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Integrated HR platform helps enable

high performance
Comcast Corporation is a leading provider Benefits
of cable, entertainment and communications • Streamlined and optimized people-
related processes.
products and services in the United States. • Self-service for managers and
Comcast currently has approximately 95,000 employees.
Reduction in cost and increase
employees serving 24.1 million cable customers, in value from HR systems
14.1 million digital cable customers, 12.4 • Reduced errors in headcount
million high-speed Internet customers and 3.5 reporting.
• More than 20 systems or tools
million voice customers in 39 states and the eliminated.
District of Columbia. • Significantly reduced required
authorizers and approval times.
Comcast’s readiness for growth
Business challenge them. In the highly competitive market
• Ability to assess talent against
in which we operate, talent is the
Comcast operates in a highly differentiator,” observed Bill Strahan, business needs.
competitive marketplace. Where Comcast Senior Vice President, • Real-time access to organizational
once a single provider of cable Compensation and Benefits. structures for workforce analysis,
television serviced a particular
For this talent to make its full budget alignment and targeted
community, now there are multiple
contribution to Comcast’s drive to training and communications
companies competing to provide a
achieve high performance, Mr. Strahan programs.
mix of offerings that include high-
speed Internet, telephony and several knew that the HR function needed a • A scalable and integrated talent
video options. Price is crucial in this radical overhaul. A decentralized HR management tool enabling quicker
environment, and success hinges on organization had given rise to HR integration of new acquisitions.
offering the right bundle of offerings processes that were not uniform
Better long-term talent management
to each local market. Service is also across the company, and supporting
to service existing customers better
a crucial differentiating factor. IT systems were also fragmented. This
and attract new ones.
heterogeneous process and technology
These realities mean that Comcast environment required extensive manual
depends heavily on its ability to attract intervention, thus preventing Comcast’s
Choice of Accenture
and retain talent able to create and HR staff from devoting sufficient time
introduce these complex offerings, and Comcast elected to work with
and attention to value-adding activities Accenture based on its reputation
service them adequately. This insight such as mapping skills to business
is confirmed both by Accenture’s High for implementing large-scale SAP ERP
requirements, identifying and developing HCM projects that fulfill business goals
Performance Business research and its potential, and helping employees create
rich experience with clients around the and help to drive high performance.
career paths—all essential to creating The company was also highly
globe: talent powers high performance. an integrated talent management
Accenture research shows that supportive of the phased approach
capability and enabling a talent- recommended by Accenture, as well
executives are generally aware of powered organization.
this fact, with the need to attract and as Accenture’s wide range of consulting
retain skilled talent the third-most Comcast’s decision? To standardize and skills, covering HR transformation,
important item on the C-suite’s streamline all its HR processes onto a business process redesign and change
agenda. Furthermore, the top two items single, consolidated platform based on management. Another key element
are related to customer acquisition and SAP ERP Human Capital Management influencing Comcast’s choice was
loyalty, both of which are heavily (SAP ERP HCM). The new system would Accenture’s breadth of readily available
dependent on the quality of talent . enable both employees and managers SAP capabilities and resources; a
to perform routine tasks such as tried, tested and constantly refined
Comcast was very aware of the reality entering their time or updating methodology to speed solution delivery;
that a motivated, trained workforce personal information online, thus and its privileged relationship with SAP,
was central to its ability to compete freeing HR staff for the more strategic affording fast-track technical support
successfully. “The sophistication of task of managing Comcast’s talent. and early access to products. In
our products and services requires particular, Accenture was well
the expertise of a special and talented positioned to identify the strengths
individual to build, launch and support and weaknesses of the latest SAP HCM
technology—and to deliver a solution
that took these realities into account.
How Accenture helped standardizing processes and using Overall, the new system makes it
SAP ERP HCM’s core functionality possible for Comcast to manage its
Accenture teamed with Comcast as much as possible, thus reducing talent much more effectively over the
to optimize and streamline its HR customization. long term, enhancing its ability to
processes to support improved talent service existing customers and attract
management. Once the business “The subject matter expertise and new ones—one of the foundations of
processes had been optimized, project management experience high performance. “With the project
Accenture implemented SAP ERP of the Accenture team were critical management and implementation
HCM version ECC 6.0. Optimized to our company’s success in expertise of Accenture, we were able
processes enabled by the new to build a state-of-the art human
technology included:
implementing our first integrated
capital management system that now
human resources management positions us to more effectively
• Base HR: Hire-to-retire processes system. With more streamlined identify key resource needs for the
• Talent management: Performance processes and a robust HR system, organization and recruit the talent
appraisals, recruitment, learning we are now firmly positioned to needed to deliver and service the
• Compensation planning and compete for new talent and most innovative products to our
customers,” concluded Strahan.
qualifications develop our current employees in
• Payroll processes for all US the sophisticated, fast-paced, and Key take-aways
employees highly competitive market in
which we operate,” said Strahan. • Phased approach reduced risk and
• Employee and manager self-service
made rapid implementation possible
In line with Accenture’s phased with minimal business disruption.
approach, there were four releases: High performance
• Focus on business process
delivered optimization in line with SAP ERP
• Employee Self-Service and Core
HR pilot With Accenture’s help, Comcast HCM functionality was key to
was able to improve its talent reducing customization.
• Core HR, Organizational
Management, and Performance management effectively, thus • Accenture’s experience in SAP ERP
Appraisals enhancing its potential to achieve HCM was crucial in helping to craft
high performance. As part of this and then implement an HR solution
• E-Recruiting, Learning (Talent process, Comcast streamlined its that served Comcast’s business
Management) and Manager Self- people-related processes, and strategy.
Service provided self-service both for
• Invest in the up-front
• Payroll, Time Entry and employees and managers. The first
Compensation key benefit is a significant reduction
structure design across talent
in cost and greater value from the HR
Services provided: management and payroll.
system. The solution has reduced the
• Technical and functional design of approval time for transactions and • Offshore RICEF development,
the new business process architecture has eliminated more than 20 systems training development, configuration
or tools supporting HR processes. and testing can be successful:
• Project management Greater automation has helped requires bi-daily communication
• Consulting to reduce error in employment and governance.
calculations and true pay-for- • The use of HCM Process & Forms
• Systems integration services
performance is now possible. technology in one of the first
• Deployment
A second—and arguably even more successful implementations of the
• User training vital—set of benefits is Comcast’s new forms technology – HR admin
• Change management readiness for new growth. The new portal. Leveraging HCM P&F with
system allows the company to assess structural authorizations and
• Applications maintenance workflow requires significant
talent against business needs and
Accenture rolled out the solution desired competencies. It also gives up-front design.
in four releases, reducing risk and real-time access to organizational • Partner/engage with SAP early
disruption for Comcast. Accenture structures for workforce analysis, and often throughout the
supported Comcast for the following budget alignment, and targeted implementation lifecycle.
phases: Plan, Analyze, Design, Build, training and communications
Test, Deployment, and Support. • Involve SAP’s product support early
programs. The solution is eminently
with regard to talent management
scalable and thus will help make the
This phased approach was one of the (e.g. Recruiting, LSO, Performance
integration of future acquisitions
key success factors that enabled an Appraisals, Workflow) as alignment
much easier.
implementation of this scope and of OSS message resolution is critical
complexity in only 20 months. Other to success.
success factors included a focus on
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