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Life Beginner Unit 3a

Possessive s and possessive pronouns: whose

Woman: Youve got it!

Man: What?
Woman: My laptop.
Man: This isnt your laptop.
Woman: Whose is it?
Man: Its Karens.
Woman: Well, wheres mine?
Man: Oh, Tims got yours.
Woman: And whos Tim?
Man: Hes my brother. But hes on holiday.


Possessive s Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun

Its my laptop. Its mine.

Theyre your sunglasses. Theyre yours.

Its Karens mobile.

Its her mobile. Its hers.
Its my sisters mobile.
Its my brothers T shirt.
Its his T-shirt. Its his.
Its Tims T-shirt.

Its our camera. Its ours.

Its my parents camera. Its their camera. Its theirs.

Possessive s
Add s to a singular noun: My sisters husband.

Add to a plural noun: My sisters husbands.

Possessive pronouns
A possessive pronoun has got one form for singular and plural.
Its my book. Its mine.
Theyre my books. Theyre mine.

You can use a noun + possessive s in the same way: Whose mobile is this? Its Davids. / Its my brothers.

Whose laptop is this? Its mine.
Whose sunglasses are these? Theyre mine.

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Beginner Unit 3a

1 Write questions with whose and the answers. Then listen and check.
1 mobile 2 books 3 sunglasses



4 camera 5 laptop 6 trainers

1 A: Whose
 mobile is this? 4 A: 
B: I think its Harrys. B:
2 A: Whose
 books are these? 5 A: 
B: I think they're Lisa's. B:
3 A:  6 A:
B: B:

2 Write sentences with possessive pronouns.

1 Thats Harrys mobile. 4 This is Lisas laptop.
Its his.
2 Those are Tims trainers. 5 These are Harrys sunglasses.

3 These are Lisas books. 6 Thats Tims camera.

3 Rewrite the sentences. Use possessive pronouns.

1 This is my laptop and thats your laptop. This is mine and that is yours.
2 Those are their books and these are our books.
3 This is her camera and thats your camera.
4 This is my laptop and thats his laptop.

4 What is the s in the underlined words? Write is, has or P (for possessive s ).
1 Is this Lisas mobile? P 4 I think Tims got my book. Where is he?
No, shes got a Nokia. has Hes on holiday.
2 Thats a nice camera. 5 This ones mine.
Yes, its a Nikon. No, thats yours.
3 Have you got Harrys laptop? 6 Where is Tims camera?
No, this is Tims. Its in his bag.

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