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Module Name and Code Business in its Environment

Code: 3BUSS003C

CW Weighting 50%

Lecturer setting the task with contact Lecturers: Azizbek Allaberganov

details and office hours
Email: aallaberganov@wiut.uz

Phone: 238-74-11

Submission deadline Date: June 12, 2017

Results date and type of feedback Written - X

Date: TBA
The CW checks the following learning outcomes:

1. Understand and appreciate the nature and scope of business, and the role of
business in society
2. Explain components and management of organization
3. Discuss business behaviour from the perspective of a range of stakeholders
including customer, manager, creditor, owner/shareholder and employee.


You must choose one of the following companies from the list and provide a company analysis to
potential investors by analyzing various sources:

Company report must be produced individually.

The business report should have following structure (suggested word count):

1. Introduction. Description of the purpose of this report. (100 words)

2. General description of the company. This part should include detailed description of the
companys products and services, its history and publicly announced plans for the future
development. (400 words)
3. Internal environment. This section should include detailed description of the companys
internal environment such as corporate culture, organizational structure, physical
resources, mission and objectives, management styles, employees, competitive advantage,
equipment and etc. Since this section is open ended, you may choose 3-4 factors from the
given list above and describe them in detail. (700 words)
4. Description of how internal environment influence the operation of the organization. (700
5. Conclusion. Summary of the analysis conducted. (100 words)

The word limit for the report is 2000 words

The following guidelines may be helpful:

1. Use annual report of the company, to analyse its operation. This document is available at
official web-site of the each company provided in the list.
2. You are recommended to use only academic articles and publications for your business
research. (EBSCO, Emerald, Springer Link, JSTORE). Avoid the usage of not trusted
resources as Wikipedia, Blogs, and Forums.
3. Link materials covered during lectures and tutorials with your research data and

1. Word-processed Times New Roman/ Arial 12, double-spaced and printed single-sided on A4
2. The cover sheet should state your ID number, module title and markers name, available at
3. Maximum number of words should not exceed
4. Include a contents page giving the headings and page numbers of each section.
5. Pages should be numbered.
6. Word-count must be included on the cover page (do not include attachments and bibliography
in the word-count).
7. Please do not submit any loose pages.
8. Use Harvard method of referencing

Assessment criteria
See attached document

Submit the usual paper format (hard copy) to the designated place to the WIUT Registrars Office
and an electronic format to Turnitin.