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Template for Extended Abstract ETMN-2013

Author_11, Author_21*, Author_32, Author_41, Author_52, Author_61

CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani, India
Department of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India
Corresponding authors e-mail:bose@gmail.com

Abstract below authors names. Include e-mail address of

This template gives you guidelines for preparing 2-page corresponding author only.
extended abstracts for ETMN-2013.
Keywords: List five keywords. Abstract should be of 9- point, Times New Roman, not
more than 100 words.
Participants are requested to submit two page Headings
extended abstract as per given guidelines as .doc (not Headings should be in 11-point, boldface type
docx) files in MS Word 2007. The extended abstract in Times New Roman.
should contain an abstract, introduction,
experimental/simulation methodologies, results Main text
highlighting the important findings, conclusions, Type your main text as single-spaced in 10-
acknowledgments and references. point Time New Roman. All paragraphs should be
indented. Make sure your text is fully justifiedthat is,
This template should be used for preparing the flush left and flush right. Please do not place any
extended abstracts. additional blank lines between paragraphs.

All extended abstracts received up to due date

will be reviewed. Accepted abstracts will be selected
either for oral or poster presentation. Corresponding
author of accepted papers will be notified by the due
date. Extended abstracts will be included in the
conference souvenir to be released during conference.

Formatting your paper

Left margin: 1, right margin: 0.75, two
columns, each of width: 3.15, separation: 0.22, top
and bottom margins: 1. Paper size: A4. Text should be
fully justified.

Main title
The main title should be on the first page only, Fig. 1: Example for a figure
centered, and in 20-point, boldface type in Times New
Roman. Capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns,
verbs, adjectives and adverbs; do not capitalize articles,
conjunctions, or prepositions. Leave a blank line after
the title.

Author name(s) and affiliation(s)

Authors names and affiliations are to be
centered beneath the title and printed in 12-point, non-
boldface type. Affiliations should be of Times New
Roman, 10-point, italicized, non-boldface type, centered Fig. 2: Example of an image with acceptable resolution
Figures and Tables References
Figure and table captions should be 10-point List and number all bibliographical references
Times New Roman. Figure captions are to be below the in 10-point font, single-spaced, at the end of your paper.
figures. Table titles are to be centered above the tables. When referenced in the text, enclose the citation number
Image resolution should be 300 DPI. in square brackets, for example [1].

Acknowledgment [1] A.B. Smith, C.D. Jones, and E.F. Roberts, Article
Acknowledgment Acknowledgment Acknow- Title, Journal name, volume, issue, (year), pp. 1-10.
[2] Jones, C.D., A.B. Smith, and E.F. Roberts, Book
ledgment Acknowledgment Acknowledgment
Title, Publisher, Location, year.
Acknowledgment Acknowledgment Acknowledgment [3] URL Accessed on date.