed to get their registration on or before 21/09/2017 till 3.00 PM,
failing which the offer for your admission will stand cancelled.

Sr. Area of
Name Name of Supervisor Status
No. Specialization
1. M. Talha Amir S/O Amir Dr. Qaiser uz Zaman
Structural Part Time
Mehmood Khan
2. Tariq Ali S/O Shaukat Ali Dr. M. Yaqoob Full Time
3. Sana Ullah S/O Ihsan Ullah Dr. Faheem Butt Part Time
4. Khan Shahid Kamal S/O Transportation
Dr. Jawad Hussain Part Time
Shafiq Ahmed Khan Engineering
5. Rehan Jamil S/O M. Jamil Dr. Hashim Nisar
Water Resources & Part Time
ur Rehman Hashmi
6. Zulfiqar Ali S/O Mukhtiar
Dr. Usman Ali Naeem Engineering Part Time
7. Hammad Raza S/O Raza Dr. Naveed Ahmad Geotechnical
Part Time
Javed (Geo) Engineering

Note: -Please Contact Director AS&TD office (Phone: 051-9047447) for further joining procedure