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Name: ____________________
Put the words in the correct column.
condition shy television sugar usually
ocean closure rubbish pleasure occasion

// //


I. Complete the sentences, using as...as, the same as, the same, different from.
1. She doesnt play _________________ well _________________ her sister.
2. He was asked to do the _________________ work again.
3. My math result is _______________ Mais results.
4. You should know to behave _________________ that.
5. She is _______________ old _________________ they are.
6. Your task is quite _________________ my task.
II. Complete the text with the words given.
subject saxophone pop star concert
band singing painting art
My friends name is Nick and he loves music. He is good at (1) _______________ and he can play the
guitar. He wants to learn the (2) _______________ when he is a bit older. He is already in a (3)
_______________and they hope to play at the school (4) ______________ next term. He is also
interested in (5) _____________ so his favourite (6) _____________ at school is (7) _______________.
But to be honest, he cant wait to leave school and become a (8) _______________!
III. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb form.
Kevin O'Donnell works in Hollywood. He records sound for films. He (1. work) _______________ on his
first film in 1980: Star Wars. Hes now 51 and he (2. help) _______________ to make more than 100
films. In 1983, he (3. do) _______________ the sound on the film called Terms of Endearment. The film
(4. win) ______________ five Oscars, but ODonnell (5. not win) _______________one. He (6. be)
_______________ at the Oscars in 1983 when he was only 26. Now, he (7. be) _______________ to the
Oscars 20 times. He has worked on Top Gun, Terminator 3, Spider-Man, Transformers and other great
films, but he (8. not win) _______________ an Oscar yet. He (9. write) _______________ 20 speeches
so far, but hasnt given one. The speeches are in a drawer in his house. Kevin doesnt mind. He (10. know)
_______________ the sound in his films is amazing. Hes going to win - one day!
III. Read the text and choose the best answer.
You cant buy a drawing by Julian Beever and you cant see his work in a gallery or museum. Julian makes
his amazing pictures on the pavements of city streets. People have called him the Pavement Picasso
and perhaps you have seen his pictures on the Internet.
Julian has made hundreds of pieces of pavement art in different countries in many parts of Europe
and also in the USA, Australia, Japan, Argentina, and Brazil.
His drawings can take three or four days to finish. But because he draws with chalk, the drawings only
stay for a short time. When people walk on them or when it rains, they quickly disappear. For Julian, this
isnt a problem. The drawings survive in the photos he has taken, and this is the most important thing
for him.
Julians fame hasnt come from experts in the art world, but from the Internet. The reason why my work
has become well known is because people like it and they've sent it to each other on the Internet, he
says. So I know that what I do is popular.
Julian Beever is from Leicestershire in England, but he now lives in Belgium.
1. Julian Beever makes drawings ____________.
A. outside B. on his computer C. for exhibitions in a gallery
2. He has worked ____________.
A. in a few cities B. in a lot of countries C. with hundreds of people
3. His pictures ____________.
A. are easy to draw B. look good when it rains C. dont stay for a long time
4. A lot of people know about Julians art because _______________.
A. they know a lot about art B. he has sent photos to them C. they have seen it on the
5. Julian Beever ______________.
A. hasnt lived in Britain
B. hasnt tried to be a star in the art world
C. isnt very interested in photos
IV. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the words given.
1 Skiing is easy and riding is easy, too.
Skiing is as
2. Carol is more beautiful than Mary.
Mary is not
3. This house is 20 metres high and that house is 20 metres high, too.
The height of this house
4. Life in the country is peaceful but life in the city is noisy.
Life in the country is
V. Complete the sentences using the words given and so/too/neither/either.
1. Studying at school is interesting, ________________________________________ (studying at home)
2. She will go abroad to study next year, _________________________________________ (my sister)
3. My hometown has changed a lot, __________________________________________ (his hometown)
4. He cant play the violin very well, ___________________________________________ (his little sister)
5. I am revising for the test these days, _________________________________________ (my friends)