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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson students are expected to:
1. identify the elements present in the story.
2. get the significance of the story
3. comprehend the story well.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: The Adventures of Odysseus. Hamilton, Edith (an abridged short
story from the original novel The Odyssey by Homer.
B. Reference: Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. Hamilton, Edith.
pages 211-229.
C. Materials:
C.1 For teacher: Projector and Laptop
C.2 For students: Paper and Pencil

III. Procedure

Teachers Activity Students Activity

A. Routine
1. Prayer
Let us pray first.
May I ask someone to lead the prayer? (One student will lead the Prayer)

Thank you

Good morning class! Good Morning Maam!

Before you take your seats, kindly pick

up the pieces of paper under your
chairs, and arrange your chairs properly.

2. Checking of Attendance
Now, let us check your attendance.
Do we have absentees today?
None Maam.
Im glad to hear that no one is absent

B. Review/Recall
Now, Let us have a short review about
our topic last time.
Who would like to remind us?
Maam, last time we discussed the
poem I am an African .
Thats right! Do you have any question
or clarification in our last topic?
None Maam.
C. Assignment
Yesterday, I give you an assignment.
I will collect it now. Please pass it
forward. (Students will pass their assignments)

D. Motivation
(The teacher will show picture and ask
the students insight about the picture.)

Boat in the middle of the sea.

Student 1- The boat looks old and I
think they are already traveling for a
long time.

Student 2- The pictures really look

sad because it is in the middle of the
sea, and cannot see any land nearby.
Yes, Very good!
The boat is in the middle of the sea and
they are traveling.

E. Lesson Proper
Let us now read and identify the
element of the short story.

Let us first identify the Characters in the

Who is the main character in the story?
The main character in the story is
King Odysseus the king of Ithaca.
Yes, Very good.
Who else are the other characters of The Characters of the story are
the story? Telemachus- The son of Odysseus.
Penelope-The faithful wife of
Odysseus. Aeolus- God of Wind.

Another? Who else are the characters in
the story?
The other Characters are
Polyphemus- The Cyclops who
captures Odysseus and his men with
the intention of eating them. Circe-
The witch-goddess with whom
Odysseus and his men stay for one
year. Calypso-The nymph goddess
who falls in love with Odysseus and
Very well said! keeps him on her island home for
seven years.
Okay, now let us move on to the
settings and the plot of the story or
what happened in the story.

Where are the settings of the story?

The first setting of the story is the

Island of the Cicones After leaving
Troy; they stop to raid this island for
supplies. The Cicones attack on
horseback, and Odysseus lost 72 of his

Nice! The next setting is the Island of the

Where is the next setting? Lotus Eaters Odysseus sends his men
out to search for food, and has to
recover them when they eat the Lotus

The Lotus is a plant that forces the eater

to lose all grips on reality. Once it is
eaten, the person knows nothing nor
cares for anything other than eating the
The third setting of the story is in the
Where is the third setting? Island of the Cyclopes:
Here, Odysseus and his men find a
Cyclops' cave, lured by his cheese and
wine. The cyclops, Polyphemus, traps
them inside the cave. Odysseus and
his men blind the cyclops, and then
sneak out under his heard of sheep.

Polyphemus is a giant creature with one

eye; he is one of the sons of the God of
the sea Poseidon.

And the next setting is? The next setting is the island of
Aeolus. Aeolus, the god of the winds,
gives Odysseus all of the bad winds,
so he can safely sail home. Odysseus'
men go against his orders and open
the bag, and all of the winds escape.

The next island is Island of the

The Laestrygonians, is race of cannibals
who eat the Greeks.

What do you think happened to that

island? The giants ate many of Odysseus'
men and destroyed eleven of his
twelve ships by launching rocks from
high cliffs.

Yes, but Odysseus ship was not destroy

because it is hidden.

Next, Odysseus and his men lands on

Aeaea, home to Circe.
What happened to them? Odysseus sends some of his men to
scout out the area, but when they do
not return.

Because Odysseus was worried about

his men, He also goes to the land of
Circe. What happened next? On the way, Odysseus confronted by
Hermes. Hermes tells him that Circe is
up ahead and that his only chance of
survival is to eat the plant Moly.

But Odysseus Hesitates.

Why do you think? Maybe because he is afraid to eat
because of what happened to them in
the island of lotus eaters.

Maybe because he is afraid of being


Yes, But Odysseus does eat it, because it

is a protection Circes magic.

Circe finally tells him to go see Tiresias.

Tiresias is a prophet located in
What happened there? Odysseus asked Tiresias if how to get

He also sees his mother who has

committed suicide in depression.

Next stop they get back to Aeaea and

they go to the path of Siren.

What is happening to the path of

Sirens? Mermaid singing things that lure in
sailors to crash into rocks.

But Odysseus knows this so he tells his

men to tie him to the ship, and he will
put wax in his sailors ears so they cant
hear the Sirens.

Odysseus chooses to sail for Scylla, a six-

headed sea serpent, rather than
Charybdis, a giant whirlpool.

Why do you think? He did this because he knew that if

he went to Charybdis, the whole ship
would be destroyed. However, if he
went towards Scylla, six men would
die. A sacrifice the brave Odysseus
decided to make.

After leaving from the island of Sirens

and escaping Scylla and Charybdis, the
traveled to the island of the Sun God.

The next island is the Island of Sun God

Thiranacia. What happened there? Odysseus men eat the forbidden
cattle and get killed because Helios
tells Zeus to punish them and he killed
the men.

After that, they had gone to Island of

Ogygia, the island of Calypso. Calypso falls in love with Odysseus
when he gets there. But he wanted to
go home some Zeus freed him.

Odysseus has a seven-year affair with

Calypso. After the seven years, Hermes
convinces Calypso to let Odysseus build
a new ship so he could sail home.

Odysseus Lands to The Phaecians., and

accept Odysseus, and he explains his
ten-year journey to them during a feast.
They happily give him a ride home on
one of their magical ships.

Finally, Odysseus made it back to his

home after 15 years.

What did Athena do to Odysseus? Athena disguised him as a beggar so

he can remain hidden while he
analyzes the loyalty of his friends and

After that, he confronts his son,

Telemachus, and reveals his identity to

Penelope has so many suitors when

Odysseus was not around.
What did Penelope do to them? Penelope laid down a challenge to
the suitors. Any one of them who can
string Odysseus's bow and shoot it
through the axe- handles like
Odysseus used to do would be her

None of them could do it, that is, until

the beggar got a chance. He was
ridiculed as he tried, but Odysseus shot
the arrow perfectly.

What Athena did next? Athena then changed his appearance

to his previous one.

The suitors were awestruck. It was then

that Odysseus and Telemachus began
their attack. With the help of Athena
and Zeus, they slaughtered all of the

IV. Generalization
The significance of this story is to believe in what Gods can do. Whatever
trial gives you. You must keep on moving because life must go on. Like what
Odysseus do, he traveled for 15 years and in that years he faced so many
problems, But because he believes hes able to go home and see his family.

V. Evaluation

Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1 . In Penelopes archery contest, through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?
(A) two
(B) eight
(C) twelve
(D) thirty

2 . Which plant makes the sailors forget their desire to return home?
(A) Lotus
(B) Poppy
(C) Lethe-root
(D) Hemlock

3 . How does Athena disguise herself to make preparations for Telemachuss journey?
(A) As a beggar
(B) As Antinous
(C) As Mentor
(D) As Mephistopheles

4 , . How is Odysseus able to listen safely to the Sirens song?

(A) He has his men bind him to the ships mast.
(B) Athena makes the Sirens appear ugly to him.
(C) He eats a lotus flower, rendering him unable to swim to the Sirens island.
(D) He isnt; he plugs his ears with wax as the ship passes the Sirens island.

5 . Of what did Odysseuss mother die?

(A) Grief
(B) Drowning
(C) Old age
(D) Starvation

6 . Who transforms Odysseuss sailors into pigs?

(A) Calypso
(B) Athena
(C) Poseidon
(D) Circe

7 . Odysseus left Penelope bound for what city?

(A) Orinda
(B) Athens
(C) Sparta
(D) Troy

8 . Which goddess often assists Odysseus and Telemachus, and speaks up for them in the
councils of the gods on Mount Olympus?
(A) Calypso
(B) Athena
(C) Circe
(D) Melantho

9 . Why does Poseidon despise Odysseus?

(A) Odysseus does not respect the sea.
(B) Odysseus and his men attacked him.
(C) Odysseus tricked him with a disguise.
(D) Odysseus blinded his son.
1 0 . Who does Zeus send to rescue Odysseus from Calypso?
(A) Hermes
(B) Athena
(C) Poseidon
(D) Nausicaa.


1. C
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. A

VI. Assignment
Make a Reflection about voyage and faith.

Prepared by:
Ringgit Espiritu Aguilar
BSEd- IV English