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Text 1
One afternoon a month ago, I was very hungry. As I didnt cook anything to eat lunch,
I decided to go to a cafe about a hundred meters from my boarding house.
I changed my trousers and shirt then left for the cafe myself because my roommate
hadnt come yet from the school. As sson as I got to the cafe, I ordered the meal with fresh
vegetable soup that seemed very delicious in the hot day, and also a glass of tea. When they
were served, I ate up eagerly the meal and soup and drank the tea. I was satisfied and it was
the time to pay. I grapped my trousers pocked and I was schocked. My hands didnt feel
there was any wallet there. I felt so embarrassed that I didnt dare to see the faces of the
customers. My body stayed still on the chair and began sweating.
I tried to control myself in front of the people. I collected my courage to come to the
cashier to say something. Feeling uneasy, I told her that I left my wallet in the other trousers
at the boarding house and promised to take it and come back soon. Some customers looked
at me. I thought I must hide my face. She nooded and said it naot a matter.
Finally I ran to the house and got back with the money. I gave it to her and came out
of the cafe. What a relief! It should not happen again to me.

(source:http: //typeofftext.blogspot.com/2014/01/what-is-recount-text-html)
1. What did the writer think about the meal ?
A. He didnt love soup.
B. He didnt like the meal.
C. He was unsatisfied with it.
D. It was not delicious.
E. He enjoyed the meal very much.
2. What is mainly discussed in the third paragraph ?
A. The writer went to the cafe alone.
B. The writer ate eagerly.
C. The writer told the cashier about his problem.
D. The writer found the meal delicious.
E. The writer went home to get his money.

3. I thought I must hide my face (pr.3)

What can we infer from the sentence above ?
A. The writer felt so embarressed.
B. The writer hide his face.
C. The writer didnt want anyone recognize him.
D. The writer told the truth.
E. The writer came to the cafe alone.

Text 2
There was once a mouse traveling through the forest. Before he knew, it was trotting
over the paws of a sleeping lion. The lion woke up and grabbed the mouse in his sharp claws.
Please dont eat me! begged the mouse. Ill never bother you again. And who
knows? I may be able to do you a good turn one day.
The lion laughed, Youre too small to help a big lion! But I like your spirit. Run along
now, and stay out of trouble in the future. The grateful mouse scampered off.
Some time later, the lion ran into a trap and found himself caught in a strong net. The
more he struggled the tighter the rope became. Soon the poor lion lay completely helpless.
Suddenly he heard a little voice. Can I help you? It was the mouse. The lion shook
his head sadly. Im afraid the hunters will be along soon. That will be the end of me.
No. it wont, said the mouse. He started chewing through the rope. Bit by bit the
net fell off, and at last the lion was free.
How can I thank you? asked the lion.
One good turn deserves another, replied the mouse. But just remember, size isnt

4. Why did the lion let the mouse go ?

A. The mouse was too small to fight the lion.
B. The lion doesnt eat mouse.
C. The lion liked the mouses spirit.
D. Mice taste bad.

E. The lion felt sorry for the mouse.

5. Who set up the trap for the lion ?

A. the mouse
B. the forest people
C. the enemies of the lion
D. the hunters
E. the other forest animals
6. Here are what we can learn from the story, EXCEPT
A. never underestimate small creatures or small people.
B. one good deed deserves another good deed.
C. hunters hate lions.
D. watch out where we are going so we will not be in trouble.
E. size isnt everything.

Text 3

1 Small chicken, cut into pieces
2 cups fresh coconut milk (or 200 ml thick coconut milk and 200 ml water)

Shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, cumin, salt, pepper, coriander

Boil chicken. Allow 2 cups of broth to remain in the pot.
Fry the grinded spices with 2 spoons of vegetable oil.
Add the spices into the boiled chicken; turn to low heat until it is tender.
Add the coconut milk, stir, continue simmer to enhance flavor.
Serve your white chicken curry while hot.
7. What is the text about?
A. How to cook chicken
B. How to make white chicken curry
C. The process of making spicy chicken.
D. How to make chicken with thick coconut milk
E. The ingredients and the direction of cooking chicken.
8. What is simmering for?
A. making the chicken tender
B. getting attractive color
C. making the curry spicy
D. getting better taste
E. remaining the chicken in the pot.

9. Add the spices into the boiled chicken; turn to low heat until it is tender.
What does the underlined word mean?
A. hot
B. soft
C. spicy
D. crispy
E. chewy

Text 4
10. Arrange the sentences into a good paragraph.
1. The quake measured 6.3 magnitudes.
2. The region of Qasvia, western Iran, was hit by a huge earthquake yesterday..
3. The region of Qasvia, western Iran, was hit by a huge earthquake yesterday.
4. The short notice gave local people little or no time to escape to an area of safety.

A. 1234
B. 4321
C. 2143
D. 3412
E. 3241


1. E
2. C
3. A
4. C
5. D
6. B
7. B
8. D
9. B
10. E